My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 125

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  Chapter 125 Special Killing Methods (Request monthly ticket for subscription)   Hearing this, originally The greedy genetic warrior looked at them coldly, his eyes full of anger.

"Who do you say is waste?!"

"Just tell me if you want to die! I will send you away from the ruins now!"


The two sides stare at each other, neither giving way to the other.

At this time, however, the green light group and azure light group on the square had been picked up by several girls.

All the rest are white light clusters.

Compared with the green light group and the azure light group, the white light group is not much attractive to them.

There is no need to risk this.

The genetic warriors who originally wanted to go on for a fight turned back one after another.

The calm atmosphere on both sides disappeared.

It didn't take long for Amy to open her eyes, and with a ruddy color on her pretty face, she jumped up from the ground with a smile.

"Recovered! How? Lei Feng! Was this Young Lady very difficult to deal with before? This Young Lady is a mechanical guard who killed half of it by himself."

Lu Yuan nodded with a serious look: "Amy is the best!"

"hmph ~Of course."

Amy raised his head triumphantly.

Soon, Lin Xixi and the others also recovered.

Several people opened their eyes and stood up.

Lu Yuan saw that everyone had recovered, he opened the mouth and said with a smile:

"Since everything has recovered, let's start dealing with the mechanical leader."

Amy looked at the five-meter-high mechanical leader and the four mechanical giant dogs, thought about it, opened the mouth and said:

"Lei Feng, do you want to be below the leader level? People who are out of the battlefield?"

Lu Yuan thought about it, nodded: "Well, let them withdraw from the battlefield. Below the boss level, there is really no way to break the defense of this mechanical leader."

So, except for Lin Xixi, Zhu Yu and a brown-haired girl named Mary, everyone else stayed away.

Lin Xixi is a warrior who uses a long bow, and Zhu Yu is a warrior of the assault system who uses a long sword, and there is another one named Mary, who is an elementary warrior.

Lu Yuan glanced at Zhu Yu and thought for a while: "Wait, you pay attention to hide behind me, don't be touched, your small body may be touched by the mechanical leader and disappear. "

Zhu Yu widened his eyes and raised his small hand weakly: "Then, can I go to the spectator group?"

Lu Yuan's face went dark.

Good fellow, this is the first time he has seen such a warrior boss.

Amy is also akimbo: "No!"


Five people walked towards the gate, a group of genetic warriors on the tall buildings. Seeing this, they were all shocked.

They looked at the five Lu Yuan, with a hint of excitement in their eyes.

"It's getting started!"

"With their strength, they should be able to deal with this mechanical leader, right?"

"This is not necessarily true. Have you forgotten about someone challenging the mechanical leader? Several boss-level warriors have not broken their defenses."

"Whether it is successful or not, let's watch it first."

Everyone is nodded.

Lu Yuan came to a position about a hundred meters away from the mechanical leader and stopped.

Lu Yuan clenched the heavy sword in his hand and looked at the mechanical leader:

"Amy, can you control the mechanical leader?"

Amy He raised his eyebrows and hummed softly:

"Of course you can! You underestimate this Young Lady again!"

Lu Yuan nodded: "Since you can control it, then deal with it first. Four mechanical dogs."

Amy raised his little hand: "I can also control two dogs."

Lu Yuan glanced at Amy in surprise.

Control one boss and two bosses at the same time.

This control ability is too great.

He gave Amy a thumbs up.

The corners of Amy's mouth are raised, her small face is full of triumph.

"That's easy. First kill the robot dog, then kill the robot leader. Amy, go on."

Amy nodded, a pretty face appeared A touch of grave expression.

Her little hand opened, the spiritual power surged, one after another Tianluo Wisteria shot out, and it shot towards the mechanical leader and mechanical giant dog in the distance. Tianluo Wisteria had dozens of them. There are so many ways, densely packed.

When Tianluo Wisteria approached the mechanical leader and the mechanical giant dog, their eyes turned red and the alarm sounded.

The mechanical head received the steel giant sword with its lower back at the back, and roared and waved the giant sword. The giant sword carried a beam of black light on it, and slashed towards the Tianluo Wisteria.


The sword light flashed, the giant sword failed to cut off the Tianluo Wisteria, but the violent power swept one after another Tianluo Wisteria aside.

The four giant mechanical dogs also roared and avoided.

However, Tianluo Wisteria's speed is very fast, and a giant mechanical dog is entangled by Tianluo Wisteria and retreats, and its speed stagnates.

next moment, one after another Tianluo Wisteria wrapped its body and tied it into a zongzi.

