My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 107

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  Chapter 107 Recruitment, and inhumanity (addition for book friends 3301610 Alliance Leader)

Origin time, Seven days later.

Lu Yuan and Amy are running in the forest.

At this moment, the two of them saw that the light in front became much brighter.

Lu Yuan eyes shined, looking at the bright light among the trees in the distance, said with a smile:   "The front should be outside the foggy forest."

So did Amy He was surprised:   "I'm finally going out, this Young Lady is exhausted!"

Lu Yuan glanced at Amy speechlessly.

This guy, like Yeye, brought his traveler’s cabin.

Tired ass.

Like him, he lives in small tents.

Soon, their vision widened, and the scenery in front was no longer a dark forest of trees, but a plain.

The plains are endless, and there is a huge city in the sky.

"It's Tianluo City! It's finally here! Yeah!"

Amy cheered.

Lu Yuan looked at the huge city that was invisible at a glance, and there was a hint of wonder in his eyes.

"It's really big, much bigger than Sandstone City."

Amy is a little proud:

"Of course, Tianluo City has a good radius. Hundreds of kilometers."

She opened the mouth and said eagerly:

"Go, go back to Tianluo City, this Young Lady will take you to see my mother. She still Said to repay you."

Lu Yuan was taken aback:   "Your mother?"

Amy's mother, isn't that a member of the Algabe family?

didn't expect even wanted to see him.

"Well, my mother said that I want you to join us in Tianluo City, what do you think? Would you like it?"

Amy looked at Lu Yuan with some expectation.

"Join Tianluo City? What do you mean?"

"It means entering the Law Enforcement Group, or the Tianluo army, or the Tianluo adventure team. Generally there are Very rich remuneration."

Amy is a little proud with her hands on her hips:    "Like this Young Lady, when the time comes, she will lead a powerful adventure team, and then go to find each All kinds of treasures!"

Amy Purple's big eyes are full of expectation, and the smile on her face is bright, as if she has seen the scene of finding all kinds of treasures.

Lu Yuan heard Amy’s explanation, and immediately shook the head:

"It doesn't matter if you join Tianluo City, I still like someone."

Amy was taken aback:    "Don't you want to join Tianluo City? This Young Lady originally wanted you to join my adventure team. Your strength is good, when the time comes this Young Lady will captain you as a Captain , How?"

The past few days, Amy has seen Lu Yuan's strength.

It is indeed very powerful.

Lu Yuan shook the head with a smile:

"Forget it."

If you really want to join any forces, Lu Yuan has already You can join the power of Li Family.

With Li Qinghe here, isn't he more relaxed?

He still hopes to act alone and be more free.

At least it is now.


Amy was a little lost.

Lu Yuan couldn't help his mouth twitching when he saw Amy's appearance.

Amy is too cute, and this loss of look makes people feel distressed.

He helplessly said:

"If you have any help when the time comes, you can tell me."

"Really? That's OK. !"

Amy eyes shined, nodded with a smile.

"Okay, let's go. Let's go to Tianluo City."

The two accelerated their speed and ran towards Tianluo City.

Because the plain was near Tianluo City, the surrounding ominous beasts were basically killed by the genetic warrior coming out of Tianluo City.

They didn't even encounter an ominous beast along the way. They ran to Tianluo City in just over half an hour.

Looking at Tianluo City from a distance, I feel that Tianluo City is very big.

After approaching, Lu Yuan was even more shocked.

Just the city wall has several hundred meters high, terrifying matchless.

Standing on the city wall, people can clearly feel their smallness.

As for the city gate, the height is more than 100 meters, and the width is almost the same as the height.

A team of warriors dressed in standard genetic weapons was stationed outside the door.

There are also two genetic warriors charging entrance fees.

Unlike Sand Rock City, it is the initial city, and there is no entrance fee to enter the city.

Except for the initial city, all other cities require an entrance fee to enter the city.

Tianluo City is naturally no exception.

There are still some people queuing outside the city gate.

Amy opened the mouth and said: "Go, come with me."

As she walked forward, Lu Yuan saw this, followed along.

The genetic warrior who was queuing up saw Lu Yuan and Amy walking directly towards the warriors who were defending the city. They were all stunned, showing a curious look.

A few warriors also watched over.

A Small Captain brows frowned headed by, opened the mouth and said:

"You two, wait in line, can’t jump in."

Amy took it out A piece of purple jade token, opened the mouth and said:

"Do you want this Young Lady to line up?"

Seeing the jade token, several warriors were taken aback, all were His eyes widened.

They hurriedly bowed and said:    "Miss Amy! You are here! Lord Lingling is already waiting for you in the city."

