My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 108

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  Chapter 108 First Rank tempering: Perfection   I heard Lu Yuan, whether it is Gwen or Wang Lingling All were taken aback.

The two looked at Lu Yuan, a little surprised.

300,000 First Rank Spirit Crystal, for the rich, it is not a big deal, but for the First Rank warrior, it is undoubtedly an astronomical figure.

didn't expect Lu Yuan without even thinking about it, so he refused so simply and neatly.

Amy pulled Lu Yuan even more: "300,000 First Rank Spirit Crystal! Are you stupid, why don't you?"

Lu Yuan face full of black lines, Looking at Amy speechlessly.

I have never seen anyone who wants to send money out like this.

Gwen stared at Lu Yuan, and after being silent, said with a smile:

"I think you should be about the same age as Amy, I will call you Xiaofeng How?"

Lu Yuan said with a smile: "Of course it can."

He was a little embarrassed.

I didn't fool Amy before I knew it.

This is good, everyone calls him Lei Feng, if he tells his real name, I wonder if Gwen will kill him?    Gwen didn’t know Lu Yuan’s thoughts, she smiled and opened the mouth and said:

"Xiaofeng, no matter what reason you saved Amy, since you saved Amy, Then we naturally have to repay. Otherwise, wouldn’t our Algabe family know the gratitude and not repay? This spreads out, what will other people think of our family? Do you want me to be difficult?"

Lu Yuan: "..."

He doesn't know how to answer.

Dare you not accept it but not good? The    corners of his mouth twitched: "If that's the case, then I'm not welcome."

He reached out and took the bearer card.

Only then did Gwen smile with satisfaction.

"That's right. Okay, I have other things to be busy with, Lingling, you can walk around with Xiaofeng for me."

Gwen stood up , Left the living room.

After Gwen left, Wang Lingling looked at Lu Yuan and smiled opened the mouth and said:

"Mr. Lei, how about I take you around?"

Lu Yuan thought for a while, said with a smile:

"Don’t bother Miss Lingling. Now that I have arrived in Tianluo City and have obtained so many Spirit Crystals, I should go and cultivated it. "

Amy was planning to go shopping, but when she heard Lu Yuan's words, her eyes widened:

"Lei Feng, are you leaving now?"


"Well, didn't we add friends? You can contact at any time."

Lu Yuan said with a smile.

Wang Lingling hearing this, opened the mouth and said:

"Then I will take you out of the house. Do you want to go somewhere? I will send someone to take you."

Lu Yuan thought for a while:    "Thank you for sending me to practice dojo."

"No problem."

Wang Lingling took Lu Yuan with him. After leaving the house, at the door, the previous carriage is already waiting.

"Amy, please contact me if you have something."

After saying goodbye to Amy and Wang Lingling, Lu Yuan got on the carriage.

The carriage door closed and Lu Yuan left.

Amy looked at the fading carriage, a little sighed:    "I still want Lei Feng to join my adventure team."

Wang Lingling smiled. Opened the mouth and said:

"Miss's adventure team, I will prepare a candidate for you. Now you are running all the way, you should be tired too, why don't I take you to rest first?"

Amy nodded.

After Wang Lingling left with Amy, he came to the study.

Gwen was working, and when Wang Lingling came in, said with a slight smile:    "Lei Feng is gone?"

Wang Lingling nodded: "Well, he said he wants to practice dojo."

"So diligent, no wonder the strength is strong."

Gwen sighed, said with a slight smile:

"Lingling, you What do you think of Lei Feng?"

Wang Lingling thought for a while: "Is a good person? Since he can make a move because of the alien besieging his fellow clan, he is still unwilling to be paid, he should have a bottom line in his heart, and his heart is not bad...maybe Isn't it silly?"

Gwen nodded.

What did Wang Lingling think of, opened the mouth and said:

"However, I think Lei Feng may not be his real name."

Wang Lingling recalled before When meeting for the first time, Lu Yuan talked to Gwen about the reaction of this name.

Gwen shook the head with a smile: "It doesn’t matter if he is his real name. If he is really special, we will always know his real name in the future. Otherwise, even if he doesn’t know his real name, it doesn’t matter. "

Wang Lingling nodded: "Master Gwen is right."

"Well, you can go with Amy. Now that you are in Tianluo City, you should also let She has grown up."

Wang Lingling nodded and left the study.


Not long after Lu Yuan got on the carriage, the carriage stopped.

The door of the car opened, and the middle-aged coachman opened the mouth and said:

"Mr. Lei, it’s time to practice dojo."

Lu Yuan got off the carriage and saw The carriage stopped at the door of Dojo.

The dojo practice in Tianluo City is more majestic than Sand Rock City, and there are more to-and-fro people.

The genetic warrior passing by will always secretly look towards Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan can also understand, after all, there is a Tianluo wisteria pattern on the carriage, which is the symbol of Tianluo Mansion.

