My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 112

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2021-10-05   Chapter 112 assessment ending   flying more than twenty meters, Lu Yuan just a floor, stone armor Man Niu has rushed to Lu Yuan once again.

Feeling the strong imposing manner, Lu Yuan eyes shrank, his speed exploded, and he dodged to his side.

Stone armor Bull rushed past Lu Yuan, and the strong wind brought Lu Yuan's black hair dance.

Lu Yuan felt a slight soreness in his arms and a trace of dullness in his chest, and couldn't help being grinned.

Deserving of the leader of the Second Rank, this power is even stronger than his full use of Heigangjin.

A frontal collision, even with his physique, feels a bit internally injured.

However, Lu Yuan's heart was not at all depressed, but rather excited.

Because of Lu Yuan's body, an emerald green seed condensed with rich life force is emitting a strong life force, constantly repairing Lu Yuan's sour muscles and body.

Leader-level battle skill · Seed of Nature.

He can consume spiritual power at any time and plant the seed of nature in his body. As long as he is injured, the seed of nature can automatically heal Lu Yuan.

Until the life force inside is completely consumed.

Of course, he can also use this battle skill on others.

With the healing effect of the natural seed, Lu Yuan's originally aching arms and dull chest have completely recovered in just two breathing times.

It can be said that he took the stone armor savage blow and was unharmed.

For Lu Yuan, as long as he can't kill him, he will always have the opportunity to consume the enemy with his ability to continuously absorb spiritual power.

In other words, as long as Lu Yuan is willing to spend time, he can completely kill this stone armor bull!

The First Rank warrior can kill the ominous beast of the Second Rank boss.

Lu Yuan has a relatively accurate understanding of his current battle strength, and he is a little surprised.

Compared with before, the strength is indeed improved a lot.

When Lu Yuan was surprised, the stone armor bull had rushed to Lu Yuan again.

Lu Yuan grinned, also greeted him again.




The symphony of gold and iron continued to sound as the two sides collided.

Outside, Li Qinghe and several people stared at the battle between Lu Yuan and the stone armor bull in the light curtain.

"It seems that we still underestimated this kid. Didn't expect him to fight against the low-level bosses of Second Rank?!"

The tall and sturdy man had a look in his eyes of shock.

The others are nodded.

Even Li Qinghe was a little shocked.

She also didn't expect that Lu Yuan's current strength has reached this step.

You know, Lu Yuan has only been awakened in two months.

The speed of this improvement is really amazing.


Small World Central Region, somewhere in the wasteland.

Yang Ping has a breeze flowing all over his body, looking for ominous beast.

He glanced at the points on his black instrument, the corners of his mouth raised, and a smile appeared:    "44677 points. Not to mention the first place, it must be higher than that kid? There is still a while, keep working hard!"

At this moment, he heard the sound of gold and iron clinking in the distance.

"en? Is there a fight?"

Yang Ping was taken aback, turned his head and looked towards the direction where the sound came from.

He thought about it, changed direction, and ran towards the direction of the sound.

The closer to the battle area, the more powerful Yang Ping can feel, and a grave expression appears on his face.

"With a very powerful aura, who is fighting? How could it be so strong?"

Soon, he came not far from the fighting area.

After seeing Lu Yuan and the stone armor bulls fighting in the distance, Yang Ping's eyes widened and he couldn't believe it.

"Is it him?!"

Yang Ping glanced at the huge stone armor bull, some of his scalp tingling:

"Such a big body Stone armor, bullish, this breath... is the leader of the Second Rank?! This guy is actually fighting the leader of the Second Rank?? How can he be so strong?!" Yang Ping thought he had his current points before. It will definitely be higher than Lu Yuan.

But now seeing this battle, his heart is cold.

His strength is far worse than Lu Yuan.

Unless there is something unexpected, Lu Yuan's points are impossible to be less than him.

Just when Yang Ping was a little confused, another breath approached. Yang Ping turned his head and looked over and saw Min'er with short hair running over.

Now it is the Central Region of Small World. When four people come to this area, naturally they will not be too far away.

The movement of Lu Yuan and the Stone Armor Bull fighting was so loud that they could easily hear the movement.

Min'er saw Yang Ping and was slightly nodded to him, so she turned and looked towards the battle area.

Watching Lu Yuan collide with Stone Armor Barren Niu again and again without losing, Min'er clenched the two knives in his hands, and a look of shock flashed in his eyes, a little bit unbelievable.

"Is he so strong?"

The combat area.

After Lu Yuan collided with the stone armor barbarian again, his body retreated more than ten meters.

His hands trembled slightly, a little sore.

Soon, a warm current flowed to Lu Yuan's hands, and the soreness disappeared quickly.

Lu Yuan glanced at Yang Ping and Min'er not far away.

