My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 103

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  Chapter 103 S-Rank alienation was greatly changed the living (Remnant Soul to add more blood Alliance Leader)

The black mist is getting denser and thicker, floating above Xue Ren's body.

Lu Yuan stared at the black mist, his face suddenly changed slightly.

In his body, the evolutionary cube that has been surrounding the gene chain suddenly shook.

This kind of vibration, Lu Yuan had almost the same experience when he encountered a mirage before.

At this moment, the black mist suddenly began to shrink.

As the black mist shrinks, the vibration of the Evolution Cube becomes stronger and stronger, even to the point where the surrounding white mist is surging.

Lu Yuan is full of question marks.

What's the matter with this evolutionary cube?

The black mist shrank to the extreme, and Lu Yuan saw a black bead.

The pitch-black beads were suspended above Xue Ren's corpse, and strands of black mist continued to emerge from the beads.

When the black beads appeared, the vibration of the Evolution Cube reached its maximum.

What is this?   Lu Yuan riveted black beads.

His consciousness became slightly trance, he seemed to hear someone calling him, someone calling him to pick up the black bead.

With a trace of confusion in his eyes, he slowly walked towards the black beads.

At this moment, the Evolution Cube in Lu Yuan's body suddenly had dim-blue rays of light flashed, and his consciousness suddenly woke up.

He was startled in a cold sweat, looked at the black beads in a little astonishment, and took two steps back vigilantly in his eyes.

This ghost is really evil.

Is it a legendary alien?

The previous events were all alienation events no matter what, this thing should be the alien thing in the legend.

At this moment, Lu Yuan suddenly discovered that something floated out of the black beads, entered his body, and then was absorbed by the Evolution Cube.

He settled down, looked towards the Evolution Cube, and found that the Evolution Cube seemed to be a little bigger?

Moreover, its vibration stopped.

Lu Yuan's eyes flashed with astonishment.

What's the matter?

What did the Evolution Cube absorb?   Is this something black beads yard cube also allows evolution to become stronger? !   still say that this is the evolution of the original cube hidden features?

When I saw that mirage before, the Evolution Cube also shook.

Is it the same as when you encountered this black bead?   Lu Yuan head is full of question marks, but remain unanswered.


A few minutes ago.

Leah community.

The terrifying black sword light broke out again and again, and the air seemed to be filled with fierce sword qi.

Li Qinghe right hand holding a long sword, holding a cigarette in his left hand, spit out the smoke ring slightly, squinting indifferently at the black shadow of all split up and in pieces.

The shadows are much darker than they were at the beginning, and even the number is much smaller.

What is left is less than the original one third.

This one third black figure twists and wants to continue to merge.

Li Qinghe disappeared in place again, and the black sword qi broke out.

The black shadow is cut more finely.


A sharp scream sounded, and the shadow turned into a black mist, completely dissipated.

Li Qinghe's mouth is slightly raised.

At this moment, her face changed slightly.

"en? Where are the people? Not here?"

She discovered that Xue Ren didn't fuse together with Sombra.

She eyebrows slightly frowned, then turned her head abruptly and looked towards the distance.

Her body instantly disappeared in place.

On a tall building, Li Qinghe's body appeared.

She looked down at the road below, and after seeing Lu Yuan, a hint of surprise flashed in her eyes.

"Yuan younger brother? Why is he here? Huh? Wait..."

She felt the breath of Lu Yuan, and a look of shock flashed in her eyes:    "?! edge of the younger brother of breath ...... First Rank so fast ?? and this is not a breath of strength ...... elite level of the gene has a strength fishes ......"

Li Qinghe bit of shock:    "he will not have burned a leaders-level gene, right? how so quickly? is not right, just leaders-level gene, this strength is also wrong ......"

Li Qinghe looked Lu Yuan, The eyes were full of doubts.

Soon she took a cigarette, said with a smile: "It doesn't matter, it seems that it should be a chance for the place of origin. It is indeed my younger brother Li Qinghe, not bad."


The place of origin is too big and there are too many opportunities.

Every powerful genetic warrior, who hasn’t gotten a chance?

Li Qinghe is happy for Lu Yuan.

At this moment, she saw the black mist on Xue Ren's corpse condensed into black beads, and a hint of cold and severe flashed in her eyes.

"Is this the alien? It's a pity that Xue Ren died like that. It's a bit cheaper for him."

After the black beads appeared, Lu Yuan took two steps towards the black beads. Li Qinghe was taken aback.

Just when she was about to go down, Lu Yuan stopped again. Seeing him looking at the black beads vigilantly, Li Qinghe's eyes widened again.

"Judging from the ability of this alien substance, I am afraid that it has reached the level of the S-Rank alien substance. Because the younger brother is only First Rank, he has got rid of the attraction of the S-Rank alien substance? This guy? ., to my surprise really getting big "

suddenly, she was showing a hint of grin:    " after seeing this guy I do not know, what would be the expression "

Li Qinghe disappeared in place and fell in front of Lu Yuan, smiling at hehe’s opened the mouth and said:

"Fate younger brother, are you surprised? Are you surprised?"

