My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 116

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  Chapter 116 Don't bully my family's lady   "El Mechanical Ruins? What is that?"

Lu Yuan asked curiously.

Amy looked surprised: "You don't even know the Ayre mechanical ruins? It is a super large ruin world, which is a lost world of mechanical civilization. There are many treasures, like those High-tech civilization inheritance crystals, as well as a variety of genetic medicines, even psionic weapons, mechanical warriors and the like. The origin time is only opened once in 50 years, and each time the opening lasts for 12 days, only the First Rank The genetic warrior can go in, and every time someone gets a lot of resources from it."

When Lu Yuan heard the word resource, his eyes lit up.

"Can you really get a lot of resources?"

He is too short of resources!

"Of course it's true, can this Young Lady lie to you?"

Seeing Lu Yuan doubt her, Amy pouted her mouth in dissatisfaction.

"Ah, am I surprised? You want me to go with you?"

Amy nodded:

"Well, because Ai Only the First Rank warrior can enter the Er mechanical ruins. Of course, this Young Lady can find a stronger teammate. Lei Feng, even if your strength is weaker than this Young Lady in the First Rank warrior, will not be weaker. Together, we If Gods block, kill the Gods, if Buddhas block, kill the Buddhas!"

Seeing Amy's confident look, Lu Yuan face full of black lines.

He wants to say that he is stronger now.

Anyhow, a leader-level gene has evolved. Is it still weak?

However, Lu Yuan still has some understanding of Amy's strength.

During this period of time, Lu Yuan occasionally chats with Amy to exchange feelings in her free time. She has already burned the second transcendent gene, and her strength has skyrocketed.

Even now, Lu Yuan may not be able to beat Amy.

After thinking about it, Lu Yuan nodded: "Okay, when the time comes, we will go together."

If he and Amy join forces, it should be considered very A strong combination.

Seeing Lu Yuan's agreement, Amy smiled: "That's it. You can come on during this time and continue to improve!"

Lu Yuan nodded, said with a smile: "You can rest assured."

Turning off the communication crystal, Lu Yuan continued cultivation.

The origin time is half a year. If you work hard, you should be able to tempering the'seed of nature' gene to more than 70%, and when the time comes, his strength can be improved a lot.

Because it is related to resources, Lu Yuan has to spare no effort.

Nothing can go wrong at all.


Real world.

Dormitory No. 112.

Lu Yuan, Si Tingfeng, McGonagall and Yang Ping are having dinner.

Yang Ping suddenly thought of something, opened the mouth and said:

"By the way, Brother Yuan, the El mechanical relic will be opened soon, how about we team up? Min'er and Lin Wei contacted me at noon. The three of us plan to form a team together. Let me ask your opinion."

Lu Yuan was taken aback, and then opened the mouth and said:

"I just promised a friend to go to the ruins with her."

Yang Ping was taken aback, a little disappointed:

"Huh? You? Who is that friend? Is it also from our Genius Camp?"

Lu Yuan shook the head: "No, a friend I met in the place of origin."

Yang Ping Some regrets: "I still think about the four of us when the time comes together. With the strength of the four of us, we will definitely have a lot of gains in the ruins."

"Younger Yang Ping, Don’t think of Aier’s mechanical ruins too simple. It’s easy to lose."

Si Tingfeng’s handsome face has a smile and a hint of memory on his face: "Forget it. Time, it seems that the time has come for the Ayre Mechanical Relics to be opened. Unconsciously, almost five years have passed."

The actual time is one month, and the equivalent to origin time is almost one year.

Ayre's mechanical relics are opened once in fifty years, and naturally equivalent to almost five years in reality.

"El Mechanical Ruins are the most watched First Rank Ruins of the world in Baiyunzhou. Not only humans will enter, but elves, Kobolds, Kamans, cats and so on are all of the Baiyunzhou races. The First Rank warrior will always go in. There are too many talents. The competition will be fierce."

Hearing Si Tingfeng's words, Yang Ping complexion changed, think about it as if it really is.

He took a bit of bitterness: "I am not the highest peak genius in the Red Maple Empire, isn't it dangerous when the time comes?"

McGonagall rolled the eyes:" Look at you, there are many worse than you in it, what are you afraid of?"

He showed a trace of regret:    "Unfortunately, when I was in First Rank, there were no mechanical relics of Al Open, I’m impossible to press the cultivation base without breakthrough. I haven’t even gone in. It’s a pity."

"During this time, some of the junior sisters of the First Rank in our Genius Camp should start to be students Did you form a team in Post Bar?" Si Tingfeng said with a smile, "I don’t know who can get the most from it?"

