My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 136

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  Chapter 136 Ambush, King of White Frost (see monthly ticket for subscription) Hei Xiong   No.1.

Lu Yuan and Amy are sharing the harvest in the cabin.

"This boss-level transcendent gene seems to be good. It is bound by magnetism, do you want Lei Feng?"

"Me? I don't use this."

" I'll take it."

Amy elated and put it away.

"There are second Rank leader-level mechanical puppets again, this time there are four, I'll take two psionic gun mechanical leaders."

"Then I want two Others."

"There are also these boss-level genetic weapons, um... there are twelve pieces in total, let's have six pieces each."

"Okay, there is no suitable one here. Mine, Amy, you can choose first."

"There is no one that suits me, just pick it."

"Then I want something with higher value."


"Wow! Too much...Forget it, this Young Lady does not lack Spirit Crystal anyway."

"And these strong spirit transformation power gene liquids are also divided."

It took half an hour for Lu Yuan and Amy to fully distribute the harvest.

Lu Yuan just got 12,000 bottles of strong spirit transformation strength gene liquid alone.

In addition to what Lu Yuan was assigned before, now Lu Yuan’s strong spirit transformation gene liquid has 22,000 bottles.

equivalent to 220 million First Rank Spirit Crystal!   More than 200 million!

Lu Yuan was so moved and cried.

In addition to these strong spirit transformation gene liquids, there are six boss-level gene weapons, 17 boss-level gene weapons, and even more elite level ones.

In addition, there are various items such as mechanical puppets, psionic bombs, and spells.

After this wave alone, the Spirit Crystals that Lu Yuan has harvested are about three to four billion First Rank Spirit Crystals.

This is just a Floating Void City, and there will be many Floating Void City!


Five days later, it has been ten and a half days since the mechanical ruins of El have been opened.

There is only one and a half days left until the ruins are closed.

In the past five days, Lu Yuan and Amy rode the Black Bear One and went to various Floating Void City to collect resources.

Whenever they arrive at a Floating Void City, they will scrape four thousand-meter-high buildings and one three-kilometer-high building, and then check if there are any core fragments of Aier, and then leave without stopping.

In five days, there were as many as seven Floating Void City that were scraped by the two of them alone.

There are only 110,000 bottles of strong spirit transformation gene liquid obtained.

It counts, equivalent to 1.1 million fourth rank Spirit Crystal!

This is just one of the strong spirit transformation gene liquid, and other treasures, such as leader-level genetic weapons, etc., will naturally not be small.

It can be said that the harvest is full.

It’s a pity that as time goes by, more and more Floating Void City have been attacked. In the first three days, Lu Yuan and Amy have already taken five of them. Floating Void City.

But in the last two days, only two seats were collected.

Although they met other Floating Void City Lu Yuan, there are people on it.

Lu Yuan did not intend to conflict with other genetic warriors, but left directly, looking for a new Floating Void City.

On the Black Bear One, Lu Yuan and Amy sit in their seats, and Amy looks bored.

"There have been people in several Floating Void City recently. Should we go down and kill them and just grab their belongings? Anyway, they haven't been out of the place of origin, just die Now, their gains will definitely fall out."

Lu Yuan glanced at Amy, said with a smile:

"There must be some who can go to Floating Void City The genius of Great Influence, Amy, you all have escape crystals, and I’m afraid they also have them. I’m afraid they have a lot of various hole cards. Although the two of us are not weak, we may not be able to keep them before they use the escape crystals. "

After hearing Lu Yuan's words, Amy thought for a while, nodded:    "Yes, people like this must have many ways to escape. Then what should we do?"

Lu Yuan thought for a while: "We are now on our way to the Central Region. We should get to the Central Floating Void City. When the time comes, let’s see if we can go directly to the Central Floating Void City. If possible, when the time comes, we went in and secretly took away all the good things in it. In this case, no one might have gained more from the Ayre Machinery Ruins this time."

Hearing this, Ai Mi eyes shined, nodded again and again:

"Yeah! Let's do this! Huh? There is another Floating Void City in front!"

Lu Yuan glanced at the Floating Void in front City raised his eyebrows:

"Let's see if anyone is there."

Lu Yuan controlled the Black Bear One and flew towards Floating Void City.

Passing through the aircraft defense line in the outer air of Floating Void City, Black Bear One entered the Floating Void City.

Then Lu Yuan controlled the Black Bear One and flew directly towards the core area.

At three times the speed of sound, the Black Bear One entered the core area in less than one minute.

