My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 137

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  Chapter 137 cleaning, three kings attention (seeking monthly ticket for subscription)

"Yes, hoarfrost King! He is one of the three king-level geniuses who entered the ruins this time! If you really clear us out, he will definitely trouble you!"

Ji Gong glanced at the shattered one Shield, quickly explained.

Lu Yuan raised his eyebrows.

King-level genius?

This reminds Lu Yuan of Ye Ye.

This guy should also be a king-level gene, right?

"Lei Feng? What do we do?"

Amy heard that there is a king-level genius, she is frowned, turned her head and looked towards Lu Yuan, with a question on her face color.

Lu Yuan laughed:   " Hit them first, then talk."

Upon hearing Lu Yuan's words, Amy eyes shined and showed a happy smile. She was patted by Lu Yuan. Shoulder:

"Same as this Young Lady thought! Even if the other party is a king-level gene? Anyway, this Young Lady is not afraid of him!"

See you with Ji Gong and Yang Qian Originally, Lu Yuan was lost in thought, thinking that Lu Yuan would let them go, so he was relaxed in his heart.

When they heard Lu Yuan attacking them, both of them stared at Lu Yuan with disbelief.

Yang Qian Leng Leng opened the mouth and said:

"Human, how dare you?! Don’t you plan to go to the Central Floating Void City? We will send the message to King Hoarfrost!"

Lu Yuan laughed and ordered the mechanical leader to start the next wave of attacks.

Suddenly, the rumbling sound rang.

The crystal shield that had been cracked burst instantly.

Yang Qian and Ji Gong's face changed drastically.

The two looked at each other, and two mechanical leaders appeared beside each other.

"All up! Stop them!"

Ji Gong ordered.

The two of them are naturally unwilling to be swept out like this.

In the entire Ayre machinery ruins, the central Floating Void City is the biggest piece of cake!

If it is cleared out now, they will not be able to share one of them.

That would be a shame.

As long as there is hope, they want to blog again.

Up to now, Ji Gong and Yang Qian have no hope of defeating Lu Yuan and Amy. Their goal is to run out.

As long as the mechanical leader puppets block the two of them and the other twelve mechanical leaders for a while, they will hope to run away!

Although these four valuable mechanical boss puppets will be lost, it is worthwhile for the treasure of the central Floating Void City.

They have also explored Floating Void City separately before, and naturally they also have the harvest of the mechanical leader puppet.

Lu Yuan couldn't help but stunned when he saw that the other party actually took out the mechanical leader puppet, and then he smiled.

Is it serious to take out the mechanical leader puppet in front of him?

A faint light appeared in Lu Yuan's eyes. Under the surging of the spiritual power, the machine controlled operation.

Next moment, the four mechanical leader puppets who originally obeyed the order and planned to resist Lu Yuan and the others halted, turned their heads and pointed the spearhead at Ji Gong and Qian Qian.

The heavy sword in the hands of a mechanical leader holding a heavy sword, carrying a dim-blue sword light, slashed towards the nearest to him.

Yang Qian was planning to evacuate at full speed, but suddenly he felt the incomparable spiritual power of the sword beam, eyes shrank, his body suddenly turned, cross sword resisted.


The powerful force made Yang Qian back a few steps.

When he saw that it was his mechanical leader puppet that was attacking him, he opened his eyes wide, and his eyes were full of terrified looks.

"What!? How could it be possible! Even the mechanical leader of Second Rank Perfection can also be controlled?!"

Like the retreat, Ji Gong, who originally planned to retreat, is now forced to retreat. Retire, at this moment also looked shocked.

As for the four cornerstones that moved up and the three subordinates brought by Ji Gong, under the first wave of attacks, it was already difficult to resist the powerful spiritual power attack, and they were directly torn to pieces.

Sixteen mechanical leaders surrounded Yangqian and Ji Gong, while Lu Yuan and Amy stood in the distance and watched them quietly.

Yangqian and Ji Gong glanced over the sixteen mechanical leaders, and their faces were extremely ugly when they thought that four of them were from their opponents.

The two looked at each other, and then a black cylinder appeared in his hands.

Spiritual power was injected into it, and he threw the cylinder in the direction of Lu Yuan and Amy.

However, before the cylinder came close to Lu Yuan and Amy, it was blocked by a mechanical leader holding a huge shield.

The cylinder fell on the crystal shield of the giant shield mechanical leader, and then blue rays of light erupted.

bang!! ! The   rumbling sound sounded, and the strong spiritual power fluctuations spread along with the frost.

A touch of hoarfrost appeared on the bodies of all the mechanical leaders.

Lu Yuan and Amy are also slightly frowned and feel a little bit cold.

