My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 127

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  Chapter 127 13000000 First Rank Spirit Crystal, departing from the crystal (small arrow Alliance Leader wind color plus more)

Amy done all this, happy patted the little hand:   "well, Xixi, you're here watching them, Lei Feng and I go, be back soon."

"ah, I know the lady."

Lin Xi Xi nodded, then looked towards the Yuan Lu:   . "Mr. Ray, Miss trouble you to take care of the"

Lu Yuan said with a smile: "Don't worry."

"hmph! This Young Lady is so strong, I don't need this guy to take care of it."

Amy muttered dissatisfied. .

Lu Yuan rolled the eyes: "Amy, I'm gone."

He turned on the stairs.

"Eh! Wait for this Young Lady!"

Amy hurriedly chased after him.

Lu Yuan took Amy and started exploring from the 100-meter-high building outside.

The rooms in the tall buildings range from one to five.

Some rooms have mechanical guards, and some rooms have traps, such as exploding bombs.

But for both Lu Yuan and Amy, there is no threat.

The two of them easily explored all the twelve 100-meter-high buildings.

In each of these 100-meter-high buildings, there will be 500 Spirit Transformation Liquids, and a full 6,000 Spirit Transformation Liquids have been harvested.

Converted equivalent to 6 million First Rank Spirit Crystal.

In addition to the excellent spirit transformation force gene liquid, there are three hundred-meter-high buildings with other things.

Viper 5 psionic sniper rifle (First Rank 100%): Boss-level genetic weapon.

This is the same long-range genetic weapon as the longbow. As long as it is injected with spiritual power, it can shoot out psychic sniper projectiles. The formidable power is very strong.

However, the time interval between each attack is a bit long.

Lu Yuan is not this kind of remote warrior after all, this thing is useless to him.

Neither is Amy, I can only sell it for money or something.

Thunderstorm 5 mechanical Warhammer (First Rank 100%): Boss-level genetic weapon.

This genetic weapon similar to a sniper rifle.

Lu Yuan and Amy can’t use it either, they just sell it for money.

In addition to the two sets of genetic weapons, there are also a dozen BX101 type frost grenade.

Explosive formidable power equivalent to First Rank Perfection boss-level full strength attack, and can freeze the enemy.

The formidable power is quite good.

Although this has no effect on Lu Yuan and Amy, it may be useful sometimes.

Lu Yuan and Amy shared 3,000 excellent spirit transformation gene liquids, six frost grenades, and a boss-level gene weapon.

After exploring the twelve 100-meter-high buildings, Lu Yuan and Amy entered four 500-meter-high buildings.

In the rooms in a 500-meter-high building, traps and mechanical guards are stronger.

But for Lu Yuan and Amy, there is still no threat.

There are 500 strong spirit transformation liquids in each 500-meter-high building.

The amount of spiritual power of 1 strong spirit transformation liquid equivalent to 10 excellent spirit transformation liquid is equivalent to 10,000 First Rank Spirit Crystal.

Of course, the spiritual power contained in it is more gentle and easy to absorb than the superior spirit transformation.

If it is a general Ordinary Level First Rank genetic warrior, only a few strong spirit transformation gene liquids are needed to tempering the entire First Rank gene chain.

One can imagine how good this effect is.

Even for Lu Yuan, so many powerful spirit transformation gene liquids are extremely precious.

Four 500-meter-high buildings, there are a total of 2000 strong spirit transformation force gene liquid, Lu Yuan is divided into 1000, which is equivalent to 10 million First Rank Spirit Crystal.

For just spiritual power resources, Lu Yuan has harvested a full 13 million First Rank Spirit Crystal!   can be said that flourishes!    At first, Lu Yuan in sandstone city to participate in the auction, when the inheritance Crystal auction price has only more than 20 million zero-order Spirit Crystal, which is more than two million First Rank Spirit Crystal.

Lu Yuan can now buy five or six of those things!    and that four five hundred meters tall, in addition to the strong spirit transformation force gene was, naturally, there are other treasure.