Looking at the mechanical guards patrolling the streets, Lu Yuan and Amy are both eyes shined and smiles.

"It's a Floating Void City that hasn't been developed yet! We are lucky."

Lu Yuan laughed.

"Quickly! charge charge charge! Go to the kilometer high building first!"

Amy jumped open the mouth and said.

Black Bear One passed a stream of light in the air, and soon came to a thousand-meter-high building.

Lu Yuan and Amy got off the Black Bear One, and then Lu Yuan ordered the mechanical guards to self-destruct.

Then he and Amy walked towards the gate of the kilometer high building.

When the two of them approached the gate of a kilometer tall building.

There is space distortion on the side of the gate, and there is a strong and incomparable spiritual power fluctuation.

Feeling the strong spiritual power fluctuations, Lu Yuan's pupils contracted slightly.

His body disappeared in place, blocking Amy.

Amy also immediately inspired Tianluo Wisteria and blocked her and Lu Yuan.

As soon as the two of them acted, one after another terrifying matchless attack blasted out of the distorted space and landed on the Tianluo Wisteria.


Tianluo Wisteria broke under the terrifying attack, and the remaining attack blasted towards Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan narrowed his eyes slightly, and the white jade Spirit Physique exploded with full force, and there was one after another white radiance flashing on his body.

Lu Yuan squeezed the mechanical Guardian heavy sword. On the heavy sword, an extremely fierce white radiance emerged, slashing towards the attack approaching Lu Yuan.

bang!! ! The   extremely fierce white sword light collided with various attacks, and all the attacks collapsed immediately.


"This is impossible!"

One after another exclamation sounded.

In that distorted space, nine Kamans came out.

At this moment, the nine people are staring at Lu Yuan, with a look of dreading in their eyes.

After seeing Lu Yuan clearly, the faces of five of the Kamans changed slightly.

A tall Kaman, holding a black long knife, cry out in surprise:    "Humanity, will it be you?!"

Lu Yuan was taken aback, look He glanced at the talking Kaman, and then opened his eyes slightly:

"What kind of stream were you the last time? Didn't expect you to be here?"

Hearing this, the knife-holder Kaman's face turned black:    "Liu Yu! I am one of the four cornerstones under the seat of His Highness Yang Qian, Liu Yu!"

Lu Yuan nodded:" Oh."

Seeing Lu Yuan's perfunctory appearance, Liu Yu's face turned black and his whole body was shaking with anger.

"Human, are you underestimating me?!"

Just when he was going to step forward, in front of him, a Kaman wearing a white armor lightly opened the mouth and said:

"Liuyu, you retreat."

Liuyu had a meal and hurriedly bowed and said:    "Yes! Your Highness."

Lu Yuan glanced at the Kaman in the white armor, and raised his eyebrows slightly:

"Are you the one in that guy’s mouth, His Highness?"

Yang Qian smiled proudly :    "Yes, it's the main hall! Humans, you took three mice from me last time, didn't expect to meet again so soon."

Lu Yuan picked it up Raised an eyebrow: "I didn't expect too."

Amy next to Lu Yuan looked a little curiously, then looked at Yang Qian, and asked:    "Lei Feng, Who is he?"

Lu Yuan explained: "It was his people who chased Xixi and the others last time."


Hearing this, Amy’s pretty face became cold, and looked at Yang Qian coldly:

"So it was him?"

Yang Qian took a look at Amy, for Amy The cold attitude didn't care.

There is another Kaman who is slightly shorter, wearing a black robe and holding a staff. He heard the conversation, looked at Lu Yuan, and then looked at Yang Qian, opened the mouth and said:

"Yangqian, didn't expect you to meet this human in this ruin?"

Yangqian nodded: "Well, it's a coincidence indeed "

Lu Yuan narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at them.

The breath of this uplifting and black robed man is very strong, and it is also a Second Rank, and it is still a lord.

In the entire El mechanical ruins, hundreds of millions of First Rank warriors in Baiyunzhou have entered here, including powerhouses of more than a dozen races. There are probably only two or three Lord-level geniuses of each race. If the number of races is small, there may not even be.

After all, not every generation will be born with this level of genius.

Lu Yuan didn't expect to meet two genius powerhouses here.

He raised his eyebrows: "Are you here waiting for us?"

All the mechanical guards in this Floating Void City are still alive. Obviously, these guys are all the same. Sneaked over here.

And they also used the precious space system treasure to hide by the gate, obviously they were squatting.

