My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 111

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earth fire armor dragon.

As an ominous beast of the dragon family, strength, defense, and speed are all strong points, and the earth fire ankylosaurus also mastered the ability of fire.

In the boss-level ominous beast, it can also be regarded as extremely powerful existence.

At this moment, the earth fire Ankylosaurus also noticed Lu Yuan in the distance, stopped, and sprayed wisps of flames from his nostrils, burning the weeds on the ground.

Its Dark-red Eyes stared at Lu Yuan, with cold killing intent in his eyes.

Lu Yuan felt the powerful aura of the earth fire Ankylosaurus, slightly narrowed his eyes, and a dark red heavy sword appeared in his hand.

This is an elite weapon of First Rank, named Dark Red Blade.

During this period of time, the First Rank ominous beasts that Lu Yuan killed were not a few, and this heavy sword was dropped.

Mainly enhance strength, secondly enhance defense, even when attacking, there will be a trace of flame surging, using high temperature to burn opponents, it is a very good elite weapon.

With this dark red blade, Lu Yuan's sharp claw heavy sword, which he used for a long time, has also retired honorably.

Lu Yuan did not throw away the beetle sharp claw heavy sword, but kept it as a collection.

After all, this is his first elite weapon.

Holding the dark red blade tightly, Lu Yuan's whole body crimson rays of light flickered, and his feet stepped on the ground, rushing towards the earth fire ankylosaurus in the distance.


Seeing Lu Yuan rushing over, the earth fire ankylosaurus roared, and the powerful imposing manner of First Rank Peak emerged, opening his mouth to spray out Lu Yuan A group of crimson flames.

The high temperature consumes oxygen, and Lu Yuan has difficulty breathing.

He squinted his eyes, turned his footsteps, and quickly moved his body to the side. The flame passed through where Lu Yuan was before.


A scorched black mark more than ten meters long appeared on the ground, with a trace of flame burning on it.

Lu Yuan is now close to the earth fire Ankylosaurus.

A fierce color flashed in his eyes, and the power of the whole body was rhythmic, and Heigang Jin burst out.

With a trace of red light, the dark red blade slashed towards the neck of the earth fire ankylosaurus.

The sharp sword light ripped the air and made a snorting noise.

earth fire Ankylosaurus roared, and his limbs stepped on the ground. The huge body was extremely flexible. It moved a few meters quickly and escaped Lu Yuan's slash.

Lu Yuan's complexion remains unchanged, and his figure is like a shadow, following the earth fire Ankylosaurus.

At this moment, Lu Yuan saw a red afterimage swept across from the corner of his eye, whistling with a strong wind.

That is the thick and long tail of the earth fire ankylosaurus.

Lu Yuan showed a sneer, sticking out his left hand and opening his palm to block the tail of the earth fire Ankylosaurus.


The tail of the earth fire Ankylosaurus collided with Lu Yuan's palm, and an air wave spread. The fallen leaves on the ground were blown away by the air wave, and a deafening rumbling sound rang.

Lu Yuan's body faces the sweep of the huge tail, but it is motionless.

"This is impossible!"

In front of the light curtain, the tall and sturdy man saw this scene, his eyes widened, his face was incredulous.

"The other earth fire ankylosaurus at Peak Level, the strength of the warrior is even more than the same level, how can this kid block it so easily?! Didn't even shake it?"


Not only tall and sturdy man, even tall and thin man and mature women are shocked.

"Isn't the gene he burned at the boss level?! How can the body be so strong?!"

Li Qinghe was also a little surprised when he saw this scene.

She smiled brightly: "As expected, it is my younger brother."

Inside the light curtain, the battle continues.

After Lu Yuan easily blocked the tail-sweeping attack of the earth fire Ankylosaurus with one hand, the dark red blade of the right hand slashed across a sword light with the terrifying power of black steel and slashed towards the earth fire armor. The body of the dragon.


earth fire The armor of the ankylosaurus was torn, blood spurted out, and stained the ground red.


The earth fire Ankylosaurus screamed, and a fierce sword mark appeared on his side, with deep bones visible.

The shocked mood of the people in front of the light curtain has not yet subsided. Seeing this scene, his eyes widened again, with a look of stunned expression.

tall and sturdy man spoke again:    "This power ...... This is more than the storm system Peak of warrior this kid in the end it is the guardian of the Department or warrior storm system?!?!"

The tall and thin man's eyes are full of shock:

"Not only that, although his speed is not as powerful as his strength and defensive ability, it is still ridiculously fast."

"What is the gene he burned? How can it be so comprehensive?! Or is it cultivated some powerful body refinement?"

When Yu Lao looked at Lu Yuan, he was also a little surprised, his face strayed a smile:   "It seems this time to an interesting little fellow ah."

this power and defense, and even speed, both compared to the same level burn leader gene His genius has grown to several levels, which is obviously not something ordinary people can do.

