My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 110

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  Chapter 110 The leader-level genetic nature seed (additional for the Sky Reincarnation Alliance Leader)   Small World Inside, the ominous beast at the entrance is the weakest, and they are basically ordinary ominous beasts.

But as it gradually penetrates into Small World, the strength of ominous beast is getting stronger and stronger.

Not long after Lu Yuan ran, he felt four powerful auras located in three directions.

Lu Yuan eyes shined, ran towards the location where two of the auras were.

Before long, Lu Yuan saw a group of prairie lions.

Two of the prairie lions are more than 1.6 meters tall at the shoulders, which is a bit taller than the half-human grass.

The powerful breath emerged from these two prairie lions.

The two prairie lions, one with a dark black mane, are a male lion.

The other is a female lion.

All are elite prairie lions.

When Lu Yuan approached, two elite prairie lions also discovered Lu Yuan.

Murderous aura flashed in their eyes, and they raised their heads and roared.

Following the roar of the two elite prairie lions, the surrounding prairie lions also roared immediately. They dispersed and surrounded Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan raised the corners of his mouth, showing a slight smile.

This lion group regards him as a prey and intends to hunt?


His feet pressed hard on the ground.


The weeds were fragmented and flying, the black soil was splashing everywhere, and Lu Yuan stepped on a shallow pit on the ground.

Lu Yuan's body instantly turned into an afterimage, rushing towards the two elite prairie lions.

Seeing that its prey dared to rush towards them, the elite prairie lion suddenly roared in anger.

The elite lioness kicked on all fours and rushed towards Lu Yuan.

When one person and one lion touched each other, Lu Yuan flashed, avoiding the lioness's attack, and hitting the lioness's head with a punch.


The head of the lioness was instantly smashed to the ground by a powerful force, and a deep pit was smashed into the ground.

Its limbs twitched and lost its vitality.

Lu Yuan didn't even stop and rushed directly in front of the lion.

The lion hasn't even reacted yet, Lu Yuan has already pulled his foot on its neck.

bang!   The huge body of the male lion, which is four to five meters long, flew upside down and landed heavily.

When it landed, it had lost its vitality.

The lions who were planning to surround themselves saw that their two leaders had died directly, and they were all stunned.

They froze in place, and after being silent, they turned around and wanted to run.

Even ordinary ominous beasts know to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. Even the leader is dead, so they are naturally scared.

However, Lu Yuan did not let them go.

Although they are all common ominous beasts, no matter how small mosquito legs are, are they meat?

At the speed of Lu Yuan, the ordinary ominous beast can't escape his palm at all.

In a short time, he easily killed the remaining six prairie lions.

Then he started collecting tags.

Ordinary ominous beasts are marked with 1 point, a total of 6 points.

The lion is a high level elite ominous beast and has 30 points.

The lioness is an intermediate elite ominous beast with 20 points.

It adds up to 56 points.

In addition to the points earned by Lu Yuan before, the total adds up to more than 100 points.

The passing standard is 10,000 points. Although it seems that the gap is still very large, in fact, it only needs to kill ten First Rank low-level bosses or five intermediate bosses.

It is not too difficult for Lu Yuan.

His goal is to win first place.

Although I don’t know what the credits are for, they should be very precious.

Lu Yuan keeps going.

However, not long after Lu Yuan ran, he suddenly heard a loud roar from a distance.

Lu Yuan's body paused, and he turned his head abruptly and looked towards the direction where the sound came from, and a touch of surprise appeared in his eyes.

"This momentum, is it the boss?"

Lu Yuan changed direction and ran towards the direction of the sound.


Outside Small World, Li Qinghe and the others are staring at the light curtain at this moment.

In the light curtain, four young girls have gradually penetrated into Small World at this moment, and the ominous beasts they encountered have become stronger.

The movement method of the brown-haired boy is elegant, and there is a breeze flowing around him, and the speed is extremely fast.

