My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 146

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  Chapter 146 The central tower opens, fishing (additional for Bing no Shadow Alliance Leader)   Room There are rows of mechanical guards densely packed.

Lu Yuan swept his gaze, there were as many as fifty.

All of these mechanical guards are ten meters high and look like a steel giant Legion.

Lu Yuan was a little shocked.

Amy and Yeye behind them were also stunned.

"These are all mechanical lords of Second Rank Peak?! This is too much, right?"

Amy exclaimed.

Lu Yuan was also a little confused:   " Is the treasure of a 10,000-meter high-rise building so strong?"

Every night is slightly frowned, and some doubts: " Someone in my family has been here before Ruins, I heard that the rewards are rich, but it doesn’t seem to be that many."

Amy is also nodded: "Yes, yes, there are many machine lords, this is too much. My cousin has also been to the center before. Floating Void City, I was showing off before, saying that I got five mechanical guards from the Second Rank Peak lord in the 10,000-meter high building. We have a full fifty?!"

Night I glanced at Lu Yuan in the night, opened the mouth and said:

"Is it because of Lu Yuan? He can even come in with the central Floating Void City shield."

Amy came back to his senses, looked towards Lu Yuan, with a weird face: "Yeah, I have some doubts whether you are an illegality child of this ruin."

Lu Yuan was taken aback, and then he remembered himself before After absorbing so many core fragments of Al, that invisible line appeared again.

Is it really his reason?

Before, he felt that he had become more intimate with Al Mechanical Ruins, so Al Mechanical Ruins gave him a small stove?   Could this be the treatment of World's Child? !   Too much!

But I like it!   Lu Yuan came back to his senses, the corners of his mouth raised, and a smile appeared.

"What's the reason for him? Isn't it good to have so many mechanical lords? With these mechanical lords, it is not easy for us to clean up the two king-level geniuses?"

Frozen, and then showed a bright smile: "It seems to be too."

Ye Ye also showed a smile, nodded.

You know, a Second Rank Peak mechanical lord can already fight the king-level genius.

even more how there are as many as fifty.

Lu Yuan divided 16 into three of them, and the remaining two were given to Lu Yuan.

After all, of the three people present, Lu Yuan is the poorest one. If there is something inconvenient to distribute, an extra Lu Yuan will be given.

Lu Yuan is also full of Xizi zi.

Although I am a little bit suspicious of eating soft rice, isn’t it fragrant?

A 10,000-meter-high building was quickly explored.

The harvest can be said to be extremely rich, adding up to more than one billion Second Rank Spirit Crystal.

This is just one of the 10,000-meter-high buildings.

The outer circle area of ​​the entire central Floating Void City is so big, there are still about ten 10,000-meter high-rise buildings.

After leaving this tall building, the three of Lu Yuan didn't stay there, and went straight to Black Bear One, planning to go to other 10,000-meter tall buildings.


Four hours later.

The dim-blue rays of light that kept rising finally filled the entire central tower.

The dim-blue rays of light of shining sun bloomed from the entire central tower.

bang!! ! The   rumbling sound kept ringing.

In the core area of ​​El Mechanical Ruins, one after another dim-blue beam of light appears randomly.

These beams of light rush straight into the sky, and you can directly see them within a radius of hundreds of kilometers.

At this moment, I am hunting murderous intention and the genetic warrior guarded by the weapon in the core area of ​​Ayer's machinery ruins. At this moment, it is complexion changed and looked towards the beams of light.

"The central tower is open! Transmission Formation has appeared!"

"You can go to the Central Floating Void City! Hurry up! Go to Transmission Formation!!!"

All mechanical warriors are full of enthusiasm, running towards the beam of light closest to them.

That is the Transmission Formation leading to the central Floating Void City.

As long as you enter it, you can teleport to the outer circle area of ​​the central Floating Void City.

Every time the central tower is opened, hundreds of Transmission Formation will randomly appear in various positions of the core area.

Somewhere in the core area, Button and Bai Lin have gathered together with their subordinates.

In addition to the two king-level geniuses of Barton and Bai Lin, there are also thirteen lord-level geniuses, all exuding a strong aura.

Six of the lords are Bailin's subordinates, and seven of them are Patton's subordinates.

Originally, Bai Lin had eight lord-level subordinates, but it was a pity that two of them were cleaned out by Lu Yuan and Amy.

In addition to the lord level, there are naturally more geniuses and bosses at the boss level.

There are more than 300 people united together.

Patton looked at the Transmission Formation that appeared not far from them, and a smirk appeared on his face.

"It's time, I hope the Night King and the others have not left."

"Go in."

Bai Lin ran towards the Transmission Formation, others People also followed along.

The beam of light is almost 100 meters wide. Even if there are a lot of people in the alliance between Button and Bai Lin, they can still stand easily.

After everyone entered the light beam, a few seconds later, dim-blue rays of light flashed in the light beam.

