My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 143

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  Chapter 143 World's Child, The Throne of Steel ( Additional for Qingyao Nine Nights Alliance Leader)

In the air, four extremely powerful spiritual power rays shot towards Black Bear One.

The horrible spiritual power fluctuations shocked all the geniuses below with their eyes widened, staring at the direction of the sky in shock.

"Four Peak Lords!"

Everyone stared at the Black Bear One to see if they could stop the simultaneous attacks of these four Peak Lord level aircraft .

At this moment, a few afterimages crossed the chaotic sky.

Those are a few intermediate lord aircrafts.

These mid-level lord aircraft fired at lord Peak’s psionic cannon.


The psionic cannons collided together, one after another circular air wave spread towards all directions, spreading out several hundred meters away.

The powerful air current shakes all nearby aircraft that are in a melee.

The formidable power of Lord Peak’s psionic cannon is naturally far superior to that of the mid-level lord’s psionic cannon. Only for a moment of stalemate, the peak lord’s psionic cannon disperses the mid-level lord’s psionic cannon.

The remaining psionic cannon continues to shoot towards the black bear one.

However, several intermediate lord aircrafts were placed on the trajectory of the psionic cannon.

The psionic cannon hit the psychic shield of the mid-level lord aircraft, and the rumbling sound sounded again.

The psionic shield appeared one after another crack, and then it shattered.

The psionic cannon finally blasted on the body of the intermediate lord, blasting them to pieces.

While the mid-level lord aircraft resisted the attack of the Peak lord aircraft, the Black Bear One had already rushed out two kilometers and left the Peak lord aircraft behind.

At this moment, the sirens on Black Bear One kept sounding again.

In the air around Black Bear One, there are a lot of red dots appearing.

There are more than ten!

These red dots are all lord-level aircraft.

There are three red dots that are as dazzling as the previous Peak Lord aircraft.

Lu Yuan's complexion is condensed, the spiritual power is running at full capacity, and the mechanical control erupts.

All aircraft below the lower lord level flew in the direction of the three Peak lords.

Lu Yuan used the interference ability to make the aircraft below the lower lord level treat the Peak lord as an enemy.

Lu Yuan controlled six middle-level lords and rushed to three high-level lords.

Taking advantage of all the aircrafts grouped together, the Black Bear One continued to move forward.

The rumbling sound keeps ringing in the air.

From below, the geniuses of various races can see that the densely packed aircraft defense line resembling a swarm of locusts starts from the moment Black Bear 1 enters, and the aircraft in that area has been in chaos.

Various psionic cannons are fired, rumbling sound resounds through Heaven and Earth, and the dazzling aura flashes with stroboscopic frequency.

The geniuses of various races below can only vaguely see that the black diamond-shaped aircraft is slowly and firmly deepening into the defense line.

There is only a short distance to the center of the Floating Void City.

Almost everyone held their breath and stared at the diamond-shaped aircraft, trying to see if they could cross the last small distance and enter them yearn for something even in Floating Void City in the center of dreams.


In the air, on the Black Bear One.

Ye Ye and Amy both have solemn faces at the moment.

In front of them, the horror battles exhibited in the external images from the Black Bear No. 1 projection made their faces tense.

Amy looked towards Lu Yuan from time to time, seeing Lu Yuan's face serious, she continued looking towards the front.

Ye Ye is more calm than Amy, just silently watching the melee ahead.

Black Bear One is only the last three kilometers away from the central Floating Void City.

For such a short distance, it would not even take a second if the extreme speed of the Black Bear One broke out.

Even if it explodes at five times the speed of sound, it only takes two seconds.

Amy and Yeye can even see the huge tall buildings in Floating Void City, and the huge steel throne in the deepest part of Floating Void City.

Unfortunately, it is full of densely packed, tens of thousands of aircraft.

At this moment, an unprecedented ear-piercing scream sounded.

Between the Black Bear No. 1 and the central Floating Void City, the last three kilometers of defense line has nearly a hundred red dots emerging.

Among them, there are ten Peak Lords, and there are even two Perfection Lord-level aircraft.

Seeing this scene, Amy and Ye Ye’s pupils contracted violently, and clenched their hands involuntarily.

Lu Yuan also narrowed his eyes.

He can already feel that the aircraft in this area are beginning to condense the fluctuations of spiritual power.

He showed a crazy smile:

"Amy, Yeye, get ready, I'm going to rush!"

In his dark eyes The mysterious rays of light broke out, and the violent spiritual power fluctuated.