When he passed by an elite prairie lion, his long sword struck the prairie lion's neck. The huge prairie lion did not react at all. Blood spewed out, saying that the corpse fell to the ground.

A satisfied smile appeared on the face of tall and sturdy man.

"How about? Yang Ping is not bad, right? Only 18 years old, burned an elite gene, a leader gene, and now it is the First Rank Peak. High level elite ominous beast can easily kill!"

The tall and thin man on the side gently nodded:    "What is burned is the Fengwu battle skill? The speed is really extraordinary. My Xiaowei is also good, and the formidable power of the water gun is much stronger than the Fengwu battle skill. "

In the light curtain, some cute girls with fat babies are wearing blue robes, holding a staff, and a one-meter-long water gun gathers in the air.

With a wave of her staff, the water gun shot at a huge prairie wolf, directly penetrating the prairie wolf.

The tall and sturdy man grinned: "It depends on which opponent is facing. If the opponent is fast, this little girl may not have a chance to hit the opponent."

tall and thin The man raised his eyebrows without refuting it.

Mature woman said with a smile: "With the strength of the two of them, there is no problem in passing the test. But it is a bit worse than my Miner."

Inside the light curtain, The short-haired girl has sharp eyes, holding two slender double knives in her hands, wearing leather armor, and wisps of blood gleaming all over her body. The body flickered, the speed was extremely fast, and every time he attacked, he carried one after another powerful Blade Qi

Wherever he went, a pack of wolves instantly turned into corpses.

"en? Scarlet violent?"

The tall and thin man and tall and sturdy man are slightly frowned.

Li Qinghe on the side raised his eyebrows, said with a smile: "That little girl has good luck, this extraordinary gene is quite rare, and it is very comprehensive. As a basic gene in the early stage , Is an excellent choice."

The mature woman smiled slightly, with a hint of glamour: "Her luck is indeed good."

At this moment, the light curtain suddenly There was a roar with majesty. Everyone complexion changed.

They turned their heads and looked towards the light curtain from the sound, and then they saw Lu Yuan facing a huge white lion with a shoulder height of about two meters.

Feeling the powerful breath of this white lion, several people raised their eyebrows.

"This is the first ominous beast boss that a few little fellows met, Qinghe junior sister, your younger brother is lucky."

The mature woman smiled and opened the mouth and said    tall and thin man is also faintly opened the mouth and said:

"Intermediate boss, the strength is not weak, but I don’t know how strong is the younger brother of Li’s junior sister? Can it? You can deal with it."

tall and sturdy man grinned, staring at the light curtain without speaking.

so as not to provoke Li Qinghe again.

Regardless of his background, innate talent, or even his own strength, he is inferior to Li Qinghe. If he does not provoke him, he will naturally not provoke him.

Li Qinghe heard what mature women and tall and thin man said, only laughed:

"I am still very confident in my younger brother."

While speaking, Lu Yuan had one after another crimson rays of light emerging all over his body, and when he stepped on the ground with his feet, he instantly appeared in front of the white lion.

"roar! !"

The white lion roared, one after another white light flashed across the body, and the huge claws slapped towards Lu Yuan.

The huge claws carried the violent wind, and the tall grass was bent over.

However, Lu Yuan didn't mean to evade at all, and directly greeted him.

He raised his hand to block the huge paw.

The paw collided with Lu Yuan's arm, and there was a muffled noise. Lu Yuan's body didn't even shake.

He lifted his right leg, kicked it, and hit the white lion's chin.


Under the roar, the white lion's huge body was kicked into the air, and blood spurted from the white lion's mouth.

While his body was still in the air, Lu Yuan stepped on the ground with his feet, his body leaped high, and once again swept across the white lion's neck.

ka ka ka ……

The white lion’s neck was abnormally bent, and its huge body flew out more than ten meters with its terrifying force and fell heavily to the ground.

The white lion that landed struggling, let out a whine, and tried to stand up.