McGonagall thought for a while, said with a smile: "Now in First Rank warrior , The stronger ones, besides Lu Yuan’s younger brother, are Barris from the Crazy Long Family and Lu Wei from Lú Family, right? They enrolled nearly half a year earlier than Lu Yuan’s younger brother, and they should have some accomplishments in body refinement. I remember the battle strength list last month. Both of them seem to be in the top 100, right?"

Si Tingfeng said with a slight smile: "Barris ranked 104th, Lu Wei There are also 156, which is pretty good for newcomers in the first year."

"Listen to Senior Feng, with their strength, you should be able to gain a lot?"

McGonagall looked at Si Tingfeng and asked curiously.

Si Tingfeng smiled and shook the head: "It's not necessarily. It depends on their luck."


McGonagall, Lu Yuan Both Yang Ping and Yang Ping looked at Si Tingfeng with some curiosity.

Among them, only Si Tingfeng has entered the ruins.

A complex color flashed in Si Tingfeng’s eyes: “There are too many races that have entered the El Mechanical Ruins, and it is inevitable that there will be some monsters. Those people are not measurable by common sense. I was in the Ruins last time. I just came across one, First Rank can kill the leader of Second Rank Peak ominous beast, Kobold. As long as he appears, everyone else has a strategic withdrawal."

"First Rank can kill Second Rank The ominous beast boss of Peak?! What monster is that?"

Yang Ping is full of question marks.

McGonagall was also a little shocked.

Si Tingfeng laughed: "At that time, there were two more monsters like this. I don't know if there will be any this time."

Yang Ping: "... "

The meat on his chopsticks fell onto the plate, making him a little confused.

The McGonagall on the side has some hehe laughed taking pleasure in other people's misfortune.

Lu Yuan is also under heavy pressure.

He thought of Ye Ye and Amy.

That should also be the monster that inherited the genes of the ancestors.

During this time, I have to continue to work hard on cultivation.

Si Tingfeng saw Yang Ping and Lu Yuan with solemn faces and smiled comforted:    "Don’t worry too much. The world of Aier Machinery Relic is very big. As long as you pay attention, you will usually not encounter it. Kind of monsters. Those kinds of monsters are basically going to the core area of ​​the ruins. As long as you don’t be too greedy and covet the resources you can’t control. Then with your strength, you can still get a lot of gains."

When I heard Si Tingfeng's words, Yang Ping eyes shined, I suddenly felt that I was doing it again.

"Senior is right! I, Yang Ping, is also a genius of the Red Maple Empire anyway. In the First Rank warrior, even if I am not Peak's batch, I am considered the upper powerhouse? When the time comes at Worst!"

McGonagall gave a smirk and looked at Yang Ping and said:   "Maybe you are out of luck, when the time comes, did you meet a monster head-on?"


Yang Ping: "???"

He was full of black lines and looked at McGonagall dissatisfied:    "Mag Senior, how can you curse the younger brother so much?" "

"Hahahaha, am I afraid that you are floating? You see how steady Lu Yuan is."

Lu Yuan: "??"

He was just thinking about taking advantage of this period of cultivation to improve his strength.

He is also a person with dreams, since he is going to the ruins, he must go to the core area to see.

After a meal, several people returned to their rooms to rest.

Lu Yuan was posted on the school post through Guangbrain.

As Si Tingfeng said, there are several posts in the post bar for team formation.

All are the First Rank warrior who just entered school.

Not only the school post, Lu Yuan went to look at again, and found that this was also being discussed in

Obviously, this El mechanical relic is more precious than Lu Yuan thought.

At night, Lu Yuan once again entered the land of origin and continued his cultivation.


Real world, September 28th.

At night, Lu Yuan took a deep breath, his face was condensed, and he entered the place of origin.

He appeared outside of Dojo.

As soon as he appeared, Lu Yuan took out the communication crystal and contacted Amy.

The white light in the crystal flickered a few times, and Amy's image appeared.

"Hey! Lei Feng! Where are you now?"

"I'm practicing outside dojo."

"You wait, we come here now Pick you up!"


Lu Yuan nodded, ended the communication.

He was standing outside the door of dojo, watching the genetic warrior of people coming, people going.

On the way, several genetic warriors are chatting.

"Have you heard? The El Mechanical Ruins are about to be opened."

"...How long ago is this? You just heard about it now? Did you just go online? ?"

"Unconsciously five years have passed, but unfortunately I am now a Battle Master, otherwise I will definitely visit the ruins."

"You can get it, right? Last time you went in for a few hours and you died."

"Ah, last time it was bad luck. I met a very strong alien. Generally I think just be careful not to die so quickly. Yes."

"Anyway, we are out of play. Don't think about it."


A few genetic warriors usually chat. , Lu Yuan walked by.

Lu Yuan discovered that the topic of Aier's mechanical ruins was indeed very popular during this period.

