My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 119

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2021-10-06   Cap. 119 monster mankind (plus more for the rampant 00001Alliance Leader)


Lu Yuan's speed suddenly exploded. After avoiding the green arrow, Ning Na opened his eyes slightly, a little surprised.

Palmer frowned, looked at Ningna:   "our time is short, finish quickly."

black fish did not speak, but also frowned .

Ning Na hearing this, an angry mood surfaced in his heart.

This damn human being made him foolish in front of Bam and Yuwu.

Everyone is the leader of a team. Isn't his face lost?

Ningna’s eyes flashed with dark rays of light, coldly said:

"You don’t need to remind him, he will die immediately. Damn humans, no matter how fast they run What's the use?"

The dazzling green rays of light flashed with the staff in his hand.

one after another The green arrows condensed in the air, and the green arrows turned into streamers, covering the past towards Lu Yuan.

battle skill: Magic arrow rain.

The green magic arrow rain covered Lu Yuan's body and completely submerged Lu Yuan.

bang bang bang!!

The green arrow fell on Lu Yuan and also on the ground, causing a violent explosion.

The green rays of light flashed, smoke and dust were everywhere, with the explosion, the aftermath raged away.

Looking at the flashing green rays of light, Ningna coldly smiled, put away the wand:   . "begin action"

Palmer and black fish nodded.

Bam was about to speak, suddenly his expression paused and looked towards the green rays of light area that was slowly dissipating.

In the smoke and dust, a silhouette of crimson rays of light rushed out. It was Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan has no scars on his body, and even his armor is intact.

Seeing this scene, Ning Na's eyes widened, eyes full of disbelief:

"How is it possible?! Under my magic arrow rain, how could he Maybe nothing happened at all?!"

Not only Ning Na, but even Bam, Yu Wu, and other genetic warriors are staring at the moment with shocked faces.

From the terrifying momentum and turbulent energy, they could all feel the huge might of the magic arrow rain before Ningna.

However, under such a powerful formidable power, that human being is unscathed? !

How is this done? !

A grave expression appeared on the faces of Bam and Yuwu.

Although I don’t know how this human being did it.

But they are not fools, and naturally they all know that this human being in front of them is definitely not an ordinary person.

Palmer clenched hands of the Ax Giant, angrily roared:    "!! This strange human beings have everyone ready to attack together"

also clenched his black fish The black iron rod is like a big enemy:

"Use your most powerful battle skill! Don't keep your hands! Guardian charge! Strong attack cover! Everyone else is in place! Controlling, give him him Press in place!"

One by one genetic warrior's complexion, spiritual power surged throughout, and various genetic battle skills continued to emerge.

The four Kobold and the Kaman in armor stepped forward and launched a charge towards Lu Yuan.

these all are warriors with guardian genes.

In contrast, in Green Fiend, most of the genetic warriors are holding wands or bows, or wearing leather armor and daggers.

While the four guardian warriors charged, several heavy attack warriors with heavy sword, long knife, battle axe and other weapons followed behind them and kept approaching Lu Yuan.

Bam and Yu Wu are among them.

The others attacked from a distance.

Soon, the Kaman warrior with a black shield who charged at the front touched Lu Yuan.

The Kaman warrior has one after another faint white light flashing all over the body, and the white light is the most intense on the black shield.

battle skill: armor guard.

With a hideous color on his face, he rushed towards Lu Yuan fiercely holding a large shield.

However, Lu Yuan's body did not stop at all.

He hit the big shield directly.


Under the roar, the big shield was twisted and sunken, and terrifying power poured in from the big shield. The Karman warrior's complexion changed from hideous to consternation, showing a color of horror.

His body flew upside down, opening his mouth to spurt a mouthful of blood, and the skeleton almost broke.

His body slammed into a Kobold of the assault system holding a heavy sword behind him.

The Kobold of the assault system had a hint of horror on his face, and he was directly knocked out.

The two flew more than ten meters, and fell heavily on the ground.

Kobold of the Assault Element was full of pain and groaning constantly.

And the guardian Kaman in him opened his eyes wide, and his eyes had not yet dissipated panic. They had lost their vitality.

In the distance, Ningna glanced at the corpse of the Kaman in front and the seriously injured Kobold warrior, eyes shrank, who was groaning constantly, with terrified look in his eyes.

