My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 142

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  Chapter 142 Attacks the Central Floating Void City ( Additional for Haiqiang Alliance Leader)   Black Bear One superior.

Amy's forehead is covered with cold sweat, and some lingering fears are patted her little tablet:

"Scare me to death! I thought I was going to be hit."

Lu Yuan laughed: "Even if you are hit, two attacks will not break the shield."

Looking at Amy every night, opened the mouth and said: "I am going to block them too. Attack."

"It seems that those two guys are staring at us. It's really troublesome."

Lu Yuan feels nodded pain:

"Although Now that Ye Ye is joining, with the strength of our current combination, we are not afraid of the two Second Rank kings. But if you are negligent, it will still be dangerous. After all, only Thousand Days is a thief, and there is no Thousand Days defense. The thief’s truth."

Every night looked at Lu Yuan: "What do you want to do?"

Lu Yuan thought for a while: "Find a way to see if you can deal with them. Drop it."

Amy's eyes widened, a little surprised:

"Big liar, do you want to deal with the two Second Rank kings? With our strength, it should not be able to deal with it. Are they?"

Lu Yuan laughed and looked towards the central Floating Void City.

"If it is normal, it is really difficult to deal with them. But we are not that absolutely does not have the advantage."

Ye Ye nodded, lightly opened the mouth and said: "With Lu Yuan's ability to control mechanical life, we have a lot of hope to enter the central Floating Void City. If we can gain something in it, there may be hope."

Amy stared at Lu in a daze. Yuan and Yeye:    "Really okay?"

Lu Yuan laughed: "It's just hopeful. After all, we haven't gone to the Central Floating Void City yet. But..."

A sharp rays of light flashed in Lu Yuan's eyes: "Since they treat us as prey, then we have to fight back? If the two guys can be cleared out, then the entire central Floating Void City, But we have the final say."

Hearing this, there are rays of light flashed in Amy Purple's eyes.

"Yes! If the two Second Rank kings are cleared out by us, then we are the best! Then the treasure of the entire central Floating Void City, isn't it just what we want to take?"


Thinking of this, Amy clenched her fists excitedly.

Then she thought of something and smiled: "The best thing is to kill the two of them! hehehe! Let them attack this Young Lady! hmph!"

Lu Yuan: "..."

Yeye: "..."

Both of them looked at Amy.

Amy is a little confused:

"What's wrong?"

Lu Yuan twitched:    "Nothing, or you dare to think about it."

Even Lu Yuan just wants to clear them out. After all, the strength of king-level geniuses is not ordinary.

In addition to the various gains obtained in the ruins before, if you want to kill them, the difficulty can be said to be harder than scaling the blue sky.

However, even Amy, a silly girl, dare to think about it. Is it okay to think about it? There was   a sharp look in Lu Yuan's eyes.

Amy is a little proud with her hands on hips:    "Of course! People must dare to think before they can do it. This Young Lady is so courageous!"

Lu Yuan nodded with a smile, turned his head and looked towards Yeye.

A smile appeared on Ye Ye’s cold little face:    "Then try it."

"en. "

… ………

In the next time, Black Bear One continued to fly towards the central Floating Void City.

Every night let her subordinates stare at Barton and Bai Lin, pay attention to their movements, Black Bear One deliberately avoided their route, and the journey went smoothly.

After hunting down four more lord aircrafts, the Black Bear One is only tens of kilometers away from the central Floating Void City.

At this moment, on the Black Bear One.

Lu Yuan, Amy, and Ye Ye looked at the huge central Floating Void City from the Black Bear No. 1 projection, and couldn't even see the edge at a glance.

Outside the central Floating Void City, there is an aircraft every few meters, the density is terrifying, like a swarm of locusts, endless.

Moreover, with the detection of the Black Bear 1 detector, the number of lord aircrafts in this area is also extremely large.

There are even Peak and even Perfection-level Second Rank lords.

Lu Yuan frowned slightly, his face a little dignified.

Yeye and Amy on the side also have serious faces.

Yeye looked towards Lu Yuan:

"Lu Yuan, is that okay?"

At this moment, Lu Yuan is wearing silver white light and thin Battle Armor, holding it in his hand With a silver metal staff flashing with light blue brilliance.

Mechanical Glow Staff (Second Rank 50%) and XS7 Spirit Battle Armor (Second Rank 80%)

This is Amy’s lord-level weapon, which Lu Yuan borrowed use.