Although he has been fighting the stone armor bullshit, Lu Yuan has not paid attention to the surrounding environment.

When Yang Ping and Min'er appeared immediately, Lu Yuan already felt their breath.

He is ready to retreat.

After the real battle, Lu Yuan understood that even if he spares no effort and uses all kinds of hole cards, he can't wear this stone armor bull in a few hours.

Time is too late.

After Yang Ping and Min'er came over, he didn't want to continue fighting.

It’s just a test, there is no need to use all of your hole cards, and it’s not good to be seen by others.

Lu Yuan didn't even absorb Spirit Crystal.

His current spiritual power has been consumed a lot, and his body is a bit tired.

Taking advantage of this retreat, Lu Yuan turned around and ran.

Originally planning to continue attacking Lu Yuan's stone armor, the bull was stunned when he saw Lu Yuan turned around and ran away.

Then it roared angrily and chased Lu Yuan.

Not only is the stone armor bullish, Yang Ping and Min'er also didn't expect Lu Yuan to go.

They were also taken aback for a moment, and the two of them looked at each other, and then chased them in Lu Yuan's direction.

Stone armor Bull is not the leader of Skilled in Speed, but compared to Lu Yuan, the speed is still a bit faster.

It's just that every time its attack will be blocked by Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan even accelerated with the attack of the Stone Armor Bull, and distanced himself from the Stone Armor Bull.

The two sides chased and fled in the wilderness area, and quickly moved more than ten kilometers.


On a wilderness.

Lin Wei, wearing a robe, wielded a staff, a water gun was condensed, and the water gun turned into a stream of light, piercing a stone armor hound that pounced on her.

Lin Wei sighed slightly, wiped the sweat from her forehead, and showed a smile.

Just when Lin Wei was about to run to look for the mark, the ground suddenly vibrated slightly. At the same time, there was an angry roar in the distance.

Lin Wei's body tightened suddenly, and she looked towards the direction where the sound came from with some alertness.

Soon, Lin Wei's eyes widened and saw the huge stone armor bull chasing a silhouette quickly approaching, and the approaching direction happened to be in her area.


Lin Wei's face turned pale:    "Second Rank boss?!"

She didn't even think about it. , Directly used all one's strength, turned into an afterimage, and ran to the side.

After running for a certain distance, Lin Wei turned her head and saw that Lu Yuan with the stone armor and the bull had gradually moved away from her.

Lin Wei was slightly relaxed after watching one person and one cow stay away.

At this moment, Lin Wei saw Yang Ping and Min'er also running over.

After seeing them, Lin Wei greeted them:    "Why are you here? Min'er, what happened?"

"Lin Wei?" Min'er Seeing Lin Wei, he explained: "Did you also see Stone Armor Barbarian Bull and Lu Yuan?"

"I see, how could Stone Armor Barbarian Bull chase down that Lu Yuan?"

Yang Ping and Min'er looked strange when they heard Lin Wei's question.

"We just saw Lu Yuan fighting the stone armor bull. I am afraid Lu Yuan wants to see if he can hunt the stone armor bull?"

Min儿 opened the mouth and said.

"Fight with the stone armor bullshit?!"

Lin Wei eyes shrank, a little surprised.

"Lu Yuan is so strong?!"

Min'er seriously nodded: "Very strong, I am not an opponent."

Yang Ping curl one's lip: "It's a pity that the stone armor is stronger. Now, isn't Lu Yuan also being chased away?"

Min'er glanced at Yang Ping: "You have the ability to go up and be chased?"

Yang Ping: "..."

His complexion stiffened, he is not stupid!

Although his speed should be a little faster than Lu Yuan's guy, but he is slower than the stone armor barbarian.

He can see that Lu Yuan's defense and strength are ridiculously strong to withstand the attack of the stone armor bull.

It's him, he thinks it's more dangerous.

With his body, if he is hit by a stone armor bullshit head-on, he might be dead.

Lin Wei looked at the two weirdly:

"So, you guys are running with Lu Yuan and stone armor. Do you want to watch the show? Don't take this opportunity to continue hunting Do ominous beasts get points?"

Upon hearing Lin Wei's words, both Min'er and Yang Ping were froze.

Yang Ping's mouth twitched, revealing a sudden look:

"Yes! Now that fellow Lu Yuan is being hunted down! I don't know how many points that fellow has, Let’s kill a few ominous beasts while there are still dozens of minutes!"

Min'er is also a bit sorry and laughed:   "I was so surprised just now . Involuntarily want to see the stone armor I can’t catch up with Lu Yuan. I didn’t expect this level. I’m going to hunt the ominous beast first.” After that, Min’er ran away.

"I'm leaving too."

Yang Ping turned and left after speaking.

Lin Wei, who was left behind, shook the head a little speechless, and ran back to find the mark of the stone armor hound before.