Amy in the distance is dissatisfied, she is frowned:   "The power of this mechanical leader is a little bit big. I want to tie him a bit harder , Lei Feng, you help me drag Just drag him once, and I can tie him up!"

Lu Yuan smiled: "Okay."

With the soles of his feet on the ground, his body instantly turned into streamer and rushed towards The mechanical leader and the remaining three mechanical giant dogs.

There is one after another blue electric current flashing all over the mechanical leader, and a white crystal shield appeared on his body.

He waved the heavy sword in his hand, constantly resisting the Tianluo Wisteria, and at the same time rushed towards Amy's direction.

Not only the mechanical leader, but also the remaining three giant mechanical dogs, while swiftly avoiding Tianluo Wisteria, while rushing towards Amy.

However, because Tianluo Wisteria is too dense, they approach slowly.

When all the genetic warriors on the high building saw this scene, their eyes widened and were a little shocked.

A Kaman warrior exclaimed: "Even the mechanical leader could not cut the wisteria?! What battle skill is the wisteria? Good tenacious!"

"It's true, it's the leader-level battle strength, but it still used the battle skill. Didn't it even cut the wisteria?"

"Look at the chained giant mechanical dog Now I can’t even move! It has been using energy to bomb the wisteria on strikes, but it has no effect. This is too terrifying!"

Many genetic warriors looked at Amy with fear and horror in their eyes. .

On the square, Lu Yuan quickly rushed to the front of the mechanical leader.

The mechanical leader Deep Red's mechanical eyes noticed that Lu Yuan's whole body current became stronger a little bit. A violent black light emerged from the heavy sword in his hand. He clenched the heavy sword with both hands and slashed towards Lu Yuan.

The body of the mechanical leader is more than five meters high, which is twice as high as Lu Yuan. The heavy sword is also more than four meters long, looking like a giant sword attacking a baby.

Lu Yuan squeezed his eyes tightly while feeling the sharp sword wind.

Heigangjin runs at full power, Lu Yuan burst out with the strongest strength, lifting the sword to meet the heavy sword of the mechanical leader.

Two heavy swords collide together, one big and one small two figures also collide together.


A fierce rumbling sound sounded, Lu Yuan and the body of the mechanical leader took a step back at the same time.


On the high buildings, a group of genetic warrior sucked in a breath of cold air.

"It's evenly divided! This human is really a leader-level battle strength!"

Beman's eyes were shocked, opening the mouth and said.

Although it has been speculated before that Lu Yuan's strength may have reached the leader level.

But after all, they have never really fought against the leader level, and they are still a little suspicious in their hearts.

Now, all doubts are gone.

The power that can be equal to the leader-level, this powerful sword cut, what is it that is not the leader-level?   Everyone's eyes flashed at this moment, looking at Lu Yuan.

Several human genetic warriors kept looking at their fellow warriors and asked:

"Who is this boy?! Does anyone know him?"

"Yeah, since we are humans and we are so strong, we won't be unknown, right?"

"Whoever it is! Remember his appearance, and report to the adults after going out. Must contact him. I better let him join us!"

A human warrior's eyes flickered, each with his own thoughts.

The genetic warriors of other races also remember Lu Yuan and Amy thoroughly at this moment.

They wrote down their appearances and prepared to go out and notify others when the time comes.

Especially the races that are hostile to humans, such as Kobold, have cold eyes, looking at Lu Yuan and Amy, their eyes are full of look of dreading.

At this moment, all genetic warriors' faces condensed, and their eyes widened again, with surprise flashes in their eyes.

In the square below, because the mechanical leader paused for a moment, it has been like a poisonous snake lurking, the ready-to-go Tianluo Wisteria violently immediately, more than 20 Tianluo Wisteria entangled in an instant. On the crystal shield of the mechanical leader.

Almost in an instant, the entire crystal shield was wrapped in it, and the tall mechanical leader followed in the footsteps of the giant mechanical dog and was tied into dumplings.

"It's tied up!"

Seeing this scene, the genetic warriors who were watching the play exclaimed.

They stared at the purple vine, with curiosity in their eyes.

"The next step is to see if the mechanical leader can tear the Tianluo wisteria."

"I think it is impossible! The mechanical leader just used the battle skill and failed to remove the Tianluo. The wisteria is cut off, let alone he is now tied up and cannot attack."

Under the gaze of everyone, the Tianluo wisteria vibrates constantly, but no matter how it vibrates, the wisteria can still be tied firmly. On the body of the mechanical leader, he was tied in place.

"Can you even trap the mechanical leader? It's too terrifying!"

Seeing this scene, everyone seems to have seen the defeat of the mechanical leader.

The mechanical leader is trapped, and there are three mechanical giant dogs left.