The source is naturally obtained by hunting the Second Rank lord aircraft during this time.

The main improvement is spirit strength.

In addition to genetic weapons, Lu Yuan also drank a bottle of Second Rank potion that boosted spirit strength, and also used various spells.

At this moment, Lu Yuan's spirit strength even exceeds his most powerful defensive ability.

After all, the strength of mechanical control is related to Lu Yuan's spirit strength.

His spirit strength at this moment, even the Second Rank Perfection lord aircraft can slightly interfere.

Lu Yuan took a deep breath, said with a smile:

"No problem, let's start."


In the steel city not far from Black Bear One.

After Black Bear One appeared, all nearby genetic warriors noticed the diamond-shaped aircraft.

All genetic warriors jumped on the roof of the high-rise building, looking at the black bear number one in the sky.

Everyone has noticed something.

"This it going to enter the central Floating Void City directly from the air as before?!"

A Kaman Second Rank leader-level genius could not help but opened the mouth and said.

Beside him, a genius of the Barrow Second Rank leader opened his eyes wide, with a trace of terrified look in his eyes.

"I heard that there are two human warriors driving in this aircraft. If the aircraft is really successful, does that mean that they can obtain the resources of the Central Floating Void City earlier than us? ?"

"Your news has fallen behind! Now the Night King is also on the aircraft. If this aircraft really enters the Floating Void City, with the strength of the Night King, the most precious treasure will definitely be lost by them. Take it away."

"What?! Even the Night King is in this aircraft?! How is this possible?"

"How impossible? Before the Green Demon King and Hoarfrost King The team tried to keep the aircraft, but they failed. The guys nearby could all see the Night King coming out of the aircraft."

"Hiss...There are still four in the central tower. It takes only hours to open. We don’t go to Floating Void City at all. If the Night King goes up, aren’t all resources available to the Night King during these four hours?!"

"Damn! Can we only watch it?! Can only watch this aircraft go in?"

A young elf was unwilling.

At this moment, a Kobold sneered and opened the mouth and said:

"I think the Night King and the two humans are bringing about one's own destruction!"


"en? Why do you say that?"

"This is the sky setting outside the central Floating Void City. Do you really think it is the same as other Floating Void City? Look at the densely packed one Aircraft, even other areas have lord aircraft, even more how here? Maybe there will be a Peak lord or even a Perfection lord level aircraft. Don’t you think that this diamond-shaped aircraft can withstand the attack of the Perfection lord’s aircraft, right? This diamond-shaped aircraft was destroyed, even if it is the Night King, facing so many aircraft, it is die without a burial site."

Hearing this, everyone was eyes shined and smiled.

"I think this Kobold friend makes sense. Indeed, if there are a large number of Peak Lords and Perfection Lords in it, no matter how powerful this aircraft is, it won’t be able to stop it, right? The humans here have treasures that control mechanical life, can they still control the Second Rank Perfection Lord?"

When everyone was discussing spiritedly, the black bear number one, which had been parked in the air, moved and turned into A stream of light flies in the direction of the central Floating Void City.

With the flight of the Black Bear One, the originally densely packed flight guards flew to both sides.

Seeing this scene, everyone opened their eyes wide and looked into the sky.

"It's getting started!"

"Does that human really have the ability to control mechanical life, as the rumors say?"

"There is such a powerful Ability, it’s no wonder that you can hunt down the lord aircraft in the air."

"Look! It’s the attack of lord-level aircraft!"

In the air, the guard range of lord aircraft is higher than that of boss-level aircraft. Even the guard range of the leader-level aircraft is much farther.

Now Lu Yuan’s spirit strength has become much stronger, but it can only spread to about 200 meters, within 200 meters, his mechanical control is still effective, but 200 meters away, it’s already It doesn't work anymore.

As for the lord aircraft above the intermediate level, the guard range is more than two hundred meters.

At the moment an intermediate lord aircraft launched an attack, the Black Bear One turned into an afterimage, and in a short moment it approached the lord’s aircraft within 100 meters.

Then, under the horrified eyes of all the geniuses who were watching, the Intermediate Lord who was attacking the Black Bear One suddenly stopped the attack, and then, like a loyal little brother, followed the Black Bear One. By his side, he became the guardian aircraft.

The genius of many races: "?????"

