My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 144

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  Chapter 144 Murderous intention, a 10,000-meter high-rise building (request monthly ticket for subscription)   Someone in the steel city Place.

Button looked at the image in the communication crystal.

After seeing Black Bear One pass through the shield and enter the central Floating Void City, his eyes shrank, his face was full of shock and anger.

He squeezed the communication crystal tightly, his face cold and grim.

"Beast! They actually entered the central Floating Void City! There is a shield outside, how did they do it?! Damn! Damn!!!"

With a wave of the battle axe in his hand, the bloody axe slashed down, cutting out a ten-meter-long gap in the tall metal building on the side.

Thinking that the central tower has four hours to open, and during these four hours, the three of Lu Yuan have already started collecting resources in the central Floating Void City, and he can’t help it. Anger.

At this moment, the communication crystal flashed white light.


Button connected, and Bai Lin's handsome face appeared in the communication crystal interior.

When Barton saw Bai Lin, a mocking smile appeared on his face:

"hehehe ~ Isn’t this the noble Bailin Young Master? How could it be ugly with me? Green Fiend contact?"

Bai Lin's face was cold, opened the mouth and said:

"Barton, needless to say these are useless. You should have received the news. The Night King followed The aircraft entered the central Floating Void City."

The mocking smile on Barton's face stiffened and slowly disappeared:

"So what? What do you want to say?"

Bai Lin faintly opened the mouth and said:

"You should also know that with the strength of the Night King, she can explore most of the outer towers in four hours. When the time comes, only leftovers are left to us."


An ugly look appeared on Barton’s face: "You contact me Is it just to remind me of this? I’m not stupid, you don’t need to remind me specifically!"

Bai Lin lightly opened the mouth and said:

"I want to contact you Cooperation."


Button was taken aback, and there was a trace of amazement in his cold and tyrannical eyes.

He stared at Bai Lin with wide eyes, as if he heard some funny joke: "hahahaha!!! The noble Bailin Young Master wants to cooperate with me, a green Fiend? Are you kidding? Okay, I admit that you are a good joke."

Facing Barton's mockery, Bai Lin didn't have the slightest wave on his face.

He faintly opened the mouth and said:

"I won't be kidding."

The wild laugh on Barton's face slowly receded.

His face became serious, he looked at Bai Lin, the two sides looked at each other, and the atmosphere fell silent.

After a while, Button slowly opened the mouth and said:

"How to cooperate?"

"Wait for the central tower to open, we went to the center After Floating Void City, we teamed up to find the Night King and the two humans."

Barton frowned:

"And then?"

Bai Lin Faintly opened the mouth and said: "Kill them."

Button sneered:    "Bai Lin, are you stupid? You don't think they haven't escaped from the crystal, do you? "

Bai Lin looked at Barton, faintly opened the mouth and said:

"I have a way to deal with this. The question now is how to ensure the kill, otherwise they will escape."

Hearing what Bai Lin said, Patton frowned and looked at Bai Lin:

"You have a treasure to interfere with detachment? Good luck."

You know, the escape crystal is precious, but the treasure that can interfere with the escape is several times more precious than the escape treasure.

Bai Lin did not answer, but just looked at Button:

"You just need to tell me whether to cooperate."

Button laughed:    "Wan As soon as we went up, they ran away in the aircraft?"

Bai Lin fell silent, opened the mouth and said:

"If they are not found, the cooperation will be invalidated." "

Barton grinned:   "If this is the case, then cooperation is happy."

A cold color flashed in Bai Lin's eyes:    "Happy cooperation."


In the central tower, there is a huge square in front of a 10,000-meter-high building, and outside the square is a street 100 meters wide.

Black Bear One slowly landed from the air to the street, and finally stopped at a height of 20 meters.

The hatch opened, Lu Yuan, Amy, and Ye Ye jumped from inside and landed on the ground.

After their three people landed, they looked towards the square.

There are hundreds of mechanical guards on the square.

Ordinary mechanical guards are three meters high with a dark metal shell. The leader of the mechanical guards is four meters high.

There are also two five-meter-high mechanical guards.

At the gate, there is a ten-meter-high mechanical guard and four five-meter-high mechanical giant dogs.

A surprised look flashed in Amy’s eyes:    "Even ordinary patrol members are at the second rank boss level, Captain is at the second rank boss level, and there are two intermediate lord mechanical Guardian Commander. The gatekeeper turned out to be the Peak Lord? There are also four high-level lord-level mechanical giant dogs. This mechanical guard configuration is too strong? The gatekeepers of those 500-meter-high buildings have only two Second Rank bosses."