El 6 Wisdom Staff (First Rank 100%): Chief-level genetic weapon.

Mainly to enhance the leader-level genetic weapons of the Spirit Department and Perception Department!   effect is extremely powerful, newly acquired before than Lu Yuan Machinery Guardian poor.

The Al 6 Wisdom Rod is two meters high. The whole body is made of metal, with a blue crystal inlaid on the top of the head, flashing rays of light.

Amy held her arms in her arms and said not to let go.

Lu Yuan will naturally not compete with Amy.

In addition to the Wisdom Rod, there are two detachment crystals.

Break away from the crystal (First Rank): After using it, the first rank and lower genetic warrior can break away from the place of origin.

Leaving the milk-white crystal body, it looks like a white jade.

Its function can make the genetic warrior leave the place of origin before the time to leave the place of origin.

Lu Yuan had seen this thing on before, and it was very precious.

It's just the breakaway crystal of First Rank, and the price needs 1 million First Rank Spirit Crystal to start.

For the general genetic warrior, this thing is definitely not worth so much Spirit Crystal.

After all, even if you die, you may lose hundreds or thousands of Spirit Crystals. It costs one million to buy one of these things. Isn’t that crazy?   but for some chiefs, it would be worth it.

After all, they may have harvested some precious treasures at a time, worth far more than one million First Rank Spirit Crystal. If it comes to the critical moment, it is better to lose one million yuan than to lose all of them.

For example, this is how Lu Yuan is now.

His harvest has far exceeded one million First Rank Spirit Crystal.

If there is a certain death situation, he will definitely choose to use the escape crystal.

Lu Yuan's eyes glowed when he saw these two detached crystals.

"Amy, we have one piece each."

Lu Yuan picked up the detached crystal, took out one piece and handed it to Amy.

Amy shook the head: "Take it away. Before this time, my mother gave me a piece."

Lu Yuan was taken aback, feeling a little envious.

Good guy, the one million piece of First Rank is out of the crystal, but it has been prepared in advance?   This is rich Lolita Amy do?   horrible predicament!    Lu Yuan at The Shook head: "Since there are two, then a person a right, your own piece of first collection."

Lu Yuan heard this, Amy tilted his head to think the thought, then nodded:   "Okay."

she took out the crystal close up.

So far, the twelve 100-meter-high buildings and four 500-meter-high buildings have all been searched by Lu Yuan and Amy.

The only thing left is the last one kilometer tall building.

Lu Yuan and Amy went down to the first floor.

The hall on the first floor of a 500-meter-high building has a gate leading to a kilometer-high building.

Lu Yuan and Amy entered the kilometer high building through the gate.

The lobby of a kilometer-high building is no different from a 100-meter-high building, but the area is a bit larger.

There is also a staircase leading upstairs in the lobby.

Lu Yuan looked up towards the top.

He found that there were six rooms in this kilometer-high building.

A glimmer of expectation flashed in Lu Yuan's eyes, turning his head and looking towards Amy:

"Amy, let's go."

Amy nodded.

The two of them stepped up the stairs and soon came to the door of the first room.

Amy automatically takes a step back, letting Lu Yuan go ahead.

At the same time, the staff of wisdom in her hand waved, one after another Tianluo Purple Vine extended, blocking Lu Yuan's body, forming Tianluo wisteria armor for Lu Yuan.

This is the experience the two of them have summed up after exploring so many rooms.

In case there are any traps or attacks from mechanical guards, it can be easily blocked.

Lu Yuan stepped forward and opened the door of the room.

As soon as he opened the door of the room, Lu Yuan felt an extremely powerful spiral of spiritual power rushing towards him.

His eyes shrank, instinctively stretches the heavy sword and stands in front of him.


The psionic bomb landed on the heavy sword, Lu Yuan relieved his strength, and his body took two steps back and stabilized.

He looked up towards the room.

The room is almost three-four hundred meters in size.

Lu Yuan discovered that these rooms seem to be small compressed spaces.

From the outside of the tall building, there is no such a large space inside.

