My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 123

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2021-10-07   Chapter 123 chief challenge, Octagon shock (as caiyulongAlliance Leader plus more)

Lin Xi Xi Triple Frozen, then revealed a surprise.

The black hair girl's eyes lit up: "You came here so soon?! Is no one to stop you?"

Lu Yuan thought about the two things he had encountered before. Call someone, said with a smile:

"Yes, yes, too weak, it can't stop me."

He glanced at the wounds on the three of them, eyebrows slightly frowned :   "? hurt a bit heavy ah .healing potion it"

" run out ...... met a few strong guys, led by the stronger we are now able to flee. good luck."

Lin Xixi's face is ugly.

Lu Yuan showed a sudden look.

He took out some powerful healing potion and several bottles of powerful spiritual power and handed them to them.

"Drink, I'll take you away. I have to speed up a little bit. On the other side, there seems to be someone called your highness to move, which may be very strong, and I may not be able to keep you."


When they heard Lu Yuan's words, Lin Xixi's eyes widened.

The black hair girl was shocked: "Did you meet the highness that moved up?! That guy is a monster, and his strength is terrifying. The battle strength must be at the leader level or even the lord level!"

Lu Yuan shook the head: "Yangqian didn't touch it, but met two of the four cornerstones."

"You met the four cornerstones? Can't they stop you?"

Lin Xixi and the three of them were shocked.

Lu Yuan smiled: "I said I am very strong."

The three of them were still a little shocked, but they also knew that the situation was urgent and they all drank the medicine.

"Let's go."

Lu Yuan glanced at the communication crystal and moved in Amy's direction.

When Amy told Lu Yuan to come to save someone, she herself was rushing here.

His heart is a little heavy.

Although I didn't encounter that move up, if it really is like the black hair girl Zhu Yu said, it's a leader or even a lord, then it will be troublesome.

If it's at the leader level, it's okay. Lu Yuan's own battle strength is at the leader level, and even if it explodes with all its strength, it is slightly stronger than the leader level.

If it is a lord level, Lu Yuan can only protect himself with various hole cards. It is unrealistic to want to protect Lin Xixi and the three.

Now Lu Yuan hopes that Amy can come over soon.

If he and Amy join forces, even at the lord level, they can beat it.

Lin Xixi and the three also noticed that Lu Yuan's somewhat solemn expressions were nodded, and followed Lu Yuan forward.


Outside the complex alley, moving up and looking into the distance, his face is extremely cold.

Yang Nan and the other one of the Four Cornerstones, the only female Kaman Shui Lian, fell silent.

After the atmosphere fell silent, Yang Nan took a step forward and opened the mouth and said:

"Your Highness, I will go up with Shui Lian."

Move up to shook the head:

"You are not the opponent of that human."

"Are you going to let him go?"

Shui Lian's face Some are unwilling to do so.

Yang Qian thought about it, opened the mouth and said:

"Even if it is me, it is impossible to take that humanity in a short time. The time in the ruins world is limited. , Our main goal now is to attack more Floating Void City, there is no need to spend time on this human being. With his strength, sooner or later he will go to the core area, it is better to clean him there. It happens during this period of time. Let him collect some treasures for me. Now, let him go."

Upon hearing Yang Qian's words, Shui Lian and Yang Nan looked at each other and said nothing.

Move up to both hands crossed near chest, opened the mouth and said: "Let our people come back, the remaining mice...Even if they are good luck. We should go elsewhere. "



Lu Yuan took Lin Xixi and the three of them through the alleys, along the way, one None of the Kamans met.

Lin Xixi and the three are a little confused.

I wish Yu opened the mouth and said:

"What's the matter? What about the people who have been chasing us before?"

Alice can already do it herself at this moment While walking, she glanced at Lu Yuan, said with a smile:

"Are you scared by Mr. Lei Feng and dare not chase us?"

Lin Xixi's face still dignified:    . "first do not get too excited, we have not gone away yet"

hear the words of Lin Xi Xi, Yu Alice and I wish once again face serious again.

Soon, Lu Yuan took Lin Xixi and the three people out of the particularly dense steel high-rise area.

Taking a look at the alley behind him, after still no one chased it out, Lin Xixi and the three were relaxed.

"It seems that they really have no plans to chase us down."

Zhu Yu smiled.

Lin Xixi relaxed and looked at Lu Yuan, feeling a little sorry.

She had been wary of Lu Yuan before, and didn't expect to be rescued by him.

"Mr. Ray, Thank you for saving us three."

Lu Yuan Lin Xi Xi looked at, of Said with A Smile:    "kind, you are Ai Mi's subordinates, I have to help, don't you?"

Lin Xixi was hearing this, feeling even more ashamed.

