My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 135

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2021-10-10   Chapter 135 mobile treasure? (Added more for the extremely deep cold 105 Alliance Leader)

"What is that?!"

Lin Wei cry out in surprise.

"Aircraft? How can those aircraft fly so fast?"

Chaber was shocked: "Aren't ordinary aircraft swaying in the air? And they seem to be surrounding That aircraft in the center flew? It's kind of like... a guard?"

Chaber was a little confused about his guess.

Yang Ping looked at the center of the aircraft, eyes flashing:    "looks like the center of that aircraft and other aircraft is completely different ah look very high level, is it a special? Mechanical life?"

"If you kill that mechanical life, you should drop a lot of good things?"

A tall young man said expectantly.

Upon hearing this, everyone turned their heads and looked towards him.

teenagers feel everyone's eyes, looked at them, some doubts:    

of Said with the Ping Yang A Smile "how do you see me doing so??" : "It's okay, I just think you have a lot of ideas."

Min'er also raised the corners of her mouth slightly: "Wait until you can fly into the sky."

Lin Wei said with a smile: "I don't even dare to think of such a beautiful thing. Let's explore some 100-meter-high buildings and 500-meter-high buildings with peace of mind."

"Enough rest? Let's go inside. ”

"en. ”

The entire group turned around and entered a 500-meter-high building.

Except for Yang Ping and the others, everywhere in Steel City, teams were a little surprised to see the fast-flying aircraft.

Some people speculate that this is a powerful special mechanical life.

There are also speculations that this is a treasure that moves in the El Mechanical Ruins.

But no one has ever thought that this is the same genetic warrior as them.

Because there can be hundreds of aircraft guards, and other aircraft will detour when they encounter it. Could this be a genetic warrior?   does not exist.


On the square in front of a kilometer-high building complex under the Floating Void City.

A tall Barrow with a group of Barrows and coalition forces of powerhouses of other races is besieging the mechanical guards on the square.

A team of powerful mechanical guards died under the siege of many genetic warriors, and soon there were only the mechanical leader at the gate and four mechanical giant dogs.

Baro’s Venetian looked at the head of the machine, a dignified rays of light flashed in her eyes, opened the mouth and said:

"I’ll hold the head of the machine, you guys Solved the four mechanical dogs with the fastest speed, and then besieged the mechanical leader together."

"Yes, Young Master!"

By the side of Baiyesi, six Barrows People nodded in response.

These Barrows are powerhouses of the leader-level Peak.

And venetian silk, as the heir of the Battle Emperor of the Barrow people, is a powerful leader-level warrior.

Just as the shutters were about to order an attack, a rumbling sound suddenly came from the horizon.

Everyone is complexion changed and turned to look towards the direction where the sound came from.

Afterwards, they saw a group of aircraft guarding a black diamond-shaped aircraft in the center, swiftly across the sky, and flew towards Floating Void City.

The aircraft guard Legion around Floating Void City dispersed after encountering this group of aircraft and let them enter Floating Void City.

Seeing the aircraft entering the Floating Void City, Blindfolded her eyes wide and was a little shocked:

"What was that just now?! In the family's information about the mechanical ruins of El, It seems that you have never encountered this diamond-shaped black flying machine before? Do you know what it is?"

The Barrows around were looked at each other in blank dismay, and then shook the head:    "Young Master, we don't know either."

The louver's eyes flickered, and then a look of excitement appeared:

"Could it be a moving treasure house? It actually entered ours. Seat Floating Void City! It seems that my venetian silk is the destiny of heaven! Perhaps there are extremely precious and powerful treasures in it that can make me soar into the sky, and even become an invincible Battle Emperor like my ancestors!"

The more she thought about it, the more excited she became, and she felt that this was the opportunity that El Mechanical Ruins had specially prepared for him!

Other Barrow people also think so.

They looked at the Young Master they were following with excitement.

"Congratulations Young Master!"

"Young Master will soon become the strongest Heaven's Chosen in the entire White Yun Prefecture!"

In the eyes of Baiyesi Flashing rays of light, opened the mouth and said:

"Quick! Kill these watchdogs first! This Young Master wants to get the treasure right away!"


Inspired by the treasure, Shutters exerted the most powerful force, and one person suppressed the mechanical leader of First Rank Perfection.

Other people are also besieging the giant mechanical dog.

