My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 129

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  Chapter 129 Floating Void City, Evolution Cube Vibration (see monthly ticket for subscription)   chi!!

The door of the aerial elevator opened, and Lu Yuan and Amy entire group stepped out of the elevator first.

Xu Qi and the others followed.

After everyone   got out of the elevator, Lu Yuan looked at Xu Qi and the others, said with a smile: "The transaction has been completed. Next we are going to the core area. As for you, please It's."

After Lu Yuan paused, continue to open the mouth and said: "By the way, we will come back here later and leave Floating Void City. If when the time comes, you will go out with us If you do, just wait here in advance."

Upon hearing Lu Yuan's words, Xu Qi and the others couldn't help but laugh at each other.

Beman said with a smile:

"Mr. Lei, you laughed. With our strength, we can stay in the Floating Void City until the end of the ruins. We will not go on. "

"Yes, Mr. Lei, for us, this is already the best resource point."

Hearing this, Lu Yuan was also surprised.

What they said was right, he thought too much, and thought everyone would go to other Floating Void City.

This Floating Void City alone is enough for them to explore.

Lu Yuan thought for a while, opened the mouth and said:

"In this case, after we get down, I will bring the controller of the air elevator, so there will be no difference. The team came up, you can search for resources here with peace of mind."

Hearing Lu Yuan's words, Xu Qi and the others were all taken aback, and then smiled with surprise.

"Many thanks Mr. Lei! If Mr. Lei comes to our Elf Race green jade planet in the future, must come to us, I will treat Mr. Lei well."

On the chest, he bowed slightly to Lu Yuan, and gave an elf's universal gratitude.

"Mr. Lei is righteous, many thanks Mr. Lei. Our Tianfu consortium also owes Mr. Lei a favor."

Xu Qi and others are also grateful.

After all, if Lu Yuan puts down the aerial elevator and another team comes up, it is to grab resources from them.

If you encounter a strong battallion team led by a leader-level boss, then they are simply turtles in the urn, and they have nowhere to run.

Lu Yuan obviously took this into consideration.

Because of this, everyone is moved.

Lu Yuan laughed, for him it just went smoothly.

Since the entry fee is given, it is regarded as after-sales service.

"That's it, you guys come on."

Lu Yuan took Amy and the others away and walked out of the square.

Amy looked at Lu Yuan, and purple's big eyes kept blinking.

Lu Yuan was taken aback, looking at Amy speechlessly:

"Why look at me like this?"

Amy thought for a while and laughed Opening the mouth and said: "Although Lei Feng, you are a guy who doesn't know what to do, but didn't expect a good person."

Lu Yuan: "???"

He said he was innocent.

Where did he not know how to check? !   He is still a virgin, okay?   If he really didn't know what to do, he would already be a girl killer.

After all, since he became a genetic warrior, I don’t know how many girls have contacted him.

When they heard Amy's words, Lin Xixi was taken aback, and then looked towards Lu Yuan vigilantly.

"I don't know what to check?"

Zhu Yu's eyes flashed with gossip rays of light, he looked at Lu Yuan, and then at Amy.

Lin Xixi frowned and looked at Lu Yuan coldly: "Mr. Lei, what did you do to our lady?!"



Lu Yuan feels that he is more wronged than Dou E:

"I didn't do anything! If you don't believe me, ask Amy!"

Lu Yuan looked towards Amy , But found that Amy’s pretty face was red, and she kept looking around: "Ah...yes! How could Lei Feng do to this Young Lady?! If he really dares to do anything, this Young Lady I'll kill him!"

Amy squeezed her little hand and twisted it into a ball while talking.

Lu Yuan: "..."

Are you blushing? !   Then Lu Yuan suddenly thought of what happened in the kilometer-high building before.


He feels his head is huge.

Then Lu Yuan felt the cold gaze coming from the side.

Lin Xixi stood silently in front of Amy, like an old hen guarding a calf:   "Mr. Lei, I will report this to Director Wang!"

Lu Yuan feels so tired:    "...After I go out, I will tell her by myself."

Lu Yuan wants Lin Xixi to explain to Amy and take some The hands will not be pregnant.

But after thinking about it, Amy is here now, with her shy look.

If Lu Yuan dares to say this in front of so many people now, Amy is afraid that he is not going to kill him.

Lu Yuan finally chose to seduce him.

When you see Wang Lingling, talk to Wang Lingling alone.