After that, Lu Yuan led Lin Xixi and the three to move in the direction where Amy was.

Half a day later, it has been three days since I entered the El Mechanical Ruins.

On a street, Lu Yuan led Lin Xixi and the three to kill a group of sneak attack their genetic warrior.

At this point, the distance came the sound of Amy:   "Lei Feng Lei Feng Xixi here!!!"

Lu Yuan four Looking up, I saw Amy running towards them with more than a dozen former adventure group members.

Lin Xixi, Zhu Yu and Alice, the three eyes shined, hurriedly greeted them.


Amy ran up to the three of them and looked at them.

"Well, are you okay?"

Lin Xixi nodded: "It's okay, thanks to Mr. Lei."

Lin Xixi turned to look at Lu Yuan , With a trace of worship in his eyes.

The same is true for Zhu Yu and Alice.

On the way, they can be regarded as seeing with their own eyes how strong Lu Yuan is.

Proper leader-level battle strength.

Along the way, no matter what opponents they encountered, they were basically crushed all the way, and the three of them hardly had a chance to shoot.

Amy looked towards Lu Yuan and found that Lu Yuan was still picking up things, she couldn't help but pouted: "Lei Feng! This Young Lady is here, You didn’t come to welcome me? Isn’t this Young Lady not as attractive as those bottles of gene fluid?"

Lu Yuan has picked up a place of gene fluid, he looked at Amy, thinking the next, his face tangled:   "this question hard to answer ah."

" wow, you bastard!"

Amy suddenly not happy.

Angrily stared at Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan laughed: "Just kidding, don't be angry. Of course Amy is more attractive."


Amy with hands on hips, A smug look: "This Young Lady knows it."

When Lin Xixi saw Amy, they were all embarrassed.

My lady is a bit stupid.

Lu Yuan looked proud of Amy, laughed and asked:    "? There are other people did not do the collection"

Amy meal, some of the lost shook the head: "A few are dead, and those who are still alive have gathered."

Lu Yuan nodded: "Do you have any plans next?"

Amy thinking I stopped and looked at Lu Yuan:

"What do you think of Lei Feng?"

Lu Yuan glanced at a Floating Void City not far away in the sky.

He squinted his eyes: "Among the mechanical ruins of Ayer, Floating Void City has the most resource treasures, right? Let's go to Floating Void City. With the strength of the two of us, there should be no problem. "

Amy eyes shined, nodded: "Okay! This Young Lady thinks so too!"

Everyone began to move in the direction of Floating Void City.

Lu Yuan and Amy converge, and the battle strength increases greatly.

When they were in the foggy forest, they fought together, and they cooperated very well.

Amy uses Tianluo Wisteria to control the opponent, Lu Yuan can go up and kill.

Now Amy has also burned a new gene, the poison gene named'Emerald Scythe'.

This gene makes Amy's Tianluo wisteria attach a deadly poison.

Unfortunately, the mechanical guards here are all made of metal and are immune to toxins.

Of course, to deal with genetic warrior, it is a bundle of standards.

With Lu Yuan's direct attack ability coupled with Amy's control and poisoning ability, it can be said that Gods block then kill gods all the way, the gods block and kill the Buddha.

Almost all the genetic warriors of the team encountered were killed by two of them.

More and more spiritual power gene liquids have been harvested, and there are even many excellent spiritual power gene liquids.

They are all divided.


Only half a day.

Lu Yuan and Amy brought Lin Xixi and others to the area near Floating Void City.

Just below the Floating Void City, there is a tall building that is one kilometer high.

There is an elevator to Floating Void City at the top of the tall building.

There are many aircraft floating in the air area where the aerial elevator is located.

There are four 500-meter-high buildings near the kilometer-high building, and on the side, all of them are 100-meter-high buildings, and there are a total of twelve.

Lu Yuan looked at these tall buildings with some expectation.

There is a level of treasure equivalent to 500,000 First Rank Spirit Crystal’s spirit transformation in 100-meter-high buildings. There are a total of twelve here.

Plus the five-hundred-meter-high building and the kilometer-high building.

It is conceivable that the resources here will be quite abundant.

Even Amy has some expectations.

"Lei Feng, let's go! Don't let others get ahead!"

She took Lu Yuan and ran towards the tall buildings with her short legs.

Lin Xixi and several others also followed along.

All 100-meter-high buildings, 500-meter-high buildings and 1,000-meter-high buildings are connected together.

There is only one street leading to this group of tall buildings.

Lu Yuan and Amy entire group are running on this street.

At the end of the street, there is a huge Grand Plaza with a radius of about two kilometers.

There are hundreds of mechanical guards patrolling the square, and four mechanical warriors that are more than three meters high are leading the team.