With just one hit, the shield of the guardian warrior was dented, and at the same time, the guardian warrior was killed? ! What monster is this? !    his heart emerged out of the cold, the hands of the action but not the slightest stagnation, spiritual power surging, one after another magic arrows shot toward Lu Yuan.

At the same time, he angrily roared: "Don't keep your hands, give me fiercely hits!"

Behind him, some genetic warriors with long bows or staffs started to attack .

Water arrows, Fireball, and Wind Blade kept shooting towards Lu Yuan.

There is also a green Fiend holding a short stick and waving at the badly injured Kobold.

one after another The light white streamer merged into Kobold's body, his moaning gradually became lighter, and he began to recover slowly.

Bamu and Yuwu who charged in front naturally also saw the Karman corpse flying upside down.

They glanced at each other, with a hint of shock in their eyes.

Just before they reacted, rumbling sound came again from the front.

They looked over and found that the other three guardian warriors were flying backwards faster than the charge speed.

On the road, it looked like a bowling ball, hitting the warriors one by one.

One of the guardian Kobold warrior crashed into the fish.

The fish gritted their teeth and swung the iron rod in their hands, knocking the guardian Kobold warrior into the air.

Even so, his hands were numb from the shock.

Yu Wu glanced at his numb hands, a terrified look flashed in his eyes.

Just blocking the guardian warrior flying over, made his arm numb? !   You know, he's a genius burn leaders-level storm system genes!   the human race, in the end is what the hell? !   fish black heart a little bit cold, the situation seems to feel a little not quite right.

It's not just that the fish felt something was wrong, all genetic warriors felt something was wrong.

The four guardian warriors are all dead, and the remaining strong attack warriors were also knocked off three like a bowling ball. The remaining strong attack warriors are only Bam, Yuwu and others A Kobold.

There is also a Kobold assassination warrior and two Green Fiend assassination warriors on the side.

The rest are the Ningna in the back.

There were only eighteen warriors in total, four died and three were seriously injured just as soon as they were in contact.

Is this a fart? !

Just when they were feeling cold, Fireball, Wind Blade, Water Arrow and Magic Arrow Rain had arrived.

Lu Yuan didn't even evade, and a series of attacks swallowed him.

However, before everyone had time to be happy, Lu Yuan rushed out of the attack and came to Bam.

Lu Yuan grinned at Bam, the heavy sword in his hand turned into a dark red rays of light and cut out.

Bamu's scalp numb with the sharp sword wind.

"no! !"

He roared, holding a battle axe with a light azure flame on it, facing Lu Yuan's heavy sword.


The symphony of gold and iron sounded, Bam’s battle axe was split, his arm skeleton was shattered by a powerful force, and his chest opened wide.

His eyes shrank, before he could continue to react, Lu Yuan had already kicked him.

bang!! !    Palmer's Battle Armor sunken chest down, his mouth spurt a mouthful of blood, body inverted out a huge, heavy falls more than a dozen meters away, motionless.


Bam, one of the three strongest leaders here, was actually killed by one hit instant!   see this scene, still alive several genetic warrior, including fish, including black, everyone is numb scalp.

"You, what monster are you?! How can you be so strong?!"

The fish are full of terrified look.

What's so special, all your own attacks are invalid, and the opponent's blow will kill you.

How to fight this? !

If it weren't for the Ayre machinery ruins, only the First Rank warrior could come in, Yuwu definitely thinks this man is the Second Rank high level, or even Peak's warrior! It's the kind that burns boss-level genes!   Lu Yuan recovered feet, heard the black fish, he exposed a smile:   "?? I am not that my ordinary human right"

ordinary ? !

Do you have any misunderstandings about ordinary? !

Everyone screamed wildly in their minds.

Seeing that Lu Yuan was about to attack again, Yu Wu quickly opened the mouth and said:

"Wait! Humans, wait! I am willing to let this tall building come out and let us leave! No! I am willing to give you all the previous gains!"

Lu Yuan was stunned, and looked at the fish in a weird manner.

His body turned into an afterimage and appeared in front of Yuwu instantly.

Heavy sword cut down!

Yuwu eyes shrank, roaring and waving an iron rod, greeted Lu Yuan.

clang !   iron bar hit in flight, Lu Yuan backhand sword, black fish across the neck.

The blood spewed out, and the corpse of the fish and fish fell heavily on the ground, with wide-eyed eyes, full of unwillingness.

Lu Yuan looked strange at Yu Wu with an unwilling dog's head.

