My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 133

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  Chapter 133 Fighting Shuttle, Bold Ideas (Request monthly ticket for subscription)In the   room, unexpectedly A flying machine is floating.

The aircraft is about twenty-five meters long and fifteen meters wide. It is black and diamond-shaped.

Compared to Lu Yuan's previous flight from Xili City to Imperial Capital, the night fighter plane looked a little better.

What surprised Lu Yuan and Amy the most is that this is the place of origin.

If it is a pure technological creation, it is impossible to enter the land of origin.

In other words, this aircraft is also a psychic item and needs to use spiritual power.

In the entire Floating Void City, this is probably the most precious thing.

No wonder it can be placed in the top room of the core area.

Lu Yuan and Amy walked into the room.

Amy looked at the aircraft and was a little surprised:    "What a beautiful aircraft!"

Lu Yuan reached out and put his hand on the outer shell of the aircraft, and suddenly, one after another message Passed into Lu Yuan's mind.

Heiling 1 combat shuttle: Second Rank flying spiritual object    The fastest speed of the Heiling 1 combat shuttle can reach 10 times the speed of sound, which has exceeded the speed of the Battle Venerable. NS.

As for the defensive ability, it can resist a blow from the Lord of Second Rank high level.

There is also a spiritual power cannon on it, a formidable power equivalent to Second Rank high level lord's blow.

Seeing this message, Lu Yuan's eyes widened.

Amy also put her hand on the Heiling 1 combat shuttle, her eyes widened slightly, and she exclaimed:   "really strong!"

"Yes, very strong."

Lu Yuan nodded, he was a little tangled.

To be honest, according to the principle of half-and-half, this Black Diamond 1 combat shuttle is half of Amy's.

He is lacking Spirit Crystal now, so he can give Amy the Black Ling 1 combat shuttle and let Amy compensate him for Spirit Crystal.

Judging from the information and appearance of this Black Diamond 1 combat shuttle, the value will certainly not be low.

Anyway, the speed can reach or even exceed the Battle Venerable Level.

In addition to the low threshold that can be controlled by the Second Rank, Powerhouse bought it for use by the younger generation.

If it were to be auctioned off, wouldn’t it give a million or so fourth rank Spirit Crystal? If you   take half, 500,000 fourth rank Spirit Crystal should be fine, right?    This is at least enough for him to temper a lord-level transcendent gene to Perfection. With good luck, he might be able to temper two.

It is a pity that he is a little bit reluctant to be so good-looking Black Ling 1 combat shuttle.

But if he compensates Amy, he can't offer so much Spirit Crystal to compensate Amy.

Lu Yuan's heart is bitter.

I'm so poor, Gan!

Just when Lu Yuan's face was tangled, Amy took a peek at Lu Yuan.

Her purple eyes flashed, then the shoulder of Patted Lu Yuan who smiled at hehe, opened the mouth and said:

"Lei Feng, this young lady fighting shuttle I will give it to you"

Lu Yuan came back to his senses from the entanglement.

He was stunned and looked towards Amy:

"Amy, what did you say?"

Amy's eyes widened: "this Young Lady said, this battle shuttle is given to you, you don’t need to give me Spirit Crystal or something. This Young Lady does not lack this Spirit Crystal."

Lu Yuan: "?? ??"

He stared at Amy with wide eyes, a little afraid to say: "Amy, are you the legendary angel?!"

This is flying The speed is faster than Battle Venerable, it can withstand the attacks of the Second Rank high level lord, and can play a blow from the Second Rank high level lord, and the battle shuttle with such a high value!

Although he has half of his ownership, he also has half of hers. Didn't expect Amy to give it to him? ! When   I heard Lu Yuan's words, Amy's pretty face suddenly turned red.

"Don't think that I will be happy if you praise me so much! After this Young Lady Second Rank, my Supreme Grandfather will give me a very strong mount. This is useless for me. Waste, it will be cheaper for you."

Although Amy said so, Lu Yuan was still very moved.

After all, so many Spirit Crystals are not a small sum.

"Thank you Amy!"

Lu Yuan looked at Amy with a smile.

Amy snorted, glanced at Lu Yuan squintly, and said with contempt:   "You laugh so disgusting."

Lu Yuan's smile stiffened, and he touched his own Face.

Am I disgusting with a smile?   He rubbed his cheeks and coughed dryly:    "Ah...I will give this shuttle to the Recognizing Master first."

Amy nodded: "en."

Lu Yuan put his hand on the metal shell of the combat shuttle, and his mind moved.

His genetic war pattern emerged, with a stream of light flashing.

The streamer on the genetic war pattern slowly merges into the combat shuttle.

Before long, a mechanical sound rang from the combat shuttle.

