My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 134

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2021-10-10   Chapter 134 flight, aircraft escort (for the loss of thermal solar Alliance Leader plus more)   in When Lu Yuan was excited, Amy turned her head and looked towards Lu Yuan, with a hint of doubt in her eyes.

She is different from Lin Xixi.

Lin Xixi and the others are only First Rank now, and they are not strong enough.

Let her have reached the Second Rank. More importantly, the genes she burned are biased towards the direction of mental perception, so her perception ability is very strong.

She felt that Lu Yuan seemed to have special spiritual power fluctuations when the aircraft left.

This made Amy somewhat doubt whether the previous aircraft movement was related to Lu Yuan.

The sky elevator soon landed on the roof of a kilometer-high building.

Lu Yuan and the others walked out of the elevator in the sky.

Lu Yuan turned his head and looked towards Amy, opened the mouth and said:

"Amy, come here, I have something to tell you."

Upon hearing Lu Yuan's words, Amy and Lin Xixi all looked over.

Lin Xixi looked at Lu Yuan with some caution:

"Mr. Lei, is there anything you can't talk about here? Why do you want to find a lady alone?"

Last time, the young lady said that Mr. Lei had done something unpredictable to her, which made Lin Xixi a little wary.

Although Mr. Lei looks like a good person, the young lady is as cute as an angel after all. Even a good person can't get rid of her charm, right?

I will guard the integrity of the lady!

Mr. Lei must not be allowed to bully Miss!

Lu Yuan was looked at by Lin Xixi's small eyes, and a black line appeared on his forehead.

I'm afraid this guy is thinking about something messy again.

He twitched the corner of his mouth:

"I have a business with Amy, are you thinking about something messy?"

Lin Xixi was caught by Lu Yuan said it a little embarrassingly, but she still refuse to yield an inch and looked at Lu Yuan:

"What did Mr. Lei say? I didn't think of any strange things!"

Lu Yuan: "..."

At this time, Amy opened the mouth and said: "Xixi, don't think too much. Lei Feng, what are you going to tell me? Let's go down Say it."

Lu Yuan nodded, the two left the rooftop and walked towards the bottom.

Lin Xixi who stayed in place watched their bodies disappear behind the door, and they all started to chirp chirp twitter twitter.

Zhu Yu looked at the door with gossip flames in his eyes, a little curious opened the mouth and said:

"You guys, what is Mr. Lei going to tell Miss ?"


"Have a monkey with Miss?"

"Important? Seeking to support? After all, Miss is the heir of the Algabe family. Peak rich lady!"

"By the way, Mr. Lei is so handsome, strong, and good-tempered. If he really confesses, who can stand it? It's me, I'm sure. No longer."

"Our young lady is better than Mr. Lei! But Mr. Lei should go well with our young lady."


Everyone's eyes flashed with excitement. It is conceivable that they have begun to fill up scenes of love and hatred in their minds.

Zhu Yu was eager to have a try and said:    "Should we secretly listen to it?"

When I heard Zhu Yu’s words, many people eyes shined, They all showed a touch of emotion.

"This...isn't it good?"

Alice in a white robe said something bad, but her eyes flashed with excited rays of light, just It's almost time to hurry up.

Lin Xixi saw the look of her teammate, face full of black lines.

What's the situation with your teammates?   Are you thinking about the story of Mr. Lei and Miss? !

Can't she save her snacks?   Is she the only one who cares about my lady's morals? !

She both hands crossed near chest, coldly opened the mouth and said: "Your strength, approached, will definitely be discovered. You can go and try it! If you are discovered by the lady, it depends on how you end up. "

Hearing Lin Xixi's words, the excited girls also calmed down.

A look of regret appeared in everyone's eyes.

"I can't even listen to what kind of love words Mr. Lei and Miss Lei said. What is the meaning of life? Tired, destroy it."

Zhu Yu sighed.

Lin Xixi's face full of black lines, she held Zhu Yu's head and pulled her face hard:

"Zhu Yu! Can you be more serious?! What? Love words?!"

"It hurts...I was wrong, I was wrong! I'm sorry!!"


In a crowd When the girl was fighting, Lu Yuan and Amy had already arrived in the room downstairs.

Amy Purple’s Kazlan looked at Lu Yuan with wide eyes, full of curiosity:    "Lei Feng, what do you want to tell me?"

Lu Yuan said with a smile: "It's like this. I have a way to prevent the aerial vehicle from attacking us. In addition, we now have the Black Bear One, so we can go directly to other Floating Void City from the air. This is faster and can also be obtained. More resources. What do you think?"

