My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 122

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  Chapter 122, His Royal Highness Moved Upward, Four Cornerstones (Additions for Chen Family Junior 2 Alliance Leader)

Outside the mechanical forest alley.

Five tall Kamans stand outside the complicated alley, quietly watching this area.

The leader is a Kaman who is nearly four meters tall and wearing a white battle armour.

There is a purple-golden sword with a length of more than three meters inserted beside him.

On either side of him, two Kamans stood on each side.

The Kaman headed by his face was cold, and slowly opened the mouth and said:

"How long will it take to end?"

The next one is holding a purple The scepter, the Kaman wearing the robes, hearing this, opened the mouth and said: "Your Highness, there are only eleven rats left in it. It shouldn't be long. Our people have been constantly The search scope has been narrowed."

The tall Kaman was nodded, with a hint of coldness on his face:    "Although the resources stolen by the mice are only a small part of the insignificant, they are my Highness. If my Highness doesn’t give it, who would dare to take it secretly? If you want to take it, let’s change it for your life."

At this moment, the scepter Kaman on the side had a meal. Glancing at the communication crystal, opened the mouth and said:

"His Royal Highness, killed two more, two Kobolds."


The tall Kaman was nodded and did not speak.

In a complex alley.

The three of Lin Xixi's complexion became paler, sweating constantly on their foreheads, and their physical exertion was severe.

The black hair girl has a bitter face:

"The number of times we encounter the killer is increasing. The range we can hide is not much. If this continues, we must run You can't drop it."

Lin Xixi carried Alice on her back, with a hint of coldness on her face: "At worst, fight them! If we work hard, we can still kill them one or two squads!"

Upon hearing this, the black hair girl murmured: "I don't want to die yet..."

Seeing Lin Xixi's dissatisfied eyes, she quickly opened the mouth and said :

"Of course, at that stage, I must work hard!"

As soon as she finished speaking, a voice came from behind:    "I found the prey There! There are three humans!"

Lin Xixi's complexion changed and saw four Kaman warriors staring at them in surprise.

"That's it!"

Lin Xixi clenched the teeth, and the longbow in her hand emerged, and a line of white light arrows condensed on the bowstring.

She draws a bow and shoots arrows. The white arrow turned into a stream of light and shot towards the Kaman at the front of the alley.

The front Kaman complexion changed, and the sword in his hand slashed towards the white light arrow.

bang!! !   The body of the Kaman flew upside down, spurt a mouthful of blood, and blocked the way of the other three.

"Let's go!"

Lin Xixi and the three went into other alleys again.

"Damn it! Chase!!!"

The other three Kaman complexion changed, over the fallen Kaman with a knife, and continued to chase Lin Xixi three people.

Feeling the breath behind them, the three Lin Xixi's expressions are ugly, they squeezed their little physical strength, and quickly walked through the alleys, trying to get rid of the chasing soldiers behind.

The corners of the black hair girl’s mouth twitched:

"It looks like she's really going to work hard."

At this moment, there was a loud shout. Sounded.

"Lin Xixi!! Where are you?"

When they heard this voice, the three of Lin Xixi were taken aback.

The black hair girl has a weird face and her mouth twitches abruptly.

"...This voice? Is it Lei Feng?"

Lin Xixi is also a bit deceptive:    "Okay, it seems to be?!"

In the entire area, not only Lin Xixi and the others, but other genetic warriors being hunted down, a group of Kamans, and even several Kaman powerhouses in the outside area heard this voice.

Everyone looked stunned.

Outside the alley, the five Kaman warriors looked ugly after hearing the sound.

The tall Kaman ash-gray headed by ash-gray has a cold murderous aura on his stone face:    "Who? How dare you be so impudent in front of the main hall?"

He looked up and looked towards the direction where the sound came from.

On this piece of steel high-rise building, a black silhouette is quickly approaching, constantly jumping on the high-rise rooftop.

Lu Yuan is actually very helpless.

He has the position of Lin Xixi, but that is just a rough position given to him by Amy.

He doesn't know where they are currently.

Who knows this area is so complicated, densely packed steel high-rise buildings, tangled and complicated alleys, when will he find him? In   desperation, Lu Yuan could only call someone in the air.

After shouting, Lu Yuan waited for a meeting, but no one answered.

He is slightly frowned.

Has it gone elsewhere?

Still killed?   On the rooftop, he also saw many Kamans in the alleys below that seemed to be hunting down other genetic warriors inside.

He thought about it, and thought he could shout again, maybe they just didn't hear it?