"Xiao Qinghe, your vision is really good."

Li Qinghe was also a little surprised by Lu Yuan's strength. Hearing this, the corners of his mouth raised, revealing a trace smile:    . "of course"

she Conspire to work out a cigarette and was about to ignition, to see to the edge of the old smiling at her.

Li Qinghe froze and put the cigarette back in awe.

Inside the light curtain.

Lu Yuan severely injured the earth fire Ankylosaurus with a single sword, and completely angered it.

It uttered a violent roar, and the original dark red skin showed a trace of crimson.

Furious battle skill.

It roared at Lu Yuan, opened its big mouth full of squalid teeth, and bit down towards Lu Yuan.

This speed has improved a lot compared to before.

Lu Yuan frowned, his figure flickered, and escaped the bite of the earth fire ankylosaurus. The earth fire ankylosaurus had raised its front paws and slapped Lu Yuan with violent force. Come down.


Lu Yuan heavy sword collided with the front paws of the earth fire ankylosaurus, and the air wave spread and turned into a strong wind. The surrounding trees were constantly shaking by the strong wind.

Lu Yuan and the earth fire Ankylosaurus retreated at the same time.

Lu Yuan took a step back slightly, and the huge body of the earth fire ankylosaurus retreated several steps, the wound cracked, and the blood continued to overflow.

Lu Yuan bullied himself and rushed towards the earth fire Ankylosaurus holding the dark red blade.

earth fire Ankylosaurus roared, his eyes were red, and he faced Lu Yuan.

One big and one small two figures flashed quickly in a small piece of forest. Every time they collided, they would make a deafening muffled sound. The air waves kept surging, the trees shook, and the leaves kept falling.

Li Qinghe and the others closely watched the battle in the light curtain. After a while, the mature woman opened the mouth and said:

"Then the earth fire Ankylosaurus reached its limit."

"Well, no matter in which way, this earth fire Ankylosaurus is not Lu Yuan's opponent. It will be suppressed to such a point in a short time, unable to come back."

tall and thin man nodded.

Following the two tone barely fell, the earth fire Ankylosaurus let out a painful wailing sound.

Its body flew upside down and hit the trunk of a big tree hard.

The trunk was broken, the big tree fell to the ground, and the leaves flew like green rain.

The earth fire Ankylosaurus was lying on the ground, and its body was covered with one after another sword marks. The blood almost completely stained its body red.

The blood gathered in its lin armor, forming a stream, slowly flowing to the ground, soaking the ground.

The earth fire Ankylosaurus struggled to get up. At this moment, an afterimage flashed by and Lu Yuan appeared beside it.

His face is cold, and the dark red blade carries a sharp sword intent through the neck of the earth fire ankylosaurus.


The struggling movements of the earth fire ankylosaurus froze, and its limbs slowly softened to the ground, losing its vitality.

Lu Yuan glanced at the body of the earth fire Ankylosaurus and exhaled slightly.

I have to say that the strength of this earth fire Ankylosaurus is very strong.

Be aware that he has burned a boss-level gene and a boss-level gene now.

He even cultivated such a powerful body refinement as Heigangjin.

The general First Rank Peak ominous beast Lu Yuan can also be easily killed.

But this earth fire Ankylosaurus can actually fight him for dozens of rounds, which is very unusual.

Look for the mark.

Lu Yuan started searching and marked up.

Outside the light curtain, the atmosphere is a bit silent.

Everyone looked at Lu Yuan who was looking for a mark. After

silence the next, the Tall and Sturdy man at The Shook head:   "This is really good strength, Yang Ping than his."

tall and thin man looked A glance at the tall and sturdy man, said with a smile:

"Bex, don’t talk about Yang Ping, you weren’t his opponent back then? In the First Rank, you can defeat the earth fire Ankylosaurus ? "

tall and sturdy man a stiff ramp at him:    "? Laoshu, you can not right "

the old smiling opened the mouth and said :

"This little fellow is placed in the current Genius Camp, and the innate talent can also be ranked in the top fifty."

Hearing Yu Lao's words, the two looked at each other. , No more words.

Li Qinghe both hands crossed near chest, said with a smile:

"So it seems that the younger brother's points should be the first place."

In the light curtain, Lu Yuan has found the mark and recorded it.

His points soared by 5,000 points, reaching 23,322.

Compared with Min'er, who is second, he has more than 6,000 points.

This is no longer a gap that can be easily caught up.

Upon hearing Li Qinghe's words, the other three did not refute.

However, the test is not over yet, and the four Lu Yuan continue to hunt ominous beasts.