Hearing Lu Yuan's words, Amy's eyes widened, a little surprised:

"It was you who let those flying vehicles leave just now. "

Lu Yuan raised his eyebrows, a little surprised: "You found it? As expected, it is Amy, the perception ability is very strong."

"Is this mechanical interference? Did you burn that gene?"

Amy remembered the extraordinary gene before.

Although they have obtained several boss-level transcendent genes, the most impressive thing is undoubtedly the mechanical interference with that transcendent gene.

Lu Yuan laughed: "It's not mechanical interference. Mechanical interference can't do this level." can mechanical control be said to be mechanical interference?

Amy was a little surprised and curious: "Not mechanical interference?! How did you do it?"

Lu Yuan opened the mouth and said with a smile:


"Didn't I say that before? I am an extraordinary natural talent."

Amy suddenly remembered that Lu Yuan was looking for the core fragment of Al.

She looked at Lu Yuan curiously, knowing that Lu Yuan might have his own secret.

After all, there are too many inheritance treasures in the entire Origin Land.

No one knows what good things will be discovered.

Amy curl one's lip:

"Don't tell me."

She didn't ask much about Lu Yuan's secret.

Then, she thought of Lu Yuan’s proposal, and she was a little excited to open the mouth and said:

"If you really can prevent all the aircraft from attacking us, then we It’s really possible to approach Floating Void City directly from the air, and it’s much faster than scouting the square on the ground. Then we can definitely get a lot of gains."


Lu Yuan also smiled.

He opened the mouth and said: "I was thinking, just the two of us. After all, our cultivation base is already Second Rank, and the strength is strong enough. Xixi and they are still First Rank, It may be inconvenient to let them follow. As for Xixi and them, let them return to Floating Void City. Although we have cleaned up the core area before, but the outer circle area is very large, they can continue to explore the outer circle area."

Hearing what Lu Yuan said, Amy lowered her head and thought about it, then nodded:

"en! This Young Lady thinks it is possible, just after Xixi obtained the core fragment of El I haven't had time for the breakthrough. It's better to let her go back to the breakthrough."

"No problem. Let's talk to them now?"

Lu Yuan looked at Amy.

Amy nodded, she can’t wait to say:

"Go, this Young Lady go and talk to them."

The two returned to the rooftop, Lin Xixi and Zhu Yu and the others are playing and chatting.

Seeing Lu Yuan and Amy come back, they quickly stood up.

"Miss, Mr. Lei."

Amy nodded, directly opened the mouth and said:

"Xixi, I discussed with Lei Feng , We have something to do next, you first go back to Floating Void City and stay free."

Hearing what Amy said, Lin Xixi and the others were all taken aback, some didn't expect .

Then Lin Xixi quickly opened the mouth and said:

"Miss, don't we need to follow you?"

"Yes, miss, let's go back to Floating Void City, what about you guys?"

Amy laughed at Hehe’s opened the mouth and said:

"This is a secret, but we are going to do a major event!"


Upon hearing Amy's words, Lin Xixi and the others looked at each other in blank dismay.

But seeing Amy's face firm, they have no choice but to nodded.

Lin Xixi opened the mouth and said:

"Miss you, be careful. Be careful."

She turned her head and looked towards Lu Yuan:   "Mr. Lei, please take care of Miss."

"Don't worry, Xixi, I am here."

Lu Yuan laughed.

The entire group got on the air elevator again and returned to Floating Void City.

Along the way, Lin Xixi and others were a little silent.

After all, they are Amy's subordinates, but now they can't help Amy, which makes them a little guilty.

Lu Yuan glanced at Lin Xixi who was a little self-blaming, and it was not that he couldn't understand their feelings.

But compared to Lu Yuan and Amy who are already Second Rank, Lin Xixi of First Rank is too weak.

Some battles will not only not help, but will become a drag.

Back on the square, everyone got off the elevator in the sky.

Looking at Lu Yuan and Amy who are also getting off the elevator, Lin Xixi and the others are a little confused.

"Miss, Mr. Lei, don't you go back?"

Lu Yuan smiled, the black light flashed, and the Black Bear No. 1 combat shuttle appeared in the air.

Lu Yuan and Amy boarded the shuttle.

Then under Lin Xixi's horrified eyes, the shuttle rose into the sky and flew towards the Floating Void City.

Looking at the densely packed flying vehicle that quickly approached the shuttle, Lin Xixi and the others turned pale suddenly.


"It's over..."

"How dare Mr. Lei?!"

So many aircraft , Among them there are even First Rank boss-level or even boss-level mechanical life.

Tens of thousands!

With so many aircraft attacking together, even the third-rank War General will be explodes into waste.

