My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 140

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  Chapter 140 I believe in you, the Night King (seeking monthly ticket for subscription)

On the black bear number one.

Lu Yuan and Amy are sitting in the passenger cabin, looking at the outside image from the projection.

As we get closer, the central Floating Void City looks bigger and bigger.

Amy said with some expectation:    "It will not be long before we will be in the central Floating Void City."

Lu Yuan nodded, his face is a bit heavy:    "Now there is still some distance from the Floating Void City, the number of lord-class aircraft is more than before, and the aircraft here have become stronger. I don't know how many lord aircrafts will be around the central Floating Void City?"

The expectation on Amy’s face is also slightly less, and her eyebrows frown slightly:    "If there are many lord aircrafts around Floating Void City, we may have a hard time getting up. Right?"

Lu Yuan thought about it, opened the mouth and said:

"Let’s go and have a look before talking."

"en. "


At this moment, Lu Yuan's expression changed slightly, revealing a hint of confusion.

"What's wrong?"

Amy asked curiously as he watched Lu Yuan's face change.

Lu Yuan took out the communication crystal, there is a white light flashing on the communication crystal.

He opened the mouth and said:

"Someone contacted me."

"Huh? In the Eyre machinery ruins, there are only those in the ruins Can someone contact you? Is it your friend?"

Lu Yuan is also a little confused. To be fair, at this time, Yang Ping and Genius Camp people It shouldn't be to contact him. .

That would contact him, should it be Ye Ye?

But why did Ye Ye suddenly think of contacting him?

Is it because they hunted down many lord ominous beasts?   If Ye Ye wants to join them, Lu Yuan will definitely agree.

Apart from other things, I took Lu Yuan a long section of the road in the foggy forest every night, so that he could reach Tianluo City faster.

Otherwise, his current strength may not be so strong yet.

He connected to the communication.

Sure enough, Ye Ye Ye's beautiful pretty face appeared on the communication crystal, and the black cat ears looked exquisite and lovely.

Amy on the side secretly looks over here.

After seeing Ye Ye's delicate face, Amy's eyes widened, and purple eyes were full of look of shock.

Is this guy Lei Feng's friend so pretty?

Still a cat person?   This looks almost as good as this Young Lady.

Lu Yuan laughed:

"Ye Sir Ye, what's the matter?"

Every night's flat voice sounded:    "Lu Yuan, Is that you on the diamond-shaped aircraft recently?"

Lu Yuan nodded, said with a smile: "Well, it’s me."

And Amy on the side is slightly widened His eyes were a little puzzled: "Lu Yuan? Who is Lu Yuan?"

Lu Yuan: "???"

He just remembered his name here with Amy Seems to be Lei Feng?


Lu Yuan corner of mouth twitching, I saw Amy looking at him suspiciously.

Lu Yuan gave a dry cough and was about to talk. Ye Ye also saw Amy. She blinked and said calmly:

"This is your companion? I don't know you. Lu Yuan's name?"

Seeing Amy's face, Lu Yuan seemed to start to look angry.

He felt that the situation seemed a bit wrong, so he quickly coughed, opened the mouth and said:

"This question is a bit complicated. Amy, I'll talk about it later. Yeah. Ye, the flying machine you mentioned belongs to us, did you contact us because of the flying machine?"

Amy took a deep breath, staring at gnashing teeth with wide eyes, and constantly muttering big liars in her mouth .

Lu Yuan face full of black lines.

Ye Ye thought for a while, opened the mouth and said:

"Well, did you clean up the two leaders of Bailin's subordinates before?"

" Bai Lin? Is it the White Frost King? Ye Sir Ye, do you know him?"

Lu Yuan hearing this, my heart sank slightly.

Are Ye Ye and that Hoarfrost King really friends?   Amy on the side is also slightly frowned, looking at Ye Ye.

Ye Ye shook the head:

"I don't know him, but Bai Lin is looking for you now."

Hearing this, Lu Yuan eyes slightly shrink :    "Come to me?"

"en. You should know that now the central tower of the central Floating Void City has not been opened, only you can hunt down the lord. Attracting others' prying eyes, even the king-level genius is no exception. In addition, you have cleaned up the two leaders of Bai Lin before. He will come to you."

This is Lu Yuan first. I heard Ye Ye say such a long thing every time.

After listening, he frowned slightly.

Amy on the side is also worried.

Ye Ye continues to open the mouth and said:

"Not only Bai Lin, another king-level genius Patton is also coming to you."

Lu Yuan: "..."

The corners of his mouth twitched: "Both kings come to see us?! Are we so popular?"