In the center of the room, there is a giant mechanical dog with a height of more than four meters with its mouth wide open.

There is still psionic accumulation in the big mouth.

The leader-level mechanical giant dog!   Lu Yuan narrowed his eyes, the body disappeared in place, and rushed into the room, Amy followed.

Facing the leader-level mechanical guards, Lu Yuan and Amy already have experience.

Lu Yuan rushed forward, first blocking the psionic bomb that the giant mechanical dog had just accumulated, and then Amy took the opportunity to tie the giant mechanical dog into purple dumplings.

Even its mouth that can eject psionic bombs is sealed tightly.

Then Lu Yuan chopped off the head of the giant mechanical dog in one fell swoop, and a series of procedures were completed, which was extremely easy.

Without one minute, a leader-level mechanical giant dog is completely cold.

Many things fell out of this giant mechanical dog.

A leader-level genetic weapon.

is a pair of gloves.

It is called the Claw of the Iron Giant Dog.

It is a pity that neither Lu Yuan nor Amy use gloves.

But because Amy is a member of the Abigail family after all, there are many clansman in their family, so naturally they also use boxing gloves.

Lu Yuan gave this glove to Amy.

And Lu Yuan took other things.

among which is included:

500 excellent spirit transformation force gene liquids;

A boss-level gene-armed ring named Steel Fang Zhi ring;

gene level a head arm lock, called Smart type 5 Psi Mail;   there are four BX101 frost grenade type.

Of the two genetic weapons, the Ring of Steel Fangs is something he can use.

Mainly to improve power burst and agility, and secondly to improve defensive ability.

The genetic warrior can bless two genetic armed rings, corresponding to two hands.

Lu Yuan now only has one ring of rapids, which he obtained from the ancient sea oasis in Sandstone City.

After so long, Lu Yuan did not get a ring that suits him.

There is now.

After Lu Yuan blessed the ring of steel fangs, his strength increased by nearly half, his agility increased by more than 10%, and the increase in defense was hardly felt.

Anyway, strong must be a bit stronger.

As for the others, Lu Yuan collects them, and sells the ones that are not needed when the time comes.

After the two of them distributed their things, Lu Yuan and Amy left the room.

Soon, they came to the second room.

Opening the room, one after another azure rays of light flashed, made Lu Yuan squint his eyes slightly.

Amy to see things inside, screamed out:   "! force a lot of strong spirit transformation gene was"

hundred -meter radius of five-six middle of the room, Strong spirit transformation The force gene liquid is piled up into hills, and it seems that there are a lot of them.

Lu Yuan suppressed his heart excitedly and said: "Don't get excited, I will go in first and see if there are any traps."


Amy was nodded again and again.

Lu Yuan stepped into the room. He looked around and made sure that there were no traps. Then he said with a smile to Amy:

"Come in."

Amy ran in and looked at the strong spirit transformation in the center of the room, hehe smirked.

"We made a lot of money this time! I have never made so much money! As expected of this Young Lady!"

Amy proudly put her hands on her hips.

Lu Yuan rolled the eyes, just the Spirit Crystal used by Amy herself, I'm afraid there are quite a few.

For her, these Spirit Crystals are actually not too many.

It’s just that she earned it herself, so she feels a sense of accomplishment.

But for Lu Yuan, the harvest this time can really make him take off.

At least he doesn't need to worry about Spirit Crystal in a short time.

I am really scared of poverty.

"Let's take an inventory first."

Lu Yuan smiled and opened the mouth and said.


The two counted up the strong spirit transformation gene liquid.

After half a day, the inventory was completed.

There are 2,000 in total.

"It is worthy of being a thousand-meter-high building. The strong spirit transformation gene liquid in just one room has as many strong spirit transformation genes as the four 500-meter-high buildings."

Lu Yuan's breathing was a little bit short, and he slightly excitedly said: "The old rules are divided equally."

Lu Yuan and Amy have split the 1,000-spirit transformation force per person.

Up to now, Lu Yuan's strong spirit transformation force gene liquid has a total of 2,000.

