My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 132

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  Chapter 132 Mutation of Aier Core Fragment (Request monthly ticket for subscription)

Lu Yuan took a look Time, it's almost the time agreed with Amy.

He walked out of the room and went downstairs.

Downstairs, Lin Xixi and the others are sitting together, resting and chatting.

Seeing Lu Yuan walking down, Lin Xixi stood up, looking at Lu Yuan expectantly:

"Mr. Lei, how are you getting down?"

Lu Yuan laughed: "It's already a breakthrough, where's Amy?"

"Miss hasn't come out yet."

"Then wait a moment."

"en. ”

Lin Xixi was nodded, and sat down again, Lu Yuan also sat down next to Lin Xixi.

As soon as I sat down, Zhu Yu next to him looked at Lu Yuan curiously:

"By the way, Mr. Lei, what did you do to the lady before? What's wrong? Make the lady so shy?"

Her eyes are full of gossip.

Not only Zhu Yu, but a few others are also listening attentively.

Lu Yuan's face turned dark, and he was a little confused.

He glared at Zhu Yu:    "You are the most persuaded when fighting, why are you the most active in gossip?"

Zhu Yu shrinks his neck, some sorry vomits Tongue out.

Lin Xixi at the side also looked at Zhu Yu speechlessly.

"Miss, don't join in!"


Seeing that their Vice Captain said so, everyone looked like Helpless, had to give up.

At this moment, Lu Yuan and the others watched the sound of footsteps upstairs.

Soon, Amy jumped downstairs, her delicate little face was full of smiles, and she seemed very happy.

Seeing that Lu Yuan was already downstairs, she ran over quickly, said with a smile:

"How about? Breakthrough?"

Lu Yuan nodded with a smile: "Well, it's a breakthrough."

"This Young Lady is also a breakthrough! Hurry up, let's go and clean up the six mechanical leaders!"

Seeing that Amy couldn't wait, Lu Yuan nodded with a smile: "Then go."

Everyone left the building and walked towards the door of the three-kilometer-high building on the side.

At the gate of the 3,000-meter-high building, the six mechanical leaders are still standing there, as long as no one wants to enter the door, they will always guard the door.

Not far from the gate, Amy smiled and opened the mouth and said:

"Lei Feng, don't take it! Just let me come alone!"

Lu Yuan was taken aback and glanced at the confident Amy:

"Are you sure you can?"

"Of course! This Young Lady is very strong now!"

Lu Yuan laughed:   "Well then."

Lu Yuan stood behind, watching Amy come forward alone.

Near the gate fifty meters away, Amy waved the Wisdom Stick in her hand. Spiritual power surges.

one after another Tianluo Wisteria shoots from the ground where Amy is standing, towards the mechanical leader.

Tianluo Wisteria is densely packed, there are hundreds of ways, a little more than doubled before Amy breakthrough.

Moreover, Luo Ziteng still has a one after another golden pattern on this day, which looks a little more noble and gorgeous.

Amy in Tianluo's wisteria is like a beautiful fairy from the vine.

However, the mechanical leader doesn't care whether Amy is a fairy or not. When Tianluo Wisteria approaches, a group of mechanical leaders are immediately activated.

Their eyes turned red, and the current swelled, they all turned their weapons, and attacked Amy.

The psionic cannon roared, the battle axe swung, and two of the mechanical leaders charged towards Amy.

However, the speed of Tianluo Wisteria was much faster than before, and almost instantly, he came to the six mechanical leaders.

xiū xiū xiū immediately tied up the six mechanical leaders.

All the psychic attacks were stopped by Tianluo Wisteria. Tianluo Wisteria did not even damage at all, and was not even swept away by the attack.

Luo Ziteng's defensive ability and formidable power have been greatly improved this day.

After the six mechanical leaders were tied up, Amy was lightly snorted, and all the Tianluo wisteria shrank and twisted at the same time.

ka ka ka ……

The mechanical leader in the distance was stirred by the terrifying force erupted by Tianluo Wisteria, whether it is a crystal shield or a mechanical body, it looks like fragile glass It is generally pulverized thoroughly.

Looking at the broken body of the mechanical leader, Lu Yuan couldn't help but be slightly surprised.

I have to say that Amy's strength is indeed strong. If it were not for the mechanical life to restrain her emerald sickle from being highly toxic, her destructive power would only be stronger.


After killing six mechanical bosses, Amy cheered.

She ran up to Lu Yuan deng deng deng, with her hands on her waist, she was proud:    "How? Is this Young Lady strong?"

