My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 120

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  Chapter 120 is a great harvest (seeking monthly ticket for subscription)    "I don’t believe you can break me now Defense!"

Ning Na saw the smile on Lu Yuan's face, panicked in his heart and pretended to be calm on the surface.

Lu Yuan showed a kind smile, bathed in the energy bomb, and stretched out his hand to flick the amethyst shield.

"It turns out that this thing is so defensive? Let me try to see the effect."

"What do you want to do?!"

Ning Na felt even more in his heart Panic.

Lu Yuan didn't answer, he drew his foot heavily on the amethyst shield.


The amethyst shield was not broken, but Ningna flew directly.

Ning Na's eyes widened and his face was stunned. Together with the amethyst shield, he turned into a 1.5 meter ball and flew towards the mechanical guard who was constantly shooting.


The amethyst shield slammed into two mechanical guards, and the two mechanical guards were knocked upside down by powerful forces and flew out and landed on the square more than ten meters away.

The force of horror destroyed their mechanical bodies. Two mechanical guards lay on the ground with electric sparks flickering on their bodies.

The other mechanical guards immediately switched their attacks, venting all their firepower on the purple ball that attacked them.

bang bang bang!!

The energy bomb fell on the Amethyst Shield, and a rumbling sound was emitted. The aftermath raged, but it was unable to break the Amethyst Shield.

Inside the shield, Ning Na came back to his senses, his face turned greener with anger.

"Damn human! You dare to insult me ​​so much!!"

Be kicked as a ball!

Ningna has never received such treatment through childhood.

In the green Fiend group, he is also a true genius, and he is usually respected and worshipped.

How can you be so embarrassed like now?

Just when Ning Na was full of anger, Lu Yuan had rushed in front of him and smiled kindly at Ning Na.

In Ning Na's horrified eyes, Lu Yuan raised his foot again and kicked.


The purple ball flew out again, crashing several mechanical guards.

Ning Na has just landed from the sky, and then Lu Yuan has appeared in front of him again and continues to let him take off.

bang!   bang!   bang!!

In the air, a purple energy ball kept flying, crashing each mechanical guard.

Inside the amethyst shield, Ningna looked unlovable.

He can't even get angry anymore.

What's the use? In the   amethyst shield, he couldn't even attack this damn human being.

If the amethyst shield is cancelled, he will be killed by this damn human in an instant.

This is the place of chance in the relics of Aier's machinery, only once in 50 years of origin!

If possible, Ningna doesn't want to die, but wants to get more resources.

He kept comforting himself and wanted to submit to humiliation.

As long as this damn human being can't break the defense of the Amethyst Shield, he still has a chance!   Believe in yourself!

There is hope!

Soon, Lu Yuan used the amethyst ball to blow all the mechanical guards.

The square and the street are full of scrapped mechanical guards, and light groups are floating in the air.

Lu Yuan did not care about the harvest on the ground, but looked up towards the mechanical warrior at the gate of the 100-meter-high building.

From the very beginning, Lu Yuan was alert to the mechanical warrior, but during the battle, the mechanical warrior stared at Lu Yuan firmly and did not launch any attacks.

Lu Yuan guessed that the program of this mechanical warrior was just guarding the gate and not letting anyone in.

Unless someone wants to enter the door, I am afraid he will not attack anyone.

This mechanical warrior's tall body looks very oppression, Lu Yuan is also somewhat unsure, not sure of his strength.

However, he has a good way to test the strength of this mechanical warrior.

Lu Yuan looked down at Ningna who was unlovable.

Ning Na noticed Lu Yuan's gaze and looked up at him.

Afterwards, he seemed to understand something, turned his head and looked towards the mechanical warrior at the gate, complexion changed, and quickly opened the mouth and said:

"Human! What do you want to do?" !"

Lu Yuan grinned: "I want to do what you guessed in my heart."

Ningna's face changed drastically:

"Wait! Don't mess around! I warn you, don't mess around! You are messing around! I am really angry! I am really angry! Did you hear that! Did you hear that!"

Lu Yuan didn't care about Ningna, the past was just a kick.


The amethyst ball turned into streamer and flew towards the mechanical warrior with great vigor.

Ningna's face in the air turned black.

"Damn human! You devil!!"

He stared at the mechanical warrior raising the battle axe, and a flash of horror flashed in his eyes.

I pray that the strength of this mechanical warrior does not reach the Second Rank.

There is a purple electric current flowing at the joints of the mechanical warrior's body, and a terrifying force bursts out, and the battle axe slashes towards the amethyst ball.


The amethyst ball was instantly knocked off, hit the ground, and smashed one after another crack on the metal ground.

After landing, the amethyst ball bounced again, and then hit the far wall hard.

