My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 102

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  Chapter 102 Wild Dogs (Additional to the Alliance Leader)

Xue Wang stands up straight again , Spit out bloody saliva, looked towards Xue Ren.

Not far away, Xue Ren's hair is a bit messy, and his ash-gray leather armor also has a trace of cracks.

But his breath is still strong.

He looked at Xue Wang, faintly opened the mouth and said:

"You are not my opponent, don't you give up?"

In Xue Wang's eyes Deep green rays of light burned, and a smirk flashed in his eyes:   "Until the end, who knows?"

At this moment, Lu Yuan stood up.

He moved his body, squeezed the heavy sword in his hand, with anger burning in his eyes, looked towards Xue Wang on the side, and grinned:   "Old Xue, I'll help you."

Xue Ren saw Lu Yuan stand up, as if unscathed, eyes shrank, a little surprised.

"Are you all right? You just suffered such a serious injury, how can you recover so quickly?!"

Xue Wang was also taken aback, a little surprised.

Then he looked at Lu Yuan seriously:

"Lao Lu, this is between me and him. No matter what happens, don't interfere. Even if I die. ! This is the only request in my life."

Lu Yuan was taken aback, looking at Xue Wang’s deep green eyes, he fell silent, slowly nodded, and grinned:   "You Don't die, I don't want to collect your body yet."

Xue Wang laughed and didn't answer.

Seeing this, Xue Ren sneered: "Whether it is one or two, it is the same to me."

Although he said so, he took the initiative to turn to Xue again. Wang rushed over.

Lu Yuan recovered so quickly, it made him feel a little stressed.

Xue Wang roared when he saw this. The silver light flashed all over his body, and the fur on his body increased again, and even his body grew a bit bigger, even his face was a little distorted.

Like an upright werewolf.

Seeing this, Xue Ren's pupils shrank sharply.

"Mutate actively?! Are you crazy?!"

"ao wu!!! Come on, father!!! Just under the witness of the mother in the spirit of heaven. Let's make a break!"

Xue Wang raised his head and roared.

He stepped on his feet, his speed increased a lot, and his body instantly appeared beside Xue Ren.

The spiked gloves swept towards Xue Ren's face.

Xue Ren jerked his head sideways, and four clear claw marks appeared on his face.

Before he could react, Xue Wang raised his foot and kicked Xue Ren in the chest.


Xue Ren flew upside down and hit a deep hole on the wall.

Xue Wang did not stop at all, and rushed directly to Xue Ren in the pit.

In the deep pit, the black mist in Xue Ren's eyes flowed, and a hideous color appeared on the face of drenched with blood.

"You are courting death!!"

Next moment, a trace of wrinkles appeared on his face, his flesh and blood shriveled again, and he was a bit old again.

What followed was that his breath soared.


Xue Ren rushed out of the pit and collided with Xue Wang.

The fluctuations in the battle between the two were more intense than before, and the fight was even more fierce.

In almost every blow, blood was sprayed from the two of them.

The powerful battle fluctuations forced Lu Yuan to retreat.

During his time in the foggy forest, Lu Yuan has also been absorbing Spirit Crystal and continuing the tempering gene chain.

The tempering degree of the red copper light has reached 100%, and even the tempering degree of rejuvenation has reached 6%.

His strength is already very strong in the First Rank.

But facing the desperate fight of two Peak Battle Master-level powerhouses, Lu Yuan still felt extremely dangerous.

The battle lasted only a few minutes, and under another collision, Xue Ren hit Xue Wang's left shoulder with a punch.


Xue Wang's shoulders burst and his arms dropped.

Xue Wang not to be outdone, the right hand grabbed Xue Ren's arm and twisted it hard.

ka ka ka ……

Xue Ren's arm was directly broken.

The two roared at the same time, lifted their right leg, and kicked towards each other.

bang bang bang!!

The right legs of the two collided again and again, and the rumbling sound kept ringing.

The aftermath turned into a wave of anger, sweeping towards all directions.

Even Lu Yuan in the distance felt a gust of wind.

ka ka!! The   two were completely blushing, and the sound of skeleton breaking from their legs stopped before they stopped.

Their still intact right hand blasted towards each other again.

At the same time, it blasted on the opponent's chest.


The bodies of the two of them flew upside down and landed heavily.

After being seriously injured, their breath became much weaker.

Even so, they stood up again.

Although one leg has been broken, they seem to be unaware of it and rush towards each other again.

At this moment, Xue Ren roared, wrinkles appeared on his face again, and the aura on his body improved again.

Two fists collide.


Xue Wang was blown out, spurt a mouthful of blood.

He fell to the ground, struggling to get up.

But Xue Ren has already rushed in front of him.

Xue Ren's eyes are dark mist, and his face is full of solidified killing intent.

He punched out and landed on Xue Wang's chest.


Xue Wang coughed out a mouthful of blood again, and the skeleton made a ka ka sound.

On the ground where he was lying, cobweb-like cracks spread.

Xue Ren's face was savage, without stopping, another punch fell.


Xue Wang's eyes widened, blood was constantly pouring from the corners of his mouth, and his breath became weak.