"Dip, Heiling No. 1 combat shuttle has completed the recognition Master, please name it."

Lu Yuan thought for a while, originally planned to name Heiling directly, but he Thinking that this Black Ling 1 combat shuttle was given to him by Amy, why not let Amy name it?    Lu Yuan turned his head and looked towards Amy: "Amy, what do you think is better?"

Amy thought about it, eyes shined: "Little bunny number one?"


Lu Yuan: "?"

He looked at the dark and smooth Heiling No. 1 combat shuttle.

"What does this thing have to do with rabbits?"

Amy looked as it should be by rights and said: "Because little bunny is cute!"

Lu Yuan was lost in thought, staring at Amy.

Amy was stared at by Lu Yuan a little sorry, a little embarrassed and said: "Why look at this Young Lady like this?"

Lu Yuan said with a smile: "I'm here Think, Amy, you must be more cute than little bunny, why don't you just call Amy Little Angel?"

Amy stiffens, and then her pretty face turns red.

She widened her eyes, looked at Lu Yuan with shame and anger, and reached out to peng~ peng~ peng~ to pat Lu Yuan's back hard.

It's a pity that for Lu Yuan, who is now extremely defensive, it's a bit like a tickle.

"You are not allowed to call this name! Absolutely not! Only this Young Lady can be called Amy!"

"But Amy, you are more cute than a rabbit."


Amy was taken aback, tilted her head for a moment, and then she looked serious and nodded: "Although this Young Lady is indeed more cute, you just can’t call it this name. ! Otherwise, I won't give it to you!"

Lu Yuan looked helpless: "Then change it."

Amy thought for a while: "Black Bear One? "

Lu Yuan: "?"

"What does this have to do with the black bear?"

"It's all black."

Lu Yuan: "..."

He twitched abruptly, wanting to refute.

But when he thought that he had promised Amy to name him before, he looked at Amy helplessly:

"Are you sure it's called Black Bear One?"

Amy thought for a while, nodded seriously: "OK!"

"That's okay."

So Lu Yuan named the Heiling No. 1 combat shuttle The black bear is number one.

"Let's go up and see?"

After Lu Yuan was named, he opened the mouth and said.

Amy nodded, is also a little curious about what it looks like.

After recognizing the Master, Lu Yuan can already control Black Bear One.

With a move of his mind, Black Bear One landed and opened a door on the side in front of the diamond.

After entering the door, Lu Yuan found that the color inside was different from the outside. The outside was black and the inside was silver white.

The combat shuttle has a cockpit, but the Black Bear One itself is an intelligent combat shuttle, with automatic driving and automatic attack capabilities.

even more how Lu Yuan itself also has mechanical control battle skill, you can drive without the cockpit.

In addition to the cockpit, there is also a cabin. The cabin is about 50 square meters in size and has 20 seats. It looks quite empty.

There is also a living bedroom and a bathroom.

In total, this combat shuttle is almost 100 square meters.

After all, the overall size of the combat shuttle is only this large, and the internal space is actually about this number.

In general, Lu Yuan still likes it very much.

Especially Lu Yuan didn't expect to have a bedroom, which is a surprise.

Think about Lu Yuan who used to set up tents in the wild, so he can sleep in the spacecraft in the future.

The quality of life has been greatly improved.


After watching the battle shuttle, Amy and Lu Yuan went out of the shuttle.

After that, Lu Yuan put his hand on the metal shell of the shuttle.

This huge battle shuttle turned into a stream of light, integrated into Lu Yuan's body.

In the end, the illusory shadow of the fighting shuttle revolves on the edge of Lu Yuan's gene chain.

As a flying spiritual object, this Black Diamond Type 1 combat shuttle can be directly integrated like genetic weapons.

It's just different from genetic weapons, it can't bring any blessing effect to Lu Yuan.

It doesn't really matter. For Lu Yuan, blessing is not important. What's important is that he will no longer need to run on two legs when he goes out in the future.

Then you have to run to death, okay.

"Okay, let's go down."

The exploration of the last room of the 3,000-meter-high building is over, and it's time to leave.

Lu Yuan and Amy left the room and went downstairs.

In the hall, Lin Xixi and a few people were waiting. When they came down, they all came up.

"Miss, Mr. Lei. Have you finished exploring?"

Lin Xixi asked.

Amy nodded: "Well, it's over. We can leave this Floating Void City and go to another Floating Void City."

Lu Yuan said with a smile: "First Go to the Sky Elevator Plaza, and then go back to the city."

The entire group got out of the three-kilometer building and came to the square.

Lu Yuan said with a smile: "Let's take the Black Bear One and go faster."

When they heard Lu Yuan's words, Lin Xixi was taken aback.