Then he landed on the wall and bounced on the ground a few times before he stopped.

Inside the shield, Ning Na glanced at the amethyst shield with a slight crack, and then at the mechanical warrior that was not chased out at the gate, both fortunate and horrified.

Fortunately, this mechanical warrior has not reached the second rank.

The horror is that this mechanical warrior already has the ability to break the shield!

As long as you keep attacking, you will always break the shield.

If the shield breaks, he will undoubtedly die.

At this time, Lu Yuan came over.

Ning Na became nervous all of a sudden, his eyes were red, and he roared:

"Human! What else do you want to do?!"

What he fears most now is that this damned human continues to kick him as a ball to that mechanical warrior.

Then he will be played to death sooner or later.

Lu Yuan glanced at the nervous Ningna, slightly smiled:    "Don't worry, anyway, I can't kill the mechanical warrior if I kick you over, so I won't kick you."

Ningna relaxed, and then said with a sneer:

"If you are willing to let me go, we can work together, and we should be able to defeat this mechanical warrior. When the time comes, I don’t need the treasure inside, But you have to let me go!"

Lu Yuan glanced at Ningna weirdly, laughed:    "What are you thinking? Look down on me so? This mechanical warrior can't stop me. ."

As soon as the sole of his foot stepped on the ground, a cobweb-like crack appeared on the ground, and his body disappeared in place, instantly appearing in front of the mechanical warrior.

The mechanical warrior's eyes were red, and the mechanical sound rang:

"Drop! Confirm the target! The target is extremely dangerous! Eliminate immediately!"


There was a sound of electric current, and one after another blue electric current flashed on the huge body of the mechanical warrior more than three meters high, and the electric current was wrapped around the tomahawk of the mechanical warrior.

The horrible breath surged, causing Ningna's hairs to explode in the distance.

The previous mechanical warrior's attack didn't even use its full strength? !   He watched the battle, with a hint of joy in his heart.

If this damn human dies, he can run away.

However, in the next second, Ningna's eyes widened.

Lu Yuan's heavy sword and battle axe collided with each other.

The mechanical warrior actually took a step back amidst the cries of gold and iron.

But Lu Yuan did not take a step back.

"How is this possible?!"

Ning Na grumbled in disbelief.

"The power displayed by this mechanical warrior is already at the level of First Rank boss pinnacle, even close to the lord level, right?! How could it not be this human opponent?!"

In the distance, after Lu Yuan repulsed the mechanical warrior, he twisted his waist and swung his sword horizontally again.

The mechanical warrior tomahawk moves to the next gear.


The huge body of the mechanical warrior flew to the side.

After flying a few meters, the mechanical warrior staggered to the ground.

And Lu Yuan is approaching again at this moment, heavy sword with a continuous sword cut, cutting to the mechanical warrior time and time again.

The mechanical warrior was suppressed in an instant, losing streak and retreating.

Ning Na in the distance looked at this scene with a doubtful expression on his face.

He didn't expect that Lu Yuan is so strong.

But soon, Ningna came back to his senses.

His eyes shined, showing a trace of excitement.

Now this damn human being is still entangled with the mechanical warrior, he can take advantage of this time to escape!

Submit to humiliation, finally waiting for the only opportunity!   Ningna was full of excitement.

He strode hard and ran towards the street.

However, he had just run more than ten meters, and an afterimage appeared in front of him.

Before Ningna could see clearly, he flew out with the amethyst shield.

In the distance, the mechanical warrior's axe wrapped around the thunder cut down.


Ningna flew upside down again and hit one wall.

He was somewhat horrified to find that there were several more cracks on the amethyst shield.

And Lu Yuan's calm voice rang in his ear:    "I wanted to wait to deal with you later. Since you want to run away, it's better to deal with you now. That's it."

Next moment, Ningna found himself flying again.

Of course, the direction of flying is still the direction of the mechanical warrior.

Ning Na looked at the mechanical warrior with horror on the amethyst shield again.


The amethyst shield shattered, and the battle axe fell on Ning Na's body, cutting him off.

Blood is floating in the air.

Lu Yuan glanced at the corpse that fell in the distance, turned his head and looked towards the mechanical warrior that rushed towards him.

He showed a slight smile: "It's almost over."

This mechanical warrior is a bit resistant to fight, and it hard-headed Lu Yuan with several slashes.

However, even if it is a mechanical body, there are limits.

Lu Yuan once again greeted the mechanical warrior.

bang bang bang!!

One big and one small two figures collide, and the rumbling sound keeps ringing.

After more than a dozen rounds, Lu Yuan once again fell on the waist of the mechanical warrior.

ka! The   waist of the mechanical warrior finally cracked a hideous crack, and blue and purple electric sparks flickered.

