My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 121

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  Chapter 121 Ye Ye ’s invitation, smashed (see monthly ticket for subscription)    Leave a hundred meters high building After that, Lu Yuan continued to move in the direction of Amy in the communication crystal.

The two keep in touch from time to time, and Amy is also rushing to him now.

However, the two of them are not too anxious. After all, with their strength, under normal circumstances, they will never encounter danger.

Even if you are in danger, you should still be able to escape.


One day later.

Lu Yuan was running on the street, and the air waves formed at high speed made a whistling sound.

Lu Yuan drank a bottle of Spirit Transformation Liquid, and threw away the empty bottle.

He squinted his eyes, a hint of surprise in his eyes.

The excellent spirit transformation force gene liquid is indeed more convenient to absorb, and his'seed of nature' is finally tempering Perfection.

Up to now, his physical strength has reached the limit that can be reached at present.

To this end, Lu Yuan has absorbed more than 400 bottles of excellent spirit transformation power gene liquid, which is equivalent to more than 400,000 First Rank Spirit Crystal.

All that Lu Yuan has to do is to charge the Evolution Cube, and then he is ready to break the genetic lock.

At this moment, Lu Yuan suddenly felt a powerful aura burst out in the distance.

Lu Yuan was taken aback for a moment, and looked at the direction of the breath with some confusion.

It's not far from the street on the right.

Lu Yuan thought for a while, plan to go over and have a look, maybe there is something good?

He changed direction and moved towards the direction where the breath came.

Soon, Lu Yuan approached the location of the powerful aura. The aura was just around the corner, and there were still a lot of them.

He glanced around, bent his legs, and stepped hard on the ground, his body jumped tens of meters high and came to the top of a 30-meter tall building.

He came to the edge of the roof and looked down.

On the street, more than 30 genetic warriors of Kobold, Kaman, Barrow, and Green Fiend are leaning against a silhouette.

There are many corpses on the side. These corpses include Kobold, Kaman, Barrow and Green Fiend, and some are cats and elves.

Seeing this silhouette, Lu Yuan's eyes widened slightly, a little startled.

With the iconic black cat tail and cat ears, and that slender figure, Lu Yuan's mouth twitched.

Isn’t this every night?

didn't expect unexpectedly met here.

Lu Yuan thought that with Ye Ye's strength, I am afraid that he will also enter the El Mechanical Ruins this time, and they might encounter it.

I didn't expect the time I met so early.

But looking at this situation, Ye Ye was besieged?

Lu Yuan glanced at the more than 30 genetic warriors. Several auras were at the boss level, which was a bit strong.

But Lu Yuan raised his eyebrows, a little puzzled.

These people, even if they are not a threat to him, shouldn’t be a threat to Ye Ye?

Lu Yuan is still not sure if he played overnight.

After all, Ye Ye has never shown her full strength, Lu Yuan still feels a little vain.

At this moment, Ye Ye took a step forward, and the genetic warriors took two steps back together.

They looked at Ye Ye with horror on their faces, and the leading Kaman warrior had a trace of astonished expression on his face, and some screamed:

"You, don't come over Ah!!!"

After the cat appeared, they didn't even see the situation clearly before, so many brothers died!   They didn't see how those brothers died!

This cat person is obviously not an ordinary person, and definitely not something they can provoke.

Yeye’s originally dumbfounded pretty face had a rare icy killing intent, and black's vertical eyes shrank slightly, with a touch of majesty and domineering.

"Kill me the warrior of the Heavenly Underworld Empire, damn it!"

There is one after another dark light and shadow appearing all over her body, the next moment, condensing four of the same as Ye Ye Dark silhouette of the figure.

Seeing Ye Ye's movements, everyone is tensed, their spiritual power surges crazily, staring at Ye Ye and those weird shadows.

There was no movement every night, the dark silhouette turned into streamer and disappeared in place.

next moment, one after another sword light broke out in the crowd.

Everyone's eyes widened, with a hint of horror in their eyes.

A blood line appeared on their necks, and their bodies slowly fell to the ground, losing their vitality.

Lu Yuan eyes shrank on the high platform flashed a look of shock.

Ye Ye's strength is stronger than before.

Sure enough, the first gene Ye Ye inherited is definitely above the lord level.

Lu Yuan's current strength is already very strong, a leader-level and a boss-level.

But I still feel that Yeye is not Yeye’s opponent.

You have to keep working hard.

After the death of those genetic warriors, Ye Ye suddenly disappeared in place.

Lu Yuan felt a chill behind his back, turned his head abruptly, cross sword resisted.

A jet black long sword stopped in front of Lu Yuan.

Ye Ye has recovered to her original stupid appearance, and when she sees Lu Yuan, she tilts her head slightly:

"Lu Yuan?"

