My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 148

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  Chapter 148 kills all, caring eyes (see monthly ticket for subscription)   and in Barton’s The other side.

Bai Lin turned into a white mist and rushed in the other direction.

He naturally understands that if he is separated from Patton and splits the firepower, he will not be under that much pressure.

But he is a genetic warrior of the element system after all, even if it turns into a white mist to increase the speed, he is still stopped by the four dark shadow clones every night.

one after another black sword light slashed out from the shadow swords in the hands of the four dark Shadow Clones, and slashed towards Bai Lin.

Bai Lin was forced to retreat from the ice fog state.

He looked at the four dark Shadow Clones, his face was cold, and he frowned.

"Do you think you can deal with me with four Avatars?"

With a wave of the staff in Bai Lin's hand, the ice mist condenses and turns into one after another spiral ice spear, respectively Shooting at the four dark shadow clones, at the same time, ice mist circulated all over him, spreading towards the four dark shadow clones.

The Dark Shadow Clone, who was avoiding the spiral ice spear, cut out one after another sword light from time to time, but was blocked by the ice shield in front of Bai Lin.

As the ice fog spread, the bodies of the four dark Shadow Clones gradually became stiff, and their speed slowed down a bit.

A sneer flashed in Bai Lin's eyes, and the four Avatars in trifling wanted to stop him, and they looked down on him a little too much.

At this moment, Bai Lin felt extremely dangerous.

His complexion changed, his body turned into ice mist and disappeared in place.

At his original location, a cloud of purple metal fell.

Next, Bai Lin's pupils not far away dilated instantly.

The purple light ball burst open, and the ferocious Power of Thunder spread.

Even if Bai Lin turned into ice mist and escaped the most central explosion area, he did not escape the spread of Power of Thunder.

The terrifying destructive power surged, and his ice shield fragments shattered. Next, his body was thrown out, and the thunder poured into his body. The original frost and flawless body gradually turned into The color of burnt black.

With just one blow, Bai Lin was nearly dead.

Behind the roof not far away, strips of Tianluo wisteria were shot, instantly binding the scorched Bai Lin into a ball.

The terrifying power on Tianluo Wisteria erupts.

ka ka ka ……

Bai Lin, who was already almost a scorched corpse, was instantly crushed into a ball.

Behind the roof, Amy secretly looked up at the black mass in the distance, with a hint of cautiously in her eyes.

She thought for a while, and took out a second Rank Peak lord formidable power's frost grenade.

Tian Luo Wisteria threw the frost grenade to the black clump.


The black mass was broken by the force of terror and turned into pieces of crushed ice, and Amy was relaxed.

She stuck out her tongue, patted her little tablet, with a hint of lingering fear in her eyes:    "As expected of a king-level genius, the spiral ice gun formidable power really strong, hit me a few times I can't stop it, fortunately I have a lot of spells and psionic bombs."

I used psionic bombs obtained from a 10,000-meter-high building.

X1 type thunderstorm bomb (third rank 100%): Lord-level psionic item.

She still has a lot of this kind of psionic items, which can be exploded for a long time.

But Amy didn't expect that the formidable power of the lord-level psionic power of this third rank Peak would be so great.

The king-class Heaven's Chosen was blown up all at once.

She was already planning to go and throw a few more.

It's a pity that I didn't try other styles.

But the formidable power should not be bad.

Amy is a little happy, she has something to blow up next time.

At this moment, four mechanical lords ran over.

Their red eyes swept around, and after seeing a frozen fragment, Red's eyes flashed.

"Di! Di! The goal has been cleared, and the mission is complete!"

The four mechanical lords returned to their original path.

And Amy looked towards a lot of things that fell out after the black ball was blown to pieces.

Looking at something like a hill, Amy's eyes sparkled, revealing a color of surprise.

"A lot of treasures! This Young Lady is also a profitable person! As expected of this Young Lady!"

Amy is nodded with her hands on her hips.

Then ran over to put everything away.


And there are only six Lord-level geniuses not far from Lu Yuan.

They were entangled by six mechanical lords. They couldn't beat and beat them. They wanted to run but couldn't run. They were just struggling to support them.