Everyone appeared in a street.

In the street, a group of mechanical guards saw everyone, with red light flashing in their eyes, rushing towards them.

Before these mechanical guards rushed to Bai Lin's side, a team of genetic warriors greeted them.

The battle rumbling sound kept ringing.

Bai Lin and Button looked over.

Seeing that this team is all composed of a leader-level warrior and evenly matched with this mechanical guard, Bai Lin faintly opened the mouth and said:

"Lian Ordinary mechanical guards are all bosses, worthy of the central Floating Void City."

Barton glanced at the battle in the distance, and grinned: "It's too slow."

Barton's side A green Fiend lord grinned, his body turned into an afterimage, and he rushed over.

one after another dark green blade light flashed by, all the mechanical guards were instantly cut open and turned into scrap iron and fell to the ground.

Bai Lin didn’t take a second look. He glanced over the countless tall buildings around him, and opened the mouth and said faintly:

"The time is urgent. Go find the Night King first. Beat the team. Disperse, each lord-level lead a team, so that you can find it faster."

Button thought for a while, no objection, and agreed.

So the thirteen lord-level subordinates, with hundreds of genetic warriors, moved towards all directions and started to look for Lu Yuan.

Bai Lin and Button looked at each other.

Barton grinned: "Hehehe, we two kings, let's clean up the tallest building first, maybe we can meet the night king guy."

Bai Lin nodded, there is no answer, it can be considered as agreed.

At the same time, Lu Yuan, Amy and Ye Ye are coming out of a 10,000-meter-high building.

The three of them all have joy on their faces, and it is clear that they have gained a lot.

Starting from the first tall building, the harvest of each tall building is a bit exaggerated.

Even if it's just a strong spirit transformation, the first building had 50,000 yuan before, and each of the following buildings had as many as 100,000.

Not to mention other items, they are all doubled, even several times.

Amy smiled and opened the mouth and said:

"This is the eighth building, right? The surrounding 10,000-meter high-rise building should be more than half explored by us."


Lu Yuan nodded: "Well, before leaving the ruins, I will definitely be able to explore the ten-thousand-meter high-rise building. Maybe I can explore the slightly worse high-rise building."

Ye Ye was looked at. towards the distance, a surprised look appeared on her face:    "The central tall building is open."

Upon hearing this, Lu Yuan and Amy complexion changed and looked up towards Sky direction.

In the distance, one after another dim-blue beam of light rose into the sky, straight into the sky.

Lu Yuan squinted his eyes and showed a smile:    "It looks like they are all up."

Amy's eyes are shining, some be eager to have a try: "Let’s go find them! With our gains in the ten-thousand-meter-high building, we can definitely deal with them. If they have explored the ten-thousand-meter-high building and have obtained any treasure, when the time comes, they may not be able to keep it. Live with them."

Lu Yuan and Ye Ye are both nodded.

Lu Yuan's mind moved, and the Black Bear One descended from the sky and landed in front of them.

"Get on the shuttle, let's go find them!"

The three people got on the Black Bear One, and the Black Bear One rose into the sky, turning into a stream of light and disappearing into the original land.

The rumbling sound brought by the breakthrough sound barrier of the Black Bear No. 1 spread in the air. The genetic warrior that came to the central Floating Void City after using Transmission Formation was complexion slightly changed and looked towards the sky.

A team of elves, including a lord-level green-haired elf girl, five boss-level elf teenage girls, and more than 20 boss-level elves.

At the moment they are standing in front of the square with a two-kilometer-high building, looking at the mechanical guards on the square.

Hearing the howling sound, all the elves are complexion changed and looked towards the sky.

When he saw the black bear one flying by, the head of the very beautiful elven girl lord opened his eyes slightly:

"It's the diamond flying machine! They are in this area! ??!"

A leader-level elf teenager next to his eyes flickered:

"The Night King and the two human lords are inside, right? They have been in for four hours. There should be no small gains, right?"

Many elves' eyes flickered, with greed in their eyes.

"The tallest building here is ten thousand meters high. With the strength of the Night King, plus two human lords, I don't know if I can deal with the guards in it?"

"Definitely, that human being has the ability to control machinery, like a tiger that has grown wings in this El Mechanical Ruins. Just don’t know how many 10,000-meter-high buildings have been explored by them now?"

" It would be great if they can get their harvest."

There is a elven leader sighed.

The elven lord girl Wei Wei shook the head, opened the mouth and said:

"We are not their opponents. Even more how there are two guys Bai Lin and Patton looking for What about them. Let's not get involved and think about how the guards here deal with it."

Others came back to his senses, nodded.


Black Bear One crossed the sky, a group of genetic warriors were shuttled across the street, led by a lord-level Kaman.

He is one of the subordinate lords of the Patton Alliance.

Behind him, there are three Kaman chief warriors and a group of Kaman chief warriors.