At the gate, there is a mechanical warrior over five meters high guarding it.

Beside the mechanical warrior, there are four giant mechanical dogs with a height of more than two meters lying on the ground.

Lu Yuan glanced across the square, and finally set his eyes on the mechanical warrior that was more than five meters high.

His brow furrowed slightly.

Up to now, no one has cleared this square, which obviously makes sense.

Hundreds of mechanical guards, equivalent to First Rank Peak elite.

The four mechanical warriors that are more than three meters high are the leaders of First Rank Peak.

The strength of the four mechanical dogs is probably not worse than the mechanical warrior.

The strongest one should be the mechanical warrior over five meters high.

The mechanical warrior more than three meters high is already the leader of First Rank Peak.

More than five meters high, this is probably a leader-level powerhouse.

Even if Lu Yuan looked at this mechanical warrior, he felt a lot of pressure.

If he is alone, with his strong defense and natural seed recovery, coupled with infinite spiritual power, perhaps he can slowly grind these mechanical guards to death.

But it will definitely take a long time.

Fortunately, Lu Yuan is not alone now.

Amy looked at the mechanical warrior on the square, purple eyes with a trace of be eager to have a try.

"Lei Feng! Are we on it?"

Lu Yuan grinned, a heavy sword appeared in his hand, and crimson rays of light flowed around him.

"Old rules, I'll go up first, you just need to follow me."


Lu Yuan stepped into the square.

As soon as he stepped into the square, all the mechanical guards who were patrolling had a meal and turned to look over.

At the gate, the mechanical leader and four giant mechanical dogs also looked over.

Hundreds of pairs of mechanical eyes have changed from blue to red.

If the intensive phobia sees this scene, I am afraid that the scalp will be numb.

Even Lu Yuan couldn't help but feel some pressure in his heart.

"Di! Di! Found the lifeform! Confirmed as the enemy! Perform cleaning procedures!"

All the elite mechanical guards, the four mechanical bosses, all raised their weapons, yes Lu Yuan fired a densely packed energy bomb.

Especially the energy bomb fired by the mechanical boss, the surging energy made Lu Yuan frowned slightly.

Thousands of energy bombs hiding the sky and covering the earth, the spiritual power fluctuates like tides, spreading towards all directions.

For a time, Amy and Lin Xixi were complexion slightly changed.

This kind of terrifying attack, even the First Rank leader warrior, I am afraid it will feel desperate.


There is a 100-meter high-rise plaza more than ten kilometers away from the tall buildings below Floating Void City.

The square was full of the bodies of mechanical guards, and the three-meter-high mechanical leader had been turned into scrap at the moment, lying on the ground.

Six elven warriors are picking up the fall of the mechanical guard, with smiles on their faces.

At this moment, several warrior complexion changed.

At the same time, they turned their heads and looked towards the direction of the kilometer-high building.

In that direction, strong energy fluctuations emerged, almost forming a light blue light source.

The head is a handsome, blond elf boy.

His eyes flicker of shock look:    "?! Some people on the square at the Floating Void City hands"

In his edge, and he a looks has several points of similarity elf men also face shocked:    "under the square that Floating Void City, but there are eight mechanical ringleader, more than 800 mechanical elite, there is a mechanical terror leader, who dared to go up Do it?!"

Several other elves and young girls also joined the discussion.

"Yes, how can anyone dare to have such a strong lineup? The team we saw yesterday had six boss-level warriors. They didn't even make the first wave of attacks by those mechanical guards. Can survive!"

"Even more how is the mechanical leader. Without the forty-fifty high-level boss-level powerhouse, it can’t be eliminated at all?! Is there a leader-level genius warrior coming?! "

Everyone discusses spiritedly.

"Brother Beman, shall we go and see?"

The eyes of an elf boy were full of curiosity.

"Yes, Beman! Although we are not the opponents of those mechanical guards, it should be okay to stand a little further and see the situation?"

Beman's eyes flashed. then nodded:   "well we first received the treasure inside the building, then go to watch!!"

" Oh !!"

several elf warrior All smiles excitedly.

The same as these wizard warriors.

Within 20 kilometers of the circle below Floating Void City, all the teams that saw anomalies approached the battle area one after another.

It is now the fourth day of the opening of the El Mechanical Ruins.

The strength of all surviving teams will never be weak.

There are one or two First Rank boss warriors.

Their strength may not be enough to challenge those mechanical guards, but it does not prevent them from going to the theater.

Everyone is very curious, who really dares to challenge a mechanical leader, eight mechanical bosses and nearly a thousand elite mechanical warriors!    seventeen thousand words seeking monthly update ~ ~ ~ ~ seeking custom            (Chapter End)

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