My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 118

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  Chapter 118 One-hundred-meter-high Building (Additional for the Alliance Leader)

During the process of going downstairs , Lu Yuan encountered two more rooms, but the room had already been opened, which was obviously opened by the Kaman before.

It's just that there is nothing in it.

Soon, Lu Yuan came to the first floor.

The lobby on the first floor is a bit dim, and there is a gate not far away. Lu Yuan walked out and came to the road.

The road is almost thirty meters wide.

A team of six mechanical guards were patrolling not far away. After seeing Lu Yuan, their mechanical eyes flashed with red light.

"Drip! Dip! Found lifeform! Confirmed as the enemy! Perform cleaning procedures!"

The guns in the hands of the six mechanical guards were raised, and energy gathered, one after another blue energy The bullet shot towards Lu Yuan.

The energy bomb is very fast, and the power fluctuation is not weak.

However, there is no threat to Lu Yuan.

He didn't even evade, letting the energy bomb fall on him.

bang bang bang!!

The rumbling sound sounded, and the aftermath of the explosion of the energy bomb dispersed.

Lu Yuan rushed out of the blue energy explosion, swiping the dark red blade in his hand, swiping across the bodies of six mechanical guards, and directly chopped them into several pieces.

On the broken body of the mechanical guard, there is one after another electric current rushing around, making a zi zi sound.

Six white light clusters appeared in the sky.

Lu Yuan walked over and picked up all the light groups.

He discovered that all the light cluster contained spiritual power gene liquid.

Lu Yuan's eyes lit up.


Does every mechanical guard drop out spiritual power gene fluid?

It deserves to be the relic world that makes the entire Baiyunzhou First Rank genetic warrior crazy. This resource is also too rich!

Maybe he can not only tempering the'seeds of nature' to Perfection, but also charge a wave, and directly evolve the light of red copper after the breakthrough.

Even he can be bolder to assume, maybe there is spiritual power to evolve the seed of nature to the lord level, and then evolve the newly recorded genes when the time comes?   Lu Yuan moved towards Meishi in his heart, and began to move in Amy's direction.

Along the way, Lu Yuan encountered many mechanical guards on the street.

The formidable power of the energy guns of these mechanical guards is about the same as the First Rank intermediate elite warrior full strength attack, there is no weaker one.

For the general genetic warrior, it may be very dangerous, but for Lu Yuan, he can't even break the defense.

Lu Yuan directly went up with the energy bomb and chopped off all the mechanical guards.

As Lu Yuan guessed, every mechanical guard will drop a spiritual power gene liquid.

In just a short journey, Lu Yuan has harvested hundreds of spiritual power gene fluids, which he absorbed all and continued to improve tempering.

In addition to mechanical guards, Lu Yuan also encountered many genetic warriors of other races.

Elves, cats, Kobolds, humans, etc., there are still quite a few.

There will be battles every some distance.

Some are genetic warriors fighting against mechanical guards, and some are fighting between genetic warriors.

Lu Yuan also killed many genetic warriors and obtained several spiritual power gene fluids.

Lu Yuan is not surprised that there will be so many genetic warriors here.

After all, the entire Baiyunzhou contains more than a dozen races, each of which has a large number of genetic warriors.

Although not all First Rank warriors will enter the El Mechanical Ruins.

But the overwhelming majority genetic warrior knows that his strength is weak, he will come to Bo Yibo.

Anyway, after death, at most, you cannot enter the land of origin for a period of time.

The cultivation speed will slow down a bit.

This loss is acceptable for the overwhelming majority First Rank warrior.

Conversely, if your luck is against the sky and you get treasure here, you can fly into the sky.

Therefore, I am afraid that the First Rank warrior of the overwhelming majority will enter the Ayre machinery ruins.

The First Rank warrior here is also hundreds of millions.

Of course, the ordinary patrolling mechanical guards here have the battle strength of the First Rank intermediate elite level.

There are only a few First Rank warriors that can survive.

With the initial chaos, the remaining genetic warrior has several brushes.

Either I found a companion and acted together, or I was a real genius powerhouse.


After more than an hour, the sound of fighting around Lu Yuan was much reduced compared to the beginning.

The genetic warrior that overwhelming majority intends to come in and try one's luck has already left.

Either they were cleared by the mechanical guards, or they encountered the powerhouse and were hunted and looted.

