My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 126

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  Chapter 126 Leader-level heavy sword, entry fee (additional for the Book Insect Alliance Leader)

bang!   bang!   bang!!

The rumbling sound kept coming from the square, and the crystal shield of the mechanical leader was very strong.

Under Lu Yuan's full attack, he blocked nearly a hundred times before being broken.

Losing the defense of the crystal shield, Lu Yuan's heavy sword slashed on the head of the mechanical leader every time.

After more than a dozen attacks, the head of the mechanical leader shattered, and his eyes flashing with red rays of light dimmed.

The mechanical leader, died.

All the genetic warriors on the high building were silent as they watched the easy killing process.

After silence, someone whispered:

"Is this too outrageous?!"

"Yes, in this way, they The two people are invincible together. The human teenager first went up to block the leader’s attack. The human girl took the opportunity to restrain the leader, and then it’s piling."

"Yes, if the human teenager can stop it."

If the lord’s attack, the human girl can trap the lord, wouldn’t it be difficult for the lord to escape their killing?!"

Everyone looked at each other, and they felt chills in their hearts.

The performance of these two people is too ridiculous.

"Something happened!"

I don't know who said it, everyone looked towards the body of the mechanical leader.

On the corpse, more than a dozen light balls emerged.

There are seven green light groups, three azure light groups, and one light group flashing beautiful and deep blue.

Everyone is short of breath, staring at the blue light group.

Some people even had a rolling throat and couldn't help swallowing.

"Boss-level item!"

Most genetic warriors have extremely greedy colors in their eyes.

Even some mechanical warriors that have not shown greed before, are staring at the blue light ball at the moment, and their breathing becomes heavy.

This is a leader-level item!

If it is genetically armed.

As long as it is a First Rank warrior, even an elite-level warrior, as long as you bless this leader-level weapon, you can mention on equal terms with the boss-level warrior.

If the boss-level warrior has blessed the boss-level weapons, you can even have a few tricks with the boss-level warrior.

Who doesn't want such precious genetic weapons?

If it's not genetic weapons, but transcendent genes, it will be even more precious.

The leader-level extraordinary gene, it can create a real leader-level warrior!

As long as you have this innate talent, you can burn this gene!   Even if you can’t use it and sell it, you can get the First Rank Spirit Crystal of several millions!   Several millions of First Rank Spirit Crystal! With    so many resources, general genetic warrior can go from First Rank warrior breakthrough to third rank War General or even fourth rank Battle Venerable without worrying about resource issues.

One-stop service, proper.

One can imagine how precious this is.

Only very few people can face the leader-level treasure and be calm and calm.

After the atmosphere fell silent, a Kaman with blood in his eyes roared.

"They must have consumed a lot of spiritual power when hitting the murderous intention weapon leader! Go! Go grab the leader-level item!"

He rushed down first.

After the Kaman rushed up, half of the genetic warrior present rushed down.

The powerful temptation brought by the leader-level item makes them extremely greedy, lose their reason, and completely forget the powerful strength of Lu Yuan and Amy.

Just thinking that if you can grab this boss-level item, you can fly into the sky and become a true powerhouse! There   are some genetic warriors left. Although some are a little moved, they are still sane.

They glanced at Lu Yuan and Amy in the distance, and suppressed their greed.

There is also a small group of genetic warriors looking at the blue light group enviously, but they have no idea of ​​rushing down.

The elf boy Beman looked at the genetic warriors rushing down, his mouth raised, showing a sardonic smile:

"It's so naive..."

Meili on the side is also nodded with a smile:

"They don't want to think about that mechanical leader, they dare not even face it, how could they be able to hit the murderous intention weapon? The two human opponents of the leader."

The human man who spoke before took a deep breath, suppressed his desire, and shook his head said with a smile:    "Too much profit temptation, It can make people lose their minds."

When Lu Yuan and Amy saw the death of the mechanical leader, smiles appeared on their faces.

As they were about to pick up something, they saw a crowd of genetic warriors rushing down.

Lu Yuan's face was taken aback, and Amy Purple's eyes flashed with anger.

"A group of robbers! You courting death!"

Amy's hand shoots out one after another Tianluo Wisteria and turns into a purple net covering all genetic warriors.

And Lu Yuan bends down and picks up all the light balls first.

Even if they robbed them, Lu Yuan would kill them and explode things.

But Lu Yuan didn't want them to get it.

After putting away all the light balls, Lu Yuan coldly looked at the genetic warrior rushing to avoid Tianluo Wisteria, a sneer appeared on his face.

He waved the heavy sword in his hand, one after another sword light streak across the air, his figure flashed, and instantly killed each genetic warrior, blood dyed red to the ground.