A Kaman leader browses slightly wrinkle and is a bit dissatisfied:    "We joined the Barton Alliance to explore the tall buildings together. As a result, everyone is exploring now, and we are still looking for the aircraft. when. the time comes, what else can we gain?"

The Kaman Lord glared at him and said sharply:   "Say a few words! Didn't Patton say it? Just find the Night King With the two human lords, the team you will find will be rewarded. If you can hunt down the Night King and the two human lords, when the time comes, their harvest can be divided into one-tenth of the team found."

The leader of the Karman curl one's lip:    "Who knows if Patton does what he says? Moreover, the Night King and the two human lords are also very strong, and Patton and Bailin are not necessarily the same. I can keep them."

The Kaman lord's eyes flickered, and he was a little tangled.

They were not originally from the Green Fiend clan, and they joined Patton’s alliance only because it’s good to enjoy the shade under the big tree.

Is it to get more resources when the central Floating Void City is opened?    As a result, other genetic warriors who have not joined the alliance have now begun to clean up the high-rise guards and have gained something.

People like them are still looking for someone.

The Kaman Lord is naturally very anxious.

The leader of the Kaman on the side is still chattering:

"Take a step back, even if Button and Bai Lin can deal with the Night King, the Night King is not a fool, they have Flying machines, as long as they don’t come down from the sky, who can do what they do? I said the Big Brother Binby, I think we should take the opportunity to leave the Barton Alliance. Follow them, when the time comes, we will probably get very little."

Binby hearing this, his eyes flickered, and he didn't speak.

At this moment, there was a harsh whistling sound in the sky, and Bimbi and the others were complexion changed.

Everyone looked up and looked towards the direction where the howling sound came from.

Then they saw a pitch-black diamond-shaped aircraft flying quickly across the sky.

The aircraft is extremely fast, venting the air and stirring up the air waves.

Bimby and the Kaman genetic warrior were taken aback for a moment, and then everyone's eyes widened.

"It's the diamond-shaped aircraft!"

"They are in this area!"

"Notify Button!"

Binby eyes flashed, quickly took out the communication crystal and contacted Button.

Button, who was approaching one of the 10,000-meter-high buildings, suddenly stopped.

Seeing this, Bai Lin stopped, his brows frowned slightly, and he said coldly:

"What's the matter?"

Button opened Communication Crystal, seeing the news, a smirk appeared on his face:    "Someone found the aircraft."

Bai Lin's eyes flashed, and a white mist appeared all over his body, and the air suddenly cooled a few times. Spend.


"Western, I have already let people follow, and the nearby teams will stare in their direction. Now just wait for them to stop."

Bai Lin faintly opened the mouth and said: "Then go."

The two changed directions and flew towards the direction of the black bear number one.


More than ten minutes later, the Black Bear No. 1 boarded.

Amy watched the genetic warrior hunting down the patrol mechanical guards and went away from her sight. She was a little confused and opened the mouth and said:

"This is really fine. Can those two guys really find us?"

Ye Ye nodded: "Well, Xiao Bai told me that now Button and Bai Lin are in an alliance, and all the leaders of their team are leading the team. Find us."

Lu Yuan eyes flashed, showing a smile:    "It seems that they want to deal with us too, but the alliance is better and it is more convenient for us to move. Let's slow down. After flying for a while, someone should notify Patton and Bai Lin."

Nodded every night: "en."

So, Lu Yuan continued to double the speed in his aircraft. Flying at the speed of sound, after flying for more than ten minutes, Lu Yuan saw a 10,000-meter high building that they had never encountered before.

Lu Yuan eyes flashed, controlling the Black Bear One to land in the direction of the 10,000-meter-high building.

At the same time, at a distance of less than ten kilometers from the ten-thousand-meter-high building, Patton and Bai Lin flickered as they watched the black bear number one slowly descending in front of the ten-thousand-meter building in the distance.

Barton showed a smirk, his eyes full of hideousness:

"We are lucky. The direction of this aircraft is exactly the 10,000-meter-high building we were going to. It saves a lot of effort."

A cold killing intent flashed in Bai Lin's eyes, faintly opened the mouth and said:

"Go ahead, in order to guard against the Unexpected, let everyone nearby come over."

After paused, Bai Lin lightly opened the mouth and said:

"Those guys should have explored the 10,000-meter high-rise building. I don’t know what the gains will be. In order to guard against the unexpected, I have to do a few more preparations."

Barton is hearing this, with a grinning grin: "Even if you have explored a 10,000-meter-high building, how about it? Can you deal with us? At the periphery of the central Floating Void City, our level is also invincible!"

Bai Lin glanced at Barton and said indifferently:    "It's always right to be careful."

Barton's coldly snorted disdainfully: "Looking forward and back, it's hard to be a major event!"

Bai Lin's face became a bit cold, and he glanced at Barton and said nothing more.

While summoning the subordinates of their alliance, the two ran toward the 10,000-meter high-rise building.

(End of this chapter)

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