My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 106

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  Chapter 106 Imperial Capital, back to the place of origin (addition for the Alliance Leader) A   few people chatted about a fighter plane in the sky.

As the night watchman of Imperial Capital, he has certain privileges and can take off at any time.

The plane soared into the air, climbed continuously, and finally sank into the clouds.

"At the speed of Night Owl 5, it takes three hours to get from Xili City to Imperial Capital. During this time, please rest by yourself."

Li Qinghe said, in the luxury Sit down on the seat, tilted Erlang's legs, and clicked on the light brain that comes with the plane, and a light curtain of Lianliankan game jumped out.

Lu Yuan originally planned to sit down next to Li Qinghe, but Xue Wang grabbed his shoulder with one hand and pulled him to the back.

Flamming and the others are sitting in the back.

Lu Yuan glanced at a few people with some doubts:    "Why are you sitting so far?"

Flaming looked at each other, and he said seriously. :

"Of course it is for adults to have a quiet rest environment."

Lu Yuan glanced at a few people, his face was weird:    "You guys are not very Are you afraid of Sister Qinghe?"


Several people choked.

Flaming quickly opened the mouth and said:

"How is it possible?! We are respect and worship adults! Respect you understand?"

Lu Yuan: "..."

He just believed it.

"Don't talk about it, there are still three hours left, let's play cards to pass the time. Take a break to get something to eat."

Lin Hong silently changed the subject.


And a thin-looking young man smiled and got up and went to grab some drinks and food.

Lu Yuan then discovered that there are so many snacks here.

At this moment, Xue Wang looked towards the window and exclaimed.

"Look! Is that the secret blood sculpture?! That is the lord-level ominous beast!"

Lu Yuan turned his head and looked towards the window and found a scarlet giant in the distance The bird is flying in the air.

The giant bird spreads its wings and is hundreds of meters long, which is bigger than their fighter plane.

It turned its head from time to time and looked towards the direction of the fighter, with a cold killing intent in its eyes, but it did not dare to approach it.

It was the first time that Lu Yuan saw an ominous beast in the wilderness, and it was still such a powerful ominous beast. He couldn't help his eyes widening, a little surprised.

"Even if it is so far away, you can feel its ferocity. Is this the lord of ominous beast?"

Flamings are accustomed to them.

"It dare not approach. Dare to approach is death. Lord ominous beast has no resistance to airborne laser cannons."

Lin Hong nodded: "Lord ominous beast Wisdom is almost the same as human beings. It knows what it is, don’t dare provoke."

As Flamming and Lin Hong said, the secret blood sculpture followed the fighter plane for a while, and finally issued There was a cry of pierce gold and split stone, and the wings shook, away from the fighter, and disappeared into the clouds.

Lu Yuan also retracted his gaze.

The next journey was very peaceful, without any accidents.

Lu Yuan followed them to play a meeting card, and then used the virtual helmet that came with the fighter to play the game.

Then I sat next to Li Qinghe and watched her afterwards.

For Li Qinghe's Lianliankan level, Lu Yuan can only use one word to describe.

The pick of the dish.

He also laughed out loud because Li Qinghe was so dishevelled, and then Li Qinghe, who was fly into a rage out of humiliation, was pinched in his face.

Soon, I arrived at the Imperial Capital Airport.

When the fighter plane landed, Lu Yuan got off the plane.

Flaming and Li Qinghe left after bidding farewell.

And Lu Yuan followed Li Qinghe out of the airport.

Lu Yuan asked with some curiosity:

"Sister Qinghe, where are we going next?"

Li Qinghe said with a smile:    " Of course it is to take you home."

Lu Yuan was a little nervous:

"Going to see Sister Qinghe your parents? This...isn't it a bit too fast?"


During this time Lu Yuan also knew the identity of Li Qinghe.

Heaven's Chosen, a direct line of the Battle Emperor Li Family, the shadow of the Red Maple Empire.

Shadow Battle Emperor, that is the powerhouse of the cream of the crop in the entire Red Maple Empire, and even the entire Daqi Xing.

And Li Qinghe is already a War King at a young age. One can imagine how strong the innate talent is and his status in the Li Family is probably very high.

Lu Yuan is going to follow Li Qinghe to the Li Family, he is still a little bit unsure.

Although he has great potential, his strength is still too good.

Li Qinghe was taken aback, then smiled and opened the mouth and said:

"What to see my parents? Sister, I live alone, and I don’t live with anyone in the family. "

Lu Yuan was slightly relaxed when he heard this.

"It turned out to be like this, that's good."

Li Qinghe suddenly showed a smirk:    "Sister, is this a golden house to keep one's mistress? "

Lu Yuan: "???"

He looked at Li Qinghe nervously:    "Sister Qinghe, do you really have any intentions against me? You are like this Even the one who gets me will not get my heart!"

Li Qinghe corner of mouth twitching, pinched Lu Yuan's cheek, and pulled it to both sides.