Lu Yuan Relaxed, put away heavy sword, said with a slight smile:

"What a coincidence, Sir Ye, didn't expect to meet you here again."

" en. ”

Every night is nodded.

She looked at Lu Yuan and opened the mouth and said softly:

"Why are you here?"

Lu Yuan explained: "I passed by When I felt the breath here, I was curious to come over and take a look. Didn’t expect it was you."

Ye Ye nodded: "en. ”

Look at Lu Yuan Glancing at the ground:    "Your subordinate was killed."

Ye Ye nodded: "Well, I brought the team in this time, and I am responsible for them. So I have to avenge them. "

Yes, it's very night and night.

Lu Yuan has no doubts about Ye Ye's words.

Her heart has always been very soft.

"They died before you arrived? It's not your fault. You avenge them, they should be very happy."

Ye Ye fell silent. , Then nodded.

"en. "

What did Lu Yuan think of, said with a smile:

"By the way, Sir Ye, let’s add a contact information I bought the communication crystal from Baiyunzhou."

I looked at Lu Yuan every night, fell silent, and then nodded:   "Okay, I want to eat grilled fish."

Lu Yuan corner of mouth twitching, with a speechless face:    "Now? In this ruin?"

After staying every night, after thinking about it, I finally realized that it seemed a bit unnatural Well, time is running out after all.

She faintly opened the mouth and said:

"Next time, I am going to gather other people."

Lu Yuan nodded with a smile: "Yeah , Then if you want to eat, contact me when the time comes."

Nodded every night, took out the communication crystal.

The two exchanged contact information.

"I'm leaving."

Ye Ye opened the mouth and said.

Lu Yuan nodded: "Well, be careful."

Yeye nodded, she turned around and was about to leave.

After two steps, every night was paused, and turned to look at Lu Yuan:

"Are you alone? Do you want to go with me?"

Lu Yuan was taken aback, didn't expect to invite him every night.

He glanced at Ye Ye Jumei’s small face, a little moved, but recalled Amy’s cute face in his mind, feeling a little helpless.

The invitation of two beautiful girls is really annoying.

This is the consequence of being too good.

But Amy, who had promised first after all, as a man, cannot break her promise.

He reluctantly refused: "I also have companions, now I am ready to go and join them."

Ye Ye nodded: "en."

She turned and disappeared In situ.

Seeing Yeye leaving, Lu Yuan also turned and disappeared in place, continuing to move in Amy's direction.


In a complex alley composed of high-rise steel buildings, Lin Xixi and his two companions flashed and moved quickly.

All three of them have some injuries on their bodies. One of them, a golden haired girl in a white robe, has a hideous knife mark on his shoulder, blood dyed and white robe, and his face is incredibly pale. .

The three of them kept panting, Lin Xixi turned her head from time to time and looked towards behind her, with a cold color on her face.

"Xixi, did they catch up?"

asked another black hair girl in leather armor.

"Not yet, but they are crowded, I am afraid they will surround this area, when the time comes, we will become a turtle in the urn."

The face of the black hair girl appeared. There was a bitter color:

"I shouldn't have come to join in this excitement before I know it. Those Kamans are so scary."

The black hair girl seemed to think of something. , A hint of panic flashed in his eyes.

Lin Xixi is also a little more afraid.

"I don't know if the lady can beat the biggest guy."

The black hair girl said with a cry:   "Don't say the lady can't beat the biggest guy." Now, I think we might not see the lady anymore."


The golden haired girl beside her suddenly groaned and her face paled again.

She held her shoulders, blood flowing from her fingers.

Lin Xixi glanced, complexion changed:    "The wound is torn again!"

The black hair girl couldn't help opening the mouth and said:

"No matter how serious the injury is, even if it is a powerful healing potion, it is difficult to quickly treat it, and it is impossible to heal the injury after doing such intense activities! What to do, Xixi!"

The voice of the girl in the white robe is a bit weak, opened the mouth and said:

"You put me here, you will be slower and easier to be exposed with me. I can stay to attract them Note, you two may have hope to run away."

Upon hearing this, Lin Xixi frowned and said sharply:    "Alice! What silly thing are you talking about? We are a team, why? Maybe abandon your companions and run away by yourself! Don’t say this anymore!"

The black hair girl is also nodded again and again:

"Yes, Alice! What Xixi said is right, we are one Hey! How can you abandon your companions? At the worst, die together!"


Alice still wants to talk, Lin Xixi interrupted her:   "It's nothing! You have the strength to speak, it's better to recover."

Alice fell silent, nodded hard.

Lin Xixi glanced at Alice who looked weaker than before, opened the mouth and said:

"I will carry you. Run faster like this."