Thinking about it every night , Nodded: "Only you can hunt the lord, everyone is staring at you. Although the core area is very large, but at the speed of the two of them, as long as you find your location, it is not difficult to stand on your way in advance."

Amy looked at Lu Yuan with some worry:

"Lei...big liar, what shall we do?"

Lu Yuan: "... "

The corners of his mouth twitched, and he decided to ignore the question of Amy's address to him.

He thought for a while, opened the mouth and said:

"We have Black Bear One and can stop in the air. Bai Lin and Barton must have nothing to do with us. The only problem is that if we hunt down the lord aircraft and they guard us where the lord aircraft fell, we will not be able to get the dropped objects. However, our Black Bear One is very fast, if If we can keep changing directions so that Button and Bai Lin don’t know where we are, then after we hunt down the lord’s aircraft, we will immediately pick up things and leave. They should also have nothing to do with us."

Mi blinked and opened the mouth and said:

"But, how do we know where the two guys are?"

Lu Yuan also frowned.

After all, the core area is not small. In the case of Bai Lin and Button, they should have a lot of eyeliner in the core area.

The target of Black Bear One is relatively large, and it has been flying in the air. It is easy for them to find Black Bear One, but it is difficult for Lu Yuan to confirm the location of Bailin and Button.

Just when Lu Yuan was thinking, he saw Ye Ye on the side, eyes shined, opened the mouth and said:

"By the way, Ye Sir Ye, you should Is it also a king-level genius?"

Hearing Lu Yuan's words, Amy widened her eyes slightly, looking at the beautiful girl in the communication crystal with some shock.

She turned out to be a king-level genius?   Amy couldn't believe it.

However, Yeye was nodded, and said calmly: "en."


Amy's eyes widened, surprised.

But Lu Yuan has a calm face.

After all, Ye Ye showed too much strength.

Lu Yuan has always guessed that Ye Ye’s genes are very powerful.

So be mentally prepared.

Lu Yuan showed a slight smile:    "Ye Sir Ye, how about our cooperation?"

Ye Ye black's eyes flashed and raised his eyebrows:


"How to cooperate?"

Lu Yuan said with a smile:

"Since Sir Ye can know the movements of the two king-level geniuses, there should be no Few subordinates are in the core area, right? Then you should be able to keep track of their movements. We just need to avoid the two hunter-lord-level aircraft. Plus you are there, even if there is an accident, you should be able to stop them, right? "

Ye Ye gently nodded: "Well, they are not as strong as me."

Lu Yuan was slightly taken aback, didn't expect Ye Ye to be so direct.

Is it really Ye Sir Ye?

The king of the same level can also say that the opponent is not as good as himself.


Amy on the side was also stunned by Ye Ye's domineering.

In comparison, she is a little cute.

Lu Yuan said with a smile: "When the time comes, the three of us are divided equally, what do you think of Ye Sir Ye?"

Looking at Lu Yuan every night, nodded:    "Yes."

Amy hearing this, suddenly showed a happy smile:

"Yeah! With king-level geniuses, we don't have to worry about being bullied! "

Lu Yuan also laughed.

Although he actually has another way.

But since Ye Ye has contacted him, he has to take Ye Ye to hunt down the lord.

After all, Ye Ye said before, she couldn’t hunt down the lord.

Just like in the foggy forest, Ye Ye led him to run along the road, now it is him who led Ye Ye to hunt the lord together.

At this   moment, Ye Ye looked at Lu Yuan, blinked, and asked: "I am better than you. At close range, you can't avoid my assassination. You are not afraid of me. After getting on the aircraft, did you snatch your things?"

Hearing Ye Ye's words, the smile on Amy's face, who was originally happy because the boss joined him, suddenly froze.

She seemed to have thought of this question, her eyes widened, and she looked at Ye Ye with some caution, as if Ye Ye would assassinate her at any time.

Lu Yuan was also taken aback. He looked at Ye Ye and said seriously:

"I believe you."

Lu Yuan and Ye Ye After spending nearly four months in the misty forest, he still knows Ye Ye very well.

Ye Ye itself is a cold-hearted type with its own bottom line.

Lu Yuan does not believe that Ye Ye will betray him for the benefit of El Mechanical Ruins.

Just like Amy, Lu Yuan and Amy stayed together in the Misty Forest for a while, and later in Tianluo City and Amy contacted each other from time to time, knowing that Amy was pure-hearted.

I also trust Amy.

Hearing Lu Yuan’s words, Ye Ye’s eyes flashed, and a smile appeared on her flat face:    "I will locate you, you will pick me up."

Lu Yuan also laughed: "Okay."

