My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 147

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  Chapter 147 Killing Barton (Additional for the Alliance Leader in the world of leisure travel)

Black Bear No. 1 stop At a height of 20 meters on the street, the hatch opened and the three of Lu Yuan jumped down.

Lu Yuan controls the Black Bear One to go to the sky to prevent when the time comes from being destroyed by two king-level geniuses.

This is his future means of transportation and the house in the field. If it is destroyed, he will have no place to cry.

In the past few days, they also explored a lot of tall buildings, but they only obtained such a flying machine. One can imagine how lucky he and Amy were at that time.

Amy blinked her big eyes, looked at the mechanical guard in front, then looked at Lu Yuan and Ye Ye.

"What shall we do next?"

Ye Ye Dan opened the mouth and said: "Now Barton and Bai Lin are acting alone, unable to confirm their location, but there should be someone I’ve notified them."

Lu Yuan thought for a while: "Then they should come over. Let’s clean up the mechanical guards first. Let’s fight as usual. And the others come over and clean them up."

Amy and Ye Ye are both nodded.

Based on the various treasures they obtained from these eight million-meter-high buildings, it is not difficult to deal with two king-level geniuses, even more how one of them is also king-level. Every night of genius.

The three of them began to clean up the mechanical guards, and the rumbling sound continued to blast.

With the strength of three people, the cleaning of mechanical guards can only take less than one minute.

They did not deliberately keep their hands, lest people see that something is wrong.

Soon, even the gatekeeper was killed.

Various light clusters floated on the corpses of mechanical guards all over the floor.

Lu Yuan and the three began to pick up the light ball, taking a leisurely action.

At this moment, two figures fell from the tall building on the side.

When Patton hit the ground, it looked like a meteorite hit the ground, and a deep pit was smashed into the ground.

When Bai Lin landed, he was as light as fluffy, and looked very elegant.

After the two landed, another six genetic warriors of various races landed.

These genetic warriors are all lord-level breaths.

In addition to them, there are also a lot of leader-level geniuses on the roofs of the surrounding tall buildings.

Everyone is watching Lu Yuan three people at this moment.

The headed Patton looked at the three of them with a smirk on their faces.

"Night King, we meet again."

Bai Lin's face was cold, he raised his head and glanced at the black bear number one in the sky, and then looked towards Lu Yuan and Amy, lightly opened the mouth and said:

"It was you two who wiped out Yang Qian and Ji Gong Qing before?"

Lu Yuan raised his eyebrows and showed a smile:    "Yes, what do you want?"

Bai Lin's eyes were indifferent, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly:   "What do you want? Of course you want to."

A black cube appeared in his hand.

Lu Yuan feels a bit familiar seeing the cube.

Next moment, Bai Lin’s spiritual power is injected into the cube. There is dim-blue light flowing on the cube, and a humming sound is heard.

A light blue light curtain spread out, covering an area of ​​ten kilometers in radius.

Lu Yuan and the three of them looked at the light blue light screen, their expressions changed slightly.

Seeing the appearance of Lu Yuan's trio of complexion slightly changed, Bai Lin showed a faint smile:    "Good luck, I got a jammer that can interfere with the detachment of the crystal. I thought it was not available. , Didn't expect actually used it on you."

Barton looked savage and madly said with a smile:

"How about? Didn't expect! Hahaha, today , All your gains will belong to us."

Lu Yuan and Ye Ye and Amy looked at each other, and the three of them looked a little weird.

Next moment, Lu Yuan also took out the same cube.

He showed a slight smile:    "What a coincidence, we have just obtained this thing."

Spiritual power poured in, and another light blue light curtain emerged, Covered on the light blue light curtain before.

Two light curtains cover the entire area.

Seeing this scene, Button and Bai Lin eyes shrank, showing a hint of consternation.

When the two were shocked, one after another tall silhouette suddenly appeared in front of the three of Lu Yuan.

All are ten-meter-high mechanical guards.

There are a total of fifty, and all the mechanical guards at this moment exudes the aura of a Second Rank Peak lord.

The breath of fifty Peak lords surged, causing Barton and Bai Lin's face to change drastically, while the other lords and the leader-level genetic warrior's eyes widened, and their eyeballs were about to come out.

More than fifty Second Rank Peak lords, isn’t this too ridiculous? !

Is this a fart? !    At the moment when all the Peak Lords appeared, Bai Lin made a decisive decision, and the whole person turned into a cloud of white mist, floating towards the distance.