This thing, Lu Yuan knows, the S22 frost grenade, the formidable power is also the leader of the Second Rank, after the explosion, it also has a frost effect.

is the product of the central high-rise building in Floating Void City.

This frost grenade is not weak in formidable power, but all mechanical bosses have crystal shields.

The explosion just made them back a few steps, and it was the frost on it that made their movements sluggish a bit.

In the center of the encirclement of the Chinese mechanical leader, there is also the core area where the grenade exploded. A crystal shield once again appeared around Yang Qian and Ji Gong.

At the end of the explosion, they took advantage of the slow motion of the mechanical leader and rushed out of the encirclement.

The speed of the two is not slow, after rushing out of the encirclement, a touch of joy appeared on their faces.

At this moment, a white jade rays of light appeared in front of them, accompanied by the fierce sword light and the spreading Tianluo Wisteria.

The terrifying sword light and the twisted Tianluo Wisteria changed their faces all at once.

A look of hideous color appeared on Yang Qian's face, welcoming the white sword light.


Under the mingling of gold and iron, the complexion changed and the body took two steps back.

There was an ugly look on his face.

"How is it possible?!"

Under the head-on collision, he was even worse than this human being? !

Lu Yuan is also slightly frowned at the moment.

None of the three Lord-level genes he burned was Perfection. With the full burst of Heigangjin, he was only slightly stronger than the opponent.

As a lord level, this guy named Yangqian is really strong.

However, for Lu Yuan, it would be nice to be able to stop the move.

At this moment, heat is coming out of the bodies of a group of mechanical leaders, the frost is evaporated, their bodies regained their flexibility, and they all attacked Ji Gong, who was also entangled by Tianluo wisteria.

It's just one-on-one, they can still accept it.

But now it has become sixteen mechanical bosses plus Lu Yuan and Amy eighteen against two.

Ji Gong and Yang Qian were hit by the attack in just one round, and they flew out at the same time, still spits out blood in their mouths.


Lianqian hit the wall of the tall building heavily, coughing again and again.

Seeing a group of mechanical leaders approaching again, his expression changed.

Next moment, he took out several Second Rank leader-level grenades in a row, threw them out, and threw them to a group of mechanical leaders.

bang bang bang!!

Under the rumbling sound, he turned and ran.

Seeing this in Ji Gong, not far away, he also took out some grenades and charms, threw them out, and turned around and ran.

While turning around and fleeing, the two took out the speed potion, drank it, and took out the speed-increasing charms to use. They used all kinds of speed-increasing methods without money.

The speed of the two suddenly increased by a big margin.

Just when the two of them thought they had hope to escape, an electromagnetic hiss sounded.

Within one kilometer, the smiles that had just appeared on the faces of Ji Gong and Yang Qian, who were covered by electromagnetic shields and used various speed increase methods, froze, and suddenly failed. Stopped the car and hit the electromagnetic shield directly.

bang!! ! The   two flew back directly, opening their mouths to spurt a mouthful of blood, and their breath became much weaker.

Lu Yuan holds an ash-gray cube in his hand, with one after another dim-blue rays of light flowing on it.

He looked at Ji Gong and Yang Qian, who fell on the ground, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth:    "Don’t we have explored more Floating Void City than you? With these items, you think you Can you run away?"

After hearing Lu Yuan's words, Ji Gong and Yang Qian's faces became even more ugly.

They looked at Lu Yuan deeply, next moment, and moved up and said indifferently:    "We have loaded this time, and I hope you don't meet us next time in Baiyunzhou."

Lu Yuan hearing this, slightly laughed: "It doesn't matter if I meet it."

Ji Gong was sneaked and didn't speak much.

The bodies of the two of them were wrapped in a burst of white light. When the white light disappeared, their bodies disappeared.

Lu Yuan understands that they have used the detachment crystal.

I can’t keep them even if I want to stay.

Amy stood beside Lu Yuan, looking at the place where the two disappeared, with a look of disappointment:    "It's a pity, if they can kill them, they should also have a lot of treasure."

Lu Yuan laughed: "No hurry, and the central Floating Void City hasn’t searched yet."

When Amy heard Lu Yuan’s words, suddenly thought of something, opened the mouth and said:

"By the way, what about the King of White Frost? If the opponent is the burned king gene, we are not opponents!"

Lu Yuan thought for a while, said with a smile:

"Don't be afraid, let's go to the central Floating Void City first, if we can go in, we will go directly in, and then we will get treasure and leave, let him take care of the King of White Frost and King of Black Frost?"

"Then what if we can't get treasure?"

