My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 101

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  Chapter 101 Shocking and stunning, slum area, Blackwood Street, Lia Community.

Even if this community is in the slum area, it is also a representative of dirty, messy, and rundown.

Three Doctrines and Nine Philosophies in the tenant, who have them.

Li Qinghe came to this community under the leadership of Flamming.

She glanced at the piles of garbage piled up on the street in the community, and couldn't help being slightly frowned.

Soon, they came to a room.

In the room, Lin Hong and two night watchmen stood by the window.

The curtains are drawn, and a black instrument is placed on the side. It is aimed at the opposite side. A night watchman is looking at the instrument and observing something.

Seeing Li Qinghe coming in, Lin Hong and the two night watchmen quickly got up.

"My lord! You are here!"

Li Qinghe nodded.

She looked towards the opposite side through the drawn curtain, as if she could see the opposite side clearly.

"Xue Ren is opposite?"

"Yes, according to the information we have, he has not been out the past few days. But it does not rule out that he has special Gene battle skill, you can leave without others knowing."

Lin Hong opened the mouth and said.

Li Qinghe raised the corners of his mouth, revealing a smile:    "Although I am not sure if it is this person, but... let me ask myself."

She took a step forward and disappeared in place.


Opposite the residential building, outside Xue Ren's room, Li Qinghe's body emerged.

She glanced at her surroundings, and a icy color flashed in her eyes, staring at the room:

"Can you block my instantaneous step? I really caught it."

The dark long sword in her hand emerged, and she slashed at the door of the room.


The door of the room was shattered, and the room looked like a magic cave, and it was extremely dark.

one after another The weird shadow rushed out, rushing towards Li Qinghe with a sharp roar.

"A lot stronger than before."

Li Qinghe sneered, her whole body flashed one after another sword light, Power of Darkness surged, turning black almost instantly All the shadows are killed.

Then Li Qinghe rushed into the room directly.

In the room, Xue Ren sit cross-legged on the bed, and there are wisps of evil black mist surging all over his body. Beside him, there are two wide-open eyes with horrified corpses. .

It is the other two suspects of Fleming, Lucius and Ellis.

Xue Ren looked at Li Qinghe with a hideous face and a strange double echo in his voice:    "Damn it, I knew it wouldn't work! It's still exposed!"

Li Qinghe squinted his eyes and looked at Xue Ren indifferently:

"Since I have been discovered, then obediently die."

"Don't think about it!! Kill you , I can leave!" Xue Ren roared, the terrifying black mist churned, the air wave surged, the whole room shook, one after another spiderweb-like crack spread on the wall, and the window was directly shaken broken.

That powerful aura is far from the Second Rank Battle Master level mentioned in the intelligence, but has reached the fourth rank Battle Venerable Level.

However, even so, Li Qinghe's face is still calm.

She stepped out in one step, and the terrifying Power of Darkness surged over the long sword, cut out with a single sword, and the deep darkness sword qi slashed towards Xue Ren.

The terrifying sword qi with an irresistible sword force made Xue Ren widen his eyes, full of terrified look.


He roared, and his body suddenly turned into black mist and burst open.

As his body exploded, one after another strange shadow appeared from the place where he exploded.

The whole room was filled in an instant, and Li Qinghe was also enveloped.

The screams pierced the ears, enough to drive ordinary people into madness.


sword qi ripped apart a group of black shadows unrivaledly, Li Qinghe's body rushed out of the room, floating in the air.

Countless dark shadows in the room also rushed out.

There are thousands of densely packed black shadows, like dark clouds, pressing on the top of Li Qinghe's head.

In the opposite room, Flamming and Lin Hong saw the black shadow outside the window, their eyes widened, and their faces were horrified.

Flaming's voice trembled with a trace:    " many shadows?!"

"Xue Renguo is really the host of the alien material?! Too crazy Now! Are all these people who died in his hands? In just a few years, he has swallowed so many souls. If he is swallowed infinitely, who can stop him?!"

Not just them.

The movement of the shadows was so loud that almost everyone in the entire community was awakened.

Everyone walked to the window and saw the weird dark cloud outside the window, all showing a look of horror.

"Gosh, what is that?!"

"Is that a ghost?? A lot of ghosts are floating in the sky!"

"There is still floating The person in the air... is that a genetic warrior? It can fly in the sky, how strong is that?"


Li Qinghe looked up at the dark shadow, Murderous intention flashed in his eyes.

"These all are the people who died in your hands? It seems that your alienation level is not low."

one after another Soi Ying did not answer, they quickly gathered together , Formed a huge black shadow more than ten meters high.

The black shadow is full of black air, floating in the air.

The power he showed was even stronger than before.

Even compared to Li Qinghe, it is not much different.

