My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 114

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  Chapter 114 The Prince of the Empire, Si Tingfeng (Additional for Tianqiang 999 Alliance Leader)

Lu Yuan pupil Shrink slightly.

Teleportation ability!

No wonder it takes so many credits.

When fighting, it’s too bad to be able to move instantaneously.

Is there a stronger movement method than this?

Boss level...

If he buys this extraordinary gene, he can burn it directly as long as he breaks through.

Although the shortcomings of flicker are quite obvious, one is that the distance is very short, and the other is that the spiritual power is not small, but it can continue to evolve, when the time comes, it may directly pass through the space, from Maybe one planet goes to another planet?   Unfortunately, he doesn't have so many credits...

2 million credits.

How can this be done?    Lu Yuan face full of black lines, I’m a little skeptical that Genius Camp marked such a high price, but I don’t want to sell the extraordinary genes.

Lu Yuan had to look at other extraordinary genes again.

The Flickering Shadow sword can move in the shadows and jump out of the shadows of others to attack.

is a leader-level battle skill that requires 800,000 credits.

Qianhua Phantom Art is a movement class type battle skill, which has the Illusion Technique effect to confuse the opponent.

Although the speed is very fast, facing enemies who are immune to Illusion Technique, the formidable power is greatly reduced.

This requires 600,000 credits.

Ben thunder flash, is also a speed type battle skill, the body turns into thunder, can burst out very fast speed.

500,000 credits are required.

Lu Yuan looked at his scalp numb, each of them cost hundreds of thousands of credits, which is too exaggerated.

You can't get so many credits from robbery, right?


Lu Yuan complexion changed, suddenly thought of something...



Lu Yuan, if you are gambling, maybe you really hope to get a few million credits?

But this has to be planned.

Lu Yuan feels that he may not be able to do this now, after all, his strength is too weak.

Isn’t going to gambling to give people credits?

Oh, he only has 100 credits.

That's all right.

Lu Yuan turned off the classification of extraordinary genes and didn't want to look at it anymore.

lest you look sad.

Then Lu Yuan thought that now his cultivation base has reached First Rank Peak. Maybe there is a source stone or Heaven and Earth Treasure that can help break the genetic lock for sale?   Lu Yuan had been hunting ominous beasts before and only got two First Rank source stones.

The eight First Rank source stones needed for distance to breakthrough are still far away.

If you can buy First Rank source stone, that's the best.

Lu Yuan is looking forward to searching for source stone.

I didn't expect it was really found by Lu Yuan.

Whether it’s from warrior breakthrough to Battle Master’s First Rank source stone, Battle Master breakthrough to War General’s Second Rank source stone, or even War General breakthrough to Battle Venerable’s third rank source stone. Sell.

The price of First Rank source stone is 500 credits each.

It's cheaper than he thought.

Unfortunately, even at such a cheap price, Lu Yuan cannot afford it.

He only has 100 credits.

And he still needs six First Rank source stones.

A total of 3000 credits.

Only the 4th to 10th places in the battle strength Ranking List have 3000 credits.

It’s hard enough to get six source stones.

Lu Yuan feels helpless.

He checked other items again.

He found that the value of 100 credits is almost equivalent to a First Rank boss with a relatively poor effect.

But Lu Yuan is not short of genetic weapons now, so he didn't buy it.

He intends to save the credits, when the time comes to buy the source stone directly.

Lu Yuan was still checking the mall, the door of the room was knocked, and McGonagall’s voice sounded: "Lu Yuan, come out quickly, Senior Si Tingfeng is back. Come out. We will connect you to Yang Ping's younger brother!"


Lu Yuan turned off the light brain and opened the door.

When he opened the door, McGonagall had already knocked on the door of Yang Ping opposite.

Soon, Yang Ping also came out.

"Let’s go down. Senior Feng is already waiting for you below."

McGonagall said with a smile.

The three of them went downstairs and came to the restaurant.

At the dinner table, a handsome black haired youth is placing tableware with Becky.

McGonagall said with a smile:

"Listen to Senior Feng, they are down."

With that, he turned his head and looked towards Lu Yuan and Yang Ping:    "I will introduce you two. This is Senior Si Tingfeng. He is the four princes of our empire, and his cultivation talent is also very good. He is always in the top ten of the battle strength list."

Both Lu Yuan and Yang Ping were taken aback, their eyes widened in surprise.

Yang Ping somewhat excitedly said:

"I was a little puzzled when I heard the surname of Si before, it turned out to be His Royal Highness the Four Princes."

Lu Yuan Hearing this name, it suddenly occurred to me that I had seen similar names somewhere before, and I always felt a little familiar.

But he couldn't remember it for a while.