When the shutters and the others were besieging the mechanical guards, Lu Yuan and Amy, after boarding the Floating Void City, ordered a group of aircraft to open fire everywhere, hitting all the mechanical guards on the street. kill.

And Black Bear No. 1 came to the location of a kilometer-high building in the core area at the fastest speed.

Lu Yuan and Amy left the aircraft, and Amy went all around one after another Tianluo Wisteria riot, and rushed towards the mechanical guard on the square of the kilometer-high building.

At this moment, all the mechanical guards suddenly froze in place, and then one after another electric spark ran wildly, and all the mechanical guards fell to the ground almost at the same time.

Including the mechanical leader.

And Amy's Tianluo Wisteria hasn't touched his opponent yet.

Amy: "???"

She looked at the mechanical guard who fell to the ground, full of question marks.

She turned her head and looked towards Lu Yuan, her eyes were full of look of shock:

"Lei Feng? Did you do it?!"

Lu Yuan nodded with a smile: "en."

Amy's small mouth twitched: "Are you a monster?"

Lu Yuan corner of mouth twitching.

Does this feel like cursing?

He helplessly said: "Well don't talk about it, hurry up, we have limited time, and quickly collect everything."

Amy nodded.

At this moment, a group of mechanical guards patrolled the street behind Lu Yuan and Amy, and saw Lu Yuan and Amy, about to attack.

Suddenly, their bodies halted, put away their weapons, and in Amy's dumbfounded eyes, they ran to the square and began to pick up various light balls.

Soon, after they picked up all the light balls, they ran to Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan put the light group away and looked towards Amy with a small mouth open on the side and a dumbfounded look:

"Let me here first, and then we will share it together. It's."


Amy was a little dazed and nodded.

Then the two ran into the kilometer-high building.

They ran through all the rooms as quickly as possible, and after putting away all the treasures inside, they left the tall building.

From coming to the kilometer-high building to kill all the mechanical guards, to collecting all the things, and then leaving, the whole process took only one minute or so.

Boarded the Black Bear One, which was parked outside. In just a few seconds, they arrived at the second one-kilometer-high building and started a new round of processes.

Five minutes later, Black Bear One came to the center of the three-kilometer high building.

As soon as Lu Yuan and Amy arrived at the gate, the six mechanical leaders sparked all over their bodies and fell to the ground trembling.

For this scene, Amy has become numb.

She still doesn't understand how Lu Yuan did it.

Originally, Amy thought that Lu Yuan had recorded mechanical interference.

However, mechanical interference will definitely not be able to do this step, so Amy will not be treated by Lu Yuan now.

I can only guess that Lu Yuan has a very powerful treasure.

However, Amy did not ask much.

After picking up all the treasures of the six mechanical bosses, Lu Yuan and Amy went up to the 3,000-meter-high building.

After one minute, they walked out of the tall building, their faces full of surprises.

The harvest is extremely rich!

"Go, let's continue!"

Lu Yuan smiled, opened the mouth and said.

Amy is also a little excited nodded: "Hmm!!"

The two got on the Black Bear One, and when Lu Yuan was about to leave, he suddenly thought of something .

"Wait, let's fly around the core area."

Amy was taken aback and asked with some doubts: "What's wrong?"

" I look to see if Al core debris "

Amy some doubts towards Lu Yuan Looked: .   " you take that helpful "

Lu Yuan nodded? with a smile :"en. "

A faint light flashed in Amy's eyes.

She feels that she understands why Lu Yuan can do so many weird things. It turns out that it is because of the core fragment of Al?   But how she can not do?   Is Al core debris just the media, in fact, because there are other treasure, so can we do this?   Amy thought, discover how his head also do not understand, simply will not bother to think about.

Anyway, just follow Lei Feng.

Lu Yuan naturally does not know Amy's guess.

Although Amy guessed that Al Core Fragment would be useful for him, the usefulness was wrong.

In the three-kilometer-high building, Lu Yuan obtained three El core fragments. After absorbing them, Lu Yuan found that the relationship between himself and the El mechanical ruins became closer.

He is now more and more looking forward to what will happen if he continues to absorb.

After making a circle around the core area, Lu Yuan found two El core fragments based on the cue from the Evolution Cube.

Then they drove the Black Bear One to leave the Floating Void City to the next Floating Void City.