Ye Ye pretty face calmly, opened the mouth and said:

"This is the tallest building in the periphery, and only geniuses above the king level can enter."

Lu Yuan smiled and opened the mouth and said:

"Then we are going to try one."

"Speaking of this... a big liar! When will you take my genes? Give me the arms back?!"

Amy's eyes widened, looking at the Battle Armor on Lu Yuan's body and the staff in his hand.

these all are her genetic weapons!

Lu Yuan also discovered that he was still wearing Amy's genetic weapons.

He gave a dry cough and opened the mouth and said:

"I used to use it before, and I feel pretty good. I will give it back to you now."

Lu Yuan forced the gene-armed illusory shadow out of the gene chain, turned it into a light group, and handed it to Amy.

After Amy absorbed it, the silver Battle Armor and the staff appeared.

The genetic weapon is blessed on the genetic chain, and it will automatically adjust the size according to the genetic warrior's size.

It is very comfortable and fit to wear.

There is no difference between wearing it on Lu Yuan and wearing it on Amy.

Amy put on her genetic weapon again, waved her staff, her mouth raised, and a smile appeared.

Lu Yuan has also put on his own genetic weapon at this moment.

Black golden's battle armour, and black golden's heavy sword.

This is also the Second Rank lord-level genetic weapon, dropped from the previous lord's aircraft.

SS7 type battle armor (Second Rank 60%) and LS7 type mechanical heavy sword (Second Rank 80%)

The two lord-level genetic weapons bring extremely terrifying power .

The strength of Lu Yuan's surroundings has more than doubled directly under the arms of these two powerful lords.

In addition to the flying star crest he obtained before, he now has fully blessed three pieces of Second Rank lord-level granting arms.

In fact, he still has several genetic weapons suitable for him.

It is a pity that his current fleshy body strength and gene chain strength are not enough to bless more.

But even if there are only three, not all geniuses can have it.

After all, the ominous beasts of the Second Rank level are not too many in the outside world, and the lord level genetic weapons are even less.

That is to say, there are so many lord-level mechanical guards in the El Mechanical Ruins.

This is also the reason why all First Rank genetic warriors will enter the El Mechanical Ruins.

The resources are too rich.

After blessing the genetic weapons, Lu Yuan laughed:

"I'll go up first, first clean up the mechanical guards on the square."

Ai Mi and Ye Ye are nodded.

Lu Yuan rushed directly into the square, and suddenly, all the mechanical guards who were patrolling turned around and looked towards Lu Yuan.

Spiritual energy surges, all mechanical guards define Lu Yuan as an enemy and are about to launch an attack on Lu Yuan.

At this moment, the rays of light flashed in Lu Yuan's eyes, and the mechanical control started to operate.

Because of the absence of Amy's genetic weapons, his spirit strength has become much weaker, and the Intermediate Lord Guard Lu Yuan is no longer able to control it.

But except for the two intermediate lords, half of the other mechanical guards are controlled by Lu Yuan.

Hundreds of mechanical guards turned and attacked their companions.

The mechanical guard that was attacked was a little dazed, but instinctively launched a counterattack.

For a time, there are only two intermediate lords left.

The two intermediate lords are mechanical lords of the assault system.

One is holding a huge battle axe, and the other is holding a black iron rod.

The eyes of the two mechanical lords flashed with red light and rushed towards Lu Yuan.

At this moment, a black sword light flashed past, and Ye Ye appeared behind the two mechanical lord.

The heads of the two mechanical lords fell down at the same time,   their bodies ran a few steps in front, and then they fell heavily.

Lu Yuan and Amy, who had originally planned to attack, were both stunned.

Ye Ye’s face was cold. Seeing Lu Yuan and Amy staring at her, she tilted her head and a trace of doubt flashed in her eyes:    "What's wrong?"

Lu Yuan’s mouth twitched: "It’s okay..."

Amy walked over silently, with an enviable look in her eyes, looking at Ye Ye:

"This is Is the battle strength of the king class? Very powerful."

Lu Yuan was also very envious in his heart.

If he wants to reach the gene of the king, I am afraid that he will have to upgrade to the First Rank again.

However, if he obtains the resources of the central Floating Void City, Lu Yuan feels that it is not difficult for him to temper his three lord-level genes to Perfection.

Maybe when the time comes, there are resources to evolve all the genes, and then tempering Perfection the third-rank gene chain?

Lu Yuan is full of expectations.

Soon, all the mechanical guards almost died in cannibalism.

The remaining Lu Yuan all use mechanical control to make them self-destruct.

In just less than one minute, their three people cleared such a huge square.