Whether it is in Genius Camp or Origin, basically everyone can talk a few words.

Even when Lu Yuan went to Si Tingyu for cultivation, Si Tingyu said something to Lu Yuan.

Not only Si Tingyu, but Li Qinghe is the same, even in the future War God group some people say.

Although Lu Yuan’s old classmates, only Wang Xiangxiang has just passed through to the First Rank, and has also been admitted to the Imperial Capital Genetic Warrior Academy.

For the others, Cao Yan was admitted to the top 20 Genetic Warrior Academy, and the Academy of the others was pretty average.

When Lu Yuan dropped out of school, Wang Xiangxiang received news from several people, like Lu Yuan asked about the situation.

When they heard that Lu Yuan had actually entered the real genius gathering place of the Red Maple Empire, all of them were very envious and kept shouting and hugging their thighs.

Lu Yuan's thoughts fluttered, thinking that there was something missing. Soon, a gorgeous carriage stopped at the door of the training dojo, which attracted a lot of attention.

The carriage window opened, and Amy's delicate pretty face appeared, and she shouted to Lu Yuan:

"Lei Feng, get in the car! We have to go there quickly That's all right!"

Lu Yuan was called back to God by Amy, and found that the pedestrians on the roadside were curiously looking at him.

He was on the carriage against everyone's gaze.

In the carriage, besides Amy, there is also Wang Lingling.

Wang Lingling smiled at Lu Yuan: "Mr. Lei, long time no see."

Lu Yuan also responded with a kind smile: "long time no see."


Lu Yuan is still very happy with the greeting of the beautiful woman.

Amy sits next to Wang Lingling, staring at the cute Kazilan with big eyes, looking at Lu Yuan: "Lei Feng! Have you tried hard to cultivation during this period? How strong is it? I am already It’s almost the First Rank Peak! The battle strength has improved a lot compared to when I was in the Misty Forest!"

Then, she said with a smile proudly: "Now my strength is certain I can easily defeat you."

Lu Yuan was a little surprised.

didn't expect Amy's cultivation speed is so fast, it's already approaching First Rank Peak.

You know, his spiritual power absorption speed must be faster than Amy.

But Lu Yuan thought, Amy is a member of the Great Emperor family after all, and the cultivation resources he possesses are definitely not comparable to Lu Yuan.

Compared to Spirit Crystal, Heaven and Earth Treasure is better, and she must have it too.

Lu Yuan is relieved when he thinks about it this way.

He looked at Amy and laughed: "As expected of Amy, that's amazing. When the time comes, I will rely on you more in the ruins."

"hmph ! After all, it’s this Young Lady, no way, when the time comes, you can just follow me!"

Amy is so proud of herself.

Wang Lingling next to him looked at Amy proudly, rubbed his forehead, and smiled a little helplessly.

My lady is really so foolish...

I feel dizzy when she is casually coaxed by this young man.

She should watch her a little bit more, lest the young lady is deceived by this boy.

While she was thinking, she said while spiritual power sound transmission:

"Mr. Lei, don't bully my family's lady like this, my family's lady is very simple."

Lu Yuan looked innocent:    "Lingling girl, I am wronged! I am obviously complimenting Amy."

Wang Lingling looked at Lu Yuan with a grimace.

She still doesn't know what this young man thinks?

Because she usually fools her own lady like this!   No one can understand this better than her.

Lu Yuan was embarrassed by Wang Lingling's resentful eyes, coughed dryly, and silently looked away.

He changed the subject:

"Yes, Amy, are we two going this time?"

"Of course not! This Young The elites in Lady’s adventure group are already waiting at Transmission Formation. You are the only one left. I’m not bringing Lingling to pick you up."

Lu Yuan suddenly, he watched Wang Lingling on the side:    "Does Lingling go with me too?"

Wang Lingling slightly smiled: "My cultivation base has exceeded the First Rank, so I can't get in."


Lu Yuan nodded, his face was dazed.

Wang Lingling looked at Lu Yuan and opened the mouth and said:

"When the time comes, I have to trouble Mr. Lei to take care of you."

Lu Yuan nodded: "Don't worry, I will take care of Amy."

"What?! This Young Lady does not need to be taken care of! I take care of Lei Feng almost!"

When Amy heard this, she quit.

Wang Lingling nodded with a serious look:

"Miss, although you are powerful, as a leader, you can't do everything yourself. You have to have someone to take the lead for you, right? Mr. Lei's Innate talent, you can be your proud deputy."

Hearing this, Amy thought about nodded: "Lingling, you have a point."

Lu Yuan : "..."

He gave Wang Lingling a weird look.

Good fellow, you are more skilled than me!   Wang Lingling noticed Lu Yuan's eyes and smiled softly at Lu Yuan.

(End of this chapter)

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