My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 141

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Under the attention of everyone, Ye Ye jumped on the door opened by Black Bear One.

The hatch of the Black Bear One is closed, turning into a stream of light, the breakthrough sound barrier, and disappearing in place.

Everyone looked at the direction in which Black Bear One disappeared, and they couldn't return to their senses for a long time.

After a while, everyone looked at each other, and there was a terrified look in their eyes.

"It seems that a major event will be coming soon."


On the Black Bear One.

Lu Yuan looked at Ye Ye, said with a slight smile:

"Ye Sir Ye, I haven’t seen you in a few days."

Ye Ye nodded, Looking at Lu Yuan, opened the mouth and said:

"Just call me every night."

Lu Yuan was taken aback, and then nodded: "Every night."


Ye Ye turned his head and looked towards Amy on the side.

Lu Yuan introduced:    "This is Amy, my friend. Amy, this is Ye Ye."

Amy is now staring with wide eyes, Secretly looking at Ye Ye, his eyes collided with Ye Ye and quickly moved away, looking like a vigilant little bunny.

She is nodded: "Hello, I am Amy."

Yeye nodded: "Yeye."

Lu Yuan understands what Yeye speaks. a bit less.

He smiled and opened the mouth and said: "Advance to the passenger cabin, we fly all the way to the direction of the central Floating Void City, and will destroy the lord aircraft."

Ye Yehe Amy has no opinion, nodded.

Entering the passenger cabin, Lu Yuan found a place to sit down, sitting next to Lu Yuan every night, and Amy sitting on the other side across Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan's mouth twitched, a little helpless.

Amy is still a little afraid of Ye Ye.

However, it should be fine after a while.

After sitting down, Ye Ye looked towards Lu Yuan: "Can you go to the central Floating Void City?"

Lu Yuan froze, opened the mouth and said:


"It hasn't been long since we first came to the core area, and we haven't visited the central Floating Void City. It's not sure yet."

Ye Ye is slightly nodded, opened the mouth and said after paused:

"In six hours, the central tower will be opened. If we can get in from the air ahead of time, it will be very beneficial to us."

Lu Yuan is also eyes shined, nodded:

"We are now heading towards Floating Void City. When the time comes, we will know if we can go in."


"Di! Di! Found a high-energy target, the target's power level is Second Rank high level lord."

Lu Yuan eyes shined: "A lord has appeared. Black Bear One, go up and attack."

In the virtual image, Black Bear One turns into a streamer and flies in one direction.

Soon, a triangular aircraft in that direction gathered intense psychic brilliance.

At this moment, there is one after another spiritual power flowing in Lu Yuan's eyes, and the strange spirit strength fluctuates and overflows.

Next moment, the psionic cannon that was condensing suddenly fluctuated and collapsed.

At the same time, Black Bear One fired a pitch-black psionic cannon, which hit the spiritual power shield of the triangular aircraft.

bang!! ! The   rumbling sound rang, and the shield shook. It was not broken, but it was also thinner.

As the lord of the Second Rank high level, the defensive shield formidable power is not weak, and the spiritual power gun formidable power of the Black Bear No. 1 is only the lord of the Second Rank high level.

It takes a certain amount of time to break the shield.

So, every time the aircraft lord wanted to attack or evade, Lu Yuan gave him a disturbance at the right time.

At other times, Lu Yuan interfered with surrounding aircraft to prevent other aircraft from attacking Black Bear One.

The battle lasted for more than ten minutes. In the end, under the psionic cannon of the Black Bear One, the Second Rank high level lord was blasted out of several holes, and eventually sparks flashed towards the ground. come down.

Lu Yuan sighed slightly. With such a high-intensity mechanical control output for more than ten minutes, even Lu Yuan’s current spiritual power would be a bit tired.

Of course, the more tiring is the spirit.

After all, mechanical control requires spirit strength.

Even so, Lu Yuan, with the battle strength of three lord genes that have not yet fully tempered Perfection, can cooperate with the Black Bear One to defeat the Second Rank high level lord aircraft. This record is also quite outstanding.

Just when Lu Yuan was relaxed and happy, he felt the line of sight from the side.

Lu Yuan was taken aback for a moment, then turned his head and looked over with some doubts.

He saw Ye Ye looking at him quietly at this moment, and his dark eyes looked like a deep black lake.

Lu Yuan was a bit sorry when he was watched by Yeye's black eyes.