And Patton also has an ugly face, his whole body strength burst, his stubby legs slammed on the ground, the whole person is like a meteorite, rushing to the distance in the rumbling sound.

The three of Lu Yuan had already anticipated this scene, Lu Yuan eyes flashed, and all the mechanical lord launched an attack.

At the same time, Ye Ye rushed out of his body full of Six Paths Black Shadow Clone.

Among them, Ye Ye himself and the two shadows broke up and rushed towards Barton, while the remaining Shadow Clone and Amy rushed towards the white mist together.

Since you have already used jammers, don't let them go.

After all, every lord probably has a lot of gains.

Those who can come here are all geniuses. Everyone thought that they were surrounded by two king-levels, Patton and Bailin, six lords, and a large number of boss-levels. No matter what, they There is no reason to lose.

This is a double or even triple the difference in battle strength.

In the worst and worst case, the three of Lu Yuan escaped.

But everyone is never expected, these three people will directly come up with fifty lord-level mechanical warriors, and they are also Peak lord.

Can this be fun?   Everyone's reaction is not slow, and at the moment when the fifty lord-levels appeared, they already ran far away.

The distance of ten kilometers is not far away for them. If it is a genetic warrior that is biased towards speed, it can reach the speed of 100 meters per second at the Second Rank, and charge ahead only needs more than one minute. Bell.

At their speed, they can run out.

However, seeing everyone running away, Lu Yuan laughed and took out a mechanical instrument again.

That is a silver white pyramid instrument.

After Lu Yuan injected the spiritual power, the electromagnetic sound of zi zi flowed.

one after another The electromagnetic shield is centered on the three of Lu Yuan and spread out to the distance, finally forming a pyramid electromagnetic shield with a bottom side of about two kilometers.

Seeing that there was a shield in front of them blocking their way, everyone was complexion changed.

Bap electromagnetic shield generator (third rank): Lord-level mechanical spiritual object.

This generator can create a powerful electromagnetic shield, the size can be adjusted with the user, and the defensive ability is extremely strong.

It can easily defend against the attacks of the Second Rank genetic warrior.

Not only is it defending against external attacks, even the inside cannot be broken.

Unless Lu Yuan takes back the spiritual power supply, turn off the generator.

Obviously, Lu Yuan would not do this.

Everyone didn't expect such a generator.

Button's speed is very fast, and he has rushed to the side of the electromagnetic shield in a short time.

With a backhand, he forced the four dark Shadow Clone back with a single axe, and then a severe light flashed in his eyes, a blood flame burned all over, and he slashed towards the electromagnetic shield.


Under the rumbling sound, white radiance sputtered with a dim-blue arc, and a hole of tens of centimeters appeared.

Before Barton had time to show a smile on his face, the electromagnetic flow, the opening closed again.

The smile on Barton's face froze.

"How is it possible!?"

Lu Yuan in the distance has a calm face, he keeps inputting the spiritual power, maintaining the operation of the electromagnetic shield, and at the same time starting to control all the mechanical lord attacks.

In the face of the powerful mechanical warrior of the Second Rank Peak lord level, even the genius of the lord level cannot bear it.

After all, these lord-level geniuses just broke through to the Second Rank, and they are still some distance away from the Second Rank Peak.

Being able to hold on under the strong attack of the Lord of Second Rank Peak is already very difficult to deal with.

You must know that even Lu Yuan is full of lord genes, and has blessed three lord-level weapons, and has been defeated steadily under the attack of the lord of Second Rank Peak.

even more how how can other people have so many lord-level weapons? Maybe there is even one lord gene?   Lu Yuan ordered six mechanical lords to deal with six lord-level geniuses of various races.

Four lords were separated to deal with Patton, four lords to deal with Bailin, and the remaining thirty-six mechanical lords were all geniuses of various races at the level of hunting leaders and bosses.

Even the lord-level genius can hardly resist the offensive of the mechanical lord, even more how is it the boss-level and boss-level?    A Kaman guardian leader was stared at by a mechanical lord. The mechanical lord appeared in front of him with heavy steps, and cut down the heavy sword with the Power of Thunder in his hand.

The sword is heavy and fast.

The leader of the Kaman Guardian System cannot avoid it. He roared, his face savage, and one after another golden light flashed all over his body, condensed into a light shield in front of him, and at the same time the huge shield was lifted up and defended with all his strength. .