Lu Yuan also hunted down hundreds of genetic warriors of various races.

Of course, if the opponent is human, as long as the opponent does not attack Lu Yuan, Lu Yuan will not actively attack.

After all, it's also a destiny to meet the same clan here.

It is a pity that the humans who met along the way saw Lu Yuan, and most of them would still take the initiative to attack, and Lu Yuan sent them out casually.

On the street, Lu Yuan trot all the way forward.

When he ran to a corner area, he suddenly stopped.

He raised his head and looked not far away. Among the steel buildings about 30 to 40 meters high, there was a tall building a crane in a flock of chickens that was completely dark and more than 100 meters high.

Lu Yuan eyes shined, showing a look of interest.

In the Ayer Machinery Ruins, the taller and larger the steel building is, the more precious the treasures that may exist in it.

This one-hundred-meter-high building is already the tallest building Lu Yuan in the vicinity has encountered.

Lu Yuan plans to go in and take a look.

Just when Lu Yuan was about to move, the shadow of a tall building next to Lu Yuan fluctuated, and an elf girl wearing black leather armor rushed out of the shadow.

She holds two daggers in her hands, and her eyes have a sharp killing intent.

The dagger pierced the back of Lu Yuan's neck, which was not covered by the armor.

As the dagger approached the back of her neck, a hint of surprise flashed in the eyes of the elf girl.

It's done!

Her First Rank battle skill is at the boss level, with extremely strong destructive power. The genetic warrior assassinated by her is simply hard to defend!

On the way, with her invisible battle skill and powerful attacks, she hunted down many genetic warriors.


At this moment, the dagger landed on the back of Lu Yuan's neck, making a crisp sound.

The feeling of piercing the invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable steel made the elf girl's smile stiffen and her pupils shrank sharply.

What kind of defense is this? !    Her scalp was numb, and she almost didn't even think about it. Her slender waist was folded back in an exaggerated range, and her body didn't seem to need to stop, and she jumped back.

However, she had just been back less than one meter away when a dark red sword light flashed past. The consciousness of the elf girl plunged into darkness.

Lu Yuan is holding the Dark Red Blade. He has turned around at this moment, looking at the corpse on the ground, with a surprised look in his eyes.

The strength of this elf girl is a bit strong.

Lu Yuan's current perception ability is actually not weak anymore.

However, she still didn't find this invisible elf girl.

Lu Yuan didn't perceive the danger until she showed her figure and started to assassinate.

Moreover, her battle skill formidable power is still quite strong, piercing his neck can make him feel pain.

This elven girl may have burned the boss-level gene.

The corpse of the elven girl on the ground turned into a white light and dissipated, leaving a pile of Spiritual Qi gene fluid on the ground.

Lu Yuan eyes shined, revealing a hint of surprise.

He picked up the thing, 78 in total.

In addition to these Spiritual Qi gene fluids, Lu Yuan also obtained one other item.

That is a red hexagonal metal column.

The information appeared in Lu Yuan's mind.

X211 flame grenade: explosive formidable power equivalent to Second Rank low-level boss full strength attack.

Lu Yuan looked at this grenade, his pupils contracted slightly.

Actually equivalent to Second Rank, a blow to the low-level boss?   If he is blown up frontally, even with his current defensive ability, he will be injured.

The harvest of this elven girl is really good.

Sure enough, her strength is quite strong.

Unfortunately, she was unlucky and met Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan smiled and collected all the items that fell, and continued to move towards the 100-meter-high building, absorbing all the spiritual power gene liquid along the way.


All around the 100-meter-high buildings are low steel buildings, and in front is a small square more than two hundred meters.

There is a team of mechanical guards patrolling near the square, there are as many as ten teams.

Every mechanical guard looks like the weapon in his hand is more complex than the mechanical guard patrolling on the street.

At the entrance of the tall building, there is also a mechanical warrior with a height of more than three meters and a steel giant axe on its back.

This steel warrior just stands there, giving people a powerful oppression.

There is only one street outside this square, and three teams on one side of the street are watching each other vigilantly.

In their distance, there are corpses of various races.

Only these people were found to be naturally impossible in this one-hundred-meter-high building, but the others were already dead in their hands.

