My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 145

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  Chapter 145 Inheritance crystal, great gain (request monthly ticket for subscription)

Lu Yuan three people along The stairs went up more than a thousand meters and came to the door of the first room.

Amy used Tianluo Wisteria to form a cane to protect Lu Yuan. Lu Yuan walked over and opened the door of the room.

Just opening the door of the room, one after another dazzling purple light caught Lu Yuan's eyes.

Lu Yuan's eyes widened slightly, a little shocked.

The room is only white square meters, but there are six purple light clusters in the center.

"What's inside?"

Amy is short, she is blocked by Lu Yuan, stick one's head around to look for, and she can’t see the inside. thing.

She couldn't help but ask curiously.

Although Yeye is quite higher than Amy, but I can't see what's inside, and I am a little curious.

Lu Yuan said with a smile a little excited:

"All lord-level items! I'll go in and have a look."

Lu Yuan walked in , Amy and Ye Ye finally saw what was inside.

After seeing the full six purple light balls inside, they both opened their eyes slightly and followed in.

Lu Yuan picked up the purple light ball on the ground and checked it.

Soon, he showed a hint of surprise.

"These are all genetic weapons of Second Rank Perfection tempering. They are all weapons, and there is a heavy sword!"

These six genetic weapons are heavy swords. , Staff, long sword, dagger, longbow and battle axe.

Amy picked up the staff light ball and smiled openly:

"With this light ball, the weapon can no longer be changed in a short time."

Ye Ye also silently picked up the light group of long sword.

Lu Yuan also holds a heavy sword in his hand.

SS8 type killer heavy sword (Second Rank 100%): Lord-level genetic weapon.

He laughed: "The remaining three light groups, let's take one each."

Ye Ye and Amy nodded.

Each took one, and Lu Yuan got a longbow.

Lu Yuan put the two light groups away.

Now he has blessed three lord gene weapons. If he wants to replace the heavy sword, he has to wait for his cultivation base to be raised a little bit, so that he can bear it.

In the case of Lu Yuan's strong spirit transformation power gene liquid, it will not take long.

The first room has a lot of gains, and the three of Lu Yuan ran towards the second room again.

Soon, they came to the second room.

Open the door of the room, there is also something in the second room.

In the center of the 100-square-meter room, there is a black cube quietly placed.

The cube is only fist sized, and there is a pattern of one after another dim-blue flashing from time to time.

Lu Yuan couldn't see what it was, so he walked into the room and planned to pick it up and take a look.

After Lu Yuan walked in, Amy and Ye Ye also walked in.

Amy looked at the cube curiously:   "What is this?"

Lu Yuan has picked up the cube at this moment.

One after another information emerged in Lu Yuan's mind.

Mechanical jammer (Second Rank): After use, it can form a jamming stand with a radius of ten kilometers, and everyone in the stand cannot use the breakaway crystal.


Seeing this thing, Lu Yuan was taken aback, his eyes widened slightly.

Seeing Lu Yuan’s surprise, Yeye asked:

"Lu Yuan, what is it?"

Lu Yuan handed the things to Ye Ye: "Look at it."

Amy puffed up a small mouth on the side:

"I want to see it too."

Ye Ye picks up After passing the cube, she obviously received the message, her eyes widened, and a surprised look flashed in her eyes.

"This thing..."

Amy was a little crazy.

The other two people watched it, but she didn't.

"What the hell is it?"

Every night he handed the cube to Amy.

Amy hi zi zi took it.

Then she widened her eyes: "This thing... interesting!"

Her eyes flashed, she smiled and opened the mouth and said: "I suddenly thought of a A bold idea."

Lu Yuan glanced at Amy, Ye Ye next to him also opened the mouth and said:

"We should think the same. Lu Yuan, how about you? ?"

Lu Yuan nodded, said with a smile: "Amy said that I killed those two guys before. I still think it's a bit unrealistic. Now it seems that it is really possible. "

Ye Ye's eyes flickered, and the dark eyes flickered with streamers:

"We need to have the ability to kill them first."

Lu Yuan's face is dark and nodded.

"Let’s put this mechanical jammer away first, and then go and see other rooms."

Lu Yuan took the mechanical jammer in Amy’s hand and put it away .

Then, they climbed up for a kilometer and came to the third room.

Opening the door of the room, the densely packed strong spirit transformation liquid was piled into hills, which made Lu Yuan's eyes widened, and his eyes flashed with surprise.

"A lot of spiritual power gene liquid!"

This is what he wants!

Lu Yuan walked in, and Amy and Ye Ye also walked into the room.

