My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 124

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  Chapter 124 Two monsters (seeking monthly ticket for subscription)   Lu Yuan facing densely packed The energy bomb, the body turned into an afterimage, hiding to his side.

Even so, the number of energy bombs is too much, and he can't avoid all the energy bombs, and some of them still fall on him.

However, with his defense, as long as he is not attacked by too many energy bombs at once, he can still easily block it.

bang bang bang bang!! !

The energy bombs that fell on Lu Yuan or on the ground exploded, making a deafening rumbling sound.

The aftermath turned into a wave of air, turned into a violent wind, and spread towards all directions.

On the street, Amy, Lin Xixi and the others are blown by the strong wind, with their hair flying.

Seeing all the mechanical guards attracted by Lu Yuan, rays of light flashed in Amy Purple's big eyes.

Her whole body spiritual power surged, and one after another Tianluo Purple Vine stretched out on the ground, spreading towards the square.

And Lin Xixi and the others are also pretty face serious, Lin Xixi, as Vice Captain, opened the mouth and said:

"Everyone, get ready! Don’t go in for melee combat, guard By the side of Yuanzhan, the elemental elements and the archers are attacking from a distance!" As Lin Xixi took out the longbow, the white light arrows condensed on the bowstring, and when the blue energy rays of light gradually dissipated, An arrow was shot, directly hitting an elite mechanical body.


The head of an elite machine exploded and his body fell to the ground.

Other girls also launched attacks.

In the square, Lu Yuan's body turned into a streamer. Everywhere he passed, all the elite mechanical guards were knocked out by Lu Yuan.

The mechanical guard that was hit and flew landed on the ground, and his body was flashing with electric current, and it was directly destroyed.

Lu Yuan rushed to a robot leader.

This mechanical leader is holding a black psionic cannon in his hand, and each psionic cannon carries the formidable power that is enough to seriously damage the leader of the First Rank high level and blasts towards Lu Yuan.

When Lu Yuan approached, the psionic cannon fired just one shot, which hit Lu Yuan’s chest heavily, exploding a cloud of white light.


Lu Yuan's body rushed out of the white light, the black steel force burst out, the heavy sword cross-cut, directly cut the psionic cannon out of one after another crack, the mechanical boss flew out, and nothing appeared on his arms. Regularly twisted, there is one after another electric spark flashing on both arms.

The mechanical boss struggled to get up. Lu Yuan had already come to him, stepped on his right foot, and stepped on the mechanical boss's head.


His head was in close contact with the ground, and a shallow pit was smashed. One after another crack appeared on his head, and electric sparks flickered.

The movement of the mechanical boss suddenly became slow.

Lu Yuan's face was expressionless, and he stepped on it again.

bang!! ! The   head of the mechanical boss shattered, and there was no more movement.

Next moment, Lu Yuan disappears in place.

Thousands of energy bombs following Lu Yuan drowned the dead mechanical boss.


On the top of the tall buildings around the square.

Four cat warriors appear.

They were attracted by the fluctuations of the battle.

After seeing the densely packed energy bombs in the square, the pupils of the four cat warriors all shrank sharply, and a flash of horror flashed in their eyes.

A cat-man who looks thin and wears leather armor warrior sucked in a cold breath:

"Hi...meow, so many energy bombs, what a big scene! "

A tall cat-man warrior wearing armor, watching Lu Yuan, who was unscathed by one after another energy bomb in the square, scratched his head with admiration in his eyes. "If it were me, it would be explodes into waste in one second. That human is really strong."

A cat girl watched Lu Yuan hit and flew the elite mechanical guards who were in the way. , Pupil shrink, exclaimed:

"That human is a monster, right?! Look at the elite mechanical guards he crashed into, all of them are directly scrapped! The Iron Body of the elite mechanical guards can be the same Compared to the level guardian warrior. Can't even stop one blow?!"

"What blow? The humans didn't attack at all, he just used his body to kill those elite mechanical guards. That's it."

The thin cat can't help but complain.

"Wait...Look at the ground over there..."

At this moment, the four cat warriors opened their eyes wide and looked at the ground where the spiritual energy fluctuation was dissipated. In the square, a broken mechanical boss who was bombarded was lying on the ground.

They looked at each other, looked at each other in blank dismay, their eyes were full of look of shock:    "How long has this been?! We are so close, we don’t need one minute Just over here, there are already mechanical bosses dead?!"

"Who did it? How?!"

Soon, they got the answer.

