My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 113

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  Chapter 113 Space Gene Flashing

Li Qinghe patted Lu Yuan's shoulder, said with a smile:    "Go, you will have a holiday on the weekend. When the time comes, remember to go home."

Lu Yuan nodded: "en."

Three other referees They also ordered a few words with Yang Ping.

Then, Lu Yuan followed Feng Zhou out.

Feng Zhou first took Lu Yuan to an office and went through the enrollment procedures.

The enrollment procedure is very simple, similar to the membership of the warrior association.

Scan the genetic war pattern, then operate it on the instrument, enter the information, record it in the file, and it will be done soon.

For example, Lu Yuan’s student information is:   Name: Lu Yuan.

Student ID: 1410082   Credits: 100   School Year: 1   After finishing the process, the staff gave them a black card.

"This is your student card. Your credits are all stored in it. You need credits to use various cultivation equipment in the school and purchase various items such as extraordinary genes. You can pay with your student card. . Please be sure to keep your student card, if you lose it, remember to reissue it."

The staff reminded.

After receiving the student card, Feng Zhou left the office with four people.

Along the way, Feng Zhou introduced the Genius Camp information to Lu Yuan.

"Our Genius Camp is a six-year system. It starts from the time you go through the enrollment procedures. After six years, the cultivation base reaches the War General level before it is officially graduated."

Yang Ping asked Said: "Then what if it doesn't reach the War General level?"

Min'er and Lin Wei also looked curious.

It is not easy to reach the War General level in six years. After all, the more difficult it is to temper the gene chain, and the more difficult it is to break the gene lock.

Feng Zhou smiled and opened the mouth and said: "According to Yu Lao's words, if he cannot reach the War General level in six years, he is not a genius, and of course he cannot be admitted as a student of our Genius Camp. So when the time comes is not regarded as a formal graduation, it is regarded as a persuasion and will not issue a graduation certificate."

The three Yang Ping suddenly felt a little pressure, but Lu Yuan didn't feel much.

He thinks he must be fine.

Feng Zhou continued to open the mouth and said: “Don’t worry too much. With your innate talent, as long as you work hard enough, graduation is not a big problem. Some students in our Genius Camp even reach it before graduation It’s Battle Venerable Level."

Feng Zhou glanced at Lu Yuan and said with a smile: "Like Li Qinghe."

Lu Yuan was not surprised.

From the perspective of Sister Qinghe's current War King-level cultivation base, before graduation, she must have been Battle Venerable.

"Our Genius Camp's teaching method is still very relaxed. After all, students are genetic warriors, and it will take a long time to enter the land of origin. The time for cultivation in it is longer than in the real world cultivation. It is several times longer. So you will not be required to take any courses. However, if any teacher starts, it will be notified in advance, and students who want to go can listen to it by themselves. My advice to you is: You can still go to the class After all, the teachers are War Kings or even Battle Sovereigns. They are more than enough to teach you, and they should be rewarding for you. In addition, when the time comes, the school will arrange a mentor for you, and you can have any cultivation problems. Go to your instructor to answer."

Lu Yuan is nodded by four people.

"The most important thing to tell you next is credits. In Genius Camp, credits are currency. Your referees should have told you that Genius Camp has a lot of precious things that are hard to find outside. Treasure, whether it is Extraordinary Gene, Heaven and Earth Treasure, Gene Arming or Body Refinement, etc., but these all are required credits to purchase. During your study at Genius Camp, in addition to increasing cultivation base, you should think about it most It’s how to get credits."

Feng Zhou paused, continue to open the mouth and said:

"I’ll tell you some regular channels for obtaining credits. First, cultivation progress. Every time you break the gene lock, you can get a certain amount of credits. During the learning period, you will receive 1,000 credits from the warrior breakthrough to the Battle Master level, and you will receive 10,000 credits from the Battle Master breakthrough to the War General level. From the War General breakthrough to the War General level. Battle Venerable Level, there are 100,000 credits."

"Second, battle strength Ranking List. Every month, you have a chance to go to the simulation room for free battle simulation. According to you in the simulation room We will rank the battle strength list. No. 1 can get 10,000 credits, 2nd and 3rd can get 5,000 credits, 4th to 10th can get 3000 credits, 11th to 100th, 1000 credits can be obtained. The 101st to 300th can get 500 credits, the 301st to 500th can get 100 credits, and the 501st to the end can get 10 credits. The list is ranked once a month and the rewards are settled at the end of the month. "

Hearing this, Lin Wei slightly frowned:    "teacher, this is not fair, our cultivation base is so low, and the simulation of fighting with those senior students is definitely not senior students My opponent."