He laughed:

"Yeye, why are you looking at me like this?"

Yeye shook the head, with a hint of surprise in his voice:" You are really amazing."

Lu Yuan: "?"

His face is full of black lines, and I feel that the whole person is not quite right.

Always feel that every night is in Versailles?

Are you a king-level boss, say I am a master-level little rookie?

"Yeye, aren't you better? You already have a king-level gene. I am not as strong as you."

Yeye shook the head, watching Lu Yuan, Seriously:

"We are not the same. When we met for the first time, you were a trainee. The breath was an elite level. When we met for the second time, you reached the First Rank, and the breath was already at the leader level. Now you After reaching the Second Rank, you are already a lord-level have achieved this level by working hard step by step. And I only inherited the glory and gifts of my ancestors. In the future, you will definitely become very strong."

Lu Yuan was stunned by Ye Ye's words.

He found that Ye Ye once again set the record for the longest sentence.

I've been hiding Ye Ye a bit, and some embarrassed Amy heard Ye Ye's words, and she agreed with nodded:

"Although this big liar is a little bit ignorant, But great is great."

Lu Yuan's face went dark.

I wonder if this hasn't passed yet?   However, he was stunned by what the two said.

I turned out to be so good?   I don't even know!    He smiled and opened the mouth and said:

"This should be the reward of my hard work."

Although he is an extraordinary gene of evolution, he needs to use it for evolution. Wasn’t the Spirit Crystal also something he worked hard to obtain?

Saying this is the result of your own hard work, is this okay?    Yeye is nodded with some approval: "en."

Lu Yuan laughed: "Let’s go down and pick up the things dropped by the lord of the aircraft."

Lu Yuan controlled Black Bear One and flew towards the ground.


Ten minutes ago.

The green Demon King Button, one of the three kings, jumped between the tall buildings, very fast.

At this moment, he suddenly stopped and took out the communication crystal.

Water crystal interior, Colby’s illusory shadow appears.

He eagerly opened the mouth and said:

"Boss! Something is wrong, the aircraft suddenly changed its direction and flew toward the south-east direction."


Button squinted slightly, and a look of doubt appeared in his tyrannical eyes.

"Sudden change of direction? Do you know the reason?"

"I don't know, there is no warning, we have been staring at them before and saw them change direction."

Barton grinned: "If you change the direction, change the direction. I'll find them in the past."

"But... but the boss, the south-east direction is the territory of the Night King. If we just go to her territory like this, will it..."

Barton is hearing this, the body that was originally planning to move.

His face changed slightly.

Patton also knows something about the Night King. All enemies who have seen her shot are dead, and it is said to be very strong.

This makes Patton also very jealous.


Button gave a smirk, and a cold and tyrannical look appeared in his eyes:    "What about the Night King? I just went to deal with the two humans. If the Night King dares to stop me, I'll cut it down with her!"

As he said, he directly changed his direction and jumped toward the south-east direction.


When Black Bear One was about to approach the ground, he glanced in two directions every night, faintly opened the mouth and said:

"They are here."

Lu Yuan was taken aback, then his face became cold slightly.

"Yeye are you talking about those two king-level geniuses?"

Yeye nodded: "Well, your previous battle took more than ten minutes. It is already far from the tower. Not far, they still have time to come over."

Lu Yuan squinted his eyes and laughed:   "It's really like a wolf that sees its prey."

A look of worry appeared in the eyes of Amy on the side.

"No problem, right? The other party is two Second Rank kings, we only have one here."

Lu Yuan looked towards Ye Ye.

Ye Ye opened the mouth and said:

"It’s fine for Black Bear One to stop in the air. I’ll go down and take things by myself. It’s very simple."

Lu Yuan laughed:    "Since Yeye said so, do as you say."

So, the Black Bear One stopped close to the ground. In the air about a hundred meters, no longer go down.

In the street below Black Bear One, there is the wreckage of the mechanical lord. Above the wreckage is a purple light group, six blue light groups and more than a dozen azure light groups.

In a remote alley in the street, Button saw Black Bear One parked in the air, slightly frowned, and a look of doubt appeared in his eyes.

Why don't you come down?   At this moment, an afterimage flashed past, even with Patton's strength, he could barely see clearly.

The afterimage fell to the ground and turned into Yeye's silhouette. She quickly picked up the light ball on the ground.

Patton saw this, a scarlet flame emerged from his body, and one after another blood light flashed in his eyes.