At this time, Si Tingfeng has already set up the tableware with Becky. His handsome face is smiling, and it looks a little free and unrestrained:

"Don't call it your Royal Highness." Now, everyone is a Genius Camp student, and the future will be the pillars of the empire. I am no different from you, just your Senior. Just call me Senior."

"Okay, listen Senior Feng. My name is Yang Ping."

Yang Ping scratched his head somewhat sorry, said with a smile.

Lu Yuan also introduced himself with a smile:

"Listen to Senior Feng. My name is Lu Yuan."

Si Tingfeng took a look at Lu Yuan, said with a smile:

"Lu Yuan, when I came back, I heard someone discussing you. I heard that you are only the First Rank. During the test, I was able to compete with the low-level bosses of the Second Rank. It’s amazing, I’m afraid it won’t be long before you have your silhouette in the top 50 of the battle strength list."

Listening to Si Tingfeng’s words, McGonagall looked a little surprised towards Lu Yuan:

"Lu Yuan is such a strong student? Hasn't he already had such a strong battle strength before joining Genius Camp? Isn't this qualified for the top ten in the future?"

Lu Yuan is a little bit Sorry’s laughed: "good luck."

"Strength is not explained by luck. The so-called good luck is just the inevitable result of hard work."

Si Tingfeng smiled and said something, and then opened the mouth and said:

"Don't talk about this, let's eat first."

Four people seated, Si Tingfeng lifted up the top Beer mug, said with a smile:

"Welcome two students to enroll and stay in dormitory 112. Everyone should get along well. As your Senior, you can find me if you have any difficulties in the future. "

McGonagall also said with a smile:

"Also, I have stayed at Genius Camp for three years more than you guys. If you have any questions, you can ask Me."

"many thanks to Senior Feng and McGonagall Senior."

Four people clink glasses.

The four of them chatted while eating.

Yang Ping was a little excited opened the mouth and said:

"I just looked at the school mall. There are so many good things, but unfortunately I don't have credits to buy."

He was a little depressed and poured a glass of beer.

McGonagall ate a piece of meat, said with a smile:

"Credits, no matter which student is missing, I have been in school for three years, and I still lack credits. , Don’t talk about me, even the top ten geniuses like Senior Feng in the battle strength list all the year round, and even the school teachers lack credits."

Si Tingfeng nodded said:

" McGonagall is right. The time for your enrollment is a bit unlucky. Today is September 3. It happens to be the beginning of the month. If enrolled at the end of last month, you can take a battle strength test at the end of the month and get a sum of battle strength. Ranking List rewards."

Hearing this, McGonagall also echoed:    "I heard what Senior Feng said is correct. Especially for Lu Yuan students, it is too bad. Now. Lu Yuan’s younger brother is already able to compete with the leader of the Second Rank, and he will surely make it into the top 300 of the battle strength list, which is 500 credits. For Lu Yuan’s cultivation base, 500 credits are OK I bought a lot of good things. Of course, Yang Ping’s younger brother doesn’t matter. Anyway, after 500, there will be 10 credits. Are they all the same."

Yang Ping: "???? "

I don't know what's going on, he feels insulted.

It's a bit heartbreaking.

Yang Ping looked at McGonagall a little bitterly, and poured another glass of beer.

The bitter wine enters my throat and my heart hurts.

Lu Yuan showed a trace of heartache when he heard McGonagall's words: "Mag Senior, I feel a little uncomfortable with what you said. I feel like I have lost a hundred million."

" hahahaha, if you really want to count it, 500 credits don’t have a hundred million, it’s not too much difference."

Si Tingfeng tunes said with a smile: "If your heartaches, just have a drink, it will feel better."

Lu Yuan hadn’t drunk yet, Yang Ping next to him had a ton of wine. He was a little curious and asked:

"Listen to Senior Feng, how can I get credits quickly? "

After a pause, he opened the mouth and said again:

"Except for the battle strength list."

Yang Ping is still very self-aware Yes, know your own strength.

Lu Yuan also looked at Si Tingfeng curiously.

Si Tingfeng thought for a while, opened the mouth and said:

"In the early stage, doing tasks is one way. You can also get some credits for doing simple tasks, and you can also Use some precious treasures to trade credits with other students privately. After you have a certain amount of credits, you can change body refinement or even spiritual skills to improve battle strength, hit the battle strength list, the battle strength list is higher, and you get more credits. The strength is also improved faster, and you can do other tasks at higher levels, and go to the place of origin to obtain more precious treasures. This can form a virtuous circle."

Yang Ping listened to nodded: "Then I am tomorrow Just go and see what tasks there are!"

Lu Yuan asked with some curiosity: "Can credits be traded in private?"

McGonagall smiled and opened the mouth and said:" Of course, the school does not prohibit it, so transactions are naturally allowed. Even our student forums can also post transaction posts. You can sell any good things you have. If your things are precious enough, even teachers will buy them with credits."

