My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4440

Although the Peacock Saint Envoy is authorized to govern the Tianmu Immortal Domain, he is still unwilling to be only a Saint Envoy, hoping that one day he can become a guardian, such as Nangong. Yao like have boundless prospects.

The peacock envoy started selfish calculations before he came. If he can capture the chosen one and give it to the Holy Lord first, this credit alone will be enough to raise his position in interpretation and education. .

Holy Lord has always rewarded and punished clearly, and will surely bestow more fortune on himself.

In this visit to Kowloon Island, in addition to supervising the planting of the Heavenspan sacred tree according to the usual practice, the peacock envoy also made up the idea of ​​the chosen one.

“Where are you imprisoned by those cultivators closely related to the Chosen?”

asked the peacock envoy Blunt.

Even if the mysterious master had hidden selfishness and faced the inquiry of the peacock envoy, he had to respond truthfully: “Return to the peacock envoy, the leader of these thieves were locked in this buddhist pagoda by Lao Na.”

As soon as the voice fell, the mysterious master took out a piece of Buddha’s radiance overflowing treasure tower, floating in his palm.

At this moment, Shen Lang, who was in the crowd, burst out his eyes, divine sense locked onto the treasure tower in the hands of the mysterious master.

The Divine Soul cultivation base of Shen Lang is much higher than that of the peacock holy envoy. The peacock holy envoy did not find Shen Lang’s hidden divine sense, but took the name from the mysterious master. Immortal Treasure, a space for “buddhist pagoda”.

This buddhist pagoda is still a Spirit level Immortal Treasure given to him by Ziying. The treasure tower is incomplete, with several cracks on the surface. It is a damaged Spirit level Immortal Treasure.

Only because this treasure must require a Buddhist cultivator to activate, so the master of mystery picked this cheap.

The buddhist pagoda looks ugly, but it can seal the Divine Soul of the cultivator, making it forever imprisoned.

Treasure holders can continue to absorb the Soul Power of the cultivator imprisoned in the buddhist pagoda, and strengthen their Divine Soul. The cultivator imprisoned in the buddhist pagoda will continue to weaken due to the elapse of Soul Power, causing its own cultivation base to regress.

For the cultivator imprisoned in the buddhist pagoda, Soul Power will continue to be absorbed by the treasure holder and become the “nourishment” of the treasure holder’s cultivation, which belongs to the rather vicious Buddhism Immortal Treasure.

“This treasure can only be activated by the Buddhism cultivator. Lao Na has left several Buddha’s radiance on the surface of this treasure. Sir Sacred Envoy only needs to infiltrate the divine sense into it, and he can inspect the tower itself. Imprison the cultivator.”

After that, the buddhist pagoda in the hands of the mysterious master floated away from his hand, moved towards the peacock envoy and flew away.

Just when the peacock envoy reached out to pick it up, the scene suddenly changed!

I saw that among the tens of billions of cultivators of interpretation and education, suddenly the sky was soaring.

The endless gloom swept out from the army, swallowing all the people on the scene, as well as the scene in sight, almost instantly.

In an instant, the gloomy light covered the sky and the sun, covering everything around all around.

This gloom does not seem to contain the slightest destructive power, but it contains an indescribable spirit strength.

All cultivators, including the peacock ambassador and the mysterious master, are all involved in a vast and boundless starry universe.

A lot of stars are floating in the starry sky all around, everything is silent and silent.


The tens of billions of cultivators were suddenly involved in this starry universe, and everyone was panicked and shocked.

“Who casts the spell?”

The peacock ambassador turned pale with fright, quickly released divine sense and looked around all around the scene, the power of stars in the space was so majestic and suffocating that he couldn’t help falling Take a breath of cold: “Impossible…this is actually the small universe!”

As the apostle of the constellation, the peacock envoy naturally knows the small universe.

It is said that only the small universe can be cultivated by the golden stars. How could one be involved in the small universe released by others? Mostly Illusion Technique!

That is the moment of trance, a white silhouette suddenly appeared in front of him, snatching away the floating buddhist pagoda!

This person is not Shen Lang who has been dormant for a long time!

He really can’t wait any longer. Although the Peacock Saint Envoy and the mysterious master were basically communicating through sound transmission just now, Shen Lang could guess that the buddhist pagoda is the Immortal Treasure holding the hostages of the United Army!

When seeing the mysterious master handing out the buddhist pagoda, Shen Lang shot at the fastest speed and snatched this treasure.

“The Chosen!”

The peacock envoy witnessed Shen Lang’s face, both shocked and angry, and recognized the identity of the Chosen Shen Lang.

“Shen Lang thief!”

The mysterious master was also dumbfounded after seeing Shen Lang’s first glance, and his old face became a little ugly. The time when this thief appeared was too coincidental. Right?

The mysterious master who came back to his senses wanted to forcibly recall the buddhist pagoda, but it was too late.

“Huntian Ling, go!”

Shen Lang was worried that the mysterious master would injure the hostages in the buddhist pagoda, so he took out Hun Tian Ling the first time.

Huntian Ling’s red light skyrocketed, and it turned into countless red light filaments, which bound the body of the mysterious master with lightning speed.

Shen Lang, who was promoted to Great Principle Golden Immortal, has a huge advantage over Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal.

The mysterious master was too late to resist, so he was tightly bound by Hong Ling. His body’s Soul Power and Chaos Spirit Strength instantly fell into a state of imprisonment, and he couldn’t even activate the buddhist pagoda, and his expression was shocked! ”

The two Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal on his side also showed horror on their faces.


Watching Shen Lang steal the buddhist pagoda in front of him, the complexion ashen of the peacock holy envoy, and both hands forming seals, shouting loudly: “Golden Immortal Technique, wind and thunder attack!”

As soon as the roar fell, a cyan thunderbolt storm was suddenly rolled up in front of the peacock sage envoy. In the storm, countless silver lightning snakes raged and controlled the huge destroying heaven extinguishing earth, unstoppable!

“bang! !!!”

The thunderbolt storm that overwhelmed the river suddenly moved towards Shen Lang swept away, almost teleporting fast.

“Just this crude technique, don’t use it to show your ugliness!”

Shen Lang’s face was snorted, coldly snorted and said: “Shadow and magic light!”

In a flash, the Asura sacred pupil at the center of Shen Lang’s eyebrows gushes out the extremely dark golden magic light, and the huge amount of magic light moves towards thunderbolt like a tsunami and landslide. The storm is overwhelmed.

“bang bang bang!”

The magic light hits the thunderbolt storm, making a roar of earth and earth, and the terrifying energy impact will instantly restrain the mysterious master and him The two Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal beside them flew out.

With only one breath, the shadow and magic light suppressed the thunderbolt storm released by the peacock envoy.

The huge amount of dark golden magic light in turn moved towards the peacock envoy swallowed away, the terrifying Destruction Strength makes the scalp numb.


The peacock envoy took a deep breath, showing an incredible expression.

He seemed very surprised, how could his powerful blow be suppressed so easily by the opponent’s Divine Ability.

“Silver saint clothes, now!”

Seeing a large dark golden magic light pressing over, the peacock envoy has no time to think about it, so he quickly condense the silver saint clothes and flips his hands took out the silver Holy Artifact of the Peacock, a colorful lupin.

The peacock envoy hurriedly fanned the feather fan in his hand and rolled up several thunderbolt storms, which finally offset the Magical Powers released by Shen Lang.

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