Lu Yuan took a deep breath and shouted:    "Lin Xixi!! If you are there, I will squeak!! I'll save you!!"

"who How dare you be so rude in front of the Yangqian Hall?!"

Before Lu Yuan's words fell, there was an angry roar.

On the edge of the high platform where he was, two figures suddenly rushed out.

Two Kamans landed on the ground, one holding a huge war knife and the other holding a long bow.

They looked at Lu Yuan with cold expressions, their breath surged.

Lu Yuan was taken aback for a moment.

"Move to your Highness? Who is that? What does it matter to me?"

The two Kamans became more angry when they heard Lu Yuan's words.


"Courting death!!!"

The two said no more, the spiritual power of the Kaman holding a war knife surged, He rushed towards Lu Yuan, and the Kaman holding the longbow also opened the longbow. Two arrows appeared on the longbow, aiming at Lu Yuan and shooting.

Lu Yuan raised his eyebrows slightly, feeling the breath of the two.

Almost has the strength of the first rank low-level boss.

His body disappeared in place, and he directly kicked the Kaman with the knife in the chest.

The Kaman holding the knife had a hollow chest, and his body flew out backwards, crashing into the Kaman holding the bow.

The bow-wielding Kaman widened his eyes: "???"

He quickly closed the bow and wanted to take over the sword-wielding Kaman.

However, as soon as his hands touched the Kaman with a knife, his face changed.

His arm ka ka broke, spurt a mouthful of blood.

Next moment, his body was knocked into flight along with the Kaman with a knife.

The two directly flew out of the rooftop and went down.

Lu Yuan didn't care about the two Kamans, but looked around.

Then why didn't Lin Xixi reply?

Really dead?   At this moment, a white light arrow soared into the sky and exploded in the air.

Lu Yuan saw the white arrow, his eyes lit up slightly, and ran in the direction of the arrow.


The five Kaman powerhouses in the distance saw this scene on the rooftop.

Only Yangqian's face was calm, and the others frowned slightly, their faces solemn.

A Kaman carrying a battle axe opened the mouth and said:

"Belo and Bailey, both brothers, have the strength of low-level bosses, and they were defeated by one kick. "

A Kaman holding a long knife showed a fiery fighting intent and looked at Lu Yuan in the distance: "This guy is really strong! I kind of want to fight him."

At this moment, Yang Qian faintly opened the mouth and said:

"Belo is probably dead."

Hearing this, the others stared. Eyes, there is a look of shock in the eyes.

The Kaman holding a black long knife cry out in surprise:   "Dead?! Kill Belo with one kick?!"

You know, even It is difficult for the four of them to do this.

Although their strength is already very strong.

Yang Qian glanced at the Kaman with the purple scepter on his side:

"Yang Nan, is there any information about this human in the data?"

Yang Nan looked at Lu Yuan in the distance, browsed tightly knit, and shook the head solemnly:

"My lord, there is no news about him. According to our information, this time a human male The most powerful genius should be the heir of the Extreme Fire Battle Emperor, Huo Tianhua. But Huo Tianhua is an elemental system, not this person."

Yang Qian was silent, and opened the mouth and said faintly. :

"Liu Yu, Nora, you two will try him in the past. It would be better to recruit under my command. If he is acquainted, let him go."

Hearing this, the Kaman holding a black long knife and carrying a battle axe looked at each other, knowing that his Highness had a love for talent.


The two Kamans, Liu Yu and Nora, turned into streamers, jumped up the tall building a few times, and then leaped in the direction of Lu Yuan.


Lu Yuan was running towards the arrow direction, and suddenly two powerful breaths approached from the left.

Lu Yuan eyes slightly shrink, looked towards the left side.

The two afterimages quickly approached, and finally fell in front of Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan narrowed his eyes slightly when he looked at the two Kamans who were more than three meters tall.

The aura of these two Kamans is stronger than that of the mechanical warrior Lu Yuan encountered before.

Almost already the ultimate strength of the First Rank leader warrior, right?

There are two such powerhouses here?   While Lu Yuan was looking at the two Kamans, the two Kamans were also looking at Lu Yuan.

Liu Yu, holding a long knife, lightly opened the mouth and said:

"Human, I am Liu Yu, one of the four cornerstones of the Sixth Prince of the Purple Cloud Empire. Your name."

Lu Yuan frowned slightly while looking at Liu Yu:    "I don't care who you are, you are blocking my way."

"En? Do you know who you are talking to?"

Liu Yu narrowed his eyes, a flash of anger flashed in his eyes.

Nora, who was carrying a battle axe next to him, also showed a smirk:    "Human, it seems that you don't know what politeness is... you need us to teach you well."