It can be said that it is extremely fast.

After that, Lu Yuan looked towards a mechanical guard of Lord Peak and four giant mechanical dogs of high level Lord in the center, with shiny eyes.

"Yeye, give you the Peak Lord? Amy and I will deal with the four high level lords first?"

Yeye nodded:

"en. "

Amy also be eager to have a try.

If you don’t have this set of lord-level weapons, with the strength of Lu Yuan and Amy, you can only fight against low-level lords, but now with this set of lord-level weapons, their strength is even Even facing a high level lord, he won’t feel flustered.

Amy took the lead, and hundreds of Tianluo Wisteria shot out, spreading to four mechanical giant dogs.

Four mechanical giant dogs and a mechanical guard were alarmed.

Their eyes flashed with red rays of light, and they roared towards Amy.

As a mechanical being, their speed is not a strong point. Even if they are a giant mechanical dog, the speed is relatively fast, and it is still not as good as the current Lu Yuan.

As for the mechanical guards, the speed is even slower.

When they rushed to Amy, Lu Yuan directly used mechanical control to interfere with a giant mechanical dog.

Let him treat another giant mechanical dog as an intruder.

Suddenly two giant mechanical dogs fought.

The remaining two giant mechanical dogs were trapped by the extremely fast Tianluo Wisteria.

The two giant mechanical dogs kept struggling, and eventually even the mouths that could fire psionic bombs were trapped.

And the black sword light flashed in front of the lord Peak's mechanical guard.

The crystal shield on the mechanical guard vibrated for an instant, the rumbling sound exploded, and his body took a few steps back.

Every night, holding the Black Sword, appeared in front of the mechanical guard.

"Intruder! Clear!"

The mechanical guard roared and rushed towards Ye Ye, with the heavy sword in his hand carrying a strong sword light, slashing towards Ye Ye.

Ye Ye was expressionless, his body turned into an afterimage, easily avoiding attacks, one after another black sword light fell on the crystal shield of the mechanical guard from time to time.

Every night, he took the mechanical guard and moved to the side while fighting.

And Lu Yuan has come to the front of the tied mechanical giant dog, and the heavy sword keeps cutting down.

It didn't take long to kill two giant mechanical dogs that could not fight back.

The remaining giant mechanical dogs that were attacking each other are now a bit damaged, tied up by Tianluo Wisteria, and cut off by Lu Yuan not long after.

After Lu Yuan and Amy killed four giant mechanical dogs, Ye Ye also walked over.

Behind her, the mechanical guard fell to the ground, with one after another hideous sword marks on her body.

Amy's eyes are shining, and his face is full of smiles:   "It's so relaxing."

Lu Yuan laughed, looked towards   Ye Ye : "It's still because of Ye Ye blocked the mechanical guards of the lord Peak. Otherwise, the two of us alone may not be able to beat these mechanical guards."

Lu Yuan still has a certain understanding of his own strength.

In battle alone, he and Amy will definitely not be able to defeat the two mechanical lord who fought a Peak.

In all, Amy is only the Second Rank primary level cultivation base, and Lu Yuan is not tempering full of the three genes, or even the primary level, even if he wears the lord-level genetic weapon, he wants It is too difficult to defeat the lord of Second Rank Peak.

Soon, all the mechanical guards have light groups appearing on them.

Lu Yuan and the three picked it up.

Everything is put here in Lu Yuan, waiting for when the time comes to be allocated.

After all, Amy and Yeye are not yet familiar with each other. Only Lu Yuan and the two are familiar with each other. Putting them here at Lu Yuan makes them both at ease.

Although I picked up everything, but now is not the time to distribute the light group. After all, there is still this 10,000-meter-high building that has not been explored.

"Let's go in."

Lu Yuan laughed, with a hint of excitement in his eyes, first opened the door and walked in.

Amy is also looking forward to excitement, trotting to keep up with Lu Yuan.

Even Yeye, a look of expectation appeared on that indifferent little face, and he followed Amy.

A 10,000-meter-high building, this is a height that a steel city on the ground absolutely does not have.

The treasures inside must be amazing.

The internal structure of a tall building is no different from other areas.

It's just that the stairs went all the way up, Lu Yuan looked up and even had difficulty seeing the end.

"How many rooms are there?"

Amy also raised her head and asked curiously.

Ye Ye faintly opened the mouth and said:


"So few?"

Amy stared Big eyes, a little dissatisfied.

Lu Yuan is also frowned: "Let’s go up and take a look, maybe things are precious?"

Amy has no choice but to nodded.

(End of this chapter)

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