Amy confronted with some pride Lu Yuan smiled, opened the mouth and said:

"Go, go in."

The two walked into the city gate.

The genetic warrior who was queuing saw this scene with a stunned expression.

"What are the identities of those two people?"

"Listen to the soldier calling the little girl Miss Amy? Is she a member of the Tianluo Battle Emperor family?"


"Hiss... didn't expect it is the Little Princess from the Battle Emperor family?"

"Who is that man? I am with Little Princess from the Battle Emperor family, I'm afraid The status and status are not low, right?"

"It's so need to line up."


Everyone discusses spiritedly, and Lu After Yuan and Amy entered the city, they saw a beautiful woman in purple robes waiting.

Amy saw the woman, eyes shined, and rushed to hug her:   "Lingling! I finally arrived in Tianluo City!"

Wang Lingling smiled and rubbed her Rubbed Amy's head:

"Well, Miss is amazing!"

Then she looked up towards Lu Yuan, with a gentle smile:

"Your Excellency is Mr. Lei Fenglei?"

Lei Feng?

Lu Yuan was taken aback for a moment, and then thought of the name he flicked before...cough, and said casually with Amy.

"I am."

Lu Yuan felt a little embarrassed.

Seeing Lu Yuan’s expression, Wang Lingling’s eyes flashed with rays of light.

She said with a slight smile:

"Many thanks Mr. Lei saved Miss. The Algabe family is grateful for this. Master Gwen would like to thank you personally. I don’t know if Mr. Lei is willing to go with us to meet Master Gwen?"

Amy turned her head and looked towards Lu Yuan:

"Lei Feng, come with me to meet me Mother."

Lu Yuan thought for a while, nodded and said: "Okay."

This is Tianluo City, Amy is the Princess here, see Amy My mother is no harm to Lu Yuan.

After all, people are social animals, with multiple friends and multiple paths.

Maybe I really need help in the future.

Wang Lingling smiled: "Then please come with me."

Wang Lingling took Amy's hand and walked to a carriage parked on the side.

In front of the carriage, there are four scarlets, with a horse-shaped ominous beast with a single horn to pull the cart.

Lu Yuan glanced at the ominous beast, a trace of envy flashed in his eyes.

He doesn't even have a mount up to now. He didn't expect that they all used it to pull the cart.

Walking to the carriage, a middle-aged coachman opened the door, the three of them walked into the carriage, and the coachman drove into the city.

In the carriage, Wang Lingling and Amy are sitting on one side, and Lu Yuan is sitting opposite to them.

Wang Lingling looked at Lu Yuan and said with a slight smile:

"I don't know which country Mr. Lei is from?"

"Red Maple Empire. "

"It turned out to be a member of the Red Maple Empire. Our Lion Empire is adjacent to the Red Maple Empire. We may have the opportunity to meet in reality in the future."

Wang Lingling said with a slight smile.

Amy opened the mouth and said:

"This Young Lady went to the Red Maple Empire with my mother last time, and walked around in Imperial Capital, no one was with me It’s boring to play."

Lu Yuan smiled:    "Then next time Amy, you come to Red Maple, please notify me and I will take you to play."

" Really! It's settled!"

Wang Lingling said with a smile: "Mr. Lei is here for the first time. There shouldn't be any Baiyunzhou communication crystals yet, right?"

"I really haven't bought it yet."

"I have two blank crystals here, so I will give one to Mr. Lei."

Lu Yuan was taken aback: "How embarrassed is this?"

Wang Lingling smiled and blinked:    "If there is no communication crystal, it would be a little troublesome to contact Mr. Lei after all, isn't it?"

Lu Yuan thought. It makes sense.

He planned to buy one anyway.

He smiled and opened the mouth and said:

"In that case, I'm not welcome."

Wang Lingling took out a communication crystal and handed it to Lu Yuan.

The other piece was handed to Amy.

Lu Yuan looked in his eyes and glanced at Wang Lingling, thinking that these two communication crystals were probably originally prepared for him and Amy.

After all, Wang Lingling knew before that he and Amy had come together.

Lu Yuan sticks the Battle Mark on the communication crystal.

A white light flashed on the originally transparent communication crystal, and then disappeared.

The binding is successful, and the communication crystal will be his in the future.

And Amy also happily bound her communication crystal.

"Come on, Lei Feng, let's change our contact information."

Lu Yuan and Amy exchanged contact information, and Wang Lingling also smiled and exchanged with Lu Yuan.

These are the only two contacts of Lu Yuan.

After that, the three of them chatted freely, and soon the carriage stopped.

The door of the car opened, and the driver opened the mouth and said:

"Miss, Lord Lingling, Mr. Lei, we are here."

The three got out of the car , Lu Yuan found himself in front of a huge mansion now.

The gate of this mansion is more than ten meters wide, with the words Tianluo Mansion engraved on it.

Several genetic warriors were standing guard at the door. After seeing Wang Lingling and Amy, they all bowed to salute.

"Miss, Lord Lingling."

Several people also glanced at Lu Yuan with some curiosity.

Lu Yuan didn't care, and followed Wang Lingling into the mansion.

Then Wang Lingling took Lu Yuan to a living room, she smiled and opened the mouth and said:

"Master Gwen is already waiting inside, Mr. Lei , Follow me in."

Wang Lingling opened the door and Amy ran directly in. Lu Yuan followed Amy.

Soon, he saw a beautiful woman sitting on the chair in the room who looked a little similar to Amy.

She must be Gwen Algaby.

However, since it is a mother and daughter, why is there such a big gap?   Lu Yuan glanced at Gwen, who was much more mature than Amy, then looked at the tablet Amy, his face was a little weird.

"Mother! I'm coming!"

Amy ran to Gwen.

Gwen smiled and rubbed Amy's head, looking up towards Lu Yuan.

Very handsome.

This is Gwen's first impression of Lu Yuan.

According to Amy's description, his strength is also very strong, and he can see the whole picture of the mirage.

This is probably a rare genius.

"You are Lei Feng, right?"

"Hello, Lord Gwen."

Lu Yuan nodded.

"Your matter, I heard Amy talk about it. You are very strong and innate talent outstanding. Would you like to join our Tianluo City. Our Tianluo City is divided into Law Enforcement Group, Tian Luo Jun and Tianluo adventure group, you can choose any of the three departments. As long as you join, you can get a salary of 100,000 First Rank Spirit Crystal every month. If you break through to Second Rank, the salary is 100,000 Second Rank Spirit Crystal In addition, if you perform well, there are other bonuses and rewards."

Lu Yuan was taken aback and surprised.

Amy also told him before to let him join Tianluo City.

But didn't expect that Gwen's treatment was so good.

100,000 Spirit Crystals, according to 30 days, there are 3,000 Spirit Crystals every day.

This is not a small number.

The average First Rank genetic warrior may only earn a few thousand a month. Even the elite warrior can earn more than 10,000 yuan.

The genetic warrior who burns the boss gene may not necessarily earn 3000 Spirit Crystal every day, right?   This is just a basic salary, good performance, and rewards.

This condition should be considered quite generous.

However, this is only for the general genetic warrior.

For Lu Yuan, the defense is strong, the spiritual power is infinite, and he can heal by himself. It is relatively low to obtain Spirit Crystal. Spirit Crystal is not very attractive to him.

He shook the head with a smile:

"Sorry, Lord Gwen, I don't like restraint, I prefer being alone."

Hearing Lu Yuan's words, a trace of regret flashed in Gwen's eyes.

"In this case, forget it. If you want to join Tianluo City in the future, you can come to me at any time. My conditions are always valid."

Lu Yuan is a genius. And you can see the whole picture of the mirage. If you can, Gwen really hopes that Lu Yuan can join Tianluo City.

But Lu Yuan was unwilling, and Gwen would not force it.

Lu Yuan looked at the enthusiastic Gwen, with some doubts in his heart.

Although his strength is quite strong, is Gwen so optimistic about him?

"Many thanks Lord Gwen, I will consider it."

Gwen said with a smile:

"Listen to Amy, you saved me She once, our Algabe family has always gratitude and grudges are clear. You take this bearer card, there are 300,000 First Rank Spirit Crystal in it, this is our little heart."

Lu Yuan : "..."

Good fellow, is this the Battle Emperor family?

It's really rich and imposing.

Suddenly solicited 100,000 per month, and suddenly it was 300,000 with a little heart.

It's so inhumane!    To be honest, he actually wanted to take it, after all, he had consumed the Spirit Crystal almost in the past few days cultivation.

After coming in this time, I harvested thousands of First Rank Spirit Crystal on the road in the foggy forest.

This 300,000 First Rank Spirit Crystal is too fragrant.

You know, this is converted into a zero-order Spirit Crystal, but there are 3 million!   Lu Yuan has never seen so much money in his life.

However, Lu Yuan still shook the head, said with a smile:

"Master Gwen, I saved Amy because I didn’t want the same race to be besieged and bullied by another race. It’s what I should do. I didn’t know that Amy was the Eldest Young Lady from Algabe’s family. It’s not that I wanted to return it. So you don’t need to give me these."

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