My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 117

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  Chapter 117 Steel world, Floating Void City   Carriage goes all the way, and soon comes to Tianluo The great hall of the city’s teleportation.

Different from the initial cities, large cities such as Tianluo City generally have a Transmission Formation set up, which can be transmitted between the cities in the Alliance or the Origin.

Of course, to open the transfer anchor, you need to pay a price.

Lu Yuan has learned about Tianluo City before. The great hall of Tianluo City has only four teleport anchors.

One of them is to go to the central giant city of Baiyunzhou, Baiyun City.

The remaining three are to go to Lion City, Red Maple City and Fallen Moon City.

Fallen Moon City is an ally city of Tianluo City. The other two cities represent the Lion Empire and the Red Maple Empire near the Lion Empire.

The teleportation great hall of Tianluo City is a huge white building.

The carriage stopped in front of the building, and the three of Lu Yuan got off the carriage.

Lu Yuan looked around and found the vast crowd outside the great hall. There were a lot of them.

Amy was a little surprised: "Many people."

This is the first time Amy has come to the teleportation hall.

Wang Lingling explained with a smile: "One of the entrances of the Aier Machinery Ruins is located on the outskirts of Red Maple City. Our Tianluo City has no entrance, so these First Rank warriors can only go to Red Maple City through Transmission Formation. There are naturally many more people than before. There are not so many people in normal times."

Amy was a little nodded.

"Miss, let's go from the VIP channel, I have arranged Transmission Formation."

"What about Xixi and the others?"

"Xixi Xi and they are already waiting for us inside."

Wang Lingling said with a smile.

She took Amy and Lu Yuan from the main entrance, and walked in a VIP passage guarded by Tian Luowei.

They didn't go far before they came to a huge room.

There are more than 20 young women waiting at the side of the room. The Central Region is a circular area with a radius of more than 20 meters, and the area is engraved with complicated patterns.

This is Transmission Formation.

When these young women saw Lu Yuan and the three of them coming in, they all greeted them.

The head is a girl with black hair who is very delicate and pretty.

"Miss, you are here."

Then she turned her head and looked towards Lu Yuan on one side, with a look of inquiry in her eyes.

Not only the black hair girl, everyone else is staring at Lu Yuan at the moment, their eyes flashing with curiosity.

Lu Yuan glanced at these young women and found that they didn't look very old.

I am afraid that the oldest is only in his early twenties. If it were not for Genius Camp, it would be considered a genius in other Genetic Warrior Academy.

As Amy's adventure group, these members can be said to be of high quality.

Amy smiled hehe and turned to Lu Yuan introduced:    "Lei Feng, have you seen it? This is my Amy's adventure group. They are all Warriors of First Rank Perfection! This one! It’s Lin Xixi and my Vice Captain."

Lu Yuan nodded with a smile to Lin Xixi: "Lin Vice Captain, hello."

Lin Xixi looks at Lu Yuan, said with a smile:    "Ms. Lei said that you are very strong, and I went to pick you up. My team members and I are very curious about your strength."

Lu Yuan said with a smile: "I will go to the ruins soon, when the time comes, you will see."

Seeing Lu Yuan's confident look, Lin Xixi's eyes flashed, nodded, said with a smile:

"Then I will wait and see."

Wang Lingling said with a smile: "Okay, let's go, go to the Transmission Formation and stand."

entire group comes to Transmission Formation.

Lu Yuan stood beside Amy and Wang Lingling, surrounded by girls.

He is a little embarrassed, why is he the only man here?   There is an illusion of standing in the daughter country.

Fortunately, Lu Yuan didn't feel embarrassed for long, the lines on the Transmission Formation lit up, and a white light surrounded everyone.

Lu Yuan felt his body turned a few times, and then the white light dissipated.

When the white light dissipated, Lu Yuan found that the surrounding environment had changed.

The walls in the previous VIP Room were all white, but here were gray walls.

The staff on the side are different from those in the previous VIP room.

But they looked at the respectful expressions of Lu Yuan and it made no difference.

After all, those who can use VIP Transmission Formation are all big guys.

"Here, let's go out."

Wang Lingling took Amy and the others out of the teleportation hall, and soon came outside.

There are more people outside the Red Maple City Teleportation Hall than in Tianluo City before.

After all, human beings are not only the city of Tianluo City, but other cities will also be teleported here, entering the El Mechanical Ruins from the only entrance nearby.