Lu Yuan appeared in front of a mechanical leader holding a battle axe after hitting the elite guards.

The mechanical boss faced Lu Yuan, and one after another thunder emerged from his body. On the battle axe, the thunder condensed and slashed towards Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan's face was cold, and Hei Gangjin burst out with all his strength, slashing towards the battle axe.


Under the rumbling sound, the mechanical boss flew out directly, his battle axe flew out, his arms twisted, and one after another electric spark appeared, and his huge body fell heavily on the ground.

"How is it possible?!"

The four cat people on the tall building opened their eyes wide and exclaimed.

"With just one blow, it defeated the thunder of the mechanical boss head-on, not to mention, and also shook the arms of the mechanical boss?!"

"This human being is the leader." Level warrior?!"

"What a scary guy..."

When the four cat warriors were shocked, Lu Yuan had caught up with the severely injured mechanical leader, heavy With a wave of sword, he cut off his head.

"The second one."

Lu Yuan whispered to himself.

His body disappeared in place, behind Lu Yuan, the number of energy bombs gradually became sparse.

After all, when Lu Yuan dealt with the robot boss, Amy and the others were not idle.

Lu Yuan looked around, more than two hundred mechanical elites fell on the ground at this moment, most of the mechanical elites were twisted in their bodies, as if they were strangled.

These all are Amy's credit, and some of them are killed by Lin Xixi and the others.

At this moment, there are nearly a hundred mechanical elites covered with Tianluo Wisteria. Although the jade sickle on Tianluo Wisteria can’t act on the mechanical body, its powerful force shrinks. Constantly strangling the mechanical elites, they can still easily kill these mechanical elites.

Even Amy trapped a mechanical leader and kept shrinking Tianluo Wisteria.

However, the body of the mechanical boss is much stronger than the mechanical elite. Although the Tianluo Wisteria shrinks continuously, it only makes his body make a zhi zhi sound. If you want to complete the strangulation, I am afraid that you need a little bit more time.

Amy's performance was naturally seen by the four cats.

Their eyes widened and their faces were full of horror.

"Hey hey hey...that human girl, have you seen it?! Isn't this too fake?! She controlled hundreds of mechanical elites alone, but also tied up one Robot boss?!"

"This meow is outrageous! It feels stronger than that human teenager!"

"There are these two monsters, I see that robot The boss bode ill rather than well."

The words of the thin cat attracted the approval of the other three cats.

As time goes by, the number of mechanical guards decreases.

On the tops of tall buildings, there are more and more genetic warriors appearing.

Everyone noticed the fluctuations in the battle and rushed over.

A crowd of genetic warriors watched the battle on the square, all with terrified looks.

Especially Lu Yuan and Amy's performances shocked them.

With this strength, any one of them can hit them all right?    Even other human girls have very strong strength. There are only three boss-level warriors, and the others are also elite Peak Level and other battle strengths.

This power is too terrifying.


As the last mechanical leader was beheaded by Lu Yuan with a single sword, the entire square was covered with broken bodies of mechanical guards.

Electric sparks flashed on each of the mechanical parts, and the scene was broken.

Lu Yuan sighed slightly and looked towards the direction of the door.

At the gate, the mechanical leader and four mechanical dogs remained motionless after all the mechanical guards on patrol died.

These five mechanical guards were obviously born to guard the gate.

Amy and Lin Xixi also walked in at this moment.

There was a little sweat on Amy's forehead, but Lin Xixi's faces became a little pale, and the spiritual power fluctuated a lot.

There are nearly a thousand mechanical guards, even if one kills only one, it takes a lot of effort.

The use of battle skill needs to consume spiritual power. If you use more, spiritual power will be insufficient.

Amy is okay, but Lin Xixi and the others are very tired.

As for Lu Yuan, he secretly absorbed two Spirit Crystals during the previous battle, and now the spiritual power is still full.

"I'm so tired, how come there are so many mechanical guards."

Amy complained a little dissatisfied.

Lu Yuan laughed: "If you are tired, take a rest. Anyway, the mechanical guard who guards the door will definitely not come out."

Lin Xixi glanced at the surrounding tall buildings, one There are several genetic warriors standing and whispering in the tall buildings, watching them at the moment.

Her eyebrows frowned slightly, and she was a little worried: "Mr. Lei, what about these people?"

Lu Yuan raised his head and glanced across the genetic warrior on the tall building.

