My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4439

Before the peacock envoy arrived on Kowloon Island, Shen Lang didn’t plan to beat the grass to scare the snake. He chose to sneak into the Kowloon Island to inquire about the news secretly, while collecting intelligence. Waiting for the arrival of the peacock envoy.

I have to say that the defensive measures on Kowloon Island are doing very well.

Shen Lang disguised as a cultivator returning from patrol. Entering Kowloon Island requires a lot of identification steps, even the storage ring must be checked.

Of course, this level of inspection is not difficult for Shen Lang.

Shen Lang makes use of Asura’s phantom ability to easily pass the level.

Hanging into the island, Shen Lang secretly solved several cultivators who had been calling, and the soul search got some important clues.

In the battle of Kowloon Island that year, it was the idea of ​​the master of mystery to capture the high level of the combined army.

Master Xuanji personally imprisoned the high-levels of the combined army in the Immortal Treasure, which he carried with him.

Shen Lang verified by multiple parties, and finally found a witness. After the end of the war, the witness witnessed the mysterious master urging a certain tower-shaped Immortal Treasure, the king of the ape, The nine-headed king and the commanders of numerous coalition forces are imprisoned in the treasure tower.

Since the Immortal Treasure is carried by the mysterious master, no other cultivator can reach the high-levels of the joint army.

Shen Lang secretly analyzed the motives of the mysterious master, and can probably guess that this old bald donkey wanted to use the life of the ape king Xia Shaner and the others as a threat to force himself to show up.

The reason why this bald donkey is so obsessed with himself, I am afraid that he still covets his ancient Buddha stone slab within the body.

Back then, Shen Lang absorbed the first Supreme Treasure ancient Buddha stone slab of Spiritual Mountain in the Spirit Transformation Pond of Spiritual Mountain, which made the master of Xuanji jealous. I am afraid that she has been thinking about Shen Lang within the body all these years. Ancient Buddha slate.

After analyzing this conclusion, Shen Lang sighed in relief.

Since this mysterious bald donkey wants to force himself to show up by imprisoning the Ape King and the others, it can indirectly prove that the Ape King and the others should be safe and sound.

Before he appeared, the mysterious bald donkey would not tear the ticket.

It is also ridiculous to say that after the mysterious master consciously cultivated Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal, he won Shen Lang but very easy, but he didn’t know that Shen Lang had been promoted to Great Principle Golden Immortal in less than a thousand years.

Shen Lang impatient wanted to kill the mysterious bald donkey, but he still resisted, and decided to wait for the peacock envoy to show up before catching it all. Anyway, it was not too short of two days.

After two days, there was finally movement.

There were lights and festoons on Kowloon Island, gongs and drums were noisy, firecrackers blasted in unison, and a welcoming ceremony of the highest standard was built, and the peacock envoy came to visit Kowloon Island.

The mysterious master and two other Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal, carrying all the cultivators on the island, greeted the peacock envoy outside the island half a day in advance.

The grandiose cultivator team that welcomes the peacock envoy has a crowd of tens of billions, and the show is extremely impressive.

Shen Lang was in the crowd.

When it was noon, the peacock envoy who was known as the lord of Tianmu Immortal Territory finally appeared.

A multi-colored light suddenly flashed on the horizon outside the island, and then a giant treasure car appeared. The treasure car was as wide as an attic and exuded a gorgeous seven-color halo!

There is a soft couch in the center of the treasure car, and on the top of the couch sits a monster man in colorful feather clothes. His skin is incredibly pale, phoenix eyes, thin brows, red lips and eyeshadow. The feminine temperament is out of place, a bit like a ladyboy.

There are also a group of women in gorgeous dresses on the treasure car playing music, singing and dancing, just like nature.

The nine Five-Colored Peacock Artifact Spirits up ahead pulled the treasure car and moved towards Kowloon Island quickly. The ten thousand zhang where they passed by was quite eye-catching.

“Welcome to the envoy of the peacock!”

Seeing the treasure car approaching, the master mysterious master and two other Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal leaders bowed their heads and bowed immediately.

“Meet the peacock ambassador!”

The army of nearly tens of billions of cultivators bowed and bowed and bowed.

Shen Lang just slightly lowered his body and looked at the peacock envoy on the treasure car. At a glance, he could see that this person has the Great Principle Golden Immortal Early-Stage cultivation base, and his whole body is concentrated. With Power of Stars, it seems that he is also a “constellation apostle” forcibly reformed by interpretation.

Although this person is Great Principle Golden Immortal Early-Stage, his aura is much stronger than the three silver star envoys of Di Tian and Xi Feng, and he should also be the silver star envoy at the top.

Not long after, Baoche has already arrived in front of the cultivator army.

“Who is the mystery waiting for you?”

The sage peacock asked. Although his voice was extremely feminine, it released a strong sense of hard to describe. Full of force.

“Returning to the peacock envoy, Lao Na is the mystery.”

The master of the mystery said the respectful cup one fist in the other hand, the expression was quite nervous.

Although it has long been known that the peacock envoy replaced Ziying to take over the Tianmu immortal domain, the mysterious master has never dealt with the peacock envoy, and it is inevitable that he feels a little nervous.

The peacock envoy glanced at the mysterious master: “I heard that you took the lead in taking the Kowloon Island and defeated the thieves of the Tianmu fairyland?”

The mysterious master cautiously Said: “Lao Na has the good fortune of today’s cultivation base only after receiving the blessings of the holy religion. He should be devoted to the holy religion and eradicate evil spirits for the holy religion!”

I have to say that the master of Xuanji has “licked his skills”. Hearing this old bald donkey’s flattering and fawning words, Shen Lang gagged again and again.

This old bald donkey can be so disgusting for his own selfish desires, which really makes Shen Lang angry.

I knew this before, and I had to kill this old bald donkey desperately, otherwise it would not make the coalition army suffer such a disaster.

Seeing that the mysterious master is so aware of the current affairs, the sacred envoy of the peacock is nodded with satisfaction: “Very well, it is a great contribution to eradicate the thieves for the holy religion.”

” The sage envoy had received news earlier that several leaders of the thief army in the Tianmu Immortal Territory had close contact with Shen Lang, the Chosen. I heard that you had captured many thief leaders alive in the previous wars, but What’s the matter?”

The ambassador of the peacock turned around, sound transmission asked the mysterious master.

The mysterious master dare not conceal it, so the sound transmission report said: “This is true. When Lao Na led the Holy Religious army to attack Kowloon Island, the thief Shen Lang had already left Kowloon Island.”

“Lao Na is fully aware of the importance of this thief to the sacred religion, and in cooperation with the two sacred fellow Fellow Daoist, all the leaders of the thief army close to Shen Lang are captured and imprisoned.”

“Among the leaders of this group of thieves, there are both Shen Lang’s brother, Dao Companion, and so on. Lao Na felt that he could use this as a threat to lure this thief into the bait!”

The mysterious master sound transmission said with joy.

As soon as these words came out, the peacock envoy looked at the mysterious master more and more pleasing, nodded and said: “You are doing a good job! It is a method to capture some people who are closely related to the Chosen alive.”

As a high-level educator in charge of the Tianmu Immortal Domain, the Peacock Saint envoy received some news about Shen Lang from the evangelist cultivator, including the emperor’s shadow, and the emperor was extinguished by the Chosen one. News of the death also reached his ears recently.

Although I don’t know what method this Chosen used to kill the Emperor Ying and Di Tian and the others, but I have to admit that the Chosen is the only thorn in the eyes of Shengjiao.

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