Leaving the teleportation hall, Lu Yuan entire group left Red Maple City without stopping.

Outside the city of Red Maple is a plain.

The entrance of Aier Machinery Ruins is in the south-east direction of Red Maple City, which is only about ten kilometers away from the city.

When Lu Yuan and the others came outside the entrance, there was already a vast crowd, and they looked at a vast expanse.

Lu Yuan did not focus on the people around him, but looked up at the sky with a look of shock in his eyes.

Blue and clean in the sky, there is a huge city projection.

The city consists of tall steel buildings with densely packed speed cars flying in them, as if bees are flying in a honeycomb.

In the sky above the steel city, there are even huge Floating Void City. There are aerial elevators connecting the Floating Void City and the steel city.

Lu Yuan has a look of shock in his eyes.

The city in this projection looks much higher than the level of technology on Daqixing.

"Is this the world projection of Ayer's mechanical ruins? It looks so amazing"

Amy's eyes widened and she called out in surprise.

Not only Amy, Lin Xixi and the others, even the genetic warrior who came here, are all watching the projection at this moment.

The projection is not static. Lu Yuan found that this city can be said to be boundless. As the projection changes its location, there is still no end in sight.

The steel city with no boundaries on the ground, and the large and small floating Void City in the sky, superimposed together to form a shocking picture.

Wang Lingling introduced: "The entire world of Aier's mechanical ruins is even larger than our Daqixing. The entire world is made up of machinery. The steel city and the Floating Void City inside are you. I have also seen that the level of technology contained in it is much stronger than that of our humans. The entire Mechanic World is not without danger. There are patrolling mechanical guards everywhere, and even various deadly traps. Of course, there may be all kinds of deadly traps. Chance. It depends on your luck. Look at those steel buildings. The taller the steel buildings, the more likely there are treasures in them, and the treasures in Floating Void City are more precious than the cities on the ground."

When Wang Lingling said this, a tall tower suddenly appeared in the steel city of the projection.

The top of the tower is connected to an incomparable gigantic Floating Void City.

This Floating Void City is bigger than all Floating Void City Lu Yuan has seen before.

Lu Yuan's eyes widened in shock.

This Floating Void City may have a radius of several thousand kilometers, which is unimaginable.

"Have you seen this tower and that huge Floating Void City? That is the Central Region of the entire Al Mechanic World. The treasures here are the most and the most precious. If you have the strength, You can try to explore."

Wang Lingling explained in due course.

She paused and continued to open the mouth and said: "But safety is the first priority."

Amy Purple’s eyes are shining, looking at the huge Floating Void City , His eyes are full of excitement and anticipation:

"This Central Region, we must go!"

It's not just Lu Yuan and Amy and the others.

All the genetic warriors waiting here can see the huge Floating Void City in the projection.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise.

Everyone is looking forward to entering Mechanic World, entering this central city area, and finally obtaining a lot of resources, soaring into the sky.

As time passed, suddenly the projection in the sky burst out with a dazzling white light.

The white light covers the entire projection area.

When the white light disappears, all the genetic warriors of the First Rank disappeared in place, leaving only some genetic warriors above the First Rank.

Wang Lingling stayed in place, watching the El mechanical ruins projection slowly dissipating in the air, before turning back to Red Maple City.


In the remains of Ayer's machinery.

one after another The beam of light descended from the sky, densely packed, distributed in various steel cities on the ground.

A beam of light falls on the rooftop of a tall building in the steel city.

As the beam of light dissipated, Lu Yuan's body appeared.

Lu Yuan glanced around, and he saw a steel forest in his eyes, exuding an icy mechanical atmosphere.

In the air not far away, hovering vehicles are constantly flying, and a group of mechanical guards can be seen on the street in the distance.

Lu Yuan squinted his eyes slightly: "Is this the Ayre machinery ruins? Let’s see where Amy is."

Lu Yuan took out the communication crystal and started to contact Ai. Meter.

The white light flickered, and after a while, Amy's silhouette emerged.

Behind her is one after another Tianluo Purple Vine. Not far away, there is a tall but thin alien with purple skin, who is tied up by Tianluo's wisteria.

The Barrows are also one of the races of Baiyunzhou.

"Amy, are you okay?"

Lu Yuan withdrew his eyes from the Barrow who had lost his vitality and looked at Amy.