Of these six Lord-level geniuses, two of them are Green Fiend, two are Hoarfrost, one is Kaman, and one is Kobold.

I have to say, it is indeed a lord-level genetic warrior, and the combat innate talent is not weak.

Although facing the mechanical guard of Lord Peak, with various combat skills and battle skills, as well as previous gains, it barely dragged on for a few minutes.

At this moment, the psionic cannon in the hands of a mechanical lord shot out and fell on the green Fiend wearing a robe and gasping for breath.


The rumbling sound rang.

The green Fiend elemental warrior screamed and flew out, hit the wall of the tall building heavily, sprayed with blood, and slowly landed.

The mechanical lord will not sympathize, one after another psionic cannon fired continuously, and the rumbling sound made Green Fiend scream, and it also fell on the hearts of the other five lord warriors.

The whole rumbling sound in their hearts is constantly shaking, and their hearts are cold.

Soon, the psionic cannon stopped, and Green Fiend's body fell into a deep pit on the ground.

Seeing this, the other five people felt the bleak feeling of if the rabbit dies, the fox grieves in their hearts. Their eyes were red, staring at Lu Yuan who was maintaining the electromagnetic shield.

Lord Kobold roared:

"Human!! I heard that you are also Lord level?! Have the ability to fight with you grandfather me!!"

Lu Yuan glanced at him: "What's wrong!"

I still need to maintain the electromagnetic shield.

Lu Yuan expressed that he did not want to leave him, and lost a mechanical lord to him.

The mechanical lord who used the psionic cannon just killed Lord Green Fiend and became empty. Lu Yuan was thrown by him to Lord Kobold.

Lord Kobold was originally full of anger. When he saw that the mechanical lord who killed Green Fiend aimed his muzzle at him, his eyes widened and his face was bewildered.

"What am I..."

Then, Lord Kobold was overwhelmed by the psionic cannon.

The remaining four lord-level warriors became more and more cold in their hearts and their scalp numb.

A mechanical lord, they can't deal with it, now there are two more.

Three fights one, this is exactly three fathers beating one son.

They already know that they have no way to survive.

The Kaman's face was horrified, and looked towards Lu Yuan:    "Human! Friend!!! My lord!!! I came here at the order of Patton! I am innocent!! You let go I, I am willing to give you all the treasures!"

Lu Yuan glanced at the Kaman with a bit of speechlessness, and threw two mechanical lords to him.

The Kaman's eyes widened, and before he could speak, he was overwhelmed by the psionic cannon.

Lu Yuan saw the piles of things like hills after the death of the Kaman, and couldn’t help but complain:

"This is really a cute. You are dead, what are you? It’s not mine?"

After all, everyone entered the Ayer’s machinery ruins this time. Things must fall out when they die. Even the cultivation base from the previous breakthrough has to fall back, and you have to lose one. A truly extraordinary gene.

What happened when you came in, and what happened when you died out. This time when you enter the Land of Origin, everything has nothing to do with you.

The remaining Green Fiend and the two Hoarfrost men saw that the Kaman was also dead, and their eyes were cold.

A beautiful Hoarfrost girl looked at Lu Yuan, ice-cold saying:

"Human! You won't be proud of it for long! Bailin Young Master will avenge us! "

Another Hoarfrost Boy also sneered:

"Yes, our Young Master will definitely come to avenge us!"

Their tone Barely fell, a silver flowing light flashed past, and ran over with the four mechanical lords.

Amy fell to the ground with a surprise smile on her face:

"A big liar, a big liar! I killed the King of Hoarfrost! He has so many good things." ! But compared to ours, there is still a gap."

The two Hoarfrost people: "???"

They stared wide-eyed and looked incredulous. Looked at Amy.

Crazy eyes flashed in the eyes of the beautiful Hoarfrost Girl, and she screamed:

"Impossible! Young Master’s innate talent is unparalleled in the world! A natural king! How could it be possible? Die in the hands of a human being like you?! You must be lying to me!!"

Amy blinked her big purple eyes when she heard the girl's scream, and looked at Lu Yuan innocently: "What's wrong with her?"

Lu Yuan looked at the two Baishuang people who were a little broken, but also looked innocent:   "How do I know?"

