My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 105

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  Chapter 105 Red Maple Genius Camp

Amy nodded:

"Well, I I saw the look of a mirage. It was a big one, golden and green, and it looked a little scary...and very cruel!"

Then, she looked at Adams with a serious face and asked curiously. :    "Supreme Grandfather, is there any problem with seeing the mirage?"

Adams was silent, and slowly opened the mouth and said:

"The fog of the misty forest The period has appeared for a long time. The powerhouses of many races in Baiyunzhou always want to explore the secrets in the mist. But even the Battle Emperor and even the War Saint powerhouse died in it. Although the dead powerhouses are said to be killed by a mirage dragon They, but they can only see the mirage dragon's scales and half claws in the mist. No one has ever seen the full picture of the mirage dragon. But..."

Adams looked towards Amy, his eyes flashed :    "But you saw little Amy. Almost everyone guessed that there is a huge ruin in the foggy forest, or the inheritance of the powerhouse. Maybe you have hope to discover the secret."

Amy's eyes widened, with some surprises:    "So am I so good?!"

Gwen on the side was silent, opened the mouth and said:

"Grandfather, Amy was with a man at the time. In addition to Amy, that man also saw the whole picture of the mirage."

"en? Man?"

Adams For a moment, looked towards Amy: "Is Little Amy bullied? If he is bullied, tell Supreme Grandfather, Supreme Grandfather let him die without a burial site!"

Amy waved his hands again and again. : "No, no! He saved me! I was besieged by Kobold and the Kamans. If it weren't for him, I might have died earlier."

"It turned out to be Xiao Ai Mi’s life saving benefactor. Hmm... Our Algabe family has always been grateful and seeking to repay the kindness, and treat people with sincerity. Do you know his name? How old? When the time comes Supreme Grandfather, I want to repay people well. "

Amy thought for a while:   "His name is Lei Feng. He should look about the same age as me, right?" May be two years older than one year. Hehe, of course I know the traditions of our family. I have already told him that he can come to me if he has any difficulties in the future. Oh, by the way, he also wants to go to Tianluo City. "

"Lei Feng? "

Adams nodded: "Can he see the whole picture of the mirage just like you?" "

"Yes, we saw it together." "

Amy nodded.

Adams thought about it, said with a smile:

"Since he is coming to Tianluo City, then when the time comes he If you are willing to join Tianluo City, let him contact your mother. If you don't want to, don't force it. "

Amy hearing this, eyes shined.

"Good! "

Adams rubbed Amy's little head with a smile:

"Well, death in the land of origin will affect the spirit. It is late now. Go and rest. . "

"Okay~ mother, let's go back." "

Amy nodded with a smile, looked towards Gwen.

Gwen said with a smile:

"You go back first, I and you grandfather has something to say. "

"Oh. "

Amy turned and left the courtyard.

After Amy left, Adams slowly opened the mouth and said:

"Gwen, what do you think ? "

Gwen thought about it, opened the mouth and said:

"Although I don’t know what secrets are hidden in the foggy forest, since there is a mirage guarding it, it’s definitely not ordinary It may be an opportunity for the little Amy and the man named Lei Feng to see the whole picture of the mirage. I just don't know whether this opportunity was due to Little Amy or the man named Lei Feng. "

Adams nodded:   "Well, when Amy arrives in Tianluo City, you will come into contact with the man named Lei Feng. Investigate him well. Since it may be a secret opportunity in the foggy forest, try to make friends. "

"I see. ”


Xili City.

On the slum area street.

Li Qinghe and Lu Yuan explained the foggy forest The speculation with the mirage dragon.

Lu Yuan's eyes widened slightly:   "There is such a saying? I haven't seen it in posts. "

"This kind of speculation just circulates among powerhouses." After all, no Battle Sovereign or Battle Emperor wants to let people know that they died in a place like the foggy forest, right? "

"So, Sister Qinghe, do you think I might be able to find the remains guarded by the mirage?" "

"I'm not sure, maybe, after all, no one has ever seen a mirage before." "

Lu Yuan slightly nodded.

Then he remembered the signs of the Evolution Cube shaking when he saw the mirage before.

He didn’t know if it was the same.

The Evolution Cube is related?When    I faced the Soul Devouring Bead before, there was also a change, and it seemed to have absorbed something.

Lu Yuan didn’t know what the Evolution Cube was and how it came about. .

After much deliberation, Lu Yuan couldn’t think of one, so he came.

Li Qinghe continued to open the mouth and said:

"Okay, don’t Thought about it. With your current strength, encountering a mirage is no use. Let's talk about improving our strength first. "

Lu Yuan startled, and then nodded with a smile:

"Sister Qinghe made sense. "

"By the way, my younger brother, now that the matter here has come to an end, my sister, I am going back to Imperial Capital." You go back with me. Just as you told me, my sister can support you in the future. "

Li Qinghe looked directly at Lu Yuan with beautiful eyes, said with a smile.