Naturally attracting attention.

He turned his head and looked towards the driver:   "Thank you."

The driver looked respectfully:    "This is what I should do. Then I will Let’s go back and return."

After the carriage left, Lu Yuan also entered the dojo practice under the gaze of the genetic warrior.

After Lu Yuan entered dojo practice, a group of genetic warriors started to discuss.

"Who was that person just now? He came here in the carriage of Tianluo Mansion."

I'm afraid Luo Fu has a certain status, right? How come you haven't seen such a person before?"

"Looking at his age, I'm afraid he should not be too old. Maybe he just entered Tianluo City. Maybe it's heaven. The descendants of Luo Family?"



The layout of dojo is similar to that of Sandstone City.

However, unlike Sand Rock City, there is no structure here.

As a city owned by an individual, in the training dojo is an excellent-looking genetic warrior to provide services.

"Hello, what room do you want to open?"

Lu Yuan found the service staff by the stairs to the second floor.

"I want to rent a Gravity Room."

"The primary level Gravity Room is 80First Rank Spirit Crystal for an hour, and the intermediate Gravity Room is 800First Rank Spirit Crystal for an hour."

Lu Yuan was taken aback: "What is the difference between the primary level Gravity Room and the intermediate Gravity Room."

The woman explained with a smile: "The gravity range of the primary level Gravity Room is 1 to 100 times, the intermediate level The gravity range of the Gravity Room is 1 to 1000 times."

"100 times?"

Lu Yuan was surprised, no wonder it is so expensive.

The Gravity Room in Sandstone City is only 10 times the highest.

"Open a primary level Gravity Room for five hours."

Lu Yuan handed over the bank card. He had already transferred the money from the bearer card to his card. Inside.

"Good sir."

The woman operated for a while and soon opened the Gravity Room.

Lu Yuan went upstairs and came to the Gravity Room, adding a little bit of gravity to 9 times before he felt the limit.

He felt the familiar heaviness, and he felt like going home.

Because he had to walk through the foggy forest, he didn't come to the Gravity Room cultivated for months.

Now I can finally cultivated again.

Moreover, he still has 300,000 First Rank Spirit Crystal, which can be cultivation for a long time.

Lu Yuan sit cross-legged, start to take out Spirit Crystal and absorb it.

Five hours later, Lu Yuan left the Gravity Room with a tired face.

After five hours of high-load cultivation, the absorption speed of Spirit Crystal has increased several times compared to before.

More than a thousand First Rank Spirit Crystal was consumed.

Converted to a zero-order Spirit Crystal is more than 10,000, which can be said to be a huge consumption.

Even if he has 300,000 First Rank Spirit Crystal in his hand, according to the current absorption rate, it can only take three months from the origin time.

This is just the beginning. As the tempering degree increases, his absorption of Spirit Crystal will only get faster and faster. It may not be able to hold it for three months, and it may take more than a month. .

Although it consumes a lot of money, Lu Yuan has no complaints.

If you want to increase the speed quickly, you have to spend more resources.

This is because Lu Yuan Spirit Crystal absorbs fast. Others want to improve so fast and consume so much Spirit Crystal.

Five days after the time of origin, when Lu Yuan left the place of origin, he consumed 10,000 First Rank Spirit Crystal, and the tempering degree of rejuvenation had increased to just over 10%.

After spending a day in the real world, Lu Yuan once again returned to the land of origin for cultivation.

A week later in reality, Lu Yuan spent more than 40 days in the land of origin, and finally his rejuvenation gene tempering was 100%.

And 300,000 Spirit Crystals are almost exhausted, and 3000 First Rank Spirit Crystals are left in his hand.

So far, Lu Yuan's two gene chains have all been tempered to Perfection.

As Lu Yuan's tempering degree reached 100%, the second gene lock also appeared.

Probably because the two extraordinary genes before Lu Yuan have all evolved to the boss level.

This time the gene lock has eight black chains.

This means that Lu Yuan needs eight First Rank source stones to break the gene lock and open the third stage gene chain.

Lu Yuan feels his head is a bit big.

How long does it take to collect?

I can only look for it, where is the leader of First Rank ominous beast, or even the leader of ominous beast.

Only by hunting these ominous beasts, can we gather the source stones relatively quickly.

In addition, in addition to the source stone needed for the breakthrough gene lock, Lu Yuan also needs to charge the evolution cube and try to evolve the rejuvenation gene.

The light of red bronze cannot evolve temporarily. After all, he has used it. Even Sister Qinghe knows his battle skill. If it evolves, when the time comes battle skill changes, it will be very troublesome to be known. .

But he has never used the rejuvenation battle skill in front of outsiders, and evolution is still okay.

After the evolution, the body increase brought by it is not bad, and it can increase a lot of battle strength.

This requires a lot of Spirit Crystal again.

After doing dojo, Lu Yuan plans to leave Tianluo City for the first time to hunt ominous beasts and obtain Spirit Crystal.