Lu Yuan has squeezed almost every point of his potential, using mechanical control with all his strength.

bang!! ! The   riot began.

Under the interference of Lu Yuan, the low-level lord aircraft and the aircraft below the lord all rushed to the aircraft of the high-level lord, and the entire sky fell into chaos.

The Black Bear One turned into a stream of light and instantly rushed to the central Floating Void City.

At this moment, a buzzing sound suddenly sounded in the central Floating Void City.

Then, a dim-blue mask suddenly appeared outside the central Floating Void City.

This optical mask is incomparable gigantic, covering the entire central Floating Void City.

And their Black Bear One is now rushing towards the mask given to dim-blue.

If you hit the mask, you will stop even if you don’t get hurt.

Seeing this scene, Ye Ye and Amy both widened their eyes, and a terrified look flashed in their eyes.

"Lu Yuan!"

Amy exclaimed.

Ye Ye also turned his head and looked towards Lu Yuan.

Seeing Lu Yuan's Shen Ning face, Ye Ye's eyes flickered, and she didn't speak.

At the same time, in the steel city.

Everyone also saw that when the diamond-shaped aircraft approached the central Floating Void City for the last two kilometers, a huge light mask suddenly appeared on the Floating Void City.

The moment they saw the mask, everyone's eyes widened, and a stunned color flashed in their eyes.


Then the overwhelming majority of them all laughed wildly.

"hahahaha!!! hahahahaha!!! didn't expect! Didn't expect!"

"hahahaha! No one has ever entered the central Floating Void City from the air, unexpectedly No one knows, there will be a shield above the central Floating Void City at this time!"

"hahahaha!!! Wonderful! Now let’s see how the Night King and the two humans survived!"


"Deep into the defense line of the lord-level aircraft, and the way is blocked by the shield, how can they survive?!"

Just as everyone was laughing, on the Black Bear One, Lu Yuan's face was cold.

Continue to control the low and intermediate lords to rush towards the Peak and even the Perfection lords, to resist the psionic cannons they fired.

Under the spiritual energy fluctuation, the Black Bear One hit the aircraft with the shield in front of them, and slammed into the light shield.

Amy and Yeye pupil shrink.

Amy closed her eyes quickly, not daring to look more.

And Ye Ye's face also showed a touch of shock.

At this moment, Lu Yuan’s body had strange waves circulating, and then the Black Bear One hit the dim-blue mask, as if hitting the water, directly integrated into the mask, and passed through the mask. pass.

Behind the black bear one, a high level lord aircraft wanted to hunt down the black bear one, and hit the dim-blue mask heavily, and it burst directly.

Black Bear One, floating in the air of the central Floating Void City safe and sound.

On the outer sky defense line, all the aircraft continued to return to their original positions as if nothing had happened.

The fierce battle seems to have never happened before.


Below the central Floating Void City.

The laughter of the genius warrior of the races who were laughing abruptly stopped.

At this moment, everyone is wide-eyed, looking at the aircraft passing through the shield in disbelief.

The atmosphere suddenly became very silent.

After a moment of silence, a Kaman brawny man yelled:    "This is impossible!! That mask obviously blocks the aircraft that is also a relic of mechanical life, why didn't it? Blocking the humans and the Night King who are outsiders?!"

"This is unreasonable! How is it possible?! Is the shield on the central Floating Void City not displayed properly?!"

Other genetic warriors are also sluggish and unscientific.

No matter what they thought, they couldn't imagine why the shield of the central Floating Void City blocked the aircraft, but did not stop the three of Lu Yuan who became outsiders.

"...If this is the case...Did the Night King and the two humans enter the central Floating Void City four hours before the opening of the central tower?"

An elf girl muttered to herself.

The other people's voices stagnated, and they all fell silent.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay and didn’t know what to say for a while.


Central Floating Void City, in the air.

On Black Bear One, the atmosphere is also very quiet.

Amy, who had closed her eyes, suddenly heard the surrounding rumbling sound calm down and seemed to become quiet.

She opened her eyes surreptitiously and looked around.

Amy was stunned when she saw the surrounding tall buildings, the shield behind her, and the large number of aircraft outside the shield.

She blinked her big purple eyes, a little confused:    "Why did we get in?"

Lu Yuan smiled: "We passed through the shield, of course. Come in."

Amy was taken aback, her eyes widened, and   she couldn't believe it: "We didn't hit the shield?!"

She looked at it. The dim-blue shield that still exists behind him has a skeptical expression on his face.