There is no mechanical guard in the square where the aerial elevator stops.

But when it came to the edge of the square, Lu Yuan entire group saw a lot of mechanical guards appearing on the street.

The mechanical bodies of these mechanical guards look much more exquisite and taller than those on the ground city.

Basically, they are mechanical guards over two meters high, and they are probably much stronger than mechanical guards on the ground.

However, for Lu Yuan and Amy, even the leader-level mechanical guards are not opponents, even more how are these?   They ran over the street leading to the Floating Void City core area.

The area of ​​Floating Void City is not small, with a radius of 50 kilometers.

In the central core area, there is a huge tall building with a height of about three kilometers.

In the four directions of East, South, West, and North of this core high-rise building, there are also four thousand-meter-high buildings scattered.

As for the 500-meter-level tall buildings, the number is even greater.

Others, all are 100-meter tall buildings.

The tall buildings below 100 meters can only be seen outside the core area of ​​Floating Void City.

Even outside the core area, there are a large number of 100-meter-high buildings, and the density is much larger than that of the steel city on the ground.

That's why the resources will be abundant.

For Lu Yuan, the place to go is naturally the core area.

They pushed all the way, and it took only an hour to reach the core area full of 100-meter-high buildings.

A team of mechanical guards is patrolling the streets full of 100-meter-high buildings.

This team has twelve mechanical guards, of which Captain is the head of the three-meter-high mechanical guard. In addition to Captain, the other players are also close to three-meter mechanical guards, which are also at the leader level. It's just a low-level boss, not a perfection-level boss like Captain.

And the configuration of these mechanical guards is more comprehensive.

As a meat shield, the mechanical guard has a powerful crystal shield. The mechanical guard of the assault system holds a battle axe or heavy sword, and the mechanical guard of a distant attack holds a psionic cannon.

Lu Yuan looked at these mechanical guards and was a little surprised:    "Is this the mechanical guard in the core area? A perfection-level boss, and eleven low-level bosses. With this configuration, follow Of those teams we came up, I’m afraid that few can beat them?"

Amy proudly said with hands on hips:

"How can they compare with us? Come on. La!"

She pushed Lu Yuan.

"I know, I know."

Lu Yuan rushed up with the heavy sword in his hand.

The mechanical guard found Lu Yuan, his eyes turned red, and attacked Lu Yuan.

As Amy said, for other teams, it can be said to be a nightmare mechanical guard. For Lu Yuan and Amy, these are food gifts.

Moreover, it is still very hearty.

After killing this team of mechanical guards, there are only 240 excellent spirit transformation gene liquids obtained.

In addition, there are boss-level genetic weapons, and various boss-level formidable power high-energy bombs.

After conversion, the income is about 600,000 First Rank Spirit Crystal.

And all the streets here are mechanical guards of this configuration.

Not only that, plus 100-meter-high buildings, 500-meter-high buildings, and even 1,000-meter-high buildings.

It can be imagined how rich the resources here will be.

Lu Yuan has expectations in his eyes:

"Go ahead."

Amy, Lin Xixi and the others also showed bright and excited smiles.


Floating Void City core area.

On the square of a kilometer-high building.


bang bang!! The   rumbling sound rang, and soon stopped.

Lu Yuan holding a steel Guardian heavy sword, in front of him, is the mechanical leader whose head was smashed by him.

The body of the mechanical leader is still tied up with Tianluo Wisteria.

In the square, in addition to the mechanical leader, there are more than one hundred mechanical guards, ten of which are at the perfection boss level, and the rest are at the lower boss level.

Although the number is less than that in the steel city square, but in terms of strength, it far exceeds the mechanical guards of the steel city square.

After all, that is more than a hundred bosses!

Even Lu Yuan, faced with more than a hundred bosses at first, his scalp was tingling.

If he is set on fire, he is easily injured directly.

Too many.

Fortunately, Lu Yuan's speed is still faster than these bosses.

In addition, there was Amy on the side to assist in the control, and Lin Xixi and the others provided support. Although the process was a bit tortuous, in the end all these mechanical guards were destroyed.

At this moment, there is already a ball of light floating out of the mechanical boss.

One blue light group, four azure light groups and eight green light groups.

Lu Yuan didn't want to look at the azure boss level item and the green elite level item. He picked up the blue boss level item directly.

Then, Lu Yuan eyes shined, showing a slight smile.