As we continue to deepen and approach the core area of ​​Small World, ominous beast is getting stronger and stronger.

Even the number of boss-level ominous beasts has increased a lot.

The Yang Ping trio also began to meet high level bosses, even Peak bosses.

With the strength of Yang Ping and Lin Wei, he can barely kill the boss at high level, but he can only retreat when he meets the boss at Peak.

Although Min'er is a little stronger, she can only kill the high level boss more easily, and she can only draw a tie against the Peak boss.

Compared to their three people, Lu Yuan is quite lucky, and encounters the ominous beast boss less frequently than the other three people.

However, Lu Yuan is powerful, no matter what level of ominous beast boss, encountering Lu Yuan is a dead end.

When there was less than one hour left in the test, Lu Yuan's points had reached 103,286 points.

Min'er, who ranked second, only had 49,843 points.

Fully more than double the second place.

The three tall and sturdy man outside the light curtain completely extinguished their desire to fight for the first place.

"It's almost time, the time is coming."

"They are coming out soon, too?"

The tall and thin man looked at the time and smiled opened the mouth and said.

Li Qinghe stretched, showing a slight smile.

Lu Yuan's performance made him very satisfied.

At this moment, Li Qinghe's smile stiffened, his eyes widened slightly, and he looked at Lu Yuan's light curtain.

"en? What is the younger brother planning to do?!"

The few people who were watching the battle in the other light curtains, they all looked at Li Qinghe's words.

Then, their eyes widened, revealing a hint of consternation.

Inside the light curtain, Lu Yuan came to a wasteland area full of gravel and weeds.

He is hiding behind a pile of gravel more than two meters high, outside several hundred meters, one shoulder is more than two meters high, with sharp double horns, and the whole body is covered with ash-gray stone The giant bull in armor is lying on the ground to rest.

Stone armor is a bull, the leader of Second Rank low-level ominous beast.

Lu Yuan is now looking at the stone armor bull.

Everyone in front of the light curtain is wide-eyed.

tall and sturdy man mouth twitch at some uncertain Road:   "This kid is not going to challenge ...... stone armor bull, right?"

tall and The thin man can’t believe it: "Although the stone armor bull is not an ominous beast of the dragon type, and its strength is not outstanding in the same level, it is the leader of the Second Rank after all! Where did this brat dare to challenge the Second Rank ominous beast? ?!"

Li Qinghe squinted his eyes, clenched his chest hands slightly, a look of worry appeared on his face.

She also didn't expect Lu Yuan to go back to the idea of ​​a Second Rank ominous beast.

Yu Lao looked at Lu Yuan, smiled and opened the mouth and said:

"Interesting little fellow, he should have some strategy, can he deal with stone armor bulls? "

Hearing what Yu Lao said, several others thought it made sense, they were all nodded.

tall and thin man said with a smile:

"Should be that way?"

Mature woman slightly smiled: "Maybe he still has something we don’t know Maybe he’s playing cards?"

Only Li Qinghe is somewhat unsure.

From what she thinks of her younger brother, doesn't that kid seem to be someone who wants to make messy tricks?

Does he want to go up there?    time in Li Qinghe thinking, Lu Yuan crimson rays within the body of the light curtain of light flashed, dark hand of the blade, directly toward the stone armor bull.

The stone armor bull who was resting was disturbed, a trace of blood flashed in his eyes, he stood up suddenly, turned his head and looked towards Lu Yuan.

"moo! !"

It roared and rushed towards Lu Yuan.

In front of the light curtain, the smiles on the old couple's faces froze at the same time, a little dazed.

"Just rushed straight up like this?"

"Good guy, this kid is a brash man?!"

If Lu Yuan do a little bit Prepare, plan to be a stone armor barbarian, they can accept it a little bit.

But... why would you just rush up like this? !   This is intended doing?

You don't put the leader of Second Rank in your eyes, right? !   only Li Qinghe mouth twitch down, I knew it!

Inside Small World.

Lu Yuan faced the stone armor bull who rushed towards him, a flash of excitement flashed in his eyes.

After searching for a long time, he finally found a Second Rank leader.

Fighting with the leader of Second Rank is one of Lu Yuan's goals.

He wants to try, with his current strength, whether he is the opponent of the Second Rank leader.

Both of his hands squeeze the heavy sword tightly, Hei Gang Jin burst out with all his strength, and the heavy sword slashed towards the head of Stone Armor Bull.

Stone armor The bull roared, with its sharp horns like a long sword, facing Lu Yuan's heavy sword.


The symphony of gold and iron sounded, resounding through this wilderness area.

Two powerful auras rise, intertwining and colliding with each other.

Other ominous beasts in the wilderness area felt the fluctuations of the battle, and they were all scared away.

Under the collision, Lu Yuan's body flew out directly.

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