As for who to squat?

Lu Yuan guessed it might be them.

After all, Lu Yuan is somewhat self-aware.

In the past five days, they have been flying the Black Bear One in the Ayre Machinery Ruins. I am afraid that many genetic warriors have seen it.

In addition, they can enter the Floating Void City, collect treasure, and do not need to go through the air elevator.

This point, as long as you enter the genetic warrior of the Floating Void City that they have searched, you should think of it.

Coupled with their behavior, all Lu Yuan can guess is to squat with them.

Hearing Lu Yuan's words, the people in Qianqian all glanced at the black bear number one behind Lu Yuan and Amy.

A hint of greed flashed in Yang Qian’s eyes, said with a sneer:   "Human, what you said is right and wrong . What we have to wait for is this black aircraft. This black aircraft is here. In five days, as long as you encounter an unoccupied Floating Void City, you will drop down to collect treasures in the tall buildings. We originally thought it was a special mechanical life in the Ayre machinery ruins. It was just didn’t expect that it turned out to be genetic. warrior."

The other Kaman in the robes beside him looked at Lu Yuan and Amy in disbelief:    "Humans, you guys are really amazing. You." Let the mechanical guards self-destruct and prevent the mechanical aircraft from attacking you. If I’m not wrong, you should have obtained the precious treasures that can control the mechanical guards in this El mechanical ruins, right? By the way, introduce yourself, I am Ji Gong, the Seventh Prince of the Thunder Empire."

Lu Yuan squinted his eyes, the two princes of the Kaman Empire.

No wonder there is such a high level of genes.

"So, you are here to ambush us? Do you think we are easy to bully?"

Ji Gong said with a big smile: "Human, if you meet a body The weak with a big treasure, will you make sense with him? Of course you just grabbed it."

Then his smile was collected and he looked at Lu Yuan: "Of course, you two have proved that they are a powerhouse. So we can communicate well."

Amy hearing this, her eyes widened, her face was angry:    "So you just want to steal our treasure?! You robbers! It's just a idiot. I just want to communicate if I can’t steal it?! Too much! Lei Feng, I want to beat them!"

Lu Yuan also smiled: "What a coincidence, Amy, I agree with you , I don’t want to communicate with them."

Ma De, do we still want to communicate with us?

Do you want to die? The   two were nodded, and one by one mechanical puppets appeared beside them, twelve in total.

Every mechanical puppet has a strong aura, all of them are Second Rank Perfection leader-level mechanical puppets.

The powerful breath surging, surrounded a crowd of Kamans.

Seeing these mechanical puppets, Ji Gong and Yang Qian's face suddenly changed.

"Damn, how come there are so many mechanical puppets?!"

Ji Gong was shocked.

Yangqian also stared wide-eyed and looked dazed.

There are so many mechanical puppets that the two of them didn't expect completely.

Although both of them are lord-level, after all, they have just broken through, and they have not even achieved tempering genes. Their strength is similar to that of the leader-level Perfection mechanical puppet, and they can suppress one one-on-one. What twelve one hits two of them!

Is this still a human? !   This does not include the two lord-level humans!

Yang Qian quickly opened the mouth and said:

"Humans! We have something to say! We are also Lords! Four people cooperate, and the scope of hunting must be wider. Isn’t it? What do you think?"

Lu Yuan grinned, with a bright smile:

"I don’t think so much."

His thoughts moved. , The mechanical control came into play, and all the mechanical puppets immediately attacked the two.

Feeling the terrifying power, the faces of the Kamans are ugly.

A black metal instrument appeared in Yang Qian's hand.

His spiritual power was injected into the metal instrument, and he buzzed, and a huge crystal shield appeared, enclosing them.


All the attacks fell on the shield, and there was a deafening rumbling sound.

The force of terror surging, the aftermath turned into a wave of air, spreading towards all directions.

& Ji Gong and the others' faces changed.

"Damn! Unstoppable! Too many attacks!"

Qianqian gave a low growl.

He regrets a bit now.

It's a misstep. If you don't want to try to see if you can kill these two humans with a sneak attack and monopolize their treasures, you won't get this step.

Ji Gong looked at Lu Yuan and Amy and shouted:

"Humans! We are the lord under the Hoarfrost King Alliance! If you clear us out of the ruins, Hoarfrost The king will ask you to settle the account!"

"Hair Frost King?"

Lu Yuan raised his eyebrows and looked at Ji Gong with some doubts.

(End of this chapter)

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