She looked at Lu Yuan with a smile:

"Give you a chance to reorganize the language."

"Sorry, I was wrong!"


Lu Yuan decisively recognizes counseling.


Li Qinghe took a taxi, and after the two got in the car, the car quickly came to an area in the Beicheng District of Imperial Capital.

The surrounding environment suddenly became quiet.

There are more trees, and the greening is much better than other areas.

As the car was driving on the side of the road, Lu Yuan could see the small three-story second layer buildings around him.

There is also a garden in front of the small building.

Lu Yuan was a little surprised:

"The houses here are expensive?"

After all, this is in Imperial Capital, so you don’t need to think about it and know about extremely expensive land. .

In such a place, there is such a greenery, and there is a small building with a separate yard, and the price is not low when you think about it.

Li Qinghe stretched his waist and opened the mouth and said:

"This is Bailiu District. Everyone who lives here has a certain status and the price of houses is naturally not low. . A small building is about two to three billion yuan."

Lu Yuan: "..."

Sorry, excuse me.

Soon, the car stopped in front of a three-story building painted with white walls.

Li Qinghe and Lu Yuan got out of the car, Li Qinghe pointed to the small building, smiling like a flower in the sun:

"Yuan younger brother, this is my house, and you will be in the future." Home.”

Lu Yuan also laughed, he nodded:

"en. ”

Entering the house, two white intelligent robots stand Greeted at the door.

"Master, welcome home."

Li Qinghe nodded, facing Lu Yuan:    "This is No. 1 and No. 2. The housekeeper of the room, everything They cleaned it up. An intelligent robot similar to Jeff in the room we rented before."

It's much higher level.

Li Qinghe introduced:

"The first floor is the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. There are four rooms on the second floor, a swimming pool on the third floor, and a cultivation room. Your room is in Follow me on the second floor."

Lu Yuan followed Li Qinghe to the second floor.

The second floor is a corridor with two rooms on each side.

Li Qinghe pointed to the room on the right: "You live in this room."

Lu Yuan nodded: "Okay."

Li Qinghe pointed to the room on the same side as Lu Yuan on the left: "This is my sister's room. Opposite me is the room of one of my best friends. She sometimes comes to live in. Oh, the room opposite you is also the room of my sister and another best friend. Room."

She paused and poked Lu Yuan in the face with a smirk:    "Except for sister's room, you can't go in the other two rooms. Otherwise, you will be beaten. Sister, I can't help you."

Lu Yuan's face turned dark and dissatisfied:    "Am I the kind of person who enters other people's rooms casually?!"

Then he paused and took a look at Li Qinghe:

"Sister Qinghe, you mean, I can enter your room casually?"

Li Qinghe showed kindness to Lu Yuan Smile:

"What did you say?"

Lu Yuan: "..."


He entered the room Li Qinghe prepared for him.

The room is very large, with a separate bathroom, the bed has been lined with sheets, everything is ready.

Li Qinghe opened the mouth and said :

"I will let No. 1 clean up before I come back. You can live directly."

"Yeah Thank you Sister Qinghe."

Li Qinghe squeezed Lu Yuan's face with a smile:

"What can we thank you for?"

Li Qinghe stretched, and then opened the mouth and said:

"Okay, you can rest at home. Sister, I also want to go to the night watchman headquarters to store the alien Get up."

Lu Yuan was taken aback: "Can't the alien objects be destroyed directly? If it is lost, it will be very troublesome."

Li Qinghe hearing this, said with a smile:    "Do you think we don't want to destroy it? Alien objects, whether they are low-level or high-level alien objects, cannot be completely destroyed. Even if the external physical form is destroyed, it will soon regroup Come out."

Lu Yuan hearing this, a little stunned:   "Why is this?"

Li Qinghe shook the head:    "I don't know, even if my house is Old The Master did his best, but failed to completely destroy a lowest other D-Rank alien. Some powerhouse said that the alien may not belong to this universe, so it cannot be completely destroyed."

"Not from this universe." Something? Could there be other universes?"

Lu Yuan was a little confused.

Li Qinghe took a mouthful of cigarettes:    "Who knows? Okay, sister, I'm going out. You can rest well. My sister will come back for dinner in the evening."

Lu Yuan nodded: "en."

Li Qinghe left, Lu Yuan also returned to the house.

Lying on the soft bed, Lu Yuan exhaled slightly.

When he came to a new environment and started a new life, he still had some expectations.

I just don’t know when Sister Qinghe will take him to the Genius Camp test?


The headquarters of the night watchman is located in the center of the Imperial Capital, which is an entire pitch black tall building.

Li Qinghe got out of the car and entered a tall building.

Seeing Li Qinghe, the staff in the high-rise building greeted Li Qinghe with nodded respect.

"My lord!"

"Elder Li is good!"


Li Qinghe slightly nodded, walked in Exclusive elevator, all the way to the top of the tall building.