But soon, its movements stopped, and the huge body lost its vitality.

The few people in front of the light curtain saw this scene, their eyes widened slightly, revealing a hint of surprised look.

"Resist the full strength attack of the First Rank Intermediate Boss with bare hands, and kill the Intermediate Boss with two strikes. This strength and defensive ability have reached the First Rank Peak, or even Perfection level, right?"

Mature woman said with a smile: "Qinghe junior sister, your younger brother is extraordinary."

The tall and thin man took a look at Lu Yuan’s red rays of light, said with a smile:    "The strength of this extraordinary gene is also very high, I am afraid it is precious? It is the first time I have seen this battle skill. It is the younger brother of Li junior sister after all."

Li Qinghe both hands crossed near chest, raised recently, with a trace of triumph between his eyebrows.

Don't even look at who I am Li Qinghe? Can my younger brother be so bad?

tall and sturdy man grinned: "Your younger brother's strength is indeed good, but even so, it may not be the first place."

Mature woman slightly smiled: "It's true, the middle-level boss, my Jia Min'er can easily kill."

Tall and thin man laughed, did not speak, but obviously also meant it.

Li Qinghe didn't say much.

The four people tested this time have good innate talents and a not weak cultivation base.

Intermediate bosses, for them, are not particularly powerful.

High level bosses and Peak Level bosses are difficult to deal with.

As for the boss of Second Rank, it is not something that the genetic warrior of First Rank can deal with.

Of course, Li Qinghe is extremely confident in Lu Yuan.

I didn’t have any problems facing Xue Ren before, but now it has been more than half a month, and the younger brother’s cultivation base must have improved again. Not to mention the leader of Second Rank, the leader of First Rank Peak is definitely not his opponent.

Inside Small World.

Lu Yuan is naturally unaware of the outside discussion. He recorded the mark on the white lion and gained 2,000 points.

For him, First Rank intermediate ominous beast is nothing, it is very simple to kill.

Just before today Lu Yuan came out of the land of origin, he used the real world half a month, the origin time is close to three months, to hunt down ominous beasts and sell ominous beast materials and genetic weapons. Wait, got more than half a million First Rank Spirit Crystal.

He charged Spirit Crystal into the Evolution Cube, consumed more than half a million First Rank Spirit Crystal, and finally evolved the'rejuvenation' gene.

Boss-level extraordinary gene: Seed of Nature   Lu Yuan's first Boss-level gene!

Seeds of Nature, like the Rejuvenation Battle Skill, are both Healing Battle Skills.

By consuming spiritual power and condensing into the seed of nature, the rich natural power in the seed of nature can heal injuries, and the effect is several times better than the rejuvenation battle skill.

And the direction of improvement in all aspects brought by the extraordinary gene is similar to that of the rejuvenation battle skill.

Mainly improve spirit strength and perception ability, secondly improve defense and strength, and slightly improve agility and flexibility.

However, as a leader-level gene, the rate of improvement is several times stronger than that of a leader-level gene.

Even if it is only a minor improvement, Lu Yuan's defense and strength have also been greatly improved, and so is his agility and flexibility.

With the blessing of the leader-level gene, Lu Yuan's current physique has surpassed the average Peak leader warrior by a lot.

Killing the Intermediate First Rank boss like this, he doesn't even need to use Heigangjin, and he can easily kill him.

Lu Yuan is a little curious. With his current strength, all his cards can be used to kill the low-level leader of Second Rank.

Maybe there is hope.

This Small World has the leader of Second Rank. After you meet it, you might as well try it.

Even if he is not the opponent of the second rank low-level boss, if he just protects himself, Lu Yuan is still very confident.

The evolution of genes naturally makes Lu Yuan happy, but there are also some disadvantages.

That is, the Spirit Crystal obtained in more than half a month was all used up all at once.

He now only has more than 5,000 First Rank Spirit Crystal in his pocket.