Lu Yuan was chased by a stone armor bull and quickly ran to the edge of the wilderness.

Farther away is the forest area.

Lu Yuan saw the forest, eyes shined, he speeded up and dived into the forest, his figure turned into an afterimage, and he flashed forward quickly among the trees.

Lu Yuan is small, and his speed in the forest has not slowed down much.

But the stone armor bull behind him is not so lucky.

That huge body is a bit inconvenient in the lush forest.

one after another Although the trees could hardly withstand the charge of the Stone Armor Bull, they were repeatedly broken by the Stone Armor Bull.

But while breaking the trees, the speed of Stone Armor Bull slowed down a bit.

In addition, the vision in the forest is dim, and not long after entering the forest, the Stone Armor Bull completely chased Lu Yuan away.

It couldn't help letting out an angry roar, stomping its feet on the spot, and the ground shook slightly.

In the distance, Lu Yuan heard the angry roar behind him, his mouth raised, showing a slight smile.

He no longer stays, and quickly disappears in place.


In the next time, Lu Yuan continued to hunt ominous beasts in the forest.


He killed an elite jungle python with a sword, found the mark, and planned to record it into the instrument.

At this moment, the instrument clicked and made a mechanical sound.

"The assessment is over, please leave Small World for all candidates."

Hearing this, Lu Yuan raised his eyebrows.

Did ten hours pass so quickly?

He glanced at his points.


More than 110,000 points, it should be pretty good, right? I   don't know how many places can be ranked?

Lu Yuan has some expectations.

He dropped the mark casually and ran in the direction of the exit of Small World.


Outside of Small World, as if the water wave fluctuates at the entrance, Lu Yuan walked out.

As soon as he walked out, Li Qinghe smiled and stretched out his hand to embrace his shoulder.

"Yuan younger brother, I'm good at strength, I can actually fight with the leader of Second Rank."

Lu Yuan hearing this, froze for a moment:

" Sister Qinghe, you saw me fighting just now?"

"Of course, if you are in danger, how can we save you?"

Lu Yuan suddenly, nodded.

He asked curiously: "Then where do I rank?"

Li Qinghe smiled and pointed to the light curtain not far away:

"Rank Right there, you can see for yourself."

Lu Yuan looked towards the light curtain.

1. Lu Yuan 114886 points   2. Min'er Ailan 53146 points   3. Yang Ping 46887 points   4. Lin Wei 46045 points   Lu Yuan reveals Smile:   "Am I first?"

Although he had expected it before, he was still a little happy seeing the results.

At this moment, the entrance door continued to fluctuate, and Yang Ping three people filed out.

After the three of them came out, they immediately saw Lu Yuan.

Seeing Lu Yuan unscathed, the three of them are all eyes shranks, and I was a little surprised.

Being chased by a stone armor bull, Lu Yuan turned out to be like a okay person.

Soon, they found that Lu Yuan's line of sight seemed to be looking in a certain direction.

The three of them also looked over.

After seeing the ranking, the three faces changed slightly.

Afterwards, Min'er showed a slight smile, muttered:   "Not bad."

After seeing Lu Yuan's strength, she no longer expects to be able to Won the first place.

Having a second place is pretty so-so, which has met her expectations.

Yang Ping's face was bitter and his face was full of depression.

He took a peek at the tall and sturdy man and found that tall and sturdy man had a cold face, his mouth twitched, and he walked over with his head lowered.

"My lord... I failed your expectations."

The tall and sturdy man glanced at Yang Ping, sighed:

"Don't blame you. Lu Yuan’s strength is really not what you can compare."

Yang Ping: "..."

Although he knows that tall and sturdy man is telling the truth, he still feels a little bit Was pierced.

Lin Wei is the most uncomfortable.

Seeing that she was the last in line, Lin Wei's face turned pale, and her mouth was pursed.

Seeing Lin Wei's unacceptable look, tall and thin man walked over, patted her shoulder, said with a slight smile:

"Xiao Wei, okay? "

Lin Wei came back to his senses, shook the head, her smile was a little far-fetched:

"I'm fine."

tall and thin man laughed:" A momentary defeat doesn’t mean anything. There will be more time in the future."

Lin Wei silently nodded: "en."

Yu Lao smiled and opened the mouth and said:

"Okay, the assessment is over. Your grades are good, and you have exceeded the pass line a lot. According to the standard, you can all join Genius Camp. Ranked 1st is Lu Yuan and get 100 credits. The second Miner· Ailan, get 80 credits, and the third Yang Ping, get 50 credits."

Yu said with a smile: "Next, let Feng Zhou teacher take you through the admission procedures, and then arrange for you Dormitory."

After Yu Lao finished, the black hair man who was controlling the instrument came out and looked at the four people said with a smile:

"You four will come with me Right."

(End of this chapter)

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