There were more than two hundred genetic warriors rushed down this time.

However, facing angry Lu Yuan and Amy, they were all killed almost in a short moment.

Looking at the corpses all over the floor, the genetic warrior that originally had some begin to stir seemed to have been poured on top of the head by a basin of cold water, calming down.

Seeing that no one continued, Amy was coldly snorted and put away the Tianluo Wisteria.

She ran up to Lu Yuan with expectation in her eyes:

"Lei Feng, look at what that leader-level item is!"

You know, The lower the level, the more rare the items with higher quality.

If it is the third rank or even the fourth rank, the number of boss-level ominous beasts is more, and the boss-level items are also more.

But the number of ominous beasts of First Rank is extremely rare, and the boss-level items are naturally more precious.

After all, things are precious.

Even Amy, who is Fuloli, is very interested in boss-level items.

"I will disappoint you this time."

Lu Yuan raised his brow, with a smile in his eyes, and took out the blue light ball.

Inside the light group, a huge black metal heavy sword floats.

This shape is exactly the heavy sword in the hands of the mechanical leader before.

The leader-level gene-armed heavy sword!   Mechanical Guardian (First Rank 100%): Leader-level weapons.

Mainly improve strength and defense, secondly improve agility, and slightly improve spirit and perception.

The most important thing is that this mechanical Guardian heavy sword comes with special ability. After inputting the spiritual power, you can enter the overload mode for 3 minutes, and each attack will increase the formidable power by about 50%.

You know, Lu Yuan's current power plus Heigang Jin, his attack formidable power is also very strong in the leader level, and will not be weaker than the warrior of the strong attack system.

If you increase it by 50%, how strong is that?

Almost unimaginable.

Amy saw that it was a heavy sword, her small face suddenly   stepped down, and her small mouth emerged: "hmph! Why isn't it a staff or something?"

Lu Yuan smashed the light ball with a smile, and the mechanical Guardian turned into a stream of light and merged into Lu Yuan's body.

The dark red blade illusory shadow that originally surrounded Lu Yuan's gene chain was squeezed out, and the mechanical Guardian replaced the dark red blade illusory shadow.

Suddenly, Lu Yuan felt a powerful force incorporated into his body, and his flesh and blood skeleton was greatly strengthened almost in a short period of time.

The strength and defense have increased by nearly 50%, and because Lu Yuan's speed itself is not strong, it has also increased by nearly 50%.

The only thing that improved less was Lu Yuan's original stronger spirit strength and perception ability, which only improved by less than 10%.

Hmm... The reckless man is properly armed.

Lu Yuan's eyes were filled with surprise.

Is this the power of the leader-level weapons?

With his current leader-level battle strength, he can improve so much.

Of course, this is also because the dark red blade used by Lu Yuan before is relatively weak, otherwise the improvement will not be so big.

Lu Yuan put the Dark Red Blade away and plans to collect it. After all, this is the weapon he has used himself.

Then he took out several boss-level and elite-level light groups.

"There are still these."

In the leader-level light regiment, there is an armored armour, but the armor Lu Yuan currently uses is the leader-level armor, so there is no need to change it.

Lu Yuan can't use the rest.

As for the elite class light group, all are some excellent spirit transformation force gene liquid.

Lu Yuan said with a smile:

"I took the heavy sword, and these are yours."

Amy nodded:" en. ”

The two are regarded as a cooperative relationship. If they have their own use, they naturally take it by themselves, and compensate the other party for the rest.

To be honest, the mechanical Guardian heavy sword Lu Yuan took was several times more expensive than these things combined.

But Amy didn't say much. She is Fuloli herself, and she doesn't lack this.

The only thing she wants is a leader-level weapon that suits her.

Even if the Abigail family has a big business, it is not easy to find a complete set of First Rank boss-level weapons that suits you.

Amy took the things and put them away.

Then she looked at the tall building with a look of expectation in her eyes.

"There must be some good things in it."

Lu Yuan also showed the look of expectation: "Don't you know if you go in and take a look?"

"en. ”

Lu Yuan and Amy led Lin Xixi and the others into the open door and walked in.

Inside the gate is the hall of a 100-meter-high building.

Different from the general 100-meter-high building, this hall has two doors on both sides and one door on the inside.

Lu Yuan looked at the three doors, opened the mouth and said:

"The doors on the left and right should go to the 100-meter-high building on the side, and the door on the inside should be It leads to a five-hundred-meter-high building."

Amy nodded, looked towards Lu Yuan: "Well, where shall we go first?"

