My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 131

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  Chapter 131 Horror Mechanical Control (addition for xingstarz1Alliance Leader)

and the light of obsidian Compared with that, the defensive ability of white jade Spirit Physique has been doubled again.

Even, white jade Spirit Physique itself is compatible with spiritual power, and it absorbs spiritual power faster.

This may be a very powerful ability for other genetic warriors.

After all, for genetic warriors, the absorption speed of spiritual power is the main factor limiting their increasing cultivation base. Even if they have more resources, they can absorb so much spiritual power every day. Can be boiled slowly.

But for Lu Yuan, isn't absorbing spiritual power a matter of breathing?

For Lu Yuan, the main factor limiting his promotion is insufficient resources.

And even if the white jade Spirit Physique can double the speed at which Lu Yuan absorbs spiritual power, that is to make Lu Yuan absorb from two seconds to one second.

One more second, it doesn’t really matter.

Can I just say that it might be useful in battle? The   recovery of spiritual power can be faster.

This is just the effect of the battle skill. The increase in body and spirit brought by the Lord-level gene is naturally not much to say. It is about five times higher than the Obsidian Light in all aspects, which is an exaggerated increase. .

Moreover, in addition to improving the maximum defensive physique, strength, agility and even the increase ratio of spirit strength have been greatly improved.

Obviously, the higher the quality of the transcendent gene, the more comprehensive the improvement, but only some of them are more prominent.

After the evolution of the white jade Spirit Physique, there are more than 70 million spiritual powers of the First Rank Spirit Crystal in Lu Yuan's evolution cube.

Lu Yuan naturally did not intend to stop like this.

He started to evolve again.

This time the goal is the'seed of nature' gene.

After the evolution started, the pain this time was not as good as the time when the white jade Spirit Physique evolved just now.

After all, white jade Spirit Physique has improved Lu Yuan fleshy body too much, and the gene chain has become more stable after receiving feedback. If it evolves again, the pressure on the body will naturally be less strong.

The spiritual power consumed by the evolution of the Seed of Nature is less than that of the Obsidian Light, and it only consumes about 20 million First Rank Spirit Crystal.

The evolution is complete, and the seed of nature has also evolved to the lord level.

Lord-level battle skill: Touch of Nature

Compared with the Seed of Nature, the healing effect of Touch of Nature has once again improved a lot.

Not only that, Lu Yuan can even treat many people at the same time as long as he is willing, as long as he can withstand the spirit strength.

The physical improvement of white jade Spirit Physique is similar. In addition to the original spirit strength perception ability, the ratio of increase in strength, defense and agility has also increased.

After being promoted to the lord level, Lu Yuan no longer continues to evolve these two genes.

The Battle Master level gene chain can withstand the lord level gene is already at the limit, and if it continues, the gene chain will collapse.

However, Lu Yuan still did not stop.

He took out a blue light ball.

Mechanical interference.

Lu Yuan finally plans to burn this extraordinary gene.

On the one hand, this is in the mechanical ruins of El, and the opponents are basically mechanical beings. This extraordinary gene has a very powerful effect, which can be regarded as a magical skill.

On the other hand, the direction of this extraordinary gene is a bit special. Lu Yuan is a little curious about what will happen to this gene after it has evolved.

Lu Yuan is already familiar with burning genes.

After absorbing the extraordinary genes, the extraordinary genes began to fill the third stage blank gene chain, and then began to compile and fill the third stage gene chain.

There is pain, but there are two lord-level genes for the primer, which is no longer so severe.

Soon, the mechanical interference was burned by Lu Yuan.

After burning, Lu Yuan entered the white fog, the white fog surged, and a humanoid mechanical life five meters high appeared.

This is the surviving will of this extraordinary gene itself.

This mechanical life is black golden, and the rays of light of the mechanical eyes are golden. It looks a bit noble. It is completely different from the mechanical guard Lu Yuan encountered in the El Mechanical Ruins.

After this mechanical leader appeared, a heavy sword appeared in his hand, roaring towards Lu Yuan.

Compared with Lu Yuan, his breath is much stronger than Lu Yuan's encounter with all the mechanical leaders, even close to the level of the lord.

Unfortunately, he met Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan's previous two extraordinary genes were both at the lord level, plus the boss level genes that are now burned.

His own power is much stronger than this mechanical leader.

even more how, Lu Yuan still has genetic weapons?

Mechanical Guardian Battle Armor and heavy sword appeared on his body at the same time, and rays of light of white jade color appeared on his body.

white jade Spirit Physique.

After running the white jade Spirit Physique battle skill, Lu Yuan has improved a lot in all aspects, the most improved is still defensive ability, but other aspects are also greatly improved.