The three of Lu Yuan are also nodded.

Min'er opened the mouth and said: "I think Lin Wei is right."

Feng Zhou said with a smile: "Don’t worry about this, the simulated opponent is based on The cultivation base is determined, and the battle strength ranking is for the same level battle strength. As a genius, the same level can’t be weaker than others, right?"

Hearing Feng Zhou’s words, the four of Lu Yuan understood. .

"The third way to get credits is missions. Genius Camp will release some missions from time to time. You can get variable credits for completing the missions. The difficulty of the missions is generally quite high, and of course there are some suitable ones. Whether you can grab your mission depends on your luck. In addition to irregular missions, Genius Camp will release special missions during special periods. Generally, everyone will participate in such missions. The specific situation depends on the situation at the time. It's fixed."

"These three are the most conventional channels for obtaining tasks. There are also some less conventional ones, but you should be exposed to them soon, such as gambling and fighting. "

Speaking of this, Feng Zhou glanced over the four people and smirked.

Seeing the smile on Feng Zhou's face, Lu Yuan felt a bit cold behind his back.

Does this feel a bit harboring malicious intentions?    However, after listening to Feng Zhou's introduction of credit acquisition channels, Lu Yuan thought about it. For him now, the easiest channel to acquire credits is probably the battle strength Ranking List.

After all, for the same level, the stronger the burned gene, the stronger the battle strength will definitely be.

As long as Lu Yuan can continue to evolve his genes, his battle strength will only get stronger at the same level.

This battle strength Ranking List is very beneficial to him.

In addition, you can look forward to the reward of cultivation progress.

His current strength is already warrior Perfection, as long as the breakthrough has 1000 credits, which is not bad.

As for the task, Lu Yuan has to go and see what the task is when the time comes first.

If you need to bother, then forget it. With this time, he might as well hunt the ominous beast in the place of origin to obtain the Spirit Crystal, consider how to break through, and then evolve genes to improve battle strength.

Feng Zhou introduced Lu Yuan and brought the four of them to the accommodation area.

The accommodation area is quiet, and the small buildings are neatly arranged. Lu Yuan is a little surprised.

This environment can be compared with Sister Qinghe's home.

Feng Zhou smiled and opened the mouth and said:

"Because we have very few students in Genius Camp, plus the four of you, now there are only 930 people, so the accommodation environment Better, four people live in a small building. Your dormitory is here, come with me."

Feng Zhou took Lu Yuan and the four of them along the way, and soon came to a small building. In front of the building.

"No. 112, this is the male dormitory, there are two vacant rooms, Lu Yuan, Yang Ping, you two live here. There are two more people here..."

He looked down at a screen in his hand.

"Well, one is McGonagall Clark, a third-grade student, and the other is Si Tingfeng, a fifth-grade student. Give me the student card, and I will set the access control for you."

Lu Yuan and Yang Ping handed the student card to Feng Zhou.

Feng Zhou took out an instrument and put the card on the electronic door lock to operate it.

Soon, he returned the student card to Lu Yuan and Yang Ping.

"Okay, you can go in. I will take them to the dormitory."

"Okay, many thanks to Old Feng."

Lu Yuan said with a smile.

Feng Zhou smiled and waved his hand.

"Good cultivation."

After saying that, he took Lin Wei and the two to leave.

Lu Yuan and Yang Ping stood at the door and looked at each other.

"Cough, Lu Yuan, we will be roommates in the future, take care. Don't take the previous matter to your heart."

An embarrassing look appeared on Yang Ping's face, After all, his attitude towards Lu Yuan during the previous test was not very good.

Lu Yuan laughed: "I'm not that stingy."

Yang Ping relaxed: "Then go in."

He quickly put the student card in The door is locked.

With a beep, the door opened.

Lu Yuan and Yang Ping walked in.

The entrance is a large hall with sofas, coffee tables and other daily Chang Family residences.

It looks pretty clean.

"Is anyone there?"

Yang Ping looked around and called out loudly.

Not long after, there was movement from upstairs, and a blond young man walked down.

After seeing Lu Yuan and Yang Ping, he was slightly frowned, and then as if thinking of something, he asked:

"Are you freshmen who have moved in?"

Lu Yuan nodded: "Yes Senior, my name is Lu Yuan."

"My name is Yang Ping."

Yang Ping also introduced himself with a smile.

