My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 109

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  Chapter 109 Small World, Conception of Space Genes

"Okay, let's go in."

Li Qinghe smiled and patted Lu Yuan's shoulder, leading him to the gate.

At the door stood two guards in black uniforms.

Lu Yuan glanced over, and the breath of the two guards made him feel a little depressed.

Very strong.

I am afraid it is Battle Master, maybe even War General.

The two guards also saw Lu Yuan and Li Qinghe.

After seeing Li Qinghe, they are all eyes shrank, and they respectfully said to Li Qinghe:

"Sir Li, why are you here?"

Li Qinghe said with a smile:    "I will bring someone to participate in the assessment."

"It turns out that it is, please come in."

The guard opened the door and let The two went in.

After entering the door, Lu Yuan found that the area of ​​Genius Camp is not small. But I didn't see the silhouette, it was empty.

"Why is there no one?"

Lu Yuan was a little confused.

Li Qinghe opened the mouth and said:

"This Genius Camp covers an area of ​​4 million square meters. The school is very large, but there are only 826 students, so I usually don’t It’s normal to reach people."

Lu Yuan hearing this, a little surprised:    "There are so few students here?"

"Of course, Genius Camp only accepts real Geniuses, such as First Rank burned boss genes, learned powerful body refinement and even spiritual skills. Of course, Genius Camp is divided into two parts, one is the warhead and the other is the research department. The warheads are all combat geniuses. , The research department is those genetic Potion Masters, forgers and other research geniuses."

Lu Yuan suddenly nodded.

The requirements are so high, no wonder the number of people is small.

The first gene that most people burn is ordinary genes. It is a rare genius to be able to burn elite genes.

Even if the second gene is a warrior with an elite gene, only a small part of it can burn the boss gene.

One can imagine how small this ratio is.

"There are many high-level practice fields in this school, such as the Gravity Room, the simulation room, the spiritual power room, etc. There are also many treasured extraordinary genes, as well as some powerful The genetic weapons, body refinement, etc."

"There are also Gravity Room and Simulation Room? Is it free?"

Lu Yuan is a little curious.

In the place of origin, the Gravity Room and simulation room are expensive to rent. If you use it for free, it is still quite profitable.

Especially the simulation room, the rental price is very high.

Li Qinghe squeezed Lu Yuan's face, saying badly with a smile:

"If you want to say it is free, of course it is free. But it depends on your ranking and credits... …You can learn about these after joining Genius Camp. However, these cultivation equipment is not the point. As long as the Spirit Crystal is enough, it can be used in the place of origin. The point is Genius Camp’s collection of extraordinary genes, body refinement and some Heaven And Earth Treasure, some are extremely rare, even if you have Spirit Crystal, you can’t buy it. If you can get it, it will be very helpful to the improvement of your strength."

Lu Yuan hearing this, nodded.

If there is a particularly powerful transcendent gene, it will really help him.

Especially, he can also evolve extraordinary genes into higher levels.


Soon, the two came to a room.

Li Qinghe knocked on the door.

"Come in."

Li Qinghe opened the door and walked in with Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan glanced around and found that this was an office.

In addition to him and Li Qinghe, there are seven others.

One is a white haired old man sitting behind the desk.

The other six people, there are two middle-aged men, and a mature woman, and the remaining three are two girls and a teenager.

After Lu Yuan and Li Qinghe came in, everyone turned their heads and looked towards them.

Lu Yuan found that they looked at him more.

Especially those three young girls, looking at him with scrutiny and curiosity.

Li Qinghe said with a smile to the white haired old man after entering the door:    "Yu Lao, he is my recommended genius, called Lu Yuan."

white The haired old man looked at Lu Yuan and showed a gentle smile:    "Since it was recommended by Qinghe, it can't be wrong."

This is a middle-aged man with a burly body opened the mouth and said:

"Lao Yu, time is almost up, right?"

Lao Yu nodded: "Well, only four little fellows took part in the test this time. A few people We are all here, let's go."

Yu Lao got up, and a few people went out together.

Lu Yuan secretly used spiritual power sound transmission to ask Li Qinghe:

"Sister Qinghe, where are we going?"

"Take you to test."

"Where to test?"

"In Genius Camp, there is a Small World specially for newcomers to test, and there will be some ominous beasts, which are used for each test. That Small World."

"Small World?"

Lu Yuan was stunned.

He knows that sometimes some space doors appear on the planet.

These space gates lead to random places, some lead to planets of other races, and some lead to unmanned planets.