Alice raised her head and saw Lin Xixi's serious eyes. She fell silent, still nodded.

Lin Xixi carried Alice on her back, and the three of them continued to act.

At this moment, footsteps suddenly came from the alley on the left not far away.

"Go over there and see if anyone is there!"

The cold and irritable voice sounded, and the pupils of the three of Lin Xixi's eyes shrank.

Lin Xixi silently pointed to the alley on the right. The black hair girl was nodded.

They silently changed their direction and moved on.

It didn't take long before they met the voice of the genetic warrior again, and changed direction again.

After several consecutive times, they found that their moving space was getting smaller and smaller.

The three of them looked at each other, and there was a look of despair in their eyes.

The black hair girl opened the mouth and said:

"We are still some distance away from the lady, the lady can't reach us at all, is there anyone nearby? If not, , We are really going to get cold."

"It's useless for some people. The enemy here is so strong, and you will die if you come here."

Hearing this, the black hair girl is nodded, Without refuting, she was a little unwilling to   say : "Are you waiting to die here?"

At this time, the black hair girl thought of something, eyes shined:    "Yes, miss is not Said that the guy named Lei Feng who was with us before is very strong? Would you like to ask Miss where is he? If you are close, let him come and save us?"

Lin Xixi hesitated at what the black hair girl said.

In all fairness, she was wary of the man who entered their team for the first time.

After all, the lady's mind is very simple, too easy to be deceived.

But now the situation is urgent, and she can't take care of anything.

Lin Xixi clenched the teeth, nodded: "Okay, I contact Miss!"


After Lu Yuan met Yeye, It ran for another half day.

Moving at his current speed, Amy is not far away.

At this moment, the communication crystal lit up, and Amy's small face appeared in the crystal.

"Amy, what's the matter?"

Seeing Amy's small face with a worried and anxious look, Lu Yuan asked slightly frowned.

Amy bit her lower lip, opened the mouth and said:

"Xixi and my other two teammates are being hunted down! I can’t make it now, Lei Feng , The distance on your side is relatively close. Go and see if you can save them?"

Lu Yuan raised his eyebrows slightly: "Where is the address?"

"I Send it to you."

Amy passed a coordinate.

Lu Yuan took a look and found that he was indeed not far from where he is now.

If he bursts out with all his strength, he can arrive without needing about half an hour.

He opened the mouth and said to Amy:

"Don't worry too much, I'll take a look."

"Hmm! Thank you You Leifeng!"

The worries on Amy's face disappeared a bit.

Lu Yuan smiled, burst into speed with all his strength, turned into a cloud of afterimages, and ran towards the position provided by Amy.

At his speed, his body ran across and brought a gust of wind, and the whole street was full of gusts.


On the street, a team of mechanical guards is patrolling. At the corner of an alley not far away, two elves are looking at the mechanical guards, their faces are a little dignified. .

"How about? Why?"

"It must be done. The problem is how to do it! We only have two people, and the strength is not strong, so we have to plan carefully. , The most important thing is that there is no one nearby, lest you be killed by a passing boss."

"Well, boss, you have the final say!"

Two elven men The strength is only the First Rank high level elite.

After the death of the first batch of genetic warriors, it should be the bottom batch.

But with cautiously cautious attitude, they are still alive and well.

The two elves have planned to go to the end of the ruins.

Now their target is the mechanical guard on the street.

"Let’s check if there are other people nearby!"


Just when the two of them planned to investigate the surrounding situation first At the time, a rumbling sound sounded.

Then they saw a very handsome human rushing into the distance, and all the mechanical guards were activated in a defensive state.

They raised their guns and turned to Lu Yuan.

However, before they had time to start shooting, the human directly ran into them.

bang bang bang!!

The rumbling sound sounded, and the two-meter-high mechanical guards flew upside down. There were many broken mechanical arms, mechanical legs, and other parts flying in the air.

Soon, the human disappeared at the end of the street, leaving behind a fragment of mechanical guard on the ground.

Two elven men: "???"

They looked at each other, with a trace of blankness in their eyes.

Seeing the mechanical guards emerging from the light regiment, the two of them were still a little confused.

"Just... what happened just now?"

"I seem to see a human... or an elf running over?"

"... …That’s not an illusion? I thought I was wrong!"

The two looked at each other with shocked expressions:    "What kind of monster is that?! I just ran over and used my body to put these The mechanical guard is broken! Isn't it too terrifying?!"

The other elf was nodded with approval.

You know, facing a team of mechanical guards, they want to kill all of them, it takes a lot of time, and there may even be a huge price!

Didn't expect, now someone just smashed the mechanical guard in just one hit? !   Is this mechanical guard made of paper? ! The   direct gap between people is so big that they feel desperate.

(End of this chapter)

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