Lu Yuan eyes shrank in the distance clenched the heavy sword tightly.

Xue Ren raised his fist again, trying to attack.

At this moment, his movements suddenly stopped.

The black mist in his eyes fluctuated violently and dissipated. Looking at Xue Wang, a violent struggle appeared on his face.


Xue Ren roared and fell with a punch, but not on Xue Wang's body, but on the ground on one side.

Xue Ren punched a deep hole on the ground.

Seeing this, Xue Wang's eyes that had been distracted once again condensed, and he roared.


He punched Xue Ren's chest with all his strength.

Xue Ren's chest was sunken, he flew upside down for more than ten meters, landed heavily, and opened his mouth to spits out blood.

Xue Wang's silver rays of light around his body dissipated, and his body gradually became smaller, and his silver hair was also incorporated into his body.

His eyes closed and he passed out into a coma.

Xue Ren, who fell on the ground, had a grim face. He looked towards Xue Wang, who fell on the ground, and a look of pain appeared in his eyes.


At this moment, a black mist appeared in his eyes again, and he slowly stood up and rushed towards Xue Wang again.

At this moment, Lu Yuan stood in front of Xue Wang.

Xue Ren's face is grim, and his right fist blasts out.

Lu Yuan also has a touch of sorrow on his face, the heavy sword is lifted, and with the power of the 4th layer Hei Gangjin, he cuts it down towards Xue Ren.

bang!! !   Under the roar, Xue Ren backed back again and again, and Lu Yuan backed away a few steps too.

Lu Yuan's hands were slightly numb, and he looked at Xue Ren in the distance, with a look of dreading in his eyes.

Before rushing over, he drank several bottles of potent potions.

Xue Ren is now seriously injured and his strength is greatly reduced. Even so, he can barely suppress Xue Ren.

One can imagine how strong Xue Ren is.

Xue Ren saw that Lu Yuan actually blocked his attack, eyes shrank, with a hideous look on his face.

"Trifling First Rank ... unexpectedly has such power. Xue Wang has made a good friend."

Lu Yuan glanced at Xue Wang who was in a coma, and felt a little complicated.

I had promised Xue Wang not to intervene, but he still intervened.

Hmm... It's mainly because Xue Wang blocked him before, and he should help block a wave now.

And this bastard attacked him for no reason before, he must get revenge, right?    Lu Yuan looked at Xue Ren with anger in his eyes:

"What's wrong with trifling First Rank? Think about yourself first."

He stepped on the ground, Rushing to Xue Ren, heavy sword cut down again and again.

Xue Ren only has one arm left to fight, one foot is also broken, and several ribs are also broken.

Facing Lu Yuan's attack, he was suppressed for a while.

His blood-stained face was full of hideousness, and at the same time he was sober.

Now that a few minutes have passed, the monster is probably about to wipe out all the souls.

I want to go!   But Lu Yuan entangled him tightly, and the continuous sword technique made him unable to escape Lu Yuan's attack for a while.

"You are courting death!!"

His face paled again suddenly, and a stream of blood spurted out of his mouth.

The black mist in my eyes has dimmed a lot.

At the same time, a weird dark shadow rushed out of his body, screaming and rushing into Lu Yuan's mind.

Lu Yuan was shocked, and the dark shadow screamed in his mind, and a violent sting came.

What is this? !

Lu Yuan is shocked.

At this moment, the moonstone floating around Lu Yuan's gene chain suddenly flashed silver white rays of light, and a light mask emerged, blocking the attack of the dark shadows.

The black shadow's attack dissipated after only one breath, and the illusory shadow of the Moonstone dimmed and began to disappear.

Lu Yuan's face was pale, he glanced at the disappearing moonstone, and remembered something.

Moonstone’s special battle skill, Moonstone Guardian, can resist soul attack.

Is this Soul Attack? !   Furthermore, a Soul Attack actually broke the Moonstone.

How strong is this?

A trace of fear flashed in Lu Yuan's eyes.

He lifts the head looked towards Xue Ren, a trace of killing intent flashed in his eyes.

didn't expect this guy even had such a hole card at this time.

His body turned into an afterimage and rushed towards Xue Ren in the distance.

Xue Ren saw that Lu Yuan was not dead, but his face became paler, his eyes widened and his face was shocked.

"This is impossible!! How can the warrior of the First Rank stop Soul Attack?!"

Xue Ren couldn't believe it at all.

This is his most powerful and weird attack method, the last life-saving hole card!

However, Lu Yuan has already appeared in front of him, heavy sword slashing horizontally.

Xue Ren quickly raised his hand to attack.


Xue Ren flew out and fell heavily to the ground.

Lu Yuan followed like a shadow. Before Xue Ren got up, a sword stabbed directly through Xue Ren's chest, shattering his heart.

Xue Ren's mouth overflowed with blood, his eyes widened, and he couldn't believe it.

Next moment, the black mist in his eyes slowly dissipated, and his eyes gradually became clearer.