When every genetic warrior met Lu Yuan's gaze, they looked away, none of them dared to look at Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan slightly smiled, opened the mouth and said: "Let them watch if they want to watch. You guys recover first, I watch."

When a cat came over, Lu Yuan had already noticed it.

The reason why he absorbs Spirit Crystal and maintains spiritual power is also for this reason.

Just these people, as long as they have enough spiritual power, they won't be a threat.

"Since you have said so, Mr. Lei, let's recover."

Lin Xixi was nodded, and more than a dozen girls sat down and began to absorb Spirit Crystal.

Amy also sat on the ground, smiling at hehe’s opened the mouth and said: "I will rest too."

Lu Yuan glanced at Amy, this guy’s There is a lot of spiritual power, and I am afraid that half of it has not been consumed now.

This guy is lazy and doesn't want to pick up the fallen things.

But since Amy wants to recover, Lu Yuan will naturally not object.

After all, it is the mechanical leader who is waiting to deal with it. There is nothing wrong with being stable.

Of course, there are also seven melee girls who have been guarding the other people all the time, and the consumption is actually not large.

There is no need to restore at this moment.

Lu Yuan glanced at the seven girls, smiled and opened the mouth and said:

"Go and pick up the fallen things."

"Good Mr. Lei."

A delicate and pretty girl responded.

A few people went together to pick up the treasure one after another dropped by the mechanical guard on the floor.

There are nearly a thousand mechanical guards dropping things, and just picking up these things will take a long time.

When Amy was resting, the genetic warriors on the roof naturally saw this scene.

They looked at the light groups floating in the air, especially the green and azure light groups on the corpses of the four mechanical leaders, and their eyes flashed with greed.

A Kobold warrior's eyes flashed, with a hint of movement on his face:    "The monster woman is restoring spiritual power, and more than half of them are restoring spiritual power. Now is a good opportunity. Ah, how about we go down and grab some treasures?"

Beside him, an elven man appeared unexpectedly on his face, but he took a look and found the corpse of a mechanical guard as a bench. Lu Yuan of Lu Yuan hesitated:    "That human boy hasn't rested yet. We are definitely not his opponent when we go down?"

"hmph! Are you stupid? This human boy blocked this before After a long time of attack, I don’t believe that he doesn’t need spiritual power to maintain his battle skill! He doesn’t look like anything on the surface, and he must have consumed a lot of spiritual power. Besides, so many of us are robbed separately, how much he can stop him. A?"

Kobold has rays of light with a hint of wisdom in his eyes, and his face is full of sneers.

Hearing this, the eyes of some genetic warriors nearby flickered, and the color of movement became more obvious.

Several genetic warriors have frequently looked towards the green light group and the azure light group among them.

Those are all good things!

There are also some genetic warriors with disdainful expressions on their faces, looking at some of the genetic warriors that are moved, a little contemptuous.

The handsome face of Beman, an elf boy, is full of disdain:    "A bunch of trash, so I can only imitate the dog and steal chicken."

A beautiful elven girl next to Lu Yuan glanced at Lu Yuan below, hesitated, opened the mouth and said:

"Beiman, do we want to stop them? "

There was a smirk on the face of a young elven next to him:    "No, isn't it, Meili?! You won't see that human being?!"

Meili's pretty face blushed glared at the young elf:   "Kayman! You say it again?!"

Other young elf girls also have weird faces.

An elven girl covered her mouth with a smirk:    "I can understand Meili, that human boy is handsomer than many elves, and is so strong! I am a little moved."

"Hey hey say this, I can't pretend to hear it! We are all elves anyway, don't you like alien humans?! Too much!"

"Yes, don't let one's own fertile water flow into others' field! I don't agree with this marriage!"

"I don't agree either! Although this human teenager is indeed handsome and capable Very strong, but I just don't agree!"

When a few of his companions quarreled, Beman faced full of black lines.

He coughed dryly:    "You guys! Pay attention! So many people are watching!"

A few elves came back to his senses and looked around and found Many people are looking at them with weird faces.

Mei Li and another elven girl are pretty face blushed, covering their faces, and the other elves are also embarrassed.

Beman clutched his head, feeling a terrible headache.

This is so embarrassing to be lost home.

At this moment, a burly human man on the side grinned:    "Friends of the elves, what you said makes sense, those dog things will only do things like imitate the dog and steal chicken. , Wait for me and my friends to block them with you!"

Beside this human man, there are several humans and several Kamans and Barrows nodded, all agreeing.

"Yes! We don't want to be with these wastes."

(End of this chapter)

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