Lu Yuan startled: "But I have to take the college entrance examination. "

Lu Yuan hasn't forgotten it, and he will have the college entrance examination in about three weeks.

Li Qinghe laughed at hehe’s opened the mouth and said:

" You don’t need to take the college entrance examination. My sister, I plan to recommend you to Hongfeng Genius Camp. Thanks to your younger brother, your strength will definitely pass the test. "

"Red Maple Genius Camp?" "

Lu Yuan was taken aback, somewhat puzzled: "Where is that place?" I have never heard of it. "

Li Qinghe said with a smile: "Similar to the Warrior Academy, but it is a place where the Red Maple Empire can only enter the real genius. Sister, I also graduated from there. "

"Even Sister Qinghe, where did you graduate from?" "

Lu Yuan's eyes widened slightly:   "Of course. The genetic warrior who graduated from there will have the lowest future achievement at the War King level, and they are all Peak talents in various fields. "

Li Qinghe raised the corners of his mouth, enjoying Lu Yuan's surprised look, a little proud.

"The strongest teachers in the entire empire are concentrated there, and ordinary teachers are War King and high level teachers are both Battle Sovereign, and even the Battle Emperor occasionally goes there to instruct students. Not only that, the resources of Genius Camp are also the richest in the entire Red Maple Empire. "

Lu Yuan listened to his shortness of breath: "Are both War King and Battle Sovereign teachers?" Even the Battle Emperor will teach? ! This also isn't this too ridiculous? "

"It's not an exaggeration, but there is a place to train the Red Maple Empire's cream of the crop talents, what do you think?" How about it? Yuan younger brother, do you want to go? "

Li Qinghe smiled and looked at Lu Yuan with a smile.


"Well, good scream, please listen to me, I'll give it to you recommend. "

Lu Yuan: "..."

He looked at Li Qinghe with a happy face, full of black lines.

What the hell is the good sister? !    He was a little hard to speak for a while.

After all, his face is still quite thin, and he is just a pure little boy.

However, in order to go to Genius Camp, Lu Yuan feels that he still has to sacrifice his purity.

"...good sister. "

"hahahahaha! Really good~"

Li Qinghe smiled triumphantly, stretched out his hand and squeezed Lu Yuan's face.

"Well...just take care of the things here, about three to five days After that, we will return to Imperial Capital. ”

"en. ”


Back at home, Lu Yuan lay on the bed after washing.

Both of his hands pillowed behind his head, looking at the dim ceiling, his eyes flashing, thinking about the battle in the slum area.

This battle was too thrilling.

The strength of Xue Ren is very strong. It should be Battle Master Peak, even close to the War General level.

At first, it was just a blow, which directly injured him.

If Xue Wang hadn’t blocked him at the time, he might have died.

This also shows that his strength is far from enough, and his cards are not enough.

No matter how strong the defense is, or if you have a stronger hole card, you won’t get yourself into such a dangerous situation.

Not only that, but the Soul Attack in the end, fortunately, has a moonstone. Otherwise, he’s probably afraid I couldn’t stop that attack.

Perhaps, he could kill the Battle Master at the warrior level, which is already considered very strong.

But Lu Yuan's mood is still very heavy.

This kind of strength is not enough.

The real world is not the place of origin. If the place of origin is dead, it is not really dead.

But in the real world, there is only one life.

What if you encounter War General or even Battle Venerable in the real world? It will   be cool when you die.

Lu Yuan feels that he has to be more stubborn. Prepare more hole cards.

For Battle Master level, War General level, if possible, even Battle Venerable, War King level hole cards, you have to prepare.

But these all require money and Spirit Crystal.

Your own cultivation requires a lot of Spirit Crystal, and evolution of genes requires a lot of Spirit Crystal.

Thinking about this, Lu Yuan feels that Spirit Crystal Nothing is enough.

I can only make money slowly by entering the land of origin.

Lu Yuan rubbed his forehead, feeling nodded pain.

Suddenly he felt exhausted.

From the beginning The land died out, and then went through another big battle, too tired.

Let’s rest first.

Lu Yuan closed his eyes.

In the next few days, because the light gate has not been repaired, Lu Yuan can only use the Spirit Crystal tempering gene chain at home.

Without Gravity Room to accelerate absorption, the cultivation speed is very slow.

I can only say that chat is better than nothing, and it's a holiday.

Five days later.

Li Qinghe and Lu Yuan arrived at the airport in Xili City.

In the special VIP lounge of the airport, there are already seven people waiting for them.

Seeing Li Qinghe coming in, all seven of them stood up.