Lu Yuan Thumbs up: "It's Amy, it's strong."

"hehe ~I think I am strong too."

"Go and see what's dropped. "

Since knowing that he is still poor, Lu Yuan wants to get more treasures and resources quickly.

"Oh oh."

Amy also remembered that there are still things that have fallen but haven't picked up.

The entire group walked over together.

For the six mechanical leaders, each mechanical leader dropped six leader-level light groups, three to five boss-level light groups, and a large number of elite-level light groups.

Lu Yuan and Amy looked at the leader-level light group. Soon, Lu Yuan eyes shined and found something he could use.

Mechanical Guardian Crest (First Rank 100%): Chief-level genetic weapon.

This is a genetic weapon of the heraldic type. It mainly improves defensive ability, and secondly increases strength and agility. It can also activate a crystal shield, which is almost equivalent to the defensive ability of the leader of First Rank Peak.

For a heraldic type of armament, Lu Yuan had only obtained a moonstone before.

But it was destroyed last time when Xue Wang attacked him with the black shadow Soul.

didn't expect to get another coat of arms now.

Unfortunately, now that Lu Yuan breakthrough has reached the Battle Master level, so many extraordinary genes have evolved in succession, and the improvement in strength is really great.

First Rank armed, even at the leader level, the promotion of Lu Yuan is already very small.

But I can only say that talking is better than nothing.

Amy watched all the light groups again, and some helplessly said:   "Nothing good. Let's get half of each person."

Lu Yuan nodded.

He was assigned three chief-level genetic weapons.

Each is a mechanical giant shield, a coat of arms and a long sword.

He used the coat of arms. As for the mechanical giant shield and long sword, Lu Yuan plans to sell it when the time comes.

The boss-level item and the elite-level item are also divided together.

After dividing the things, Lu Yuan and Amy opened the door and walked in.

The number of rooms in a three-kilometer-high building is more than Lu Yuan imagined.

There are a total of twelve.

Let Lin Xixi’s entire group wait below, Lu Yuan and Amy rushed upstairs excitedly.

As soon as he came to the first door, Lu Yuan found that the ascending Evolution Cube was shaking again.

A surprised look flashed in his eyes.

Is there a core fragment of Al in it?   Lu Yuan opened the door and found an empty room inside.

In the center of the room, there are three El core fragments.

Seeing these three fragments, Amy's eyes widened slightly, and she was stunned:

"We searched for four areas before finding two, didn't expect it here. There are three fragments. If you came here before, it won’t be so troublesome."

Lu Yuan looked at Amy, said with a smile:    "What are you thinking about? If not before Neither of us can break through to the Second Rank of the two core fragments of Ayre. How do you deal with the six mechanical bosses."

Amy was hearing this, her body shook, her eyes widened, as if to find Blind spot.


Lu Yuan looked at Amy and said with a smile:    "How about? Xixi and the others have a breakthrough? Give it to them? "

Amy opened the mouth and said: "Xixi has arrived at Perfection. No one else has yet. Just one will do."

Amy picked it up A core fragment of Al.

She looked at the other two, opened the mouth and said: "What about the rest?"

Her little face has a tangled color:    "This thing can't bring out the relics, but it feels wasteful to stay here."

Lu Yuan said with a smile: "It's better than I hold it."

Amy has no better way, nodded.

She smiled and opened the mouth and said: "I will take the fragments to Xixi, you will wait for me."

Lu Yuan nodded.

Amy quickly walked out of the room door.

Lu Yuan looked at the two metal fragments in his hand.

He suddenly has a thought: Saying that his current Al core fragment has been swallowed by the Evolution Cube, can he absorb another one?    Lu Yuan was a little curious. With a movement of his mind, all of the two El core fragments in his hand turned into streamers and entered Lu Yuan's body.

Next moment, the two El core fragments were also absorbed by the Evolution Cube.

Lu Yuan: "???"

His eyes widened and his face was stunned.

He originally just wanted to absorb one, didn't expect both of them? !   Moreover, this is not the point.

Lu Yuan found that after he had absorbed the two El core fragments, his connection with the El mechanical ruins seemed to deepen.

If Lu Yuan had absorbed one before, Lu Yuan felt that he was accepted by Aier's mechanical ruins.

So now that he has absorbed three fragments, Lu Yuan feels that the mechanical ruins of Aier even feel so close to him?

Get close?

What the hell?

Lu Yuan has a look of shock in his eyes.

Can this change?   Then what if you continue to absorb more El core fragments?   Will there be more changes?