His body disappeared in place, and a sword light flashed past the mechanical leader will almost at the same time.

The mechanical leader's will was instantly cut into two pieces.

However, as a surviving will, the mechanical leader roared and reconnected his body.

Unfortunately, he just connected, one after another scary sword light flashed, cutting the mechanical leader's will to pieces.

The will of the mechanical leader turned into fragments can no longer be condensed and formed, and eventually disappeared.

The integration is completely completed.

It looks like this battle of wills is extremely easy, but only Lu Yuan can do it. The supernatural gene in the front is more powerful than the gene burned in the back.

If it is a genetic warrior that burns genes step by step, at the very beginning, I am afraid that I can only suppress the will, and then continue to improve its own strength, and then slowly eliminate this will completely.

Lu Yuan just got it right in one step.

It can be imagined that in the future Lu Yuan will burn all genes in this state.

Unless he burns a powerful gene that exceeds his own.

The battle of will ends, and Lu Yuan's will returns to his body.

The mechanical interference gene was completely burned, one after another powerful force emerged from the gene, and all aspects of Lu Yuan improved again    this time, what surprised Lu Yuan was that whether it was power, Defense, agility, and spirit are all improved to the same extent.

Moreover, the improvement effect is quite good, even reaching the white jade Spirit Physique increase degree to reach the level 2 power increase effect.

Lu Yuan was a little stunned, this mechanical interference gene is a bit strong.

Although the applicability of mechanical interference is somewhat narrow, for Lu Yuan, it is not a loss for Lu Yuan just to improve the foundation.

Before burning genes, Lu Yuan already knew the general effect of this mechanical interference, so there is no need to find a mechanical life to try it out.

With his current spiritual ability, the same level of spiritual enhancement type mechanical life may be disturbed by him.

Unless it is a special mechanical life with immune interference ability.

Lu Yuan started to use Evolution Cube again and began to evolve mechanical interference genes.

Strands of dim-blue rays of light are integrated into the third stage gene chain, and massive spiritual power is consumed.

This consumption speed made Lu Yuan's eyes widened, a little shocked.

It is even more exaggerated compared to the previous evolution of white jade Spirit Physique.

In the end, the spiritual power equivalent to more than 50 million First Rank Spirit Crystal in Lu Yuan Evolution Cube was almost exhausted, and the mechanical interference was finally evolved.

battle skill: mechanical control

After Lu Yuan understood the effect of this battle skill through the feedback from the gene chain itself, he couldn’t help but stared wide. Shock.

This battle skill, in a sense, is too powerful.

Mechanical control, as the name implies, is to control machinery.

If faced with a mechanical life whose spirit strength is weaker than him, he can directly control the behavior of the mechanical life, and even make the mechanical life self-destruct.

This equivalent to directly controls the life and death of the other party.

If the spirit strength of the mechanical life is stronger than him, then he can also interfere with the opponent.

To what extent it can interfere, it depends on the difference in spirit strength between the two sides.

If the opponent's spirit strength far exceeds Lu Yuan, Lu Yuan will backlash himself if he wants to forcibly interfere with the opponent.

Lu Yuan needs to grasp this point.

In addition, in addition to mechanical life, ordinary mechanical creations, as long as they are not immune to this kind of control ability, or are particularly high level, Lu Yuan can also be controlled to a certain extent.

It can be said that Lu Yuan, who has the battle skill of mechanical control, faces a mechanical life that is not much different from his strength, as if he is the real lord of the other party. The life of the other party belongs to Lu Yuan. Of this lord.

Too strong.

Lu Yuan himself was a little shocked.

Unfortunately, it is only effective for mechanical life. If it is effective for ordinary life, it would be outrageous.

Lu Yuan sighed.

But then he couldn't help laughing.

This is a bit too greedy.

Although this battle skill has no effect on ordinary life, the improvement in all aspects brought by the lord-level gene is real.

As long as Lu Yuan tempering Perfection of these three lord genes, his various abilities will be increased by about two to three times compared to the lord-level warrior with only one lord-level gene.

Such a gap makes Lu Yuan extremely terrifying existence in the lord-level warrior.

Of course, that means he must completely tempering the three genes.

Now, because he has just completed the evolution, the tempering level of the three genes is not yet complete.

The second lord gene, the touch of nature, has the highest degree of tempering.

After all, before the evolution, the touch of nature has been tempering to the leader-level Perfection. After the evolution, the tempering level is still a little more than 20%.

The one with the lowest degree of tempering is the third lord gene, which is mechanically controlled.

The white jade Spirit Physique was tempered to the boss-level Perfection anyway before, and the mechanical control is completely without tempering.

These three lord-level genes are completely tempered once. I don't know how much Spirit Crystal will cost?