Lu Yuan thought for a while and was about to speak , Suddenly there was a voice outside the door:    "A few friends, can you wait for a while?"

Lu Yuan raised his eyebrows slightly, turned his head and looked towards the door.

Amy and Lin Xixi also looked over.

Amy's little face still has a vigilant look, for fear that someone will snatch her baby.

Outside, there are dozens of genetic warriors of various races.

The head is a burly young human man, beside him, there is a handsome elven boy.

Lu Yuan glanced across the crowd, opened the mouth and said:

"What's the matter with you?"

The burly young man with a face With a smile, opened the mouth and said:

"Good for you two, I introduce myself, and I am Xu Qi from Tianfu Consortium. This is the case. After the two plan to collect the treasures in this tall building, Should I go to Floating Void City?"

Tianfu consortium?

Lu Yuan thought of Liu Xi who had met in Sandstone City before. He nodded: "Yes."

"Ah...when the time comes, can we go up with you? Floating Void City is very big, your manpower should not be enough to explore the entire area, we only need to explore the edge area is enough. It will not hinder you."

Hearing this, Lu Yuan Weiwei Raised an eyebrow.

Amy turned her head and looked towards Lu Yuan and blinked: "Lei Feng, what do you think?"

Lu Yuan glanced across the genetic warrior and thought about it , And then said with a smile:

"It's okay to go up with us, but everyone pays 1,000 spiritual power gene liquid, which is the entry fee."

" 1000spiritual power gene fluid for one person?"

The tall and sturdy man and the others were all taken aback, revealing a hint of hesitation.

1,000 spiritual power gene fluids are equivalent to one hundred thousand First Rank Spirit Crystal!   This is just one person!

Although the team present here for four days must have gained a lot, these spiritual power gene fluids can still be obtained.

But it was enough to make them hurt.

The tall and sturdy man smiled bitterly:

"This friend, 1,000 spiritual power gene fluids, is it a bit too much?"

In tall and sturdy man behind a Barrow man shouted:

"Yes, this is too much, it should be a little bit less, human powerhouse, how about each of us paying 500?"

Lu Yuan said with a smile:

"Are you too many? The mechanical guards outside were all cleaned up by our team. Without us, you wouldn't even have a chance to get started, even more how. To go to Floating Void City, you need to take the air elevator. The only controller is in the kilometer-high building, and when the time comes is in our hands. If you want to go up, the entry fee is not too much, right?"


Everyone hesitated.

Lu Yuan laughed: "The resources in the Floating Void City are much more than those in the ground city. It’s just 1000spiritual power gene fluid. Don’t you have the confidence to earn it back? If it weren’t for our lack of manpower, I wouldn’t Let you in."

Lu Yuan is telling the truth, a Floating Void City is too big.

Lu Yuan and Amy, plus Lin Xixi, total not twenty people.

If you want to completely scrape a Floating Void City, then you don't need to go to other places, just stay here for the remaining eight days.

Lu Yuan’s idea is to hunt down the leader on Floating Void City first, scrape the core area clean, and then go to the core area of ​​other Floating Void City.

Finally, they have to go to the Central Region.

I really can’t waste too much time in a Floating Void City.

It's better to give the opportunity to others, charge some entry fee, and have a wave of income.

Everyone is silent.

They also know that Floating Void City is a big cake. The reason why Lu Yuan and the others will let them in is also because of their lack of manpower.

Such an opportunity, if it is placed on other teams with a large number of people, it will not be their turn at all.

After silence, the fairy boy Beman said with a smile:    "1000 spiritual power gene fluid for one person, deal! When the time comes, take us up."

Lu Yuan glanced at the elf boy, laughed:    "No problem, the deal is done."

Xu Qi saw that Beman had agreed, and it was also nodded:

"We can too ."

Seeing that both Xu Qi and Beman agreed, the others also agreed.

Lu Yuan smiled: "Then you have to wait outside now, we have to search this high-rise area first."

Xu Qi nodded with a smile: "We can understand , We’ll wait outside."

Lu Yuan looked towards Lin Xixi: "Xixi, you can take other people to guard here, and it will be fine for me and Amy to go up there. "

Lin Xixi took a moment to look at Amy, Amy nodded: "Listen to Lei Feng."

Then, Amy looked at Xu Qi and the The others turned their big eyes slightly and grinned:    "I will add a door for you!"

With that, one after another Tianluo Purple Vine Yan, blocked the door, leaving only A few gaps.

Outside the door, Xu Qi and Beman looked at the Tianluo Wisteria, and their eyes jumped.

Not to mention that they didn't have the intention to get in. Now even if they do, it is impossible to break the door of the woven wisteria.

(End of this chapter)

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