"Silly dog, kill you, aren't your things still mine?"

After all, they just entered the Aier Machinery Ruins, and the harvest can’t be taken out. , It must fall out after death.

When the others heard Lu Yuan's words, there was a chill in their hearts.

As the leader of Green Fiend, Ningna's mouth twitched.

He glanced around, his heart was cold.

The only way out was blocked by this human.

At his speed, he definitely can't get out.

You can only start elsewhere.

Ning Na glanced at the square not far behind him.

Although the distance is not too far, but the movement of the battle here did not let the mechanical guards in the square notice.

Those mechanical guards seem to have their own territory. Unless they step into their territory, the battle outside will not cause their alarm system.

Ning Na looked at the tall mechanical warrior at the gate of the 100-meter-high building, and a flash of madness flashed in his eyes.

"Humans, since you are going to kill us, let's die together!!"

His whole body exploded and rushed towards the square.

During the charge, one after another magic arrow rain passed through the air and shot towards the mechanical guard.

bang bang bang!!

Under the rumbling sound, three mechanical guards on patrol fell down, and the other patrolling mechanical guards stopped and looked towards the direction of the street.

The original blue mechanical eyes appeared red light.

"Di! Di! Found the lifeform! Confirmed as the enemy! Perform cleaning procedures!"

All the mechanical guards rushed towards the street, even the tall mechanical warrior at the gate. lifts the head and looked over, but he didn't rush over here.

Seeing the imposing manner of the surging mechanical guard, the faces of the other green Fiend and Kobold who are still alive changed drastically, showing a hint of horror.

"Master Ningna?!"

Ningna turned a deaf ear.

A sneer appeared on his face, he glanced at Lu Yuan, and a purple charm appeared in his hand.

Charm: Guardian of Amethyst

His spiritual power poured into the spell, and the spell flashed rays of light, turning into a ball of amethyst shield, enclosing him .

When Ning Na was surrounded by the amethyst shield, his body seemed to be heavily shackled on his back, and his original green face was slightly more purple.

He slowly moved towards the outside street.

The mechanical guard who rushed out already held a psionic gun and fired one after another dim-blue energy bomb.

The speed and formidable power of these energy bombs are much stronger than the mechanical guards patrolling the streets, reaching the level of First Rank Peak elite warrior.

howling wind and torrential rain The general energy bomb covered all the living genetic warriors on the street.

The other green Fiend and Kobold can resist one or two energy bombs of this level, but they are instantly torn to pieces when faced with energy bombs like howling wind and torrential rain.

And those energy bombs fell on Ningna's amethyst shield, but they couldn't break the shield.

Ning Na saw this, a smile appeared on his face.

The defensive ability of the amethyst shield is extremely powerful, and the leader of First Rank Perfection cannot break this shield unless it reaches the strength of Second Rank.

But there are gains and losses. The price of defensive ability is that the user seems to be burdened with a heavy shackle, and the speed will drop by more than 90%.

The sharp reduction in speed also makes this spell very limited.

Even so, the price is still high.

Ning Na bought this charm but spent more than one hundred thousand First Rank Spirit Crystal!   This is also a great fortune for him.

This spell was prepared for the El Mechanical Ruins.

Originally, Ningna planned to use it until it was close to the core area in the later stage. He didn't expect to use this hole card on the first day.

Thinking of this, Ning Na's face showed a hideous murderous intent, and turned to look towards Lu Yuan's direction.

Lu Yuan is completely covered by the energy bomb at this moment, and the silhouette is no longer visible.

However, thinking of Lu Yuan's terrifying defensive ability, Ning Na felt very heavy.

Such an attack may not necessarily kill that monster human!

He has to get out of here!

"Even a monster like you, suppressed by such firepower, can't be distracted to deal with me, right?!"

Ningna is sneaked, feeling that he can leave slowly NS.

At this moment, Lu Yuan rushed out in a rain of energy bombs.

He carried one after another crimson rays of light all over his body, bathed in the energy bomb, his face calm, and quickly rushed to Ning Na.


Ning Na's eyes widened, and his eyes were about to bulge out.

What can't this make him hurt? !   let alone injured, look at this way, even the influence he can not influence it? ?   which in the end is what human monster? ?   Lu Yuan looked at his face senseless forced Ningna, Slightly smiled:   "What did you say I can not be distracted to deal with you??"

Ningna: "......"

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