The huge black shadow opened his mouth and uttered a bitter and strange roar at Li Qinghe.

The air wave moved Li Qinghe's black hair, she silently took out a cigarette, lit it in her mouth, and revealed a smile.


Next moment, her body instantly disappeared in place and appeared behind the black figure.

When she appeared behind the black shadow, the black shadow's roar suddenly stopped.

Hundreds of pieces were separated from its body in an instant, one after another lacquered Black Sword light burst out.

Flaming several people below saw this scene, they all looked at Li Qinghe with admiration.

"It's the shadow of an adult!"

"Burning the Sovereign gene in the body of the War King, the adult is too powerful!"

"That Are you kidding me? Let alone Daqixing, even in the entire Human Alliance, adults are one of the most shocking and stunning geniuses!"

"It seems to be over."

Just when a few people were talking, the separated hundreds of black shadows condensed again and turned into a whole again.

The huge black shadow fisted towards Li Qinghe, and the fist strength blasted towards Li Qinghe with terrifying formidable power.

The powerful air wave formed a storm, the garbage in the community was flying, and the windows broke one by one.

Li Qinghe's body disappeared in place, and his fist strength fell on the street of the community.


The rumbling sound sounded, and there was a pit with a radius of more than ten meters on the street.

The whole community was shaken.

Flamings stood up straight and looked at the huge pit, eyes shrank, showing a terrified look.

"This shadow is not dead like this?"

"It is a foreign object, it is too weird."

"Really strong formidable power ! This strength is already at the War King level, right?"

"I hope that the adults can quickly kill this thing. If this guy is allowed to destroy it, this community simply cannot withstand the toss."


Li Qinghe glanced at the deep hole on the ground and squinted his eyes.

Her body disappeared in place again.

The shadow froze again.

Next moment, his body was divided into smaller pieces than before.

Countless black sword light broke out and almost swallowed it.

Li Qinghe's body emerged not far away, looking at the fragments indifferently.

After a while, the fragments squirmed and slowly condensed again.

Li Qinghe raised his eyebrows, faintly opened the mouth and said:

"I don't believe you can recover infinitely."

Paint Black Sword Light again It broke out, and the black shadow that had just begun to condense was torn apart again.


Not far from the community, Xue Ren's body emerged.

At this moment, his body has become a little dry. The hair that was originally black and white is completely gray at this moment, and his face is incredibly pale.

The strength that had already reached the fourth rank Battle Venerable Level has dropped severely at this moment, and the breath is extremely weak.

He glanced at the black figure that was constantly being twisted into pieces in the distance, and coughed out a mouthful of blood:

"Damn! Damn! War King level! That guy is War King!" Level! Why is there such a powerhouse in the slum area?! All the hard work in the past ten years has been lost! No...It can't be stopped for long. That is a monster! Even if all the souls are exhausted, it can't stop her. Evacuate first. , Go to the wilderness area first!"

He clutched his chest, cautiously ran away.

Just after he ran a certain distance, he suddenly saw two silhouettes not far away.

After seeing Xue Wang's familiar face, Xue Ren's eyes flashed with a black air, showing a smirk.

"At least he can recover a little bit."

He turned into an afterimage and rushed towards the two of them.


Lu Yuan and Xue Wang heard the rumbling sound and looked towards the direction from which the rumbling sound came.

When they saw the black mist surging in the distance, both of them opened their eyes wide.

"What is that?!"

Xue Wang looked shocked: "Genetic warrior?! How can there be such a strong genetic warrior in the slum area?"

Lu Yuan feels the breath in the distance, his face is full of consternation.

I don’t know if it’s an illusion.

Of those two fighting auras, one of them seemed very similar to the one he felt at home before? !   How could it be a genetic warrior of this level? ?

Why does a genetic warrior of this level target Sister Qinghe?   Lu Yuan's mind is full of question marks.

Just when the two of them were shocked, a black shadow suddenly flashed and rushed towards Lu Yuan.

The powerful breath made Lu Yuan's hair explode and his body was cold.

His pupils shrank violently, and the fatal threat made him sober.

There are crimson rays of light flashed all over his body, and the red copper light runs at full capacity, and the black steel energy runs with it.

Under the deadly threat, Lu Yuan squeezed the power of his whole body, the black steel Profound Truth and his previous experience in Gravity Room cultivation flashed crazily in his mind.

All the power in his body was immediately mobilized, his muscles and internal organs vibrated at a peculiar frequency, and his power exploded.

Heigangjin 4th Layer was used by Lu Yuan under such a deadly threat.

The battle armour appeared in Lu Yuan's body, and the heavy sword appeared in Lu Yuan's hands.

Lu Yuan raises the sword crossbar.

Xue Ren's fist fell on the heavy sword.