In addition, the 3500 Spirit Transformation Liquid that was previously obtained is added.

After conversion, it is only the harvest of spiritual power resources, which has reached 23.5 million First Rank Spirit Crystal!   very scary number!


With so many gains, Lu Yuan and Amy can't stop them, wishing that this journey of exploration will never end.

In the third room, as soon as Lu Yuan opened the door, there was a terrifying explosion.

Lu Yuan felt a terrifying matchless power coming.

He eyes shrank and wanted to resist, but this force flew out and hit Amy who was behind him.

Amy cried out in surprise, the two rolled on the stairs together for a while, and then stopped at the turning platform area.

Lu Yuan's face was a little pale. The previous moment made Lu Yuan's chest feel a little nauseous and his whole body ached.

"en? Why is it a bit soft? It's a bit fragrant?"

At this moment, Lu Yuan was taken aback and looked down.

After that, Lu Yuan widened his eyes and found himself pressing on Amy's body.

Lu Yuan remembered that Amy was standing behind him before. After Lu Yuan was hit by the terrifying energy and flew out, it seemed to hit her?   two after landing on just rolled together.

At the moment Amy positive clutching his forehead, eyebrows Wei Zhou, his face a little pale:   "sore hurts ......"

hear the voice of Lu Yuan After that, she was stunned, her eyes widened, and she looked up towards Lu Yuan.

She also discovered that she seems to be being held down by Lu Yuan now.

Her whole person froze, the whole person seemed to be a little dazed, and she didn't know how to react.

Lu Yuan saw Amy stupidly on the spot, he quickly got off Amy and stood up.

The corners of his mouth twitched: "Amy, are you okay?"

Amy came back to his senses, her pretty face turned red and blinked. eyes with a trace of fear of a loss of color, with a little tearful voice:   "Lei, Lei, Lei Feng !! ours is not there baby?!"

Lu Yuan: " ???"

His face full of black lines.

Speaking of which, after hearing Amy say that there will be a little baby holding hands, he felt that something was wrong with Amy.

He quickly opened the mouth and said: "Don't worry, Amy, absolutely not."

"Really?! Don't lie to me! Obviously there will be babies even holding hands. Yes! Don’t we have to hold hands and be shameless like this?!” Amy’s eyes were filled with tears, and she almost cried.

Lu Yuan: "???"

How can he explain this?

Should he explain to Amy the physiology class?   looked at Amy simple eyes, Lu Yuan smothered the idea they are a little begin to stir in.

Ah... this kind of behavior is undesirable!

My Lu is a simple man!    he solemnly opened the mouth and said: "! You see, before the baby will have in hand, we are not yet in hand, certainly not the"

Amy a moment, then looked at the two hands:   "? really did not seem to hand"

tears in her eyes faded, my heart relaxed.

"Very good, scare me."

Lu Yuan: "????"

His face full of black lines: "Don't I Okay? Amy, do you hate me so much?"

Amy squinted at Lu Yuan and said with contempt:

"Who makes you a mindless person!"

The corners of Lu Yuan's mouth twitched, and he bent over and approached Amy with a grinning smile, and said, "Then I'm going to hold hands with you forcibly!"

Amy's eyes widened, Xiao Xiao physical fear flick:   "What, what you Freeze?!!"

Lu Yuan slightly smiled: " a joke."

Amy: " ......"

She fell silent, then got up abruptly, slapped Lu Yuan's chest with her small mouth, pa pa pa's hand.

"You really are a bad guy!"

Lu Yuan said that he didn't hurt at all.

He has Battle Armor anyway.

But thinking that there is still something to do, Lu Yuan reached out and grabbed Amy's little hand slapped on his chest, opened the mouth and said:

"Okay, let's hurry up Go on, there are three more rooms."

Amy nodded: "en."

At this moment, Amy froze in place.

She stared at the hand held by Lu Yuan, and she froze.

Lu Yuan looked down when he saw that something was wrong with Amy.

Lu Yuan was also stunned after seeing him holding Amy's hand.

What the fuck?

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