He showed a hideous look.

"Sure enough... The Night King got on the aircraft too!"

Before he came, he received a message from his men that someone had seen the Night King on the aircraft.

Because they weren't seen by their spies, Patton was still a little skeptical.

But now after seeing Ye Ye, he completely believes it.

"Damn night king!"

There is a strong blood flow in his body, next moment, his short legs kick the ground.

bang!! ! The   rumbling sound sounded, and a shallow pit appeared on the ground, and a cobweb-like crack spread.

But Patton's body instantly spanned hundreds of meters and came to the wreckage of the aircraft.

He held a bloody battle axe in his hand that was bigger than others, and his face was grim, and he slammed the head of Ye Ye who was facing the light group with his back.

Lu Yuan and Amy on Black Bear One saw this scene and they were both slightly frowned.

At this moment, they suddenly felt a chill emerge.

Next moment, a white mist on the ground not far away rushed towards them, and the terrifying chill made Lu Yuan couldn't help feeling biting pain.

At this moment, the shield of Black Bear One emerged, blocking the white mist.

ka ka ka ……

The white mist condensed on the shield, and the shield seemed to be frozen, and then one after another slight crack appeared.

Lu Yuan eyes shrank.

Amy on the side exclaimed:

"Very powerful formidable power! It almost made the shield unbearable with one blow?!"

This is the shield of the Lord of Second Rank high level!

Lu Yuan looked towards the direction where the white mist appeared.

On the far side of the street, a handsome and indifferent young man in a white robe and white hair was looking up at them.

Just staring at him, Lu Yuan could feel the chills all over his body stand up.

Lu Yuan narrowed his eyes slightly.

He understands that this white-haired boy is probably the King of White Frost.

Is this a king-level genius?

It is really powerful.

On the wreckage of the aircraft, when the Scarlet Tomahawk was about to approach Ye Ye, a grim smile appeared on Patton's face.

At this moment, Ye Ye's body suddenly turned into a cloud of black mist.

And the scarlet battle axe flashing with horrible spiritual power fluctuations cut across the black fog, and finally landed heavily on the wreckage of the aircraft.

The scary blood-colored spiritual power broke out, and the entire wreckage of the aircraft was chopped in half by the battle axe.


The terrifying rumbling sound sounded, and the aftermath raged.

The black mist dissipated, and Patton found that all the light balls had been picked up, his eyes widened, his eyes full of disbelief.

"This guy's battle is it possible?!"

On the Black Bear One.

Lu Yuan and Amy also heard the rumbling sound.

They have a heartbeat and are about to look towards below.

A black shadow that had been staying beside the two of them from now on fluctuated, and Ye Ye's figure emerged.

Her pretty face is plain, she gently opened the mouth and said:

"Let’s go."

Lu Yuan and Amy looked at Ye Ye, All eyes widened.

Amy was a little shocked: "This battle skill is really strong!"

Lu Yuan is slightly better than Amy. He ordered Black Bear One to close the hatch and take off at the same time.

Then he looked at Ye Ye, still with a look of shock in his eyes.

There was a dark figure in the same place before Yeye jumped down. Lu Yuan thought it was something.

Didn't expect, she can actually appear from the shadows left in place?   This battle skill is a bit strong.

The life-saving ability is first-rate, a bit like the extraordinary gene of the space system Lu Yuan's heart and mind, flickering.

Every night shows no fluctuations in the shocked faces of Amy and Lu Yuan.

She looked down at her.

"They are about to attack."

Lu Yuan also turned his head and looked towards below.

Hei Xiong No. 1 embodies the projection reality. Button soars into the sky with a grim face. He slashes his battle axe at Hei Xiong No. 1 and a bloody shadow of axe rushes toward Hei Xiong No. 1.

In the distance, there was a huge spiral ice gun spinning and shooting towards Black Bear One.

Feeling the terrifying formidable power, Lu Yuan's scalp feels a little numb.

The power of really strong!   Black Bear One accelerates with full speed, the breakthrough sonic booms, and instantly disappears in place.

The Scarlet Axe and the Spiral Ice Gun shot into the air, flying to the distance and slowly dissipating.

On the ground, Bai Lin's face was cold, watching Black Bear One disappear, then turned his head and glanced at Barton, then turned his head and left.

Barton also noticed that Bai Lin had left, a cold killing intent appeared on his face, he gave a grinning grin, and then he turned and left.

(End of this chapter)

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