There are even space doors leading to stars.

But what is Small World?    Seeing Lu Yuan’s doubts, Li Qinghe explained: “It’s a world that can be developed by the Battle Emperor powerhouse that has burned the space system genes. The range is small, only a few hundred kilometers in size. Space is still okay."

Lu Yuan hearing this, a little shocked:    "Burning space genes, you can build the world yourself?!"

"It depends on you burning What kind of quality space gene is it."

Li Qinghe saw Lu Yuan look expectant, smiled and opened the mouth and said:

"General quality space gene Certainly not, but the formidable power of the space gene is indeed extraordinary. Compared to the super gene of the overwhelming majority type, it is still very powerful. But this type of gene is very precious. As long as it is a space gene, it is even an ordinary quality. There are also many people vying for it."

Li Qinghe has the gene of space type himself, so he naturally understands a little bit.

After Lu Yuan listened to Li Qinghe's introduction, his heart was pounding.

For him, the quality of genes is not a problem.

As long as it is a space-type gene, he can evolve to a sufficient height. When the time comes, maybe he can create the world?   Lu Yuan can't wait to get a gene burn of the space department right away.

When it comes to space, Lu Yuan thinks of time again.

If he can find the genes of the time system and burn them, then wait for him to evolve the genes to the limit, will he be able to cross the long river of time?

I heard from Sister Qinghe that this Genius Camp has many precious genes. I wonder if there are genes related to time and space?   Thinking about it this way, Lu Yuan is looking forward to it more and more.

The entire group soon came to a hidden room.

Opening the door of the room, you can see a slight distortion in the center of the room, and you can see the plane of the forest and river.

It's a bit like a mirror floating in the air.

This should be the entrance to Small World.

In front of this entrance, there is a black hair man and a blond man waiting, and there are some instruments beside them.

Lao Yu asked with a smile:

"Are you ready?"

"Lao Yu, I'm ready."

black hair man opened the mouth and said.

"All ominous beasts have been installed with special marks."

Yu Lao nodded with a smile, then turned his head and looked towards Lu Yuan and three other young girls .

"Come here."

The four of Lu Yuan walked over.

Yu Lao smiled and opened the mouth and said:

"Your test content is to enter this Small World, and then hunt the ominous beast inside, and get the mark on the ominous beast Each mark represents points. The stronger the ominous beast, the higher the mark points on it. I have to tell you that there are four Second Rank bosses, although they are all low-level bosses, but for you , It’s still very dangerous. While hunting ominous beasts, be careful not to become prey. Small World is not the place of origin. If you die, you won’t be reborn."

Lu Yuan recalled being in Xili City slum. The battle of the area, nodded seriously.

The other three are also nodded.

See the four nodded, Yu Lao opened the mouth and said with a smile:

"Next, I will tell you about the value of points. These four Second Rank bosses also have the highest points. Yes, one boss has a score of 50,000. For other ominous beasts, First Rank ordinary ominous beasts score 1 point, First Rank low-level elite ominous beasts score 10 points, intermediate elite ominous beasts score 20 points, and high level elite ominous beasts score 30 points. Points, Peak elite ominous beast scores 50 points. First Rank low ominous beast bosses score 1,000 points, intermediate ominous beast bosses score 2000 points, high level ominous beast bosses score 3000 points, Peak ominous beast bosses score 5000 points."

The low level here means 0% tempering degree to 30% tempering degree.

Intermediate means 30% tempering degree to 60% tempering degree.

High level represents 60% tempering degree to 90% tempering degree.

Peak represents 90% tempering degree to 100% tempering degree.

100% genetic tempering degree can be regarded as Perfection level.

Yu Lao took out four black instruments and handed them to four people.

"After getting the mark, you can use this instrument to record and count the points. The final test results are ranked by the number of points."

"The test time is 10 hours. The passing criterion is 10,000 points. Ranked 1st points will be awarded with 100 credits, and the second place is 80 credits. The third place is 50 credits."

Yu Lao said with a serious face: "The test can only be completed by oneself. , Once cheating is found, immediately disqualify the test and never join Genius Camp."

"Well, what else do you want to ask?"

A short-haired girl asked with some doubts Said: "Then how many points are awarded for the fourth place?"

Yu Lao smiled open the mouth and said: "No reward for the fourth place."

Hearing this, Lu Yuan's eyes flickered and looked at the other three people.

It was found that the other three were also watching others vigilantly.

No one wants to be the first, no one wants to be the last.

"If there is no problem, then prepare to go in."