After seeing this strong spirit transformation power gene liquid, the expressions of Amy and Yeye were very calm.

After all, the two were born in the Great Family, and there will be no shortage of cultivation resources. What is missing is the treasure that suits them.

Lu Yuan's lack of cultivation resources is clearly incomprehensible to them.

Seeing Lu Yuan's excitement, Amy smiled at Hehe’s opened the mouth and said:

"Lu Yuan, you obviously have so much gene fluid, why are you still greedy for money? Look?"

Lu Yuan rolled the eyes, how does this guy know how much he lacks these? The    three people counted the strong spirit transformation force gene liquid, and to Lu Yuan's surprise, there were a total of 50,000 bottles.

His eyes flashed with excitement.

50,000 bottles of Second Rank strong spirit transformation power gene liquid, which is equivalent to a full 500 million Second Rank Spirit Crystal!

This is much more than the sum of all the gains Lu Yuan obtained in a Floating Void City before.

Is this a 10,000-meter tall building?

This resource is too rich, right?   Lu Yuan was shocked.

Seeing Lu Yuan's excitement, Ye Ye tilted his head:

"Are you short of cultivation resources?"

Lu Yuan nodded: "A little bit "

Every night thought about it: "I'll take ten thousand is enough."

Amy also smiled and opened the mouth and said: "In this case, then I Let’s take ten thousand."

Lu Yuan was taken aback, every night he took ten thousand, Amy took ten thousand, and the remaining thirty thousand?   Fuck? !   Thirty thousand bottles of strong spirit transformation? !    Lu Yuan's eyes widened, and couldn't help looking at the two with a dry tongue:

"You... this is equivalent to a lot of Spirit Crystals! Don't you get more?"

Ye Ye shook the head: "I don’t lack cultivation resources. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be able to enter the Central Floating Void City now."

Amy Patted Lu Yuan’s shoulder:" It really can’t work, or you join us in Tianluo City. I told Supreme Grandfather that with your innate talent, you will definitely not be short of resources, and everything will be prepared for you."

Lu Yuan glanced at Amy, then said with a smile:

"Then join your adventure group and be your subordinate?"

Amy's eyes widened, A look of shock: "How did you guess my thoughts? I still want to call you Xiaoyuanzi in the future."

The corners of Lu Yuan's mouth twitched: "No!"


Amy curl one's lip.

Since Ye Ye and Amy have said so, Lu Yuan will naturally not refuse.

He alone took 30,000 Second Rank Strong Spirit Transformation Liquid.

Lu Yuan discovered that the resources of this 10,000-meter-high building are extremely abundant, and the rooms seem to have never encountered vacant rooms or traps.

Isn’t the room available here?   Soon, they left the third room and came to the fourth room.

After opening the room, Lu Yuan looked at the empty room and his smile froze.

Well, he thinks too much.

When they encountered an empty room, the three of Lu Yuan could only continue to climb up, and soon came to the fifth room.

In the fifth room, Lu Yuan found a transparent crystal floating in the air.

Lu Yuan raised an eyebrow and looked at the crystal with some doubts.

He walked over and picked up the crystal.

The information passed into Lu Yuan's mind.

Inheritance Crystal: I-type hacking gold battery.

Introduction: Contains the technical principles involved in building the I-type hacked gold battery.

Lu Yuan widened his eyes slightly, a little surprised.

It turned out to be an inheritance crystal? !

I haven’t heard of the hacking gold battery, but the technological items in the Ayer’s mechanical ruins are much higher than the civilization on Daqixing. This hacking gold battery should be extraordinary, right? ?

Yeye and Amy walked in.

Seeing Lu Yuan stunned in place, Amy asked with some doubts:

"What's wrong? What did you find?"

Lu Yuan came back to his senses, he handed the inheritance crystal to Amy:    "Look at it."

Amy took the inheritance crystal, and then, she also opened her eyes wide, and her eyes appeared A touch of surprise.

"Inheritance crystal?!"

A ray of light flashed through the dark eyes every night, looking towards the inheritance crystal.

As an empire Princess, she is naturally also interested in the civilization inheritance crystal, which can raise the level of civilization.

"Let me see."

A tangled color appeared on Amy's small face.

After all, she is also the Little Princess of Tianluo City, and she also understands the importance of this inheritance crystal. She kind of wants to take it by herself. When the time comes, she uses other resources to compensate Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan has no power of his own and can compensate with other things, but Yeye is obviously different.

As the Princess of an empire, Amy doesn't think that every night will be short of other things.