Si Tingfeng said: "Mag is right: in addition to these, gambling is also a good way. Of course, for you two, the strength is still a bit weak."

Lu Yuan looked thoughtful of nodded.

According to his current situation, he still goes to the place of origin to obtain more resources, evolve genes, and increase cultivation base. If there is a treasure that he can't use, he will trade for credits.

Then use these credits to transform into battle strength and hit the battle strength list.

This road suits him best.

A sumptuous dinner lasted for several hours. After the end, everyone went upstairs and returned to their rooms.

As for handling leftovers, Becky is there, so it is natural that Lu Yuan does not need to deal with it by himself.

Because Lu Yuan came out of the place of origin this morning, he needs to wait until tomorrow if he wants to go in again.

At night, Lu Yuan lay on the bed to rest and turned on the phone.

Li Qinghe sent a message to Lu Yuan earlier.

"Yuan younger brother, how is the accommodation? Are you still used to it?"

Lu Yuan smiled and replied:    "Still used to it, being in the same building as me There is also an empire’s prince named Si Tingfeng. Just now he and another Senior held a wind reception dinner for me and Yang Ping."

Li Qinghe has not yet entered the place of origin, and he quickly replied. :    "So you and Si Tingfeng kid are in the same dormitory?"

"Sister Qinghe, do you know him?"

"Well, Si Family also has a Battle Emperor, after all, Moreover, our Li Family is nominally the family of the Red Maple Empire. The relationship with the Si Family is fairly close. Of course we know each other."

Lu Yuan suddenly.

Think about it. As the Battle Emperor family, Li Family is extremely noble, and it is normal to know the Royal Family.

"Yes, I have already contacted your tutor, she should come to you tomorrow."

Seeing Li Qinghe's news, Lu Yuan was stunned:

"She? Sister Qinghe, who are you talking about?"

"Sister, my best friend, she happens to be a mentor in Genius Camp and is also a guardian warrior. My sister is Let her take care of you."

Lu Yuan is full of question marks.

Sister Qinghe's best friend?

"Could it be your girlfriend who has a room in your house?"

"Yes, is the younger brother very smart? She is a big beauty, so she asks for students Low, there are a lot of students who want to join her, but now she has confiscated even one student, but it took a long time for her sister to give you a chance. Don’t lose your sister’s face."

Lu Yuan looked at the news, a little surprised.

With the strength of Sister Qinghe's innate talent, her girlfriends shouldn't be weak, right?

Lu Yuan is looking forward to it.

"Sister Qinghe, don't worry, I'm a genius."

"Look at you, please wait when you surpass me. Little rookie."

Li Qinghe ruthless hit Lu Yuan.

After chatting with Li Qinghe for a few days, Lu Yuan started to rest.

Early in the second day.

Lu Yuan was still cultivation, and heard a little excited voice outside the door:

"Lu Yuan, brother! Lu Yuan, brother! Open the door, open the door, someone is looking for You!"

Lu Yuan opened his eyes, a little puzzled.

It's McGonagall's voice.

He went out and saw McGonagall's expression very excited. Behind McGonagall, Yang Ping was also there.

Seeing Lu Yuan open the door, McGonagall looked up at him with a very complicated expression.

"Fuck! Lu Yuan, you finally figured it out! Tell Senior, how did you do it?!"

Lu Yuan: "?"

He looked at McGonagall with a puzzled look: "How did you do it?"

McGonagall's eyes were red: "Of course it is Si Tingyu teacher! Si Tingyu teacher came to us unexpectedly! I asked you to accept you as a student?! How did you do it? That’s Si Tingyu teacher! Genius Camp’s dream girl for all teachers and students!"

Si Tingyu teacher?

Lu Yuan was stunned, then thought of what Sister Qinghe said yesterday.

Previously, Sister Qinghe said that the teacher he was looking for was this Si Tingyu?


Si Tingyu, Si Tingfeng...

Lu Yuan's face is a bit weird.

Isn’t this also Royal Family?

Think about it carefully, with the status of Li Qinghe, her best friend may really belong to the Royal Family.

Seeing Lu Yuan stunned, McGonagall asked eagerly:

"School brother, Lu Yuan boy! How did you do it? Can you let Si Tingyu teacher take it again? A student?"

Behind McGonagall, Yang Ping looked at Lu Yuan expectantly, with longing eyes in his eyes:    "Cough...that, Brother Yuan, look at my brother, I don’t have a mentor yet. ......"

Lu Yuan: "......"

Looking at the two of them, Lu Yuan face full of black lines.

Mom's mentally retarded.

Yang Ping is a force attack system, McGonagall is an assassination system, and neither of them is a guardian system.

Do you still want to be a student of the guardian warrior?   Is this a bad brain?

(End of this chapter)

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