Everyone was dumbfounded and watched the black bear number one, who had received the younger brother, continue to approach the central Floating Void City. .

After silence, everyone broke out.

"I XX you a XXKS?! What the hell?! The psionic cannon of the aircraft, according to the formidable power, should be the intermediate lord?! The intermediate lord is directly controlled?!"

"Even the mid-level lord can control. Is that a high level lord? Is it also a peak lord?? Even a perfection lord?"

"If this goes on, people will not Control a group of Second Rank Peak lords to sweep the central Floating Void City, right?!"


A crowd of geniuses shocked themselves.

In the aircraft, Lu Yuan's face also showed a hint of surprise.

Now that he has added various boosts, his spirit strength has skyrocketed, and he can control the mid-level lord aircraft.

He felt that he should still be able to control the high level lord.

However, if you control the high level lord, the spirit strength may not be able to disperse and interfere with other aircraft.

Lu Yuan does not intend to directly control the high level lord.

His goal is only to enter the central Floating Void City.

The Black Bear One continued to fly, and just after flying out of several hundred meters, the alarm sounded again and two more spiritual power fluctuations appeared.

Lu Yuan narrowed his eyes slightly.

One of the spiritual power fluctuates at the intermediate lord level, and the other is indeed the high level lord level.

Now just about one kilometer close to the central Floating Void City, I have already encountered the high level lord.

He controlled the Black Bear One and flew in the direction of the high-level lord's aircraft. The mechanical control operation interfered with the high-level lord's change of hostile targets to all nearby aircraft.

Suddenly, the high level lord aircraft fired indiscriminately, and the previous intermediate lord aircraft, Lu Yuan, let the intermediate lord aircraft controlled by him go up and fight him.

Thus, without any damage, Lu Yuan easily passed the territory of the two lord aircrafts.

Going deeper, Lu Yuan asked the Black Bear One to continuously detect the location of the surrounding lord-class aircraft.

There are lord aircrafts in almost all positions. Lu Yuan can only control the territory of the black bear one that keeps avoiding high-level lord aircrafts, and flies from the position where the low-level lord aircrafts are located.

Although the flight was slow along the way, the Black Bear One flew safely for more than 20 kilometers.

The geniuses below looked at the sky, their faces changing constantly, exclaiming again and again.

Because the Black Bear One is only the last 20 kilometers away from the central Floating Void City.

Even at a certain distance from this area, Button and Bai Lin, who could not rush over, also received the news.

Through the communication crystal, their subordinates passed the image of the Black Bear One running through the flying guard line on the edge of the central Floating Void City to them.

Barton stopped on a kilometer-high building, watching Black Bear One steadily deepen toward the central Floating Void City, his face full of savage expression.

"Damn humans! Damn Night Kings!! Can they really enter the central Floating Void City?! Damn! Damn!"

As a king-level genius, Patton I know Ye Ye’s strength best. If Ye Ye is really allowed to enter the Central Floating Void City, then Ye Ye can collect a lot of precious treasures during the period before the central tower is opened!   And he can only watch!

This made Patton's heart angry.

It's not just Barton. On the rooftop of another tall building, Bai Lin's face is cold and his eyes are full of murderous intent.

"Humans... can you really enter the central Floating Void City, can't you?! Even if you enter the central Floating Void City, the range inside is so large, I don't believe you can take all treasures into your hands . As long as the central tower is opened, it is your dead time!"


The flight defense line outside the central Floating Void City.

Under everyone's attention, the Black Bear One continues to deepen.

It is getting closer and closer to the central Floating Void City.

Twenty kilometers, fifteen kilometers, ten kilometers...

In the last less than ten kilometers away from the flight defense line of the Black Bear One, within the Black Bear One, Lu Yuan A harsh alarm was received.

"Di! Di! Alert! It has been locked by the enemy, the target energy level is Second Rank Peak Lord, the number is four."

On the projection, one after another red The spot of light appeared in front of the Black Bear One.

There are four brightest red dots.

Amy complexion changed, and clenched her hands: "Lu Yuan, are you okay?!"

Her face was full of worry.

There was a wave of fluctuations even on the flat face.

She looked at Lu Yuan with a calm face, and said seriously:    "Lu Yuan, I believe in you."

Lu Yuan looked calm and looked at the black bear number one. In the projection, there was an angry look in his eyes.

(End of this chapter)

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