The six people respectfully shouted:    "My lord!"

Li Qinghe dangling a cigarette, hands in his jeans pocket, slightly nodded: "en."

Lu Yuan opened his eyes slightly when he saw two of his acquaintances.

Flaming is tall, and Xue Wang is wearing a flowered shirt and sunglasses.

"Brother Ming?! Old Xue?! Why are you here?"

Flaming grinned when he saw Lu Yuan:    "Xiao Yuan, didn't Expect? Hahahaha! Introduce myself again. I am Captain Flaming of the second battlement and fourth squad of Red Maple Night Watch Headquarters."

And Xue Wang was laughed: "I was invited by Brother Ming. I joined the night watchman. I don’t have any family members here anyway. I think about it and I agree."

Lu Yuan looked strange when he heard Framing’s words:   "Brother Ming, you are Sister Qinghe's subordinates?"

Flaming glanced at Li Qinghe, nodded with a smile.

Lu Yuan's mouth twitched.

Good fellow.

He turned his head and looked towards Xue Wang on the side, patted his shoulder, said with a smile:    "That's congratulations. Where is your father?"

Xue Wang laughed: "I have been buried with my mother."


At this time, Flamming smiled and embraced Lu Yuan’s shoulders. Secretly opened the mouth and said:

"Xiao Yuan, you and Xiao Wang are friends. I have always been very optimistic about you. How about you join our team? We don’t usually accept warrior-level ones. , The weakest is the Battle Master. This is because you opened the back door for you. Think about it, in the future, it will be a night watchman who cuts first and plays later."

"Flaming? "

Li Qinghe on the side glanced at Flamming.

Flamming's tall body shook sharply, and quickly stood up straight:   "My lord ! I am here!"

"Do you want to die?"

"No! Lord, I don't want to!"

"Then don't talk nonsense."

"Yes! Good adults!"

Lu Yuan: "..."

He glanced at Flamming, who was scared on his face, and felt a little weak to complain.

Li Qinghe spit out the smoke ring, faintly opened the mouth and said:

"Everyone is here, so let's go."

" Yes!"

Several people walked through the passage and came to the airport.

This is the first time Lu Yuan has come to the parking lot. He looked around curiously.

The airplanes of this world look more sci-fi.

The shape is either a disc or a triangle, and the edges are very sharp.

Because there are various ominous beasts in the wilderness, the materials of these aircraft are specially made to withstand the Battle Venerable War King level attack.

And they are also equipped with very powerful weapons.

That's why the cost of airplanes is extremely high, which makes air tickets very expensive.

Lu Yuan checked on the Internet, it is only the lowest other ordinary class, and a seat also has a minimum fare of 1 million.

The ordinary person cannot sit once in a lifetime.

As the night watchman of the Imperial Capital, Li Qinghe, the plane they took is naturally a special plane, which is even more different from ordinary civil airliners.

It was a triangular, dark black airplane.

Seeing this plane, Xue Wang was a little excitedly said:

"This is the Yexiao 5 fighter?"

Fulangming glanced at Xue Wang , Said with a smile:

"It seems that you have studied?"

Xue Wang looked at the plane, some excitedly said:

"Hehehe, for these I'm a little bit interested, but the Night Owl 5 fighter is one of the most advanced models of the Red Maple Empire. The wingspan is 44.23 meters and the captain is 50.21 meters. The fuselage can resist the king ominous beast frontally, and the speed can even be close to the Sovereign class. There is a laser cannon that can kill the king ominous beast. The price on the battlenet is 600,000 Tier 5 Spirit Crystal. Didn’t expect that I will be able to sit on this fighter one day!"

Flaming said with a smile:    "Our night watchman is good for this, and the arrangements for official business trips are perfectly clear."

Lin Hong patted Xue Wang's shoulder on the side, also said with a smile:    "Xiao Wangzi, how can this be? There will be a lot of good things in the future. Calm down."

Xue Wang was nodded with excitement.

Lu Yuan looked at this fighter plane that looked like a black hawk, and it was also a bit amazing.

This fighter has a very good appearance.

He was still a little surprised when he heard Xue Wang's words.

It turned out to be 600,000 fifth-order Spirit Crystal.

According to Spirit Crystal exchange, the ratio of high First Rank Spirit Crystal to low First Rank Spirit Crystal can reach 1:10.

600,000 fifth-order Spirit Crystal, can be equivalent to 60 billion zero-order Spirit Crystal.

If converted into red maple coins, it is even more astronomical.

But like this powerful fighter, I am afraid that it can no longer be measured by worldly money.

Is there a shortage of money for a War King powerhouse?   Definitely there will be no shortage, it is the most normal to measure with Spirit Crystal.

Like this kind of fighter, I'm afraid I can't buy it with money.

(End of this chapter)

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