My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 115

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2021-10-06   Chapter 115 Princess Sisters (as a wind Alliance Leader plus more)

Lu Yuan explained some silent Said: "My sister asked Si Tingyu for tutor. Don't think about it. I don't know Si Tingyu at all... By the way, is the tutor below?"

Yang Ping and McGonagall looked disappointed.

"Yes, the tutor is below. I listen to Senior Feng with him."

Lu Yuan nodded, went downstairs.


The living room.

A beautiful woman with long golden hair is sitting on the sofa.

Her skin is white and her facial features are extremely delicate. The most impressive thing is the pair of golden red eyes, like dragon eyes, revealing full majesty.

The woman's face is calm, sitting upright, and looking very serious.

Next to the woman, Si Tingfeng sits on the side, with a smile on Junyi’s face:

"Eldest sister, wait, Lu Yuan’s younger brother should be soon It’s here."

The woman was nodded, and then took a look at Si Tingfeng:

"This is the school, you want to call me teacher."

Si Tingfeng corner of Mouth twitching: "...Okay, teacher."

His heart is bitter.

Empire Princess Zhang Si Tingyu, innate talent is outstanding, meticulous, and very serious.

Si Tingfeng, who is usually unrestrained and unrestrained, is most afraid of this elder sister.

It is easy to be trained accidentally.

Si Tingfeng was very puzzled. It was obvious that so many people wanted to be her students before, and she didn't accept any of them, so she wanted to accept the new Lu Yuan?

Si Tingfeng curious and asked:    "big ...... Division teacher, how do you think of mentor the younger brother of Lu Yuan before you do and Lu Yuan Science brother know??"

Si Tingyu shook the head: "It’s Qinghe, please."

"Li Family Eldest Young Lady?!"

Si Tingfeng widened his eyes slightly with a face Stunned.

"Lu Yuan has such a background? What is his relationship with Li Family Eldest Young Lady?"

Si Tingyu took a look at Si Tingfeng: "You want to know, Just go and ask Lu Yuan directly."

Si Tingfeng forced a smile: "haha...I'm just a little curious."

At that moment, there was footsteps on the stairs. The two looked over.

Lu Yuan walked downstairs.

He immediately saw Si Tingyu and Si Tingfeng sitting on the sofa.

The beauty of Si Tingyu makes Lu Yuan feel a little surprised, but he is not too surprised.

After all, Sister Qinghe had already told him yesterday.

I can only say that she is indeed a big beauty, not bad compared to Sister Qinghe.

After seeing Si Tingyu and Si Tingfeng have several points of similar faces, Lu Yuan affirmed his conjecture. This Si Tingyu is probably a Her Highness the Princess.

"Lu Yuan, come here soon."

Si Tingfeng was sitting there and felt uncomfortable. Seeing Lu Yuan coming over, he felt that he was saved and hurriedly greeted him.

"The teacher came to you."

Si Tingyu looked at Lu Yuan, with a serious face opened the mouth and said:

"Lu Yuan, Qinghe said that your innate talent is good, and suggested that I accept you as a student. You can call me a tutor."

Lu Yuan didn't expect Si Tingyu to be so direct that he was stunned.

But he quickly react, respectfully said:   "mentor!"

Si Tingyu nodded, stood up.

Lu Yuan only discovered that Si Tingyu is tall and tall, with a height of close to 1.8 meters, which is only a little shorter than Lu Yuan.

"It's not convenient here. Come to my place with me. I will try to see your actual level first."

Lu Yuan glanced at Si Tingfeng, Si Tingfeng smiled at him Lu Yuan waved his hand.

On the stairs, Yang Ping and McGonagall looked at Lu Yuan with envy and their eyes turned green.

Lu Yuan face full of black lines, followed Si Tingyu and left the dormitory.

Soon, the two came to the teachers' dormitory area.

Compared with the student dormitory, the teachers’ dormitory is a small building for one person, and the accommodation environment is better.

After all, it is War King or even Battle Sovereign powerhouse.

Of course, this kind of powerhouse came to Genius Camp to teach, I am afraid the purpose is also for the good things of Genius Camp.

Entering the door, Lu Yuan looked at the hall. Like Si Tingyu's serious temper, the sofa, coffee table and other furniture are all neatly placed.

The entire living room looks very simple and plain.

Si Tingyu took Lu Yuan without staying, and went to the underground cultivation room.

In the empty cultivation room, Si Tingyu and Lu Yuan stood face to face.

Si Tingyu both hands crossed near chest, Jin Red's eyes looked at Lu Yuan.

This posture made Lu Yuan find that his mentor was more turbulent than Sister Qinghe.