With the speed that Lu Yuan can absorb Spirit Crystal now, this Spirit Crystal is not even enough for him to cultivate in the Gravity Room for a day.

Therefore, he can't even tempering the newly evolved gene chain.

It is very uncomfortable.

When this continues, when will we become rich?   He sighed as he continued to dive into Small World.


As time passed, seven hours passed quickly.

After Lu Yuan killed the leader of the White Lion, the other three young girls also encountered the leader-level ominous beast.

The boss-level ominous beasts in the periphery are all low-level or intermediate-level, and all three can easily kill them.

Especially Min'er, who is armed with double knives, is not weak in battle strength. When he ran into a prairie wolf, the middle-level leader, he ended the battle with just a few strokes.

Even compared to Lu Yuan, it is only slightly slower.

However, as the four of them continued to deepen and entered the deep forest from the grassland, the ominous beast they encountered became stronger and stronger, the battle became more and more intense, and the speed of advancement also changed. slow.

Outside the light curtain, several people watched with keen interest pleasure and made comments from time to time.

"Oh? Yang Ping unexpectedly encountered another mid-level boss."

"Hey... it turned out to be the defense-type Dragon Tortoise? Faced with such a powerful ominous defense. beast, Yang Ping should find it tricky? Although his speed is very fast, his attack intensity is actually not very good. It may not necessarily be able to break the defense of this armored Dragon Tortoise."

In the light curtain, Yang Ping Went around the armored Dragon Tortoise a few times.

The armored Dragon Tortoise also seems to have discovered Yang Ping not to be trifled with, and the whole tortoise is simply shrunk in the tortoise shell.

And its tortoise shell can even close the gap automatically, and the entire iron armor Dragon Tortoise becomes a black ball.

Yang Ping took the sword and chopped the tortoise shell a few times, only leaving a few faint white marks on it. Instead, he was accidentally shocked by the counterattack of the iron armor Dragon Tortoise, and it was a little shocked. Minor injuries.

In desperation, he can only choose to give up.

On the other light curtains, Lu Yuan, Min'er, and Xiaowei are not as lucky as Yang Ping. They didn’t meet the boss ominous beast, but they encountered ordinary ominous beasts and elite ominous beasts. .

Only one click to kill, accumulate points.

Looking at the four light screens, Yu Lao opened the mouth and said with a smile:

"Display the points of the four little fellows now."


The man with black hair was nodded and operated on the instrument for a while.

Suddenly, above the four light curtains, a ranking light curtain appeared.

1. Lu Yuan 18322 points   2. Min'er Ailan 16930 points   3. Yang Ping 16811 points   4. Lin Wei 16045 points   Look at the points ranking , Several people raised their eyebrows.

"en? In just the past seven hours, four people's points have exceeded 10,000 points. This time the quality of the genius is not bad."

"But their The difference is not that big."

"Indeed, even the first-placed Lu Yuan is not more than 1400 points higher than the second-placed Min'er. As long as Min'er kills another Intermediate The boss can surpass Lu Yuan."

The mature woman flashes through a bright light in her eyes, revealing a smile.

Li Qinghe calmly said:

"The front area, for their genius of this kind of strength, cannot open the gap. Only in the depths of Small World, the high level boss, Even after Peak has more bosses, the gap can be seen."

Hearing Li Qinghe's words, the others gave her a glance.

tall and thin man said with a smile:

"It seems that Li junior sister is very confident in Lu Yuan."

Li Qinghe laughed.

At this moment, tall and sturdy man suddenly focused their eyes, looked at the light curtain, and grinned:    "Hey, speaking of the Peak Level boss, Peak Level boss appeared."

Hearing this, the others also narrowed their eyes.

On Lu Yuan's light curtain.

Lu Yuan is in the forest at this moment. In the distance, there is an ominous beast that is more than three meters high and covered with a dark red armour, with a single horned ominous beast walking slowly.

Inside the light curtain, Lu Yuan looked towards the ominous beast of dark red.

(End of this chapter)

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