Lu Yuan has nodded skin tingling.

According to Lu Yuan’s previous experience in tempering various genes with extraordinary qualities, genes with different levels of complexity and strength will consume Spirit Crystal a little bit differently, but in general, it still costs tens of thousands to Several millions ranging from the same level Spirit Crystal.

The zero-order trainee warrior corresponds to the zero-order Spirit Crystal, which is also the extraordinary gene of Ordinary Level.

The First Rank warrior corresponds to the elite-level transcendent gene, the Second Rank Battle Master corresponds to the boss-level transcendent gene, the third rank War General corresponds to the leader-level transcendent gene, and the fourth rank Battle Venerable corresponds to It is an extraordinary gene at the lord level.

The lord gene tempering Perfection needs to consume tens of thousands to several millions of fourth rank Spirit Crystal.

1 fourth rank Spirit Crystal equals 10 third rank Spirit Crystal equals 100 Second Rank Spirit Crystal equals 1000 First Rank Spirit Crystal.

He now has a strong spirit transformation gene liquid equivalent to 20 million First Rank Spirit Crystal, converted into a fourth rank Spirit Crystal, equivalent to 20,000 fourth rank Spirit Crystal?   Um...

Lu Yuan suddenly felt a headache.

There are three lord-level transcendent genes.

Three times the lord gene and three times the consumption of Spirit Crystal are also three times the headache.

When will you have to tempering yourself? !   Lu Yuan feels like crying.

But thinking about the benefits, at least he hasn't started tempering now, his battle strength should be comparable to the general Second Rank Perfection leader-level warrior.

This is the power of the three lord-level genes.

Thinking of this, Lu Yuan is happy again.

Lu Yuan looked at the time, because he didn't have a rest, the time of evolution was quite fast, and it has only been more than ten hours now.

He made an appointment with Amy to retreat for a day.

It just so happened that during this period of time, I used these 1000 bottles of strong spirit transformation gene liquid.

Lu Yuan took out the strong spirit transformation force gene liquid and began to pour it into his mouth, basically one bottle per minute, without stopping.

Originally, Lu Yuan could absorb spiritual power faster, and with the addition of white jade Spirit Physique, after the test, he found that the speed of absorbing spiritual power increased to about three times the original speed, It's faster.

And the lord-level gene chain itself absorbs spiritual power quickly, plus the strong spirit transformation gene liquid itself is also easy to absorb, and it becomes like this.

One minute a bottle of strong spirit transformation force gene fluid, which is almost equivalent to one minute and consumes 10,000 First Rank Spirit Crystal.

Even if it is converted into a Second Rank Spirit Crystal that is the same level as Lu Yuan, it will consume 1,000 in one minute.

This exaggerated spiritual power absorption speed can make others cry with envy.

Of course, this terrifying spiritual power consumption speed made Lu Yuan, who was constantly pouring strong spiritual transformation power gene fluid, almost cried.


Ten hours later, Lu Yuan's eye sockets were finally still moist.

One minute a bottle of strong spirit transformation power gene fluid, Lu Yuan has been drinking for ten hours without stopping.

In ten hours, 600 bottles were consumed, almost 6 million First Rank Spirit Crystal, equivalent to 6000 fourth rank Spirit Crystal.

In the end, the tempering degree of his'white jade Spirit Physique' gene chain increased from 8% to 19%.

This is still pre-tempering, the higher the tempering degree, the more Spirit Crystal needs to be consumed.

Lu Yuan feels that not a 300,000 fourth rank Spirit Crystal can't stand it at all, it can only be more and less impossible.

Lu Yuan, forget it a little bit, that is the First Rank Spirit Crystal equivalent to 300 million.

This is just a single'white jade Spirit Physique', there are also'natural touch' and'mechanical control'.

Laughing to death, there is no end to tempering at all.

If he hadn't been strong enough, Lu Yuan felt that he would have been crying now.

At this moment, Lu Yuan's'white jade Spirit Physique' gene chain suddenly felt saturated and Lu Yuan stopped.

The spiritual power contained in the strong spirit transformation gene liquid is very convenient to absorb. In addition, Lu Yuan burns the lord gene, and the fleshy body is powerful. It is fed back into the gene chain and absorbs a full ten Saturated after hours.

This can be regarded as a pretty scary thing.

The effect will be better if it is matched with Gravity Room.

However, if there is a Gravity Room, his strong spirit transformation gene liquid is simply not enough.

Lu Yuan originally thought that he had become rich overnight, but it turned out that the clown was still me?

What a...

Lu Yuan's eyes have a firm look.

Continue to search for Floating Void City and engage in strong spirit transformation.

Those who stop me die!

(End of this chapter)

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