He took off the battle axe behind him, and the spiritual power surged all over his body.

Liu Yu is also surging in spiritual power, looking at Lu Yuan, faintly opened the mouth and said:

"Human, you should be fortunate that His Highness Yang Qian has taken a fancy to your talents , We will not kill you."

Lu Yuan: "..."

He looked at the two surging Kamans, a little speechless.

This is a bit pretending brother.

I am not as capable as you guys!   I don't allow anyone who is more pretending than me to exist!   Lu Yuan squeezed the Dark Red Blade firmly, and slammed his feet on the ground.


The rumbling sound sounded, and Lu Yuan instantly turned into an afterimage and disappeared in place.

Lu Yuan's body appeared on Liu Yu's side, Hei Gangjin exploded with all his strength, and the Dark Red Blade slashed towards Liu Yu's neck with a fierce sword wind.

When faced with a mechanical warrior, Lu Yuan did not use black steel.

The main reason is that Lu Yuan was not in a hurry at the time. It is different now. There are three other guys waiting for him to save people.

Coupled with the pretense of these two Kamans, Lu Yuan does not intend to keep his hands.

The sharp sword wind blew Liu Yu's face, making him feel a sting.

His pupils shrank violently, with a terrified look.

How could it be so strong? !   He actually had the feeling of facing his highness.

He roared, raised his long sword, and faced Lu Yuan's heavy sword.


The symphony of gold and iron sounded.

Liu Yu's body flew upside down, and the long knife in his hand flew away, flying towards the outside of the high-rise rooftop.

Nora's eyes widened slightly, and she looked at Lu Yuan with a blow to Fei Liuyu in disbelief.

He didn't have time to think about it, he appeared directly behind Liu Yu, and received Liu Yu with both hands.


Nora groaned, her face turned pale, and she felt the power of horror coming from Liuyu.

His footsteps back again and again.


With a low growl, Nora retreated more than 20 meters, and then retreated to the edge of the roof before stopping.

Liu Yu also fell to the ground at this moment, his hands trembled violently and dropped down.

There was blood constantly overflowing from the corner of his mouth, and he was panting again and again like Nora. The two looked at Lu Yuan with a little amazement, with a look of shock in their eyes.

They didn't expect that Lu Yuan's strength would be so strong.

Lu Yuan also raised his eyebrows unexpectedly.

He has burned a boss gene and a boss gene, and they have been tempering to Perfection level.

Coupled with the explosion of Heigangjin, his power can be said to be a leader.

didn't expect Liu Yu didn't die with one blow?


He took a deep look at Liu Yu and Nora.

These two guys are not the boss yet, but a subordinate named Yang Qian?   Even the subordinates are so strong, I am afraid that the move is not weak.

Lu Yuan feels a little heavy.

Although he is confident of his own strength, his goal is not to fight with people.

He was saved.

If that move is very strong, he may not be able to take care of the three of Lin Xixi.

Lu Yuan retracted his gaze, turned his body into an afterimage, and moved towards the direction where the light arrow shot.

Liu Yu and Nora watched Lu Yuan leave, but they had no idea of ​​chasing after him.

Watching Lu Yuan jump off the top of the building, the two looked at each other with a look of shock in their eyes.

"What should I do?"

Nora has an ugly face.

Liu Yu's mouth twitched, and he glanced down at the arm he couldn't lift:

"My hand was broken. Just the blow."


Nora's face changed drastically, and she glanced at Liu Yu's arm:

"Break your arms with a blow?!"

But Nora calmed down thinking of the terrifying power before.

Even if he just wants to block Liuyu, he feels such a strong force. It is conceivable that Liuyu can bear the strength of the front.

Not dead is already good luck.

Liu Yu said in disbelief:   "When facing that human, I felt like facing your Highness."

Nora eyes shrank, fell into Silence.

He turned his head and looked towards the direction of the upward movement: "I wonder if your Royal Highness will make a move?"


Lin Xixi shot out After the arrow, a worried look appeared on his face.

The face of the black hair girl is also constantly changing:

"We have exposed our position now, I am afraid the chasing soldiers will come over soon. There is no way back."

Alice paled and said: "We have no future, and now we can only expect Lei Feng to be so strong with Miss."

Lin Xixi bites. Ya, nodded:

"Well, we have to wait for Lei Feng to come over now."

When the three of them were talking, suddenly an afterimage appeared in front of them. .

Lu Yuan looked at three young girls with blood-stained body and weak breath, and was a little puzzled:   "Wait for me?"

(End of this chapter)

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