My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4441

After only one face-to-face encounter with Shen Lang, the face of the peacock envoy became extremely ugly.

Before he was quite conceited. Compared with the emperor and the like, the peacock envoy was very confident in himself and felt that he was impossible and weaker than the Chosen.

However, after the actual fight, the peacock ambassador experienced how terrifying this day’s elector was. Feeling a lot of pressure, sweat dripped on his forehead.

My luck is also very good. I just wanted to play the idea of ​​the Chosen, and the Chosen appeared in front of him.

The peacock envoy suddenly felt that the mysterious bald donkey was digging a big hole for himself!

“For this ability, I am ashamed to claim to be the lord of the Tianmu Immortal Territory, don’t laugh at me!”

Shen Lang standing on the starry sky, condescending Looking down at the peacock envoy, like a cockroach on the ground, his eyes were full of contempt and mockery.

Before the peacock envoy started clamoring, Shen Lang was overwhelmed by the imposing manner, and he flew into a rage out of humiliation and roared: “Very well, I have to take a look today, you What is the ability of the Chosen!”

He couldn’t see Shen Lang’s cultivation base, he only felt that no matter how strong the opponent was, it was impossible to surpass himself.

The peacock ambassador does not believe that he can’t win the chosen one.

I saw him burning Nether Fire all over, he did not hesitate to consume a lot of his own vitality and Soul Power to release the Power of Stars within the body to the maximum, and all poured into the colorful feather fans in his hands. , Displayed his strongest Magical Powers:

“Advanced Golden Immortal Technique, get stars from the sky!!!”

With a hoarse roar, the peacock envoy The colorful feather fan in his hand broke away from his palm, and with the high-speed rotation in front of him, thousands of shocking Five Elements storms were rolled up.

In the storm, there are silver lightning like huge waves, there are also hot flames vortex, there is also a condensed cold light, and there is a golden light filled with dazzling sun. And the cyan ray blade that disturbs the universe…

Five elements of the most terrifying storm, carrying the terrifying Destruction Strength, moved towards Shen Lang.

Shen Lang raised his eyebrows, I have to say that this peacock envoy is indeed much stronger than the silver star envoys he has encountered before, and he can actually display the high-level Golden Immortal Technique.

If Shen Lang was still Early-Stage, he might be afraid of the three-pointer, but now he has been promoted to the mid-term realm, plus the huge improvement brought by the star pattern… Now facing the peacock Shen Lang didn’t pay much attention to the so-so high-level Golden Immortal Technique of Shengshi.

“Advanced Golden Immortal Technique, meteor group!”

Shen Lang does not want to waste time, and is ready to quickly solve this peacock envoy and directly use the meteor group.

Hundreds of millions of golden meteors suddenly burst out of the Star River universe, carrying the terrifying power that tears through the sky, and crashed into the Five Elements storm!

“bang bang bang!!!!”

A roar like heaven falls and earth rends, the golden meteor hiding the sky and covering the earth suppressed it with a huge advantage Thousands of powerful Five Elements storms.


Before he could react, the peacock envoy was bombarded and retreated by countless golden meteors. He opened his mouth and made a mournful scream sound.

Countless golden meteors burst out with destructive power, and instantly tore the silver saint clothing on his body, his whole body was torn and pierced through countless wounds, and the blood surged.

Rao is the peacock envoy desperately resisting it will not help.

After one blow, the peacock ambassador’s body was bloody, and the silver holy clothes on her body were all shattered. The fleshy body pierced by a large number of golden meteors was as tragic as a sieve, and it made people unable to look straight!


The peacock envoy who caught Shen Lang’s meteor group, almost only had his last breath left.

The previously angry expression has been replaced by panic and despair. He couldn’t believe that he had not survived the ten breaths time before he was beaten to death by the Chosen One.

Even the cultivator army in the Star River universe, witnessing the tragic situation of the peacock envoy being hung, couldn’t believe his eyes, his face was full of horror and dazed.

The peacock envoy of Great Principle Golden Immortal was defeated so fast and so thoroughly?

I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I can’t believe it.

“No…how can there be such a heaven-defying monster in the world!”

The mysterious master, who was bound by Hun Tian Ling, turned his head around, his old face twisted to the extreme, his face looked like Dead gray, his lips trembled a little.

During the period of staying on Kowloon Island, the mysterious master didn’t get any news from the outside world. He thought that Shen Lang would only have a new Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal cultivation base at best.

I can’t even dream of it. It’s less than a thousand years. Shen Lang not only broke through the Great Principle Golden Immortal, but even powerhouses such as the peacock envoy are not his enemies!

Such a speed of progress against the sky has exceeded the common sense of time.

Master Xuanji’s intestines are all regretful. At this moment, he finally knows why the Chosen One is called the Chosen One.

Only the peacock envoy who breathed a breath has cursed the eighteen generations of the mysterious master ancestor in his heart!

The sage peacock envoy was filled with grief and indignation, thinking that the old bald donkey had trampled on such a big hole.

Not to mention the one who won the selection, now it is good to be able to survive and protect yourself.

After the explosion caused by the meteor swarms was condensed, the peacock envoy dragged his last breath and tremblingly took out an azure light sparkling Teleportation Talisman from the storage ring, and decisively crushed it to excite it!

But the next scene made him completely dumbfounded.

After crushing the Teleportation Talisman, Teleportation Talisman did not release the strength of Space, nor did it show any aura.

The Teleportation Talisman that was crushed did not show any effectiveness!

“no! It shouldn’t be like this…my Teleportation Talisman…how could it fail?”

Seeing that Teleportation Talisman didn’t work, the peacock envoy was completely panicked , Screamed hoarsely in horror.

“Fool! You are trapped in my small universe, Teleportation Talisman is of course ineffective!”

Looking at the blood-stained peacock envoy lose one’s head out of fear Screamed, Shen Lang’s mouth showed contempt.

The small universe equivalent to Shen Lang cultivation’s will formation, the cultivator who is involved in the formation of the will of others, cannot use the strength of Space to escape.

Unless the opponent can break the Formation with a powerful Space Divine Ability or a stronger willpower, they will only be firmly locked by the Formation.

This is one of Shen Lang’s own small universe capabilities!

“Small universe…you actually cultivated a small universe! How is this possible?”

The peacock envoy coughed up a lot of blood from the corner of his mouth, staring at Shen with a blank stare. Lang, his expression was full of horror and mixed with disbelief.

He can’t believe that there are such heaven-defying people in the world who can control the small universe with his own ability cultivation success golden star envoy!

Shen Lang seems to want to make the death of the peacock emissary clearer. While flying to the peacock emissary, a dazzling starlight appeared behind him. The star map of Sagittarius appeared in the starlight to explain Everything.

“Sagittarius Golden Star Envoy…”

In the horrified eyes of the Peacock Holy Envoy, there was deep despair and powerlessness.

No wonder the Holy Lord attaches so much importance to the Chosen. It turns out that the Chosen is not just a title, but an unattainable existence!

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