Lu Yuan's heartbeat speeds up slightly, a little curious and expectant.

At this time, Amy’s voice came from outside the door:    "Lei Feng! Why are you still inside? Come out!"

Lu Yuan, look back! By the time Amy was already waiting for him outside.

He answered: "I'm here."

Lu Yuan left the room and continued to explore upstairs with Amy.

In the second room, Lu Yuan and Amy found a batch of strong spirit transformation gene liquids. There are a total of 5,000, which is more than double the number of kilometer tall buildings.

Lu Yuan is divided into 2500 pieces, a total of 25 million First Rank Spirit Crystal, which is a wave of blood for himself.

The third room is empty.

The fourth room is full of bombs. Lu Yuan was bombed as soon as he opened the door, but with his current defensive ability, the bomb did not even make Lu Yuan take a step back and give Lu Yuan It feels a bit like a slightly larger wind.

In the fifth room, there were six mechanical leaders, and Amy volunteered to break it up.

Lu Yuan has obtained two boss-level genetic weapons and a boss-level extraordinary gene, as well as a batch of boss-level and elite-level items, which is quite good.

Especially the boss-level extraordinary genes.

battle skill ·Iron Body.

This is a guardian gene. According to Amy's understanding, it should be able to sell a fourth rank Spirit Crystal of about 40,000.

Lu Yuan is a little happy.

The sixth room is another 5,000 strong spirit transformation gene liquid.

Lu Yuan has been allocated to 2500 again, and there are already 5,000 in total.

In total, there are almost 50 million First Rank Spirit Crystal, which is 50,000 fourth rank Spirit Crystal.

It is a big gain.

Lu Yuan's current thoughts are only one: "More!"

In the sixth room, there are three El core fragments.

Seeing these three Ayer core fragments, Amy's small face, which was full of smiles because of the good harvest, suddenly stepped down.

"Why is the core fragment of Al again? It's useless!"

Lu Yuan smiled and picked it up: "Give it to me."

Amy naturally doesn't care.

Then Lu Yuan absorbed the three El core fragments again.

After the three El core fragments were swallowed by the Evolution Cube, Lu Yuan felt even stronger.

If he had previously felt that the El Mechanical Ruins were a bit close to him, now, he feels that the El Mechanical Ruins regard him as his own person?    Although he doesn't know why he feels this way, he has such a feeling through the connection between the Evolution Cube and El Mechanical Ruins.

Lu Yuan is even more looking forward to what will happen if he continues to swallow the core fragments of Al.

In the seventh room, there are two boss-level extraordinary genes directly in it.

battle skill · psionic ray, battle skill · mechanical wave fist

Lu Yuan and Amy each have one.

Lu Yuan is holding a mechanical wave fist.

This is a battle skill of the strong attack system, which should be regarded as a good extraordinary gene for the genetic warrior who uses boxing.

But this is not a special transcendent gene type. Lu Yuan will not consider burning. When the time comes, it can be sold.

The eighth room is another trap.

As soon as Lu Yuan and Amy entered, flames spurted out of them.

Fortunately, Lu Yuan's defense is strong enough, and this flame can't hurt him.

And Amy has the protection of Tianluo Wisteria, and is unharmed.

The ninth room contains two mechanical puppets.

The battle strength of the mechanical puppet is the Second Rank leader Perfection level.

The strength is extremely strong.

One is a strong attack system with a battle axe, and the other is a long-range attack system with a psionic cannon.

Lu Yuan has a long attack system, while Amy has a strong attack system.

After all, Lu Yuan lacks long-range attacks, and Amy sometimes needs a physical shield that can block her enemies.

Second Rank leader-level battle strength is a powerful boost for Lu Yuan, and it is naturally the same for Amy.

In the tenth room, Lu Yuan was pleasantly surprised that there were 10,000 bottles of strong spirit transformation gene liquid this time.

Lu Yuan was so moved that he almost cried.

Is this special......

Is this a three-kilometer-high building?   Always drop God!


So Lu Yuan was allocated 5,000 bottles of strong spirit transformation gene liquid, which adds up to 10,000 bottles.

Forget it, he is getting closer and closer to the spiritual power resources that his'white jade Spirit Physique' supernatural gene tempering Perfection needs.

Congratulations and congratulations.

The 11th room, this is an empty room.

Twelfth room, which is the last room.

Lu Yuan opened the door of the room, and Amy behind Lu Yuan looked inside.

When they saw the things in the room, both Lu Yuan and Amy were taken aback, their eyes widened, with expressions of surprise.

(End of this chapter)

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