Lin Xixi and the others didn't expect Lu Yuan to drive the shuttle directly over.

Just when they were cold in their hearts, the aircraft that suddenly approached the shuttle suddenly stopped at a distance of about 100 meters from the aircraft.

Afterwards, hundreds of aircraft gathered in a line, like a guard, enclosing the shuttle.

The other aircraft left directly, as if they did not see the Black Bear One at all.

In this way, the Black Bear No. 1 shuttle flies away in the ocean of the aircraft.

On the square of Floating Void City, watching Black Bear One fly away, Lin Xixi and the others opened their eyes wide, and their eyes were filled with consternation.

The atmosphere fell into dead silence, and the air fell silent.

After a while, Zhu Yu opened the mouth and said in a low voice:

"...He, they flew away? Just flew away?!"

Everyone came back to his senses, their faces were shocked and excited.

"Yes! How could they fly away surrounded by so many aircraft?!"

"Those aircraft! Have you seen them? They flew around, just Like an escort!"

"Yes, yes! Other aircraft completely ignored the shuttle!"

"How did Miss and Mr. Lei do it?"

During the heated discussion, Alice suddenly eyes shined and thought of something:    "I suddenly understand what Miss and Mr. Lei want to do."

heard Everyone was taken aback by Alice's words, and then many people widened their eyes, with an astonished expression flashing in their eyes.

"...I, I seem to understand."

"Hi...Eldest Young Lady what they did is really a major event! This is too big!"

"They must want to fly directly to other Floating Void City, and then rush in and take away those treasures before the Floating Void City has no one to attack!"

"If it is a normal situation, it will definitely not be possible. After all, the air is full of aircraft, and I am afraid that few people can fly at this stage. But now...Miss and Mr. Lei can really do it. "

"It has only been five and a half days since the opening of the Ayer Mechanical Ruins, and it hasn't even reached the sixth day. There must be many Floating Void City that have not been attacked. These are all Miss and Mr. Lei. Goal!"

"This time, Miss and Mr. Lei will surely shock everyone!"


Lin Xixi and the others After understanding Lu Yuan and Amy's thoughts, they suddenly looked excited.


In the cockpit of Black Bear One.

Lu Yuan and Amy are sitting there, looking at the outside scene through the virtual image generated in the front.

Around them, there are hundreds of flying vehicles guarding the Black Bear One.

All of these aircraft are at the boss level, and there are even five boss levels at the top.

With Lu Yuan’s current spirit strength, this is the limit that Lu Yuan can control now.

In addition, he also scored part of the spirit strength to interfere with the aircraft that wanted to approach and attack them along the way, so that their path was smooth and unimpeded.

Lu Yuan increased the flying speed of the Black Bear One to three times the speed of sound.

This is also the fastest speed the aircraft can achieve.

In the high-speed flight, the roar of piercing the air resounded through the steel city.


Somewhere in the steel city, on a square with a five-hundred-meter-high building.

Yang Ping, Lin Wei, Min'er and a few other teenagers sat on the damaged mechanical guard to rest.

Their faces are a little pale, but their eyes are filled with excitement.

"The three Perfection boss-level mechanical guards, didn't expect us to actually kill them! This is a 500-meter-high building, and there must be a lot of resources in it!"

Yang Ping has a look of excitement in his eyes.

A handsome blond boy looked at Min'er, who was recovering without saying a word, with a trace of admiration in his eyes:   "Thanks to Min'er this time, otherwise, we I'm afraid it will be difficult to break this guy's crystal shield."

Min'er didn't speak, just gently nodded.

Lin Wei on the side laughed at Hehe’s opened the mouth and said:

"Chabo, Min'er is all Lu Yuan in his heart right now, you have nothing to play."

Min'er frowned slightly and looked at Lin Wei: "Weiwei, what are you talking about? I just want to surpass him."

"Yes, yes~ I understand me I understand."

Lin Wei smiled and opened the mouth and said.

Then she turned her head and looked towards Yang Ping: "Eh, Yang Ping, Lu Yuan, he doesn't team up with us, who is he with?"

Yang Ping With a wry smile, opened the mouth and said: "I don't know this. He didn't say who he was with, he just said that he met a friend in the place of origin."

Lin Wei curl one's lip:" If that guy is there, it would be much easier for us to attack such a 500-meter-high building."


Yang Ping sighed.

At this moment, a harsh whistling sound came from the sky.

Everyone is complexion changed.

Many raised their heads, looked towards the direction where the sound came from.

When they saw a large wave of aircraft flying quickly around a diamond-shaped aircraft in the sky, everyone stood up, their eyes widened, revealing a look of shock.

(End of this chapter)

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