This must be 36D or higher, right? !   Si Tingyu serious voice sounded:

" While I agreed Qing He, do you mentor but I just give you a high chance of my request, you will be very strict. .? If you can not make it, then I can only sorry Qing He, you understand me "

Lu Yuan Si Tingyu see serious, but also seriously nodded:    " I understand. "

"Let me take a look at your basics first. I heard that your battle strength is good. During the test, I fought a bull with the cultivation base of First Rank and the stone armor of Second Rank."

Si Tingyu didn't even realize the genetic weapon, and beckoned to Lu Yuan: "Attack me with all his strength."

Lu Yuan had a serious face and revealed the genetic weapon. , The dark red blade in his hand emerged.

He intends to attack with all his strength.

As the instructor of Genius Camp, Si Tingyu must be a War King powerhouse.

He doesn't think he can hurt her by attacking with all his strength.

"Teacher, I'm on it."

He loudly shouts, the red copper light runs at full force, his legs bend, and he kicks the ground.


With the thunder bursting sound, Lu Yuan's body appeared in front of Si Tingxue. The heavy sword in his hand was lifted up and severely cut towards Si Tingyu.

In his body, the black steel is surging, unreservedly venting his power.

The powerful sword wind whizzed, Si Tingyu golden's long hair fluttered, she raised her white palm and placed one finger horizontally, blocking the heavy sword.


The symphony of gold and iron sounded, Lu Yuan felt that his heavy sword was cut on an alloy, and his arms were slightly numb.

And Si Tingyu's golden red eyes also flashed a surprised look.

With a finger pick, Lu Yuan felt a surge of force, and he took two steps involuntarily.

Si Tingyu looked at Lu Yuan, serious face emerges out of a hint of a smile, looked at Lu Yuan, said:    "Your cultivated body refinement your strength is not like you this level? , Is much better than I thought."

Lu Yuan nodded and said: "Yes, I cultivation body refinement."

Si Tingyu nodded, then opened the mouth and said:

"You burned a guardian battle skill, right? Let me see your defensive ability. I attack you, and you block it well."

Lu Yuan For a moment, his face became serious: "Okay."

For defense, he is still confident.

At this moment, Si Tingyu pointed a jade to Lu Yuan, which looked unremarkable, not even fluctuating.

But Lu Yuan felt a fatal threat. His hair exploded and he quickly blocked it with his sword.

clang !   Jin Tiejiao song sounded, Lu Yuan face drastic changes.

He felt a terrifying force coming from Si Tingyu's light and fluttering finger.

His body flew upside down and hit the wall hard.


The walls and floor of the cultivation room are made of hard high level materials, and they are not damaged by Lu Yuan.

On the contrary, Lu Yuan's whole body was shaken to a little bit more pain.

He stood up straight and looked at Si Tingyu in shock.

Si Tingyu slightly frowned, looking at Lu Yuan with some dissatisfaction:

"Your physique is not weak compared to your level, but your defense skills are too rough I wasted this physique in vain."

Lu Yuan was taken aback: "The defense skills are rough?"

"Relief, power, block, all skills are very good Rough."

Si Tingyu Weiwei shook the head, and then opened the mouth and said:

"But after all, you don’t have to learn the defense type of body refinement. It is inevitable. With you If you learn the corresponding skills, you can improve your defensive ability a few more levels."

Lu Yuan opened his eyes slightly, a little excited: "Really? Tutor, do you want to teach me? "

Lu Yuan is not ignorant of defense body refinement.

It is even sold in the mall, but the preciousness of body refinement can be compared with that of extraordinary genes. The more powerful the body refinement, the more precious it is.

Lu Yuan has no credits if he wants to buy it.

Not only defense body refinement, but also body refinement speed. Lu Yuan also wants to buy it, but he still has no credits.

Now if Si Tingyu is willing to teach her body refinement, wouldn't it save a lot of credits?

Si Tingyu serious face emerges out of a smile:     Si Tingyu thought about it and continued opening the mouth and said: "But before teaching you the body refinement to increase the strength of your body's defense, I will first teach you defense skills, how to unload and block when facing an attack. It is the most efficient. These are the basics, you need to study hard."



The underground of Si Tingyu dormitory cultivation room.

Si Tingyu a finger pointed, Lu Yuan's eyes flashed a fierce color, and the heavy sword in his hand was blocked in front of the jade finger.


A huge power emerged from the jade finger, Lu Yuan's face condensed, his body vibrated slightly, and the skeleton muscles changed with the power transmission, transmitting that huge power to the earth.

Unlike flying out in the morning, Lu Yuan's face was slightly white, and he went backwards continuously until he hit the wall hard.

His breathing is rapid, his whole body is soaked in sweat, and his hands are already trembling because of repeated attacks.

Too tired.

I haven't taken a break. I was attacked by Si Tingyu again and again, and then Si Tingyu pointed out his shortcomings.