Lu Yuan was thinking about the Evolution Cube, and suddenly an afterimage suddenly appeared in front of him.

Lu Yuan's instinctive body is tight and wants to retreat.

At this time he heard a familiar voice.

Lu Yuan paused, looked up and found that this person turned out to be Li Qinghe.

Lu Yuan: "???"

He looked at Li Qinghe with a big smile, full of question marks, a little confused for a while.

Seeing Lu Yuan's awkward appearance, Li Qinghe's mood became more and more happy. She walked over with a smile, extend the hand and poke Lu Yuan's cheek:

"How ? a scared yet "

Lu Yuan back to God, and his face looked strange Qinghe Li: ?    "?! Sister Qinghe ...... you are genetic warrior but also a strong ?? "

He didn't react to Li Qinghe's speed before.

It's too fast.


Lu Yuan felt the fluctuation of Li Qinghe's spiritual power and couldn't help frowning.

Isn't this fluctuation the one I felt at home before?   And before that terrible battle, it seems, this volatility?   ...... just fighting man, turned out to be Sister Qinghe? !   Lu Yuan this world suddenly felt a little funny.

I have always said that I don’t understand anything, and that Sister Qinghe, who is so amazing about the younger brother, turned out to be a big brother? !    Lu Yuan thought of himself before his own with some pride Li Qinghe say how much money he was making much money, you want to feel embarrassed of their feet buckle a Sanshiyiting out on the ground.

The club is dead!

"What is strong or not, sister, I am not a genetic warrior, I don't understand~ My sister is just a weak woman living in the slum area~"

Seeing Lu Yuan's face change With the same expression, Li Qinghe showed a smirk.

Lu Yuan: "..."

Lu Yuan feels like his face is a little red.

He always thought that Li Qinghe did that kind of thing.

It's not right, it's obviously this guy who keeps guiding him.

Every time I say'this is not something that a child should know','Do you really want to know? 'so.

Who doesn't misunderstand this? !   "hahahahaha !! margin younger brother you are too cute."

Li Qinghe laugh hehe squeezed Lu Yuan's cheek.

"Sister, I’m probably a little bit better than you, I’m just a War King."

"...Oh, it turned out to be a little bit. War King... "

Lu Yuan has no expression on his face.

War King ……

Apprentice warrior, warrior, Battle Master, War General, Battle Venerable, War King.

It is only four major levels higher than Lu Yuan.

Well, it’s a hundred million points.

"Sister Qinghe, why didn't you say that you were a genetic warrior?"

Lu Yuan was a little curious.

Li Qinghe raised an eyebrow, looked at not far from black beads:    "I come to this because this guy is very cunning, if I just and honorable in the slum area, this. People can’t just run away?"

Lu Yuan was taken aback: "Sister, are you a night watchman?"

Li Qinghe hearing this, after thinking about it: "That's it."

"What is called?"

Lu Yuan face full of black lines.

"My sister is a night watchman's Honorary Elder merely honorary just friends, not owned by the night watchman tube.."

She was a little dissatisfied complain:    "I was just a little Bored, I want to find a task to pass the time. I heard that the alienation here is a bit difficult to deal with, so I came to have fun. Didn't expect wasted my sister and me for so long. I was mad at me."

Lu Yuan tugged at the corner of his mouth, not knowing what to say.

"Wait, sister, I will put away this alien object. If you lose it, it will be quite troublesome."

Li Qinghe said to Lu Yuan and left. I used to hold the black beads in my hand.

As soon as she held the black beads, a sharp roar sounded, and the black mist surged, trying to free Li Qinghe's hand.

Li Qinghe's face remained unchanged, he took out a black metal sunspot, stuffed the bead inside, and then put the lid on, the world was quiet.

Li Qinghe black box will close up, patted the hand, of Said with A Smile:    "Well, did not expect this actually met an S-Rank alienation was not the harvest can be considered I’m small, I didn’t waste such a long time."

"S-Rank Alien Object?"

Lu Yuan didn’t know much about Alien Object.

"Well, this Soul Devouring Bead can be integrated into the host's body. Devouring Soul allows the host to increase the cultivation base. As the cultivation base gets higher and higher, the host will eventually be swallowed and assimilated by the Soul Devouring Bead, completely Become a different kind, of course, the strength will become stronger and stronger. If you leave it alone, you may be able to upgrade to Battle Sovereign, or even fight Emperor level, which is still a bit troublesome."

Lu Yuan eyes shrank, some Shock.

Such a small thing can be promoted to Battle Emperor level? !   serious? ?   see a bit surprised Lu Yuan, Li Qinghe of Said with A Smile:    "For this type of growing alienation matter, as long as the pre-packed, there will be no danger."