He was in a daze, holding the heavy sword with his right hand, and looking at Lu Yuan with a cold face, then turned his head and looked towards Xue Wang who fell to the ground in the distance.

"Cough cough, cough cough..."

He coughed violently, and his blood kept pouring out.

Lu Yuan originally planned to take out the heavy sword and cut off his head directly.

Suddenly, a strange black mist spilled over Xue Ren's body, making a harsh scream.

Lu Yuan eyes shrank, hurried back, looking at the black mist vigilantly, feeling cold.

Before, he felt that the black qi of this guy was a bit familiar.

Isn't this the dark shadow? !   How come he has it? !   Seeing Lu Yuan's vigilant look, Xue Ren smiled feebly, his wrinkled face looked a little dry.

"Ha, hahaha... Xue Wang, I really made a good friend."

Lu Yuan brows tightly knit, looking at Xue Ren, who is constantly overflowing with black mist, full Face alert.

Xue Ren didn’t care. He turned his head and looked at Xue Wang again, opening the mouth and said hoarsely:

"I'm dying, don't be so scared. You are willing Listen to my story?"

Before Lu Yuan could speak, he continued to talk intermittently.

"I was born in this dark and dirty southern city, cough... My father is a small leader of a gang, he is exposed to armed fighting, gambling, drugs, and everything he deserves. He has a very bad temper. He was irritable and slapped me and my mother at every turn. In order to make money for him to squander, he asked my mother to be a prostitute, let me pretend to be a little beggar and pray. Hehe... When I was twelve years old, my mother fell ill and died. That night, while my father was drunk, I ended his life with a gun..."

"After that, I grabbed food with the wild dogs on the roadside, joined the gang, and became The bottom gangster. Heh...walking my father’s old road."

"Why do I live like a wild dog? I thought about this question seriously. The final answer is this world It’s weak are prey to the strong. As long as I have the power and power, everything will be as I want."

"Then I awakened and became a genetic warrior. I was delighted at the time. If I am crazy, I think my destiny has finally begun to take care of me. However, after becoming a genetic warrior, I discovered that without money, no genetic weapons, no extraordinary genes, I can only barely cultivation, and my promotion is extremely slow, and I am still at the bottom."

"Fortunately, genetic warrior is still very rare in South City. I was valued by the gang and gained a little status. After that, I started to conserve money regardless of methods, sell weapons, sell humans, and sell drugs. , As long as I can make money, I can do it. I started to gain status regardless of means, assassinated, threatened, and lured. I climbed step by step, and finally killed the gang boss at the time and became the boss by myself."

"I changed the name of the gang to the wild dog gang. Hehe... it is a commemoration of my childhood and a reminder to myself. Only like a wild dog can I get what I want."

"I keep getting stronger, the gang keeps getting bigger, you can grab whatever you want, such as his mother..."

Xue Ren looked at Xue Wang with complexity in his eyes Emotions.

Lu Yuan did not speak, just looked at Xue Ren, and did not express his opinion.

He can't figure out what sly plan Xue Ren is playing.

The black mist on his body is still spreading, making Lu Yuan vigilant.

Xue Ren didn't care about Lu Yuan's opinion either, but each minding their own business continued.

"Later Xue Wang was born. When I saw him, I remembered who I used to be. He is my angel. I don't want him to eat like a wild dog like me. I want to give him the best. I will give him status, money, rights, everything that I didn't have in childhood."

"Unfortunately his mother is a kind person. Keep preventing me from teaching my son . So I killed her. This also made Xue Wang leave me."

"Why? He is my only son. I gave him the best. Why doesn't he know how to cherish? Me. Very heartbroken and disappointed. Even so, I still love him."

"I bury this disappointment in my heart and continue to pursue the strength and power I want. It is a pity that my innate talent is very good. In general, no matter how hard I try, even Second Rank can't break through. I am not willing to! Ahem... a person appeared. He gave me what I wanted, as long as Devouring Soul can become stronger, how simple is it? "

When Lu Yuan heard this, his eyes shrank, his hair exploded on his back.

This means that this guy is the one who controls the shadows? ! It   's this bastard who is so special? !

Killed the predecessor, almost killed him too!

Lu Yuan is more vigilant.

"Assimilated more and more souls, I am getting stronger and stronger, but people have changed. I actually... want to kill my son."

Xue Ren's The breath is already very weak, and the speech is already weak.

He looked at Xue Wang in disbelief.

"Ahem...Fortunately, you stopped me. Otherwise, I'm afraid I will do what I regret most in my life. I have suffered a lot in this life, and I have had a lot of enjoyment. It is worth it. Only him , My son, I hope he can live well... live happily, don't be like a wild dog..."

Xue Ren's voice became inaudible and his breath became weaker and weaker.

He closed his eyes, the corners of his eyes full of crow's feet are a little moist.

The breath finally dissipated completely.

Listening to Xue Ren's last words, Lu Yuan flashed a complex color in his eyes.

At this moment, a lot of black mist appeared on Xue Ren's body.

A terrifying scream sounded, making the scalp numb.

What's the matter? !   Lu Yuan eyes shrank, staring at the black mist.

(End of this chapter)

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