Continue to be attacked after improvement.

Lu Yuan did not absorb Spirit Crystal to restore spiritual power, nor did he use natural seeds.

His spiritual power had dried up before, and his body was even more sore.

Lu Yuan mouth twitched, his face with a trace of bitterness:   "mentor, we can not rest at consecutive practiced for six hours?."

Si Tingyu looked at Lu Yuan seriously, opened the mouth and said:

"Only after bitter hardships, can be better than others. My innate talent is actually not high, but I use my own efforts , Can also keep up with Qinghe's footsteps. You are my student, and I believe you can do it too. Only by working hard can you become stronger. If your foundation is not good, you must practice twice, let alone ten times, one hundred times practice. "

Lu Yuan corner of mouth twitching, cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

Your own mentor is a madman, right? !

As for Si Tingyu's bad innate talent, Lu Yuan didn't believe a word.

Can someone with a bad innate talent become a War King at such a young age?   "over, continue!"

Lu Yuan struggling body, continue walked past.


In the evening.

Si Tingyu once again pointed to Lu Yuan's heavy sword.

Lu Yuan hummed, his body posture changed, trying to get rid of the terrifying power.

His face turned pale, his body backed more than ten steps, and finally stopped, there are still three steps away from the Juli wall.

Si Tingyu smiled upon seeing this scene.

"Compared with before, now you can take a bit of strength and improve. You have learned the specific skills, and the next step is to practice. The power I use is equivalent to that of the second rank low-level boss. With your physique, you can remove the six-point strength. When you can remove the three-point strength, you are considered qualified. Rest."

Lu Yuan sat on the ground all at once.

This is too tiring.

He is just a First Rank warrior, how can he withstand such a devastation?

Si Tingyu saw Lu Yuan sitting on the ground and seriously opened the mouth and said:

"You can't relax in the next time."

Lu Yuan bitter nodded with a smile: "Good mentor, I will continue to work hard!"


Si Tingyu just smiled, and the beautiful smile made Lu Yuan stared blankly.

Lu Yuan has been very serious about his cultivation in the past few hours, and his comprehension speed is not too slow. Si Tingyu is quite satisfied with Lu Yuan's performance.

At this moment, footsteps sounded from the stairs. Lu Yuan was taken aback, turned his head and looked towards the direction of the stairs, somewhat puzzled.

This is obviously a single dormitory?

How could anyone?   see Lu Yuan some doubts, Si Tingyu said with a slight smile :

" My younger sister coming."

"younger sister?"

Lu Yuan was taken aback.

Si Tingyu nodded: "Well, let me introduce you to it."

When Si Tingyu was talking, Lu Yuan saw a person with blue long hair and blue eyes , Her appearance was similar to Si Tingyu, her height was shorter, and the girl with a cold expression walked down.

blue-haired girl to see Lu Yuan, slightly surprised a moment, turned around and looked towards Si Tingyu, somewhat puzzled and asked:   "? Who is he"

Si Tingyu Explained: "My new student, Lu Yuan."

"Lu Yuan, this is my younger sister, Si Tingxue."

"Si Tingxue?" "

Lu Yuan was a little confused when he heard the name: "Where did I hear it?"

Lu Yuan always feels that this name is a bit familiar, as if I heard it somewhere. .

After that, he suddenly widened his eyes and looked at the blue-haired girl:

"Bingxue Princess, Si Tingxue?"

He remembered that he was here. I heard it somewhere.

Two months ago, when he first awakened, he logged on to for the first time and saw news about Si Tingxue.

At that time, it seemed to say that Si Tingxue's breakthrough reached the Battle Master level?

Lu Yuan looked at the blue-haired girl who seemed to be about his age with a little dismay.

Is this girl so strong?   two months ago is already a Battle Master, now you have little power?   hear the words of Lu Yuan, Si Tingyu suddenly said:   "like Cher before the battle over network news, no wonder you have heard of."

She continues introduced: " Xueer is also a student of Genius Camp, just a few months after enrolling, she is in the same class as you. You can communicate more in the future."

Lu Yuan smiled at Si Tingxue: "Si Tingxue Classmates, please show me a lot in the future."

Si Tingyu looked at Lu Yuan, nodded: "en."

Si Tingyu said with a smile: "Today's course is here. Let’s cultivation and master the unloading skills. I hope you can reach the qualification standard within one month. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions."

Lu Yuan gratefully said: "many thanks, instructor’s advice , I will practice hard."

"Well, it's time for dinner. Let's go back after leaving for dinner."

Si Tingyu stayed.

Lu Yuan thought for a while and wanted to build a good relationship with his mentor.

Of course, it's not because Lu Yuan thinks his tutor looks particularly good-looking.