And Amy secretly poked Lu Yuan's waist, blinked at Lu Yuan, spiritual power sound transmission said:

"Big liar! You just agreed?! This cat is a king-level eh?! What if she gets on the spaceship to our disadvantage?"

Lu Yuan laughed:    "No The problem is, if there is a problem, I will bear it myself."

Amy suddenly puffed up a small mouth:    "We are teammates, of course we will bear it together!"

, Lu Yuan and Amy drove the Black Bear One and flew towards the direction given by Ye Ye.


A street in the core area.

Yeye looked towards the white-haired cat girl who looked at her in a daze.

"We have reached a cooperation, Xiaobai, do you know how to do it?"

Xiaobai came back to his senses and quickly opened the mouth and said:


"Your Highness's direction! Xiaobai will make people stare at Bai Lin and Barton at all times! They won't disturb Your Highness and your friends."

nodded: "en. Knowing that I am working with Lu Yuan, Bai Lin and Barton may target you. If you can avoid it, then avoid it."

Xiaobai nodded: "I understand."

Ye Ye raised his head and looked at the sky, and then at the communication crystal.

"I'm leaving first, Xiao Bai, then you will handle it yourself."

Xiao Bai nodded: "Okay."

Ye Ye's body It turned into an afterimage and disappeared in place.

She looked at the direction Ye Ye was leaving, with a ghostly expression on her face from time to time.

Yaoshou! How could my Highness ask such strange questions?

What does it mean that you are not afraid that I will steal your things?   Is this still my Royal Highness?

My Royal Highness is clearly right that everything except food can be kept simple, right?   Does Your Highness really regard that human boy as a friend?   Xiaobai's thoughts are in a mess.

Not long after, she came back to his senses, pa pa pa's hands patted her pretty face:

"Calm down and calm, you have to do the things your Highness explained."

She took out the communication crystal, and a look of majesty appeared on her pretty face:    "Give me a close eye on Bai Lin and Patton! Don't let them disappear even if they disappear from your sight. One second!"


More than half an hour later.

Lu Yuan's eyes lit up as he watched the positioning on the communication crystal approach.


He looked at the positioning direction, and soon saw Ye Ye on the virtual projection.

Ye Ye is standing quietly on the rooftop of a kilometer-high building not far in front of Black Bear One.

At this moment, she is looking up towards Black Bear One.

Lu Yuan ordered Black Bear One to approach.

The Black Bear One turned into a stream of light and fell towards the city.

A team of genetic warriors in the vicinity had been spotted when Black Bear One approached.

They looked up and watched the movement of Black Bear One.

A elven boy was a little surprised and said: "Is it the diamond-shaped flying machine?!"

A Kobold opened the mouth and said: "I heard that these are two human flying machines. The two humans are very powerful and can control mechanical life."

A human teenager widened his eyes, somewhat surprised: "Humans?! Can control mechanical life?! Really?!"

Kobold opened the mouth and said: "Of course it is true. My friend is the third son of the chief of the Sky Spirit tribe. He is now the Second Rank lord. This news has been spread in Peak circles. , All geniuses above the lord level know this."

A green Fiend opened the mouth and said: "Hi... didn't expect this to be a human aircraft? Then can we take them Grab it?"

"What are you dreaming about? These two humans are also lord-level bosses. They just cleared out the two lord-levels not long ago. I heard that the two lords just They squatted in the outer circle, and they were killed."

"Lord?! So strong?? They have flying machines and can control mechanical life. Isn't that walk unhindered?"

"Walk unhindered is not enough. The two lords that humans have cleaned up belong to the Hoarfrost King Alliance. Should Hoarfrost King focus on them now, right?"

" So maybe even they should be in danger?"

"Who knows? This level of confrontation is beyond our control."

"en? This aircraft flies down?"

All the genetic warriors under discussion have their eyes widened and a little surprised.

Kobold muttered to himself with a dazed expression: "Isn't this aircraft only landing when it shoots down a lord-class aircraft? What's the situation now? Isn't that right?"

"en? This aircraft seems to fly to a tall building?"

"Wait...Look at that tall building!"

The sharpest elf boy widened his eyes , Looked at the direction of the tall buildings with some horror.

Others are hearing this, squinting their eyes, and looking at the tall buildings.

After that, everyone's eyes widened and their faces were horrified.

"Well, that is... the lord?!"

"It's the Night King! The Night King is here?! The aircraft is approaching the Night King?!"

"Does this flying machine actually belong to the Night King?! Those two humans are from the Night King?!" Everyone's eyes widened and their scalp numb.

"If this is the case, then the matter will be even worse. The White Frost King and the Green Demon King will definitely not watch the Night King control the aircraft. The three kings may be fighting soon."

(End of this chapter)

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