They have rushed to Lu Yuan's body, opened their mouths, and pounced on Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan faces the three giant mechanical dogs without any change in his face.

He swung the heavy sword in his hand.

clang clang clang! !

Three giant mechanical dogs were knocked out.

Two of the giant mechanical dogs were tied up by the long-awaited Tianluo wisteria as soon as they landed. The remaining two giant mechanical dogs slid on the ground for several meters, and the body was too much. one after another Jian Mark.

One-on-three, attacked Lu Yuan, and the three giant mechanical dogs were still injured by the counterattack.

After all, it's just a boss.

Lu Yuan turned into a streamer and rushed to the remaining two giant mechanical dogs.

The two giant mechanical dogs opened their mouths, and there was energy in their mouths.


Two huge energies bounced towards Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan did not hide, holding a heavy sword and smashed two energy bombs.

He rushed to the front of a giant mechanical dog, and his heavy sword slashed towards the head of the giant mechanical dog.

A crystal shield similar to the mechanical leader appeared on the body of the mechanical giant dog.


The heavy sword was cut on the shield. One after another crack appeared on the shield, which burst open instantly.

Then the heavy sword continued to slash on the body of the giant mechanical dog.

The giant mechanical dog flew out by a huge bombardment and fell heavily.

The giant mechanical dog that landed was struggling to stand up. At this moment, a white light arrow and an ice gun shot from a distance. When it fell on the giant mechanical dog, many cracks appeared. On his head.


The rumbling sound sounded, and the head of the giant mechanical dog was frozen first, and then shattered by the white light arrow.

The giant mechanical dog that had lost its head suddenly stopped moving.

It is Lin Xixi and Mary in the distance.

At this moment, the remaining mechanical giant dog has rushed in front of Lu Yuan, opened its paws like a dagger, and slashed towards Lu Yuan's neck.


The claws seemed to touch steel, sparks flew everywhere, and forcibly stopped.

Lu Yuan grabbed the mechanical dog leg of the mechanical giant dog with his backhand, his arm forcefully pushed the mechanical giant dog to the ground.


After squeezing it, Lu Yuan was not satisfied and continued to smash it on the ground.

bang bang bang!!

The giant mechanical dog roared and wanted to struggle. As a result, its paws scratched on Lu Yuan's body. Lu Yuan didn't respond at all. The energy ejected on Lu Yuan's body without any damage.

After several consecutive smashes, the mechanical giant dog's body malfunctioned, the electric sparks kept flashing, and its movements became lighter and lighter.

Gradually, it stopped completely.

When everyone on the high building saw Lu Yuan's violent actions, the corners of their mouths twitched.

Especially the genetic warrior who wanted to grab Lu Yuan's stuff before, now has a tingling scalp.

Ask yourself, they don't have the strength of a giant mechanical dog and a powerful mechanical body yet.

If you change it to them, I'm afraid it won't be smashed a few times, and it will be completely cold, right?   After killing the two giant mechanical dogs, Lu Yuan looked towards Amy.

Amy nodded, and released a giant mechanical dog.

As soon as this giant mechanical dog saw the world outside, a sword light flashed by, and then accompanied by white arrow light and ice spear, he said goodbye to the world.

The same is true for the last mechanical giant dog.

When the last mechanical giant dog died, only the largest mechanical leader was left.

Everyone is staring at the mechanical leader at this moment.

Amy laughed at Hehe’s opened the mouth and said: "I will loose the Tianluo Wisteria on its head, Lei Feng, you will cut it with his head!"

Lu Yuan eyes shined and grinned: "No problem."

Soon, Amy removed the Tianluo Wisteria from the head of the mechanical leader, revealing the huge head of the mechanical leader.

The eyes of the mechanical leader red flickered, struggling, but still unable to break free.

Lu Yuan grinned and walked to the head of the mechanical leader, raised the heavy sword and chopped it down.

bang!! ! The   heavy sword and the crystal shield collided together, producing a rumbling sound.

The crystal shield of the mechanical leader is much stronger than the mechanical giant dog.

Lu Yuan's full slash at one time just made the crystal shield shake.

But Lu Yuan doesn't care, anyway, the mechanical leader can only stare at him now.

Lu Yuan smiled and continued to chop on the crystal shield.

bang bang bang!!

A burst of rumbling sound kept ringing.

A group of genetic warriors on the high platform watched as the mechanical leader was tied up by Tianluo Wisteria. Lu Yuan slashed the crystal shield again and again in the same place, and his mind was full of question marks.

What's special, can you still hit the murderous intention weapon leader like this? !   You are like this, let others play a fart? ? ?   (End of this chapter)

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