The main reason is to get along often in the future.

He nodded agreed: "Then I'm welcome."

The three people left the underground cultivation room and went up to the first floor. The housekeeper robot of Si Tingyu's house is ready. It's dinner.

Lu Yuan found that Si Tingxue came here for dinner. Her character is colder than Yeye, and her whole body seems to be exuding cold.

When I had dinner, I didn't say a word.

But Si Tingyu occasionally talks.

After dinner, Lu Yuan bid farewell to the two and left the residence building of Si Tingyu.

When he returned to his dormitory, it was already dark.

In the living room, Yang Ping and McGonagall sit on the sofa High Level and wait.

After seeing Lu Yuan, the two rushed forward expectantly.

Yang Ping was a little curious and asked: "Brother Yuan, where did you and Si Tingyu teacher go?"

"Si Tingyu teacher took me to her dormitory and taught me cultivation. . "

Upon hearing this, McGonagall eyes full of envy:    "?!!? Si Tingyu Teacher actually take you to her dormitory you also spent a day inside pass this message Go out, I don’t know how many people are envious and jealous!"

Lu Yuan looked at McGonagall silently, and said:

"Senior, are you envious and jealous?" "

"Crap! That's Si Tingyu teacher! Goddess of Genius Camp! Princess Zhang of the empire! Who can get her favor, don't you go straight to heaven?! The most noble single woman in the Red Maple Empire!" Who do you think you don’t envy?"

Lu Yuan face full of black lines: "Mag Senior is not wanting to eat the soft rice of a tutor?"

McGonagall is not ashamed , On the contrary, opened the mouth and said seriously:

"What's wrong with wanting to eat soft rice? If I can really eat soft rice from Si Tingyu teacher, I will live 100 years less, no, 200 years will do! "

Lu Yuan looked at McGonagall's face, and said seriously:

"Mag Senior, you should try to cultivation. This is more likely than you to succeed in eating soft meals."

McGonagall was taken aback, and then he looked unconvinced: "Am I not handsome enough?!"

Yang Ping on the side was serious and nodded: "It's pretty average, not as good as me. "

"What?! Yang Ping, don't donate your eyes to others! Come on! Let's look in the mirror and see who is more handsome!"

"Senior , It’s not that I said you, it’s a comparison? It must be me!"

Lu Yuan: "..."

He looked at two fools who were beginning to look better, silently Go upstairs and go back to his room.


At night, Lu Yuan entered the land of origin.

Touched the thousands of Spirit Crystal in the pocket, and continued to hunt the ominous beast to obtain the Spirit Crystal.

However, this time, Lu Yuan also started to practice the unloading skills taught by Si Tingyu while hunting.

The skill of unloading power is, in the final analysis, the control of oneself, and there is a bit of Tai Chi thought in it.

Lu Yuan has previous insights, and his cultivation speed is quite fast.

Time passed, and soon more than half a month passed for Lu Yuan to enroll in school.

During the day, Lu Yuan cultivation on his own. He went to Si Tingyu for advice from time to time. Basically every night, Si Tingxue would come to Si Tingyu.

It’s just that his personality is too cold. Until now, Lu Yuan and Si Tingxue are only nodded friends.

Lu Yuan also goes to listen to other teachers' courses from time to time.

Other time is spent in the land of origin.

Lu Yuan hunted a lot of ominous beasts, and all the Spirit Crystals he obtained were used to tempering the'seeds of nature' gene.

It consumed more than 300,000 First Rank Spirit Crystal before and after, and the tempering degree of Seed of Nature only reached 30%.

The Spirit Crystal that tempering boss-level genes needs to consume is several times higher than tempering boss-level genes.

When tempering the'Rejuvenation' battle skill, Lu Yuan consumed about 300,000 First Rank Spirit Crystal. According to this trend, he wants to temper the Seed of Nature to Perfection. More than one million, even close to two million First Rank Spirit Crystal.

This makes Lu Yuan very speechless.

The quality of transcendent genes is high, but it requires too many resources.

He found with some sadness that he seemed to be unable to get rich anymore.

The place of origin, practice dojo Gravity Room.

Lu Yuan is doing push-ups in 12 times gravity.

At this moment, he suddenly stopped and he took out the communication crystal.

A faint white light flashes in the communication crystal.

Lu Yuan switched on, and Amy's delicate little face appeared on the crystal. After

see Lu Yuan, Amy eyes shined, smiled:   "! Lei Feng Lei Feng this Young Lady have a good thing to say to you!!"

Lu Yuan somewhat puzzled and asked:   ! "? What a good thing"

" origin of time in another six months or so, Al mechanical relic is about to leave when the time comes we go, OK ?"

Amy looked expectantly at Lu Yuan.

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