"Black Bear One? What is that?"

Zhu Yu asked curiously.

Lu Yuan smiled, a black streamer flashed, and Black Bear One floated in the air.

Seeing this fighting shuttle, Lin Xixi's eyes widened and all of them looked surprised.

"This is?"

"What a beautiful fighter!"

"Mr. Lei took it out of his body? It's also in the place of origin. Available fighters?!"

Lin Xixi looked towards Lu Yuan:    "Mr. Lei, is this?"

Lu Yuan said with a smile: "This time One of the rewards is the Heiling Type 1 Fighting Shuttle."

Zhu Yu asked with some confusion: "But why is it called Black Bear One?"

Others are also confused. .

Lu Yuan corner of mouth twitching, took a look at Amy: "The name your lady took."

Amy was a little proud: "Isn't it nice?"

Everyone: "..."

Everyone fell silent, Lin Xixi's mouth twitched, said with a smile:

"As expected, Miss, The name I chose is so cute."

"That must be!"

"Okay, let's get on the shuttle."

Lu Yuan is not forced The number of Amy has been unable to complain.

The entire group got on the shuttle, Lu Yuan's mind moved, and the shuttle instantly turned into a streamer and disappeared in place.

The use of combat shuttle requires the consumption of spiritual power.

The source of spiritual power is naturally Spirit Crystal.

Fortunately, because I just got it, the spiritual power reserve on the Black Bear One is still full, and the full value is the total spiritual power of 100 fourth rank Spirit Crystals.

Judging from the information transmitted by the Black Bear One, when maintaining extreme speed, that is, when the speed of sound is 10 times, the spiritual power consumption is the largest.

One fourth rank Spirit Crystal is consumed every minute, which is 100 Second Rank Spirit Crystal.

Calculated with full energy, you can fly for 100 minutes, which is more than an hour.

But if you fly normally and the speed is 3 to 5 times the speed of sound, a fourth rank Spirit Crystal can last for 1 hour.

Of course, this is just flight consumption.

If you need to turn on the crystal shield during the period, and you need to attack, then the spiritual power attack is another thing.

The Black Bear 1 took off and maintained a regular speed of about three times the speed of sound. It flew for about one kilometer in one second. From the core area to the edge of the sky elevator plaza, it was close to fifty kilometers. One minute is here.

Everyone got off the Black Bear No.1, and Lu Yuan put the Black Bear No. 1 away.

Everyone is still in a trance.

"It's really fast, I'll be in the square in less than one minute."

Zhu Yu couldn't help but sigh when he saw the black aerial elevator.

Others are also nodded.

"Okay, let's go down."

Lu Yuan laughed.

Everyone enters the elevator in the sky.

I brought a group of people with me when I came here, and now there are only less than twenty of them when I go back, and it seems empty inside.

Lu Yuan uses the controller, and the aerial elevator, under the traction of Floating Void City, begins to leave the square and descend towards the kilometer-high building below.

In the air, densely packed aircraft flies like a fish, and hundreds of aircraft surround the elevator in the sky.

There is also a mechanical warrior with a psionic cannon on the aircraft, patrolling the surroundings, taking a look at the elevator in the sky from time to time.

Because I encountered it once when I came up, Lu Yuan and the others are now calm.

Just quietly watched these aircraft pass by.

At this moment, Lu Yuan suddenly divine light flashed and had a bold idea.

By the way, he has burned the mechanical control gene now.

Then can he control these aircraft and mechanical guards?    Lu Yuan's heartbeat speeds up slightly, and his mind moves, his spiritual strength spreads out, and the spiritual power in his body begins to consume.

The machine controls the operation of battle skill.

Suddenly, all the aircraft that originally circled the aerial elevator had a meal. Then neat and tidy formed a line, circled the aerial elevator twice, and then flew towards the distance.

Around the entire aerial elevator, all the aircraft that had been surrounding it dissipated, and it seemed that even the sky was much clearer.

"Huh? What's the matter? Why is the nearby aircraft missing?"

Amy and the others naturally discovered this scene.

Amy opened the mouth and said with some doubts.

Others also looked through the window with a look of confusion, looking towards the distance.

The aircraft seemed to be blocked by an invisible barrier a hundred meters away and no longer approached.

At this moment, the barrier seemed to have suddenly disappeared, and a group of aircraft once again spaced, flying around the elevator in the sky.

In the air elevator, Lu Yuan raised the corner of his mouth, and his eyes were full of ecstasy.

It really works!

With the mental strength of these mechanical lives, as long as they are within 100 meters, Lu Yuan can control it!   Lu Yuan looked up at the Floating Void City in the sky, and suddenly had a bold idea.

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