From entering Floating Void City to leaving, Lu Yuan and Amy did not waste any time. It took 15 minutes in total.

The main reason is that Lu Yuan's mechanical control is too outrageous. All the mechanical guards can't even block them for a second, and even help them pick up spoils of war.

The other thing is that they only explored four kilometer-high buildings and one 3,000-meter-high building.

Naturally it will be faster.

What really takes the time is to find Al core fragments in the core area.


Almost half an hour after Black Bear One left Floating Void City, the aerial elevator came to the square of Floating Void City from the steel city below.

The venetian ribbon came out with a group of subordinates.

His face was not a good look, a look of exasperation:   "Damn Below we waste too much time even to make the move away from the treasure!!!"

Shutters' subordinates all bowed their heads and dared not speak.

After the atmosphere was silent, Lousy took a deep breath and calmed down her angry mood, opened the mouth and said:

"But it’s okay, just find the core fragment of Al , I can break through to the Second Rank, when the time comes the entire Ayre machinery ruins, I will walk unhindered. Sooner or later I can find the mobile treasure!"

When the time comes, all the subordinates are Nodded again and again.

"Young Master is right! We all failed to obtain the mobile treasure, and others will certainly not be able to obtain it. We still have a chance!"

Nodded: "Go first In the core area, the first goal is to find the core fragments of Al, and the second goal is to search all the tall buildings! Let’s go!"


Shutters once again high-spirited and The vigorous brought a group of subordinates and approached the core area.


Half an hour later, Baiyesi and a group of subordinates stood in front of the gate of the three-kilometer-high building.

Outside the gate, six mechanical leaders have fallen to the ground. The gate is open and very quiet.

The atmosphere fell into dead silence.

They have seen this scene many times.

This is true for all kilometer tall buildings in the four areas.

at first louver and the others did not believe in evil yet. After entering the high building and looking around, they had to believe in evil after all the rooms had been explored.

Now, there is a trace of black on the face of venetian silk purple, and all of his subordinates dare not speak, and they dare not even pant loudly.

After the atmosphere fell silent, Blindfold had a trace of blood in her eyes, and her voice was squeezed from between her teeth:

"Who is it?! Who did it?! "

"The air elevator is clearly in our hands. No one else has moved. Who came up to this Floating Void City and took away the treasures from the tall buildings here?!"

"How did they come up?! Could it be impossible to fly?! Ah?!"

The roar of venetian silk resounded throughout the core area.

At this moment, Baiyesi and a few Barrow subordinates were taken aback, and their eyes widened.

The breathing of several people suddenly became heavy.

A Barrow man in a robe opened the mouth and said uncertainly:

"Young Master...could they really fly?"

Another Barrow man opened the mouth and said:

"Young Master...these corpses are the same as the ones they encountered before. There are no scars on their bodies, and there are no traces of fighting around them."

Shutters' eyes flickered, staring at the corpse of the mechanical leader on the ground.

"That diamond-shaped aircraft!!"

Shutters gritted his teeth and said: "Only the diamond-shaped aircraft flew up!"

Shutters and Yizhongba Luo people's eyes flickered, with a look of uncertainty in their eyes.

A Barrow man opened the mouth and said: "...What is that diamond-shaped aircraft? It can not only allow other aircraft to guard it, but also allow these mechanical guards to die as if they are self-destructing. Is it Ai The king of the Er mechanical ruins?"

Another Barrow humanity said: "But, as the king of the Er mechanical ruins, why does it take away the treasures in the tall buildings? The ruins themselves are the place of origin for us Are these genetic warriors prepared?"

"Then you rarely think that the genetic warrior will fail? Which genetic warrior can do this kind of thing?"


Everyone discusses spiritedly.

The louver silk browses tightly knit, then coldly snorted, opened the mouth and said:

"Whatever it is, we will take note of this time! There is still time, Go to another Floating Void City! No matter what, we must get Al core fragments. This is the ticket to the central Floating Void City! We can’t miss that feast!"


"Look for a nearby Floating Void City, not on the route that the weird diamond-shaped aircraft comes and leaves. The Floating Void City on the route may be explored and collected by the weird diamond-shaped aircraft. "


The entire group of Louver did not continue to explore the other tall buildings in the core area, but left the Floating Void City directly and descended into the steel city. , And then quickly move towards another Floating Void City that does not intersect with the black bear No. 1 line.

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