Lu Yuan said Unable to understand and lost seven mechanical lords to the two Hoarfrost.

Four of them came back with Amy. Originally, Lu Yuan asked them to help suppress that Bai Lin.

I didn't expect Amy to be so fierce that he directly bombed him to death.

Lu Yuan thought of something, and asked inadvertently:

"By the way, Amy, what did you use to blow him up?"

Amy was a little bit interested:

"I used an X1 thunderstorm bomb to blow him up half to death, and then I was afraid that he would cheat the body, and threw him a frost grenade, and finally blew him up. In pieces!"

Lu Yuan: "..."

Hearing the first words Amy said, Lu Yuan's heart hurts.

Good guy, you kill a low-level Second Rank warrior, do you use the third rank Peak Lord's bomb? !

Seeing Amy looking excited, Lu Yuan almost squirted out a mouthful of blood.

However, that was the spoils of war assigned to Amy after all. Lu Yuan could only feel distressed and could do nothing about it.

Is this guy too prodigal?

At this moment, the two Hoarfrost people are dead, and the remaining green Fiend put up a desperate struggle, but there is no one. With so many mechanical lords, one person and one teaching can crush him. .

Although his final ending was not crushed, it was not much different.

After another meeting, Ye Ye returned, with four mechanical lords.

She faintly opened the mouth and said:

"Barton is dead."

Lu Yuan nodded, said with a smile: "Thanks."

Hearing this, Amy suddenly jumped up dissatisfied:    "Wow! Big liar! You didn't say I worked hard!"

Lu Yuan: " ???"

He looked at Amy dumbfounded.

This guy lost a bomb, what a hard work! ?

But seeing Amy’s cute face with a bulging face, Lu Yuan said seriously:

"Amy Eldest Young Lady is a strong adult after all! I think it’s hard work. It’s nothing to you. I told you hard work, don’t you think that Amy Eldest Young Lady is not mature enough?"

When Amy heard it, he blinked, nodded:

"You are right, this Young Lady is indeed an adult. Hmm! You have a heart!"

Amy's proudly patted Lu Yuan's shoulder.

Lu Yuan raised the corners of his mouth slightly, still this guy is so coaxing.

Every night on the side looked at Amy, his eyes gradually softened, and even more caring.

Amy noticed Ye Ye’s sight and looked towards Ye Ye with some doubts, slightly frowned:   " Ye Ye , why are you looking at me like this?"

Ye Ye was silent, and asked curiously: "Amy, how old are you?"

Amy laughed, her little face full of triumph:   "This Young Lady is sixteen."


Ye Ye is silently nodded, and the color of care in his eyes is a little heavier.

Lu Yuan also noticed Ye Ye’s eyes, his mouth twitched, and a dry cough:    "It seems that all the geniuses have been killed. Let's go and collect the spoils of war."


Amy's eyes lit up and she jumped up.

She still likes collecting spoils of war.

The night by the side is also nodded, continue to look at happy Amy with caring eyes.


When the three of Lu Yuan began to collect spoils of war, they were only more than ten kilometers away from this battlefield.

A team of Kamans were pale, and their eyes were full of terrified looks.

The leader of the Kaman, Binbi, had a solemn expression and stared at the dim communication crystal.

The atmosphere fell into a dead silence.

After a long period of silence, a Kaman leader behind Binby opened his mouth, his voice a little bit difficult opened the mouth and said:

"Bin, Binby's big brother, this ......"

Binby's eyes flickered, and the hand holding the communication crystal shook slightly, his voice was a little hoarse:

"The communication crystal cannot be contacted, Barton is not in the ruins. It’s."

He looked up and looked towards at the end of the street with a dim-blue rays of light flashing electromagnetic shield, his eyes were full of incredulity:    "He actually died inside. ......"

The leader of the Kaman next to the side quickly opened the mouth and said:

"Binby big brother! Please contact Bai Lin! See what Bai Lin has Not dead?"

Binbi was nodded and began to contact Bai Lin.

But as soon as I contacted the Communication Crystal, it became dim again.

The atmosphere was silent again, and all the Kamans were dumbfounded, staring at the dim communication crystal.

"How is this possible?"

Someone whispered to himself, in disbelief.

"Whether it is Barton