Amy wrinkled her nose: "You look down on this Young Lady too! How could something happen to this Young Lady?"

Lu Yuan nodded: "Share your location Give it to me, I will come to you now."


The communication crystal with the contact information has been added, so you can know the location of the other party and use it to find someone the most Convenient.

Lu Yuan soon saw a white arrow appear on the communication crystal.

The direction is Lu Yuan up ahead.

Lu Yuan glanced at the endless steel jungle and turned to open the rooftop door.

Inside the roof gate, there is a staircase inlaid with gears.

The stairs spread all the way down, leading to the ground.

Lu Yuan went all the way down the stairs. Soon, he saw that the stairs branched, and the end of the branch was a door to the room.

Lu Yuan raised his eyebrows.

According to the information he knows, every room may have treasures, but there may also be steel Iron Guard soldiers garrisoned, or traps.

What you encounter depends on luck.

Lu Yuan will naturally not let go of such a room door.

There is crimson flashing light all over him, turning on the red bronze light.

At the same time, he planted the seed of nature in his body.

After making preparations, Lu Yuan walked over and opened the door of the room.

Inside the door is a room with a radius of about 500 square meters.

It looks much bigger than the outside.

Lu Yuan saw three blue potions lying quietly in the center of the room.

Lu Yuan raised an eyebrow, walked over, and picked up the potion.

The information appeared in Lu Yuan's mind.

Spiritual power gene liquid (First Rank): contains a lot of spiritual power, after taking it, spiritual power can be restored, and it can also be used for tempering genes.

Seeing this, Lu Yuan, eyes shined, showing a smile.

He is currently lacking Spirit Crystal.

He turned on a spiritual power gene fluid and drank it, feeling the surging spiritual power.

The spiritual power contained in this gene fluid is about the same as 100 First Rank Spirit Crystals, and it is gentler and easier to absorb.

Isn’t this similar to the Heaven and Earth Treasure of Moonstone Essence?

Lu Yuan remembered the Moonstone Essence he had previously obtained in Sandstone City. The only difference was that it was a technological creation.

Lu Yuan absorbed the spiritual power in the spiritual power gene solution in just a few breaths, and then drank the other two by the way.

He looked at the room and found that there was nothing else left, so he had to leave with regret.

I hope there are good things like this in other places.

Lu Yuan licked his lips, looking forward to it.

If this is the case, then he can temper the'seed of nature' gene to Perfection in this El Ruins world.

He walked out of the room and continued downstairs.

At this moment, a Kaman wearing black leather armor came up at the corner downstairs.

Lu Yuan saw the Kaman, and the Kaman naturally saw Lu Yuan.

The two stared at each other for a moment.

Then the Kaman clenched the two daggers in his hands and looked at Lu Yuan with a grin:

"Humans, you are not lucky if you meet me."

There was one after another white light flashing above his body. Next moment, he turned into an afterimage and rushed towards Lu Yuan, very fast.

Lu Yuan's eyes flashed with surprise. This speed can be compared to the elite warrior of First Rank Peak.

Still a powerhouse?   When Lu Yuan was surprised, the Kaman had already appeared in front of Lu Yuan.

There was a smirk on his rock-like ash-gray face, and the two daggers in his hand stabbed Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan didn't move, the two daggers fell on Lu Yuan's neck.


The dagger seemed to be pierced into steel, and it made a crisp sound without even piercing the skin.

The hideous smile on the Kaman’s face froze, his eyes widened, and he looked at his two daggers in shock. It seemed that he didn’t expect even this human skin to pierce. .

At this moment, Lu Yuan had already thrown a punch, the strong wind was surging, and the Kaman felt a breath of horror.

He eyes shrank, he only had time to see a dark shadow flashing by, and he felt a sharp pain in his brain and lost consciousness.

Lu Yuan glanced at the corpse of the Kaman who fell on the stairs, with a look of expectation in his eyes.

Soon, the corpse turned into white light and disappeared, leaving nothing behind.

A trace of disappointment flashed in Lu Yuan's eyes.

This guy found nothing.

Think about it, after all, they have just entered the ruins.

I’m afraid I’ve just entered the land of origin before.

After all, it will take twelve days to stay at the Aier Machinery Ruins. Generally, everyone has a good time to enter the land of origin.

lest you leave the place of origin in the ruins world when the time comes.

Lu Yuan shook the head, continue downstairs.

(End of this chapter)

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