However, the Sword of Thunderbolt crushed the shield as soon as it hit the golden shield, and then smashed the shield with a sword, cutting the leader of the Kamanian Guardian into two pieces by the way.

The difference in battle strength between the Lord of Second Rank Peak and the low-level leader of Second Rank is too big.

Screams sounded almost everywhere, accompanied by strong spiritual power fluctuations and rumbling sound.

Don't look at the large number of leader-level and boss-level geniuses here, but this is the genius selected from the First Rank genetic warrior of more than a dozen races in the entire Baiyunzhou!

These bosses and bosses are placed outside, and they are all rarely seen geniuses. At least they can enter the Red Maple Empire Genius Camp.

But under the hunt of the machine lord, there's no resistance, even if it exhausts the means, it is just to last longer.

If there is no interference domain, they can use the escape crystal to leave.

Unfortunately, not only the jammer used by them, but even Lu Yuan also used the jammer. Everyone can't use the escape crystal now, and they can't even leave.

On the other side, Patton is fighting Yeye and Yeye’s two dark shadow clones.

Barton is extremely strong, and the genes burned overnight are very strange. Just as soon as the battle was met, Barton was suppressed by Yeye.

But Button's defensive ability is not weak, and it can barely be supported.

While he was resisting Ye Ye’s attack while trying to find a way to break the electromagnetic shield, heavy footsteps sounded, and terrifying spiritual power fluctuations came from a distance.

Button looked up and saw four Second Rank Peak lord-level mechanical warriors rushing over.

His face suddenly changed from green to blue, and the corners of his mouth twitched suddenly.

"Damn! Where did you get so many treasures?! Is the treasure in the central Floating Void City so rich?! How many tall buildings have you explored?!"

Ye Ye's face was cold, did not speak, just kept attacking.

Under the attack of every night, Patton could barely support, but after the four mechanical lords joined, just a moment, Patton was bombarded by a beam of huge psionic energy.


His body flew out and hit the wall of a tall building heavily, knocking the wall out of a deep hole, and his body fell from the height.

During the fall, he barely turned over, stepped on the wall with his feet, and instantly disappeared in place, and a lacquered Black Sword light flicked across where he was before.

Button has appeared on the roof of another tall building.

Although his Battle Armor has no scars, blood has spilled out of his body, his face is grim and he keeps gasping for breath.

"Damn it!"

Button turned his head and looked towards the electromagnetic shield on one side, a crazy color appeared in his eyes.

He took out a charm and a psionic bomb, and threw them to the electromagnetic shield.

bang bang bang!! ! A   rumbling sound rang, and the electromagnetic shield trembled and became dim.

Lu Yuan in the distance felt the instability of the electromagnetic shield, eyebrows slightly frowned.

He once again took out a silver white pyramid instrument and continued to inject spiritual power.

Om~~ The   second electromagnetic shield rises.

Barton, who originally saw the electromagnetic shield about to break, see this, complexion stiffened.

"Your mother..."

One is not enough, do you use two? !   Can't you afford to play? !    Barton's face is gloomy, and he has already planned to consume all the highly lethal items discovered from the mechanical ruins this time.

However, his plan had not been fully implemented, and Yeye was slightly frowned, and then reluctantly took out a blue purple charm.

Magnetic Energy Confinement Charm (third rank 100%): Lord Level Charm

She injects spiritual power, the blue purple charm turns into a ball of electromagnetic power, and it passes instantly Space confines Button in place.

A flash of horror flashed in the eyes of the imprisoned Button. Before he could react, he was bombarded by the psionic cannon fired by the mechanical lord in the distance, and the blood of dark green was sprayed in the air. .

While flying in the sky, one after another Black Sword light flashed past, and Barton, who could not be defended, was instantly killed.

After his death, a lot of items fell out, piled up to more than 30 meters high, almost forming a hill.

This is all of Barton’s gains from the El Mechanical Ruins this time.

I watched the hill every night, but my eyebrows wrinkled slightly, softly opened the mouth and said:


The previous spell It is one of her gains this time.

That is the spell of the third rank Peak Lord level!

Even this harvest is one of the most precious items.

Originally, she didn't plan to use it at all, but if she doesn't use it, there may be a little risk.

In desperation, Yeye can only use it.

With one, she only has fifteen left.

Too wasteful.

(End of this chapter)

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