Mechanical Guardian Battle Armor (First Rank 100%): Leader-level weapons.

Mainly enhance strength, secondly enhance defense, weakly enhance agility.

It is much stronger than the boss-level mechanical fanatic Battle Armor that Lu Yuan wears now.

Amy came over curiously:

"What is it?"

Lu Yuan showed her the light ball, and Amy curled his mouth. , And threw it to Lu Yuan.

After Lu Yuan was replaced, his own strength has once again improved a lot.

After that, several people entered the kilometer high building to collect resources.


Compared with the entire Floating Void City, the core area of ​​Floating Void City is quite small, only about three kilometers in radius.

Among them, the core area is centered on the three-kilometer-high building in the center, and divides the area where the four-kilometer-high buildings of East, South, West, and North are located into four blocks.

With the cleaning speed of Lu Yuan entire group, a block can be cleaned in four hours.

Nine hours later, Lu Yuan entire group has cleared the eastern and northern districts.

The Western Region is being cleaned up at the moment.

On the street, Lu Yuan casually killed the last mechanical boss Captain with a single blow. Suddenly, his body stopped and a surprised look flashed in his eyes.

Around his gene chain, the evolution cube surrounding the gene chain selection suddenly shook slightly.

Lu Yuan looked at the shaking Evolution Cube in surprise.

Up to now, the Evolution Cube has shaken twice.

One time I encountered the terrifying mirage dragon in the foggy forest, and one time I encountered Soul Devouring Bead as an S-Rank alien in the real world.

This is the third vibration.

What is it because of this time?   Lu Yuan has a trace of doubt in his heart.

Lu Yuan took two steps forward and found that the vibration was stronger.

He raised his eyebrows, squinted his eyes, and walked in the direction where the vibrations became stronger.

When Amy, who was counting the harvest, saw Lu Yuan suddenly walk forward, she was a little confused.

"Lei Feng? What's wrong with you?"

Lu Yuan came back to his senses, smiling opened the mouth and said:

"Nothing, I It just feels like there is something in this direction."


Amy Purple's big eyes were puzzled.

"I just feel it, do you want to go over and take a look?"

Lu Yuan said with a smile.

Amy thought for a while, then nodded: "Go and see."

Lu Yuan walked in front, changing direction from time to time, feeling the vibration of the Evolution Cube, looking for a location.

In Amy's eyes, Lu Yuan is just walking with the fate, looking purposeless.

She was slightly frowned, but she didn't say anything, just curiously following Lu Yuan.

At this moment, Lu Yuan found that the direction of the vibration came from an alley.

He walked towards the alley.

Amy followed along.

After walking into the alley, I walked about fifty meters inside.

At this time, Amy and Lu Yuan had a meal at the same time.


The two looked towards the ground deep in the alley.

In an unremarkable corner of the ground, a piece of ash-gray metal fragment fell on the ground.

This metal fragment looks like ordinary metal, but it exudes a mysterious and unspeakable atmosphere.

Both Lu Yuan and Amy's eyes widened.

"This is..."

The two walked quickly over.

Lu Yuan picked up the metal fragments and watched the metal fragments with Amy.

They found that the seemingly ordinary piece of metal had strange lines on it.

Amy's eyes widened: "This is the core fragment of Al?! We have been searching for so long, and we have not found two areas. Didn't expect found it here?!"

As soon as they entered the core area, Lu Yuan and Amy had already consciously searched for the core fragments.

After all, this is the key to their ability to enter the Second Rank in the El Mechanical Ruins.

If there is no core fragment of Al, they are at a great disadvantage when competing with other powerhouses.

But they searched the eastern and northern regions, but they couldn't find a piece of El core fragment.

I didn't expect to find it in such an unremarkable alley.

Amy frowned slightly: "Listening to Lingling, Ayer core fragments may appear anywhere in the core area, and didn't expect even such remote places."

Then she thought of something, looking at Lu Yuan, with a surprised look in her eyes:    "Lei Feng, how did you know that there is a core fragment of Al?"

Lu Yuan was also shocked at this moment.

After finding the core fragment of Al, the Evolution Cube in his body calmed down and stopped shaking.

Obviously, the previous shock of the Evolution Cube was due to this Al core fragment.

But what is going on with this evolutionary cube?

Why do you vibrate when encountering Al core fragments?   His head is full of question marks.

(End of this chapter)

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