The three teams are six Kobolds, five Kamans, and seven with two corners. They are only about 1.5 meters tall. They have green skin and red eyes. Fiend.

Kobold, the Kaman and the green Fiend triangle oppose each other, and the atmosphere is calm.

They looked at each other with vigilance and cold killing intent in their eyes.

After the atmosphere fell silent, the giant Kobold with a height of more than two meters and holding a black iron rod at the head showed a smirk:    "Our strengths are not much different. We can't stand up here. Solving any problem is just a waste of time. Every minute and every second in the ruins is precious, don’t you want to spend it here?"

The Kaman headed by is a giant axe warrior, he looked at Kobold coldly:    "What do you want to say?"

Kobold said with a smile: "I mean, we first work with a common purpose and guard all these machines After killing and conquering this tall building, and then relying on their respective abilities to fight for the spoils of war, what do you think?"

The green Fiend headed by the hand holds a deep green staff, surrounded by one after another The green mist circulates.

He looked at Kobold and then at the Kaman, some shrill voice sounded:    "Who knows if you will stumble in secret?"

The Kaman also looked at Kobold and Green Fiend a little distrustfully.

After all, this is the remains of Aier's machinery. There may be a lot of good things in the 100-meter-high building. They are all different races and don't even know each other. How can they easily believe the words of a stranger.

The three teams have shown great strength before, and they are full of fear in each other's hearts.

"My name is Yuwu, and I am the third child of the Ironfang tribe. In the name of the Ironfang tribe, I promise that before we conquer this tall building, we Kobold will never do anything wrong with our allies."

Yuwu grinned, said with a malicious smile:

"We don’t have much time, don’t forget, we are not the only people in this area, no one can guarantee that there will be No other powerhouse will come. Every second we waste here, the greater the change. When the time comes, the treasure inside may not necessarily be ours! Are you just waiting like this?"

Upon hearing Yuwu's words, both the Kaman and Green Fiend's eyes flashed.

This is what they worry about.

There are too many genetic warriors that have come to the Ayre machinery ruins.

Although a large number of weak guys were eliminated at the beginning, there are definitely not a few powerhouses left behind.

Even, there may be more powerful existence than them.

If someone else is looking at this tall building, they will have to face more opponents.

The atmosphere fell silent, and the leader of the Kaman took the lead in opening the mouth and said:

"Then cooperate! My name is Bam!"

Green Fiend leader red's eyes flickered with rays of light, revealing a wretched smile:   "My name is Ning Na, I am happy to cooperate."

Yuwu relaxed, a smile appeared on his face.

"Very good! The mechanical warrior guarding the goal looks very strong, but with the strength of our three teams, it should not be difficult to break this tall building."

" Without further ado, let's do it!"

Bam said anxiously.

Ning Na was nodded, just when he was about to speak, everyone's complexion changed slightly, and they turned their heads and looked towards the street behind him.

In the distance of the street, a human man in black armor ran over all the way.

Seeing this human man, all three teams were taken aback.

Yumu showed a smirk:    "Human? Still alone? Dare to come over?"

Bam holds the battle axe in his hand:


"Kill him, then act quickly, lest more people come over."

Ning Na smiled, and a green light appeared on the staff in his hand.

Next moment, a green arrow shot towards the distant human beings.


Lu Yuan approached the 100-meter-high building along the street, and found that the closer to the 100-meter-high building, the fewer the surrounding streets.

As if all the branch streets converge towards the main street, soon there is only one avenue left.

Lu Yuan trot all the way along the avenue and saw a dozen genetic warriors gathered at the end of the avenue.

These genetic warriors are divided into three parties and look at each other.

Lu Yuan raised his eyebrows, did not stop, and continued to approach them.

From what he feels, these three teams don't seem to threaten him too much.

He plans to finish all three teams after he passes, and then go to the tall building.

Just a few steps after Lu Yuan ran, a green arrow shot towards Lu Yuan.

It was the green Fiend who launched the attack.

Lu Yuan was taken aback.

He hasn't attacked yet, these people actually hit him first.

Lu Yuan raised the corners of his mouth, showing a slight smile.

It's pretty good.

He clenched the dark red blade, his feet exploded.


A cobweb-like crack appeared on the ground, Lu Yuan's speed skyrocketed, and his figure flickered, avoiding the green arrows, and rushing towards the three teams.

(End of this chapter)

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