The violent power gushes from Xue Ren's fist and falls on the heavy sword.

The heavy sword hit Lu Yuan's chest heavily, venting his power.

Lu Yuan's body flew upside down.

ka ka ka ……

There was a sound of fragmentation of the skeleton.

Lu Yuan's body slammed into a high wall on one side, and a big hole was made in the high wall.

Then his body fell to the ground.

Lu Yuan spurt a large mouthful of blood, his brain was a bit blank for a moment, and then he was overwhelmed with pain.

He could feel his sternum and ribs broken, his arms numb, and internal organs with varying degrees of severe pain.

With just one punch, Lu Yuan was directly injured.

He didn't have time to think about it, running the spiritual power with all his strength, inspiring the rejuvenation battle skill, and the life force blooming in his body.

His body began to recover.

Lu Yuan took out another potion of powerful healing potion and poured it with difficulty.

The powerful healing potion and the rejuvenation battle skill work together.

A warm feeling emerged from Lu Yuan, and his injury recovered extremely quickly.

Lu Yuan looked up towards the silhouette in the distance, and saw the somewhat familiar and unfamiliar face, Lu Yuan eyes slightly shrink.

This is... the boss of the wild dog gang?

Xue Ren's hair turned white and looked a lot older. Lu Yuan almost didn't recognize it for a while.

But why did this bastard attack me suddenly? !   Lu Yuan's murderous intent boiled over, and he felt a little afraid.

Almost, if his strength is weaker, he may just die.

Xue Ren punched and flew to Lu Yuan. Seeing that Lu Yuan was not dead, a look of shock flashed in his eyes.

Although his strength is greatly reduced and his strength is great injury, the powerhouse in the Second Rank Battle Master should be dying if he receives a punch.

a trifling First Rank warrior, is he still alive after a punch?

Why?   He stepped forward to kill Lu Yuan.

At this moment, Xue Wang stood in front of Xue Ren.

When Xue Ren saw Xue Wang, his face was cold, and he stopped.

The two stood opposite each other, and the atmosphere was a little silent.

But only for a moment of silence, Xue Ren knew how long the dark shadow could not stop Li Qinghe, he didn't have much time, and the spiritual power surged throughout his body.

Seeing this, Xue Wang showed an inexplicable look on his face, and the corner of his mouth was slightly pressed:

"Sure enough, do you want to do it to me?"

Xue Ren opened the mouth and said coldly:

"You are my son, and everything about you is given to you, including life. I just take back what belongs to me. "


Xue Wang laughed.

He took off his sunglasses silently, and his strange deep green eyes burned in the dim air.

"After my mother died, I knew that there would be such a day. Let’s make a close."

A thick black mist appeared in Xue Ren’s eyes. Faintly opened the mouth and said:

"You were made by me, do you think you will be my opponent?"

On Xue Wang, a deep red leather armor appeared , He showed a bright smile:    "Who knows? Ao wu!!!"

Xue Wang roared, the deep green rays of light flashed in his eyes, and his breath skyrocketed.

There is one after another silver white hair growing on his skin, which looks like a monster.

battle skill · Silver Wolf raging.

A dignified look appeared on Xue Ren's face. He faintly opened the mouth and said:

"The genes are not completely fused, and you force the battle skill with all your strength. Are you not afraid of mutation? "

At the moment, Xue Wang's face full of silver hair showed a smirk, and his eyes flashed with the meaning of death:

"It doesn't matter, my purpose of burning the Silver Wolf gene , Isn’t it just for now?"

"Heh, let’s start."

Xue Ren has a ray of red blood light emerging from his body, and there is a trace of blood light in it. A faint smell of black mist.

Although Xue Ren's breath looked very weak at this moment, the pressure still made Xue Wang's face serious.

"I don't know what you have done, it seems to have become stronger. But I don’t think it’s a good thing, right?"

Xue Ren didn’t speak, and stepped on Xue Wang rushed over.

With a rich blood light attached to his fist with a spiked glove, he blasted towards Xue Wang's head.

battle skill ·Break Fist

Xue Wang's face was indifferent, and he greeted Xue Ren with the same punch.

bang!! ! The   two fists collided together, and a rumbling sound was emitted.

Xue Wang groaned and took a few steps back.

Xue Ren only took a half step back.

He looked at Xue Wang, slightly opened the mouth and said: "It seems that you are not my opponent."

Xue Wang coldly smiled, stepped on the ground, and the ground appeared After the cobweb-like crack, his body rushed up again like a silver light.

The two crossed their fists and feet, staggered, and from time to time they landed on the wall with one fist and one foot, making big holes in the wall.


It was another collision. Xue Wang flew out and hit the wall hard, with a trace of blood spilling from the corner of his mouth.

(End of this chapter)

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