There are only a few rooms on the top floor of the high-rise building. Li Qinghe quickly came to the door of the room with the president's office sign and knocked on the door.

The door of the room opened, and a middle-aged man with a normal appearance and brown hair saw Li Qinghe and smiled:   "Elder Li."

After greeting, he moved aside.

Li Qinghe nodded, entered the door.

The office area is large.

There is a sofa on one side, a bookshelf on the other, and floor-to-ceiling windows on the opposite side, with a wooden desk in front of the window.

At this moment, behind the desk sits a black hair middle-aged man with a majestic face.

The middle-aged man smiled when he saw Li Qinghe:    "Qinghe, you are here. I haven't seen you for a long time. Your task is done well this time. Someone has already done it. The report is submitted."

Li Qinghe smiled and opened the mouth and said:

"Uncle Gu, I'll hand in Soul Devouring Bead."

Gu An, the leader of the night watchman, raised his eyebrows and said with a smile:   "Well, let me see, S-Rank Soul Devouring Bead, what is it like?"

Li Qinghe took out the black metal box.

After opening the lid, wisps of black mist spilled out, and shrill and miserable screams echoed in the office.

The black beads floated out of the box slowly.

Gu An looked at the black beads, frowning slightly, and his face solemn:

"It's indeed an S-Rank alien. It's really unusual. I'm bothering you this time, Qing. He."

With a wave of his hand, the black beads were pressed back into the box and the lid was closed.

Li Qinghe said with a smile:    "Yes, the reward can't be less, right?"

"Hahaha, you, you, you. What do you Li Family do? Still staring Look at my family property here."

Gu An couldn't help but smile.

Li Qinghe took out the cigarette and wanted to take a sip:    "Can it be the same? This is the result of my own hard work."

"Yes." Gu An laughed, With a point of his finger, the fire that Li Qinghe had just ignited went out.

Li Qinghe pretty face black, staring at Gu An:

"Uncle Gu, are you a Battle Sovereign bullying me a War King?"

Gu An corner of mouth twitching:    "Your father asked me to stare at you, girl's family, what kind of cigarette do you smoke?"

"What's the matter with this? It's strawberry flavor anyway, I like it."

Gu An feels nodded, he helplessly said:   " Okay , you go to the basement with Lao Tian, ​​put this Soul Devouring Bead away, and then go get the reward."

The middle-aged man on the side said with a smile:    "Elder Li, come with me."

Li Qinghe nodded, what came to her next, opened the mouth and said:

"By the way, Uncle Gu, I have to tell you something."

"What's the matter?"

Gu An is a little confused .

Li Qinghe eyes flashed, opened the mouth and said: "This Soul Devouring Bead was specially given to the host by someone."

"en? What?"

Gu An was taken aback, his eyes widened slightly.

"You mean, someone gave this Soul Devouring Bead?"


Gu An eyebrows slightly frowned: "You know who it is Is it?"

Li Qinghe shook the head:    "I don't know, the host will die after saying this."

Gu An fell silent, then nodded: " I see, you go first."

Li Qinghe followed Tian Yuan and left the room.

Gu An is the only one left in the office.

He tapped his fingers on the wooden table and his eyes flashed:   "Xili City... Brook family, Jing family..."

He shook the head slightly, lightly lightly sighed.


Two days later.

Just one week after Lu Yuan died from the land of origin, the light gate was completely repaired.

At ten o'clock in the evening, Lu Yuan once again entered the land of origin.

Lu Yuan's body emerges in the misty forest.

Brush! As   soon as Lu Yuan appeared, he saw a white light flashing by, and then a girl with purple hair appeared beside him.


Amy was just astonished when she saw a silhouette appeared in front of her when she entered the land of origin.

She subconsciously spins Tianluo Wisteria, one after another purple vine tied towards Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan: "???"

Seeing Tianluo Wisteria tied to him, Lu Yuan was full of question marks.

"Amy?! What are you doing?"

He flickered, avoiding the attack of Tianluo Wisteria in a thrilling manner.

Amy heard Lu Yuan's voice, and then came back to his senses.

"Lei Feng! It's you!"

She quickly put away the Tianluo wisteria, some of the sorry ones said with a smile:

"I still I thought someone was going to sneak attack on me, hehehe!"

"Hey you are so big."

Lu Yuan face full of black lines.

"Cough cough... the mist is gone."

Amy turned her head, looked around, and changed the subject abruptly.

Lu Yuan is too lazy to pursue it.

"Before I came in, I investigated on This time the fog has not been covered for long, it has disappeared two days ago."

This kind of thing is neither too big nor too small in Baiyunzhou, but it is still a major event for nearby cities.

Naturally, there will be many people discussing on


Amy nodded: "Then let's go, we should be in Tianluo City in two days."

Lu Yuan nodded.

The two ran towards Tianluo City.

(End of this chapter)

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