But thinking that Ye Ye is their companion after all, she still reluctantly handed the inheritance crystal to Ye Ye.

After Ye Ye received the news, her dark eyes shrank slightly.

Her gaze swept across Lu Yuan and Amy: "Let me give this inheritance crystal, and I can compensate you for resources."

Every night curl one's lip: "Then you Let me, and I can also compensate you for the resources."

Looking at Amy calmly every night, Amy also stared back with wide-eyed eyes.

Lu Yuan's mouth twitched when he saw the two vying for each other.

Good fellow, really deserves to be a civilization inheritance crystal?

Does this directly cause the two of them to compete?   Fortunately, he doesn't have his own power or anything.

Otherwise, it would be too much trouble.

Anyway, try to persuade you to fight first.

He gave a dry cough and opened the mouth and said:

"You two calm down, we can discuss it."

Hearing Lu Yuan's words, Ai Mi He Yeye turned his head and looked towards Lu Yuan.

Amy opened the mouth and said:

"Lu Yuan! You said, is this inheritance crystal given to me or to her?!"

Ye Ye didn't speak, but the meaning in his eyes was obviously the same as Amy.

Lu Yuan: "???"

His head is full of question marks, and his face is speechless:    "This inheritance crystal is useless to me, why do you ask me?"

Ye Ye Dan opened the mouth and said: "There is a share of you in it, and you are qualified to decide whom to give it to."

Amy nodded: "We three Yes, I must want to give it to myself, and Ye Ye must also want to give to her, now you vote! Who do you want to give to?!"

Lu Yuan: "... …"

Lu Yuan was sweating on his forehead as they were staring at him.

He thought about it, and felt that it was not right for him to tell anyone.

He smiled bitterly and opened the mouth and said: "There are more than one million-meter high-rise buildings here. Maybe there are other inheritance crystals. When the time comes, if there are others, you two will be divided. What happened? There is no need to fight. In addition, it seems that the knowledge in the inheritance crystal cannot be recorded and passed on to others, right? You can choose to cooperate?"

Hearing Lu Yuan's words, the two are one Frozen, then glanced at each other.

After silence, Yeye handed the crystal to Lu Yuan:

"Lu Yuan, you keep it, and after you go out, you will give it to me and Amy."


Amy is also nodded.

Lu Yuan took the inheritance crystal: "Okay, then."

Putting the inheritance crystal away, the three of them continued upstairs.

In the sixth room, five purple light clusters float.

The three of Lu Yuan walked in and checked.

It was found that it was all spells.

Savage Power Charm (Second Rank): Lord-level Charm, after use, it can greatly increase strength and agility.

The specific improvement effect depends on your own strength, but as a lord-level charm, it is certainly not bad.

The seventh room is another empty room.

In the eighth room, as soon as the three of Lu Yuan arrived at the door of the room, the Evolution Cube in Lu Yuan began to vibrate.

Lu Yuan eyes flashed.

Is the Al core fragment inside?   Lu Yuan was a little surprised.

Originally, he thought that only the Floating Void City outside would have Al core fragments. Didn't expect Central Region also have them?

Lu Yuan opened the door, and in the Central Region in the room, there were 20 ash-gray fragments placed quietly.

After seeing this fragment, Amy and Ye Ye both showed a look of disappointment.

"What's the matter with the core fragment of Al? It's all in the central Floating Void City. Is there any such thing?"

Amy's eyes widened, a little dumbfounded.

The resources equivalent to a room are gone.

Even every night can't help being nodded.

Lu Yuan opened the mouth and said with a smile: "No one wants it anyway, it's mine."

Lu Yuan picked up all the core fragments of Al.

Amy has been quite familiar with this, glanced at Lu Yuan every night, and didn't say much.

After that, the three of them continued upstairs.

And Lu Yuan also absorbed five Aier core fragments by the way.

Twenty pieces of Al core fragments entered Lu Yuan's evolution cube.

Suddenly a rumbling sound rang in Lu Yuan's mind.

Lu Yuan was in a daze and saw an invisible thread, one end of which was connected to him.

The other end is connected like one of the directions, sinking into the void.

Lu Yuan looked at the direction in which the invisible silk thread sank into the void, his eyes were a little stunned.

What is this?   Soon, the invisible thread dissipated, or Lu Yuan imperceptible arrived.

Although he was puzzled, he could only give up.

Their three people continued upstairs and soon came to the highest floor, the ninth room.

Opening the door of the room, Lu Yuan was stunned when he saw what was inside, a flash of surprise flashed in his eyes.

(End of this chapter)

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