Li Qinghe laughed at hehe's patted Lu Yuan's shoulder:

"Yuan younger brother, come on If you are the first, my sister will be rewarded."

Hearing Li Qinghe's words, the other three referees were taken aback, turned to look at Lu Yuan, and then at Li Qinghe, a little surprised .

The burly middle-aged man who spoke before grinned:    "Lee junior sister, this kid is your younger brother? I have never seen you have such a good relationship with other men."

Li Qinghe raised his eyebrows and glanced at the burly middle-aged man:    "Who do I have a good relationship with, do you want you to worry about?"

The middle-aged man smiled stiffly, curl one's lip.

He patted the brown-haired boy he recommended:

"Give the labor and management the first one! Otherwise, it depends on how the labor and management clean up you!"

The brown-haired boy : "???"

He looked dumbfounded.

Why are you deflated by others and want to put your temper on me? The   brown-haired boy pulled the corner of his mouth and glanced at Lu Yuan, nodded hard.

"Sir Liu, don't worry!"

Lu Yuan has an innocent look. He obviously didn't do anything. How does this person feel like he is angry with him? The    middle-aged man touched his nose. The other two recommenders didn't want to talk anymore. Both of them patted the girl they recommended and encouraged a few words.

Then, the four Lu Yuan crossed the space gate.

The space fluctuation has stopped, Lu Yuan's vision changes.

He found himself appearing on a grassland, where the grass was as high as half a person, and it was very lush.

He is surrounded by three other young girls.

Lu Yuan looked towards behind him.

The discovery is the space gate, obviously an exit.

After the exit, there is a mirror-like border, which should be the end of this Small World.

At this time, the brown-haired boy looked at Lu Yuan and coldly opened the mouth and said:

"The number one this time is mine!"

Lu Yuan nodded, giving him a thumbs up: "Oh, come on. I am optimistic about you!"

The two girls who were watching the show were stunned.

After that, I couldn't help but raised the corners of my mouth, holding back a smile.

The brown-haired boy: "??"

He was flushed with Lu Yuan's perfunctory attitude, and he wanted to do it with anger.

Why should you be popular on the inside while being used as a punching bag by your own adults? !   But when I thought that I had just come in now, the test had just begun.

He took a deep breath and endured it.

He was coldly snorted, and a breeze circulated around him, turning into an afterimage and disappearing in place.

Soon I went deep into the grassland.

There are two girls on the side, one is a cute girl with a little baby fat, and the other is a girl with short hair.

Seeing nothing, the two chose different directions to leave.

Lu Yuan also chose a different direction from the other three and turned it into an afterimage, disappeared.


Outside Small World.

After the four of Lu Yuan entered, Yu Lao opened the mouth and said with a smile:

"Look at the situation of those four little fellows."

A man nodded: "Yes!"

He operated in front of a bunch of instruments, and four light curtains appeared soon.

There are four Lu Yuan.

Li Qinghe eyes shined, immediately looked towards Lu Yuan's light curtain.

Inside the light curtain, Lu Yuan is running on the grassland, fast.

At this moment, a huge yellow lion rushed out of the half-person tall grass.

Lu Yuan didn't seem to react. The prairie lion opened his bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl and bit on Lu Yuan's Battle Armor.


A crisp sound sounded, the prairie lion's teeth shattered, and a trace of blood spurted out.

"ao ~~"

The prairie lion uttered a scream.

When everyone in front of the light curtain saw this scene, the corners of their mouths twitched, and they felt a bit of toothache.

And Lu Yuan in the light curtain casually punched the prairie lion on the head.

bang! The   prairie lion died on the spot and fell to the ground.

Seeing this, Li Qinghe smiled slightly and raised the corners of his mouth.

The mature woman in the referee said with a smile:    "Li junior sister, the little brother you recommended has very strong defensive ability. This prairie lion should be high level depending on its body shape. Ordinary ominous beasts were directly broken."

The other tall and thin man and tall and sturdy man did not speak.

Which one is not a genius who came here to take the test?   Any warrior that has burned guardian genes can do this.

Facing the battle of First Rank ordinary ominous beast, there is no real value.

Only when you keep going backwards and your opponent gets stronger, can you see the difference.

In Small World, Lu Yuan easily found the mark on the back of the prairie lion.

It is a black metal piece the size of a thumb.

Put the metal piece in the black instrument, and with a beep, the screen of the black instrument shows 1 point.

"There are so few points..."

Lu Yuan raised his eyebrows and moved on.

(End of this chapter)

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