How is this possible? !   Yeye has been keeping his eyes open since before, watching the spacecraft pass through the shield.

But at the moment she is also a little confused.

Yeye turned his head and looked towards Lu Yuan, with curiosity in his eyes:

"Why did you pass through?"

Lu Yuan smiled: "I Extraordinary natural talent."

To be honest, before Lu Yuan came in, he was panicked when he saw a shield appeared here.

He thought he had to step back.

As a result, he didn't expect, but the feeling that he could go through the shield came to his mind.

This is not Lu Yuan’s illusion, but what Al’s mechanical ruins told him.

During this period of time, Lu Yuan explored so many Floating Void City, and naturally he obtained Al core fragments.

After absorbing these core fragments of El, Lu Yuan didn’t feel any change except for feeling closer to El’s mechanical ruins.

Originally, Lu Yuan thought that after he became closer to El Mechanical Ruins, he could control all the mechanical guards and the like.

As a result, he still has to work hard on his own to control the battle skill with machinery.

I didn't expect. When I saw the shield just now, the Evolution Cube that had absorbed dozens of El core fragments suddenly shook. Lu Yuan knew instinctively that he could Driving the Black Bear One, through this shield, enter the central Floating Void City.

Because, he is the existence recognized by the El Mechanical Ruins.

To put it in another way, is it the chosen person?

Or something like World's Child?

No matter what the title, Lu Yuan finally came in.

As for this, Lu Yuan is naturally not good and Ye Ye and Amy said.

People who can absorb so many core fragments of El seem to have never heard of it.

Lu Yuan would not be able to absorb it without the Evolution Cube.

Hear Lu Yuan's words, Amy corner of mouth twitching.

She thought of Lu Yuan as if she had always been an extraordinary natural talent.

For example, the core fragment of El can be found. When they explored Floating Void City before, no matter how hidden the core fragment of El is hidden in the corner, he found it.

She was numb before.

Another example is the ability to control mechanical life.

Various magical operations.

Now this guy can pass through the shield of the central Floating Void City again?

Why is she not such an extraordinary natural talent?

Amy's head is full of question marks.

Ye Ye is naturally not as simple as Amy. He really thinks that Lu Yuan is an extraordinary natural talent.

She looked at Lu Yuan with deep eyes, and did not ask much, just nodded, opened the mouth and said calmly:

"We are now in the central Floating Void City, the distance The central tower is open for four hours. There is not much time, where shall we go next? Your extraordinary natural talent, you decide."

Amy also looked towards Lu Yuan, laughing hehe opened the mouth and said:

"Yes, you are extraordinary natural talent, you have the final say."

Lu Yuan face full of black lines.

Why do you feel a little awkward to say about extraordinary natural talent every night?   He controls the ascent of Black Bear One, and can see a large number of tall buildings on Floating Void City.

The lowest buildings here are 500 meters high, and there are thousands of meters high buildings everywhere. The higher you go to the core area, the higher the height.

In the Central Region, there are many tall buildings over 10,000 meters. In the core area, there is also an incomparable gigantic steel throne standing.

Lu Yuan looked at the Iron Throne, his eyes flashed, opened the mouth and said:

"Yeye, can we go there?"

Ye Ye Weiwei shook the head:

"Can't go, the mechanical guards in the edge area of ​​the central Floating Void City are the lowest of the Second Rank Elite, and the highest is the Lord of Second Rank. When you reach the inner circle, it will appear. The third rank mechanical guard, in accordance with the increase in strength, there should be a third rank king near the central throne."

"The third rank king?!"

Lu Yuan's eyes widened slightly, Somewhat shocked:    "Who can go to the Iron Throne to get treasure?"

Amy rolled the eyes: "From the opening of the El Mechanical Ruins to the present, no one has ever been to the Central Region ."

"There has never been a person?"

Lu Yuan was stunned.

Amy nodded: "There is no one. Even a person who inherits the king-level gene, when he absorbs the core fragments of Aier and first enters the Second Rank, his battle strength will not exceed the Second Rank Peak. Lord. It’s hard to survive even the inner circle. Even people with inheritance Sovereign grade genes may have difficulty entering the throne area."

Lu Yuan: "..."

third rank King, who can stand it?   Even the lord of Second Rank Peak, Lu Yuan is not an opponent now.

Lu Yuan thought for a while: "Then let's explore the tall buildings in the outer circle first. See if we can come across something we can use to deal with the two kings."

Ye Ye and Amy nodded.

Lu Yuan controlled the Black Bear One and disappeared in place.

(End of this chapter)

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