The body of the mechanical warrior takes a while.

Lu Yuan seized the opportunity to chop again, continuously chopping at the cracks in the mechanical warrior's body.

bang bang bang!!

The crack in the mechanical warrior continued to expand, and eventually fell heavily to the ground, with a series of electric sparks emerging from his body.

His mechanical eyes that were flashing red light became dim, and the roaring mechanical sound also stopped.

Lu Yuan looked at the fallen mechanical warrior, slightly exhaled.

The strength of this mechanical warrior is stronger than the earth fire Ankylosaurus that Lu Yuan encountered during the test.

If it were Lu Yuan at that time, he would still find it a bit difficult to deal with. Unfortunately, he is no longer what he used to be, and his current strength is much stronger than before.

Light clusters appeared on the mechanical warrior.

Two azures and one green.

Not only that, there is also a source stone.

Lu Yuan eyes shined, showing a slight smile.

This is the third First Rank source stone he won.

One step closer to my goal of breakthrough.

Lu Yuan first put the source stone away, and then looked towards the other light groups.

Two azure light groups, one inside is a set of steel Battle Armor.

Mechanical fanatic Battle Armor (First Rank 100%): Boss-level Battle Armor, which mainly improves strength, secondly improves physique, and slightly improves agility.

This is a set of First Rank 100% tempering boss-level Battle Armor, which is much better than the Battle Armor on him.

The Battle Armor on his body is still a set of 100% tempering elite Battle Armor.

Lu Yuan quickly blessed this set of Battle Armor.

After switching to the mechanical fanatic Battle Armor, Lu Yuan found that his strength had improved a bit.

As for the other light group, it turned out to be an extraordinary gene at the boss level.

battle skill: thunder chop   Lu Yuan recalled the lightning attached to the mechanical warrior battle axe.

This is obviously a battle skill of the assault system. The formidable power is very powerful and can be accompanied by Power of Thunder.

Lu Yuan intends to keep it first. When the time comes, it can be used by himself, or taken back to school to sell credits, or even used for auction to exchange for Spirit Crystal.

But what Lu Yuan actually wants more are those extraordinary genes that are more uncommon and rare.

For example, the space system, the time system and so on.

If there is nothing else, it is not impossible to use it.

As for the green light group, there are ten excellent spirit transformation force gene liquids.

This is an advanced version of spiritual power gene liquid.

Lu Yuan drank one and found that the spiritual power inside was more convenient to absorb, and the amount was ten times that of ordinary spiritual power gene liquid.

It can be said that it is equivalent to 1000 First Rank Spirit Crystals.

Ten branches are equivalent to 10,000 First Rank Spirit Crystal, which can be said to be a very rich spiritual power resource.

After finishing all the items dropped by the mechanical warrior, Lu Yuan went to pick up the items dropped by the genetic warrior.

Those genetic warriors are not weak and have gained a lot.

Together, there are nearly a thousand spiritual power gene fluids, equivalent to one hundred thousand First Rank Spirit Crystal, which is another generous income.

Lu Yuan hi zi zi put everything away by himself.

Just absorb these spiritual power gene fluids.

His Seeds of Nature gene is closer to Perfection.

Then, Lu Yuan entered the 100-meter-high building.

There is still a staircase going up in a 100-meter-high building.

Lu Yuan glanced at the top, as if there was only one room on the upper floor.

He went upstairs up the stairs and soon came to the door of the room.

Opening the door of the room, Lu Yuan walked in.

In the center of the room, Lu Yuan saw rows of densely packed medicines, all of which were emitting faint green rays of light.

His eyes shined and walked over.

After checking, Lu Yuan showed ecstasy.

Sure enough, all of them are excellent spirit transformation force gene liquid!   He counted, there are a total of five hundred bottles!

If converted to Spirit Crystal, it can be equivalent to a full 500,000 First Rank Spirit Crystal!   This harvest is so rich!   Even Lu Yuan was extremely excited.

With so many Spirit Crystals, his seed of nature gene must be Perfection soon.

Moreover, he can even recharge Spirit Crystal and evolve the next gene!   Without a word, he put away all the excellent spirit transformation liquid gene.

After that, Lu Yuan went out and walked upstairs for a while until he reached the top of the building. Lu Yuan did not find any other rooms, so he had to go downstairs.

However, Lu Yuan is already very satisfied.

Just a one hundred-meter-high building has the harvest of 500,000 First Rank Spirit Crystal.

There are many hundred-meter-high buildings in the entire mechanical city.

There are even taller buildings of 500 meters or even kilometers. What good things do you have?

Not to mention Floating Void City!

Lu Yuan is full of expectations.

(End of this chapter)

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