The blond youth smiled: "Hello, two schoolboys. My name is McGonagall. I am in the third grade. There is also a Senior Si Tingfeng in the fifth grade. But he is out now. Master Old Feng should be with you. Have you briefly introduced it?"

Yang Ping nodded:

"Yes, Master Old Feng just said it."

"That's OK, we were here before I live with two seniors in the sixth grade. They just graduated some time ago, and the room has been cleaned by Becky... Oh, Becky is the smart robot in our dormitory. It's upstairs. Come up, I'll take you to your room. ."

McGonagall is very enthusiastic.

"Trouble McGonagall Senior."

Lu Yuan and Yang Ping followed him upstairs.

"Four rooms on the second floor. You two’s room is here. The room has a separate bathroom and balcony. The third floor is a cultivation room, and there is a cultivation room on the ground floor. But there is no Gravity Room in the dormitory. If you want to use it, you have to practice dojo, not far outside the dormitory area. Oh, provided that you have credits..."

McGonagall seemed to be a little ridiculous, and said no when he brought the two into the room. few.

Lu Yuan and Yang Ping quickly allocated rooms.

McGonagall called Becky who was cleaning the corridors:

"Becky, make a big meal tonight, and today I will pick up the wind for the two students."

"Okay, Master."

McGonagall turned his head and looked towards Lu Yuan and Yang Ping, said with a smile:    "I will notify Senior Si Tingfeng later, he should be soon I'm back. By the way, you just came to school. You can look at the light brain in the room. The admission notice has a detailed introduction about the school. If you have anything else, you can also ask me."

"Okay, many thanks Senior."

Lu Yuan is a little grateful, this Senior is very nice.

"You're welcome, then I'll go cultivated first."

McGonagall laughed back to his room.

Lu Yuan and Yang Ping also returned to their rooms.

Lu Yuan looked at his room.

The room is not too big, the furniture has a wardrobe, bed, desk, and a small bookshelf.

There is a door to the bathroom on the other side.

There is a black light brain on the desk.

Lu Yuan turned on the light brain, entered the student number and password to log in, and found the admission notice.

He clicked on the admission notice and read it carefully, and found that Feng Zhou had basically said it, except for what he said, it was some school rules and disciplines.

In addition to the admission notice, there is also a school mall.

This is what Lu Yuan is most interested in.

According to the introduction in the admission notice, all items collected by Genius Camp can be bought in the mall!    He was a little looking forward to opening the school's mall, which contained a dazzling array of products, and the categories were similar to those of mall.

He clicked on his most curious category of extraordinary genes, directly sorting from the highest price to the lowest.

Soon, Lu Yuan's eyes widened and his breathing was a little short.

battle skill: Mirror of all directions

battle skill: instantaneous air step   battle skill: control puppet technique   battle skill: cut air    battle skill: cross Volley

battle skill: Petrified Eye


There are too many powerful battle skills, even in the space department.

There are also puppet control techniques that force others to become your puppets, and petrified eyes that can make people petrify by seeing others, and so on.

However, these rare and extraordinary genes all require a lot of credits.

The most expensive thing is the extraordinary gene of Bafang Mirror. This extraordinary gene is a Sovereign-level gene, and it takes a full 10 million credits to purchase it.

You need to know that if you are ranked first in the battle strength list every month, you can get 10,000, 120,000 a year, and less than 1 million in six years.

How can I get 10 million credits during school?   Not only that, this is also an extraordinary gene at the Sovereign level, even if Lu Yuan wants to burn, he can't burn it.

Lu Yuan found that he should look for extraordinary genes below the leader level.

Then you can burn directly after the breakthrough.

After screening the conditions, Lu Yuan quickly found the extraordinary gene that matched it.

battle skill: Flashing

battle skill: Flickering Shadow sword   battle skill: Thousand Flower Phantom Art   battle skill: Blinking Thunder    …………

The first extraordinary gene, flashing is only a boss-level extraordinary gene, and the price is indeed the highest.

A full 2 ​​million is needed.

Lu Yuan looked a little confused.

You know, this is just an extraordinary gene at the boss level!

The increase in Fleshy body after burning is far less than that of the leader-level, lord-level, and king-level genes.

2 million credits, if you change to other transcendent genes, I'm afraid you can buy king-level or even Sovereign-level transcendent genes.

One can imagine how powerful the battle skill attached to this extraordinary gene is.

Lu Yuan checked the introduction of this flashing battle skill.

After using spiritual power, you can flash and move in a short distance.

The specific distance depends on the spiritual power consumption, but the longer the distance, the more spiritual power is consumed.

(End of this chapter)

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