"We still have Black Bear One. At the speed of Black Bear One, King White Frost can't catch up with us. Coupled with the defensive and offensive capabilities of the Black Bear One as the Lord of Second Rank high level, self-protection is still okay."

Lu Yuan thought for a while and opened his mouth to replied.

"It seems so!"

Hearing Lu Yuan's words, Amy thought for a while and smiled.

In fact, Lu Yuan still has one way he didn't talk to Amy.

That is shaking people.

Based on Lu Yuan's understanding of Ye Ye, she should have inherited a king-level gene.

Maybe she is also one of the three great geniuses.

If Ye Ye is asked to help, you shouldn’t worry about the King of White Frost.

The only problem is that although the relationship between Lu Yuan and Yeye is pretty good now, it is only good.

Whether Ye Ye will help him deal with her genius at the same level is not certain.

Maybe Yeye and the Hoarfrost King are friends themselves?   This is not impossible.

So Lu Yuan plans to go to the Central Floating Void City first.

"Well, let's explore the high-rise buildings of Floating Void City first, and then continue to fly in the direction of the central Floating Void City."

Lu Yuan smiled and opened the mouth and said.


Amy eyes shined, some looking forward to it.

Every time I explore Floating Void City, Amy is happy.


The core area of ​​Ayer's machinery remains.

The core area is different from the outer circle area.

All mechanical guards in the core area are of Second Rank, and their strength is much stronger than that of the periphery.

This area is not too large. As long as you stand on the edge of the core area, you can see the Floating Void City in the middle of the sky that seems to be an empty Central Continent.

At this moment, on a street somewhere in the core area.

A looks very similar to humans, but with ice crystals dotted on the forehead and on both sides of the cheeks. The boy with white hair looks at the white light in the crystal interior of the communication water.

"Have you been cleaned out?"

The cool voice sounded, and the boy's expression was cold.

"In the black aircraft, are the genetic warrior? Two humans? Interesting... But since I have cleaned up my subordinates, then don't blame me for being impolite."


Beside the boy, a boy who is also Hoarfrost like him opened the mouth and said:

"Young Master, do you want me to kill those two humans?"

White Frost King Weiwei shook the head:    "The opponent has a flying spiritual object, and it can expel mechanical life. It is not easy to kill them."

"That What shall we do?"

The King of White Frost looked at the huge Floating Void City in the sky, slightly opened the mouth and said: "Wait, they will always come to us."

At this moment, a team of Second Rank mechanical guards found the silhouette of the entire group and rushed over.

However, before these mechanical guards approached, wisps of white mist flowed over their bodies.

All the mechanical guards froze in place, freezing into ice almost instantly.

The entire group of King Hoarfrost didn't even look at the mechanical guards. It turned into an afterimage and continued to penetrate extremely fast.


And in the other direction of the core area of ​​the El Machinery Ruins.

On the rooftop of a kilometer-high building, a small green Fiend who is short in stature but is wearing a thick black battle armour and holding a huge scarlet battle axe in his hand looks at the communication crystal, grinning:    "Hehehe ~ That weird black aircraft that has been going viral recently is actually controlled by a human genetic warrior? Interesting? Those two guys should have explored several Floating Void City, right? They have to find a chance to grab their treasures. ."

A green Fiend wearing leather armor beside Green Fiend said with a smile:

"Boss, Bai Lin’s two Lord-level subordinates were caught by those two people The classes have been cleaned up. This time we have more lord powerhouses than them. It’s a great thing for us."

"hehehe ~ In the entire ruins, breakthrough to Second Rank Battle Master There will be no more than thirty Lord-level geniuses, and only eight of Bai Lin’s subordinates. Now there are two less, hehehe~~Wonderful! Those two human Interesting. If they are willing to If you give it to us, baby, I don’t have to clean them up."

"Boss, you are so kind!"

"hehehe ~~ That must be, labor and capital are kind Barton."

The corners of his mouth were raised, and a tyrannical look flashed in his eyes.


And in the other direction of the core area.

A white-haired cat girl flickered and came to the roof of a kilometer-high building.

On the rooftop, two cat girls are using various instruments to barbecue.

Sitting on the side every night, quietly watching the golden barbecue, with a greedy expression.

At this moment, the white-haired cat girl came to Ye Ye.

She opened the mouth and said softly: "His Royal Highness, there is news that the aircraft that has caused a lot of noise recently is actually driven by two human warriors. The subordinates have cleaned up. This is information, please check it out."

Hearing this every night, some reluctantly looked away from the barbecue.

After seeing the illusory shadow of Lu Yuan in the crystal interior of the communication water, I was taken aback every night, the dark vertical pupils were slightly widened, and a surprised look appeared from the original dumb expression:   "Lu Yuan?"

(End of this chapter)

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