Lu Yuan nodded, to express understanding.

With the function of this alien substance Devouring Soul, it is a bit difficult to stay in the early stage.

He remembered Xue Ren’s performance before, opened the mouth and said:

"So was that person assimilated before? His previous performance sometimes I thought it was two people do "

Li Qinghe looked at Xue Ren's body, his face cold:    " ah, use Soul Devouring Bead more naturally closer heterogeneous, assimilation is normal. He was also unlucky and found this thing."

"Choose it?"

Lu Yuan was taken aback, and he heard what Xue Ren said before his death, opened the mouth and said:

"Before he said it was given to him."

Li Qinghe suddenly stopped.

Her brows frowned, looked towards the Lu Yuan, with a straight face:    ?! "margin younger brother, you say is true, he said had been given to him who sent?! It?!"

Lu Yuan nodded: "Well, he said before he died. But he didn't say who it was, and I didn't ask."

Where did Lu Yuan know this at the time? Kind of thing.

He doesn't want to know who sent this thing at all.

It seems to be important now?

Li Qinghe fell silent, frowned, his face ugly.

Lu Yuan didn't dare to bother seeing her appearance.

I had a question before I knew it.

The atmosphere was silent, Li Qinghe sighed and opened the mouth and said with a smile:

"Forget it, since the alien material has been recovered, what's left Report the matter first and let others worry about it. Why do I think so much?"

Lu Yuan twitched the corner of his mouth when he heard Li Qinghe's words.

You're quite something.

She thought of what his hands a shot:   "!. Now that has been recovered for the alienation was the sister that I could change back ......"

her mouth Raising, the flesh and blood skeleton on his face has undergone slight changes, and his body has also changed somewhat.

Lu Yuan stared at Li Qinghe's changes, his eyes widened and his face was full of surprise.

The original height of about 1.67 meters and the height of about 1.67 meters, the figure wearing leather armor is a little better than before, the waist is thinner, the legs are longer and straighter, and the chest is also Hmm... what's the matter.

The biggest change is not the body, but the face.

Li Qinghe looks delicate and pretty before, but it is completely incomparable after the change.

Exquisite oval face, slender eyebrows, straight nose, lazy peach eyes with a hint of flattery, and a mole in the corner of the eye.

This is a peerless beauty similar to Ye Ye and Amy.

Lu Yuan was stunned by Li Qinghe's trick of becoming a living person.

This also works? !

Li Qinghe see Lu Yuan stunned look, lips raised a glimmer grin:    ?? "This is how my sister looks like, is not beautiful, there is no scare "

Lu Yuan came back to his senses, and when he saw Li Qinghe's smirk, the corners of his mouth twitched.

" . Sister Qinghe So you are so narcissistic"

Li Qinghe a stare, suddenly not satisfied:    "This is my sister narcissism it was telling the truth? !"

As she said, she poked Lu Yuan in the cheek with a smirk:

"By the way, do you remember that you rejected your sister's offer to help you enter the adult world? Do you regret it now? Hahahaha!"

Li Qinghe still remembers Lu Yuan's rejection of her.

Although it was a joke before, she still wants to see Lu Yuan regret it.

Lu Yuan's mouth twitched suddenly.

To be honest, his intestines are regretful!

But in that scene, how did Lu Yuan think that Li Qinghe would be playing a weak woman?

He is not the kind of profiting from somebody's misfortune.

If he knew Li Qinghe's situation at the time, Lu Yuan agreed properly.

As for now, a real man will definitely not regret it.

Even if I regret it, don’t admit it!   he solemnly Road:!?

"Sister Qinghe take me for who I was that kind of person do I still like the original, can ever hope Sister Qinghe happy, this is the most important "

Li Qinghe 's eyes flashed a smile, narrowed his eyes: .   "? now that you help her sister, still like it "

" willing! "

Lu Yuan's answer was so fast that Li Qinghe was stunned for a while, and only reacted after a while.

Li Qinghe face full of black lines.

How dare this little bastard really agree? !

Are you afraid that you haven't been beaten by the society? !

Her hands grabbed Lu Yuan cheeks, forced to pull both sides, gnashing teeth of Said:   "What did you say I did not catch my sister?!!"

Lu Yuan: "???"

It's obviously that she asked, is it wrong for me to follow my inner answer?

Why is Sister Qinghe still angry? !    Lu Yuan cheek feel pain, you want to pull Li Qinghe hand, find their own strength but fundamental than this woman has no choice but to wave counseling.

"I was wrong, I was wrong, I will not!"

Li Qinghe hear Lu Yuan, then narrowed his eyes, sneer up:    "Oh ...I don't want it? Sister, am I not good-looking enough?!"

Lu Yuan: "?"

If you are willing or unwilling, it doesn't work.

Then what should he say? !

Others are a little stupid.

Is this a woman?

It's terrifying.

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