As for the place to go, it is naturally a foggy forest.

The outermost area of ​​the foggy forest is all First Rank ominous beasts.

A little bit inside, it is the Second Rank ominous beast.

At this moment, the tempering degree of the two boss genes has reached 100%, and Lu Yuan is already very powerful.

Even the boss of First Rank Peak’s ominous beast, he has the confidence to kill easily.

Even he has the confidence to leapfrog and kill Second Rank ominous beast.

The outer circle of the foggy forest is very suitable for the current Lu Yuan.


Real time, ten days later.

In the morning, the door of Lu Yuan's room was knocked, and Li Qinghe's voice came from outside the door.

"Yuan younger brother, have you gotten up!"

"Here is here."

Lu Yuan just finished washing, walked out of the bathroom and opened the door.

Li Qinghe wore a simple slim white t-shirt and a slender blue denim, showing off his hot body perfectly.

Lu Yuan glanced across her chest, and the waves were rough.

Li Qinghe narrowed his eyes, showing a smirk:   "Does it look good?"

Lu Yuan complexion stiffened.

What the fuck?

Can this also be found?   Unscientific!

He saw Li Qinghe smiling and coughing, nodded seriously:


Li Qinghe smiled brightly, gnashing teeth , Squeezed Lu Yuan's face.

"I'm sorry, I was wrong."


Li Qinghe lightly snorted, let go of his hand.

"Hurry up and have breakfast, ready to go. The test is at ten o'clock."

Lu Yuan nodded.

The breakfast is made on the one, very hearty.

All kinds of steamed buns, pastries and so on.

After breakfast, the two came to the garage.

A fiery-red floating sports car parked in the garage.

Li Qinghe naturally has a car, but he came back from the airport before, so he got a taxi.

The past few days, as long as Lu Yuan is out of the place of origin, Li Qinghe always takes him to go shopping, driving this car.

After getting in the car, Li Qinghe put on the sunglasses hanging on the car, grabbed a cigarette, and started the engine.

The fiery-red sports car turned into a stream of light, rushing out of the garage, flying at speed.

Lu Yuan quickly grabbed the handle and fastened his seat belt.

Li Qinghe glanced at Lu Yuan, spit out the smoke ring, and despised:    "It's been so many times, and I'm so afraid of death."

Lu Yuan's mouth He convulsed, and glanced at the almost invisible scenery outside the window, making him a little blind.

At your speed, who is not afraid of death!    He twitched the corner of his mouth, forced a smile and said:

"Sister Qinghe, I will learn a car in a while, or should I drive it?"

"No Let me open it myself!"

Li Qinghe looked at Lu Yuan with a smile hehe.

"Cough...Will I take a taxi next time?"

"en? What did you say?"

Li Qinghe squinted his eyes and looked at with a faint smile With Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan: "...I said you drove it very firmly."

"It's pretty much the same."

Fast as lightning all the way, not long , Came to the inner ring of Imperial Capital.

The inner ring is not the Commerce District, with few people and quiet surroundings.

The levitating car flew all the way, and finally stopped in front of a gate.

"Here, get off."

Li Qinghe opened the car door and walked on.

Lu Yuan also followed along.

He looked towards the front door.

The gate is tens of meters wide, with two huge ominous beast statues on both sides.

On the left is a black giant tiger with a single horn, and on the right is a giant bear covered with a heavy purple armor.

The breath of these two ominous beast statues made Lu Yuan sweat on his forehead.

Lu Yuan looked over, these two ominous beasts seemed to come alive, raising their heads and roaring.

His face turned pale, and he felt his spirit hit.

Li Qinghe glanced at Lu Yuan and patted his shoulder.

Lu Yuan came back to his senses, looking at the two ominous beast statues with some horror.

"What's the matter with this statue?"

Li Qinghe raised the corners of his mouth, with a smirk:    "This is not a statue. Take a closer look."

Lu Yuan was taken aback and looked at the two statues carefully.

Then he found that the details of the statue were too vivid, and the fur and the lin armor were completely shown, just like the real ominous beast.

Lu Yuan widened his eyes slightly and guessed:

"This is the real ominous beast?!"

Both ominous beasts are both With a height of several tens of meters, it is the first time that Lu Yuan has seen such a behemoth.

Li Qinghe nodded:    "Well, the one on the left is heavenly demon evil tiger, and the one on the right is dragon blood savage bear. These two ominous beasts are both Great Emperor Level ominous beasts, which are the Red Maple Empire After the Battle Emperor was killed, he brought it back and used the corpse to make a statue and put it here to suppress evil. The heavenly demon evil tiger was killed by my Old Master."

Lu Yuan: "..."

The corners of his mouth twitched, and his scalp felt numb.

Take the corpse of the Great Emperor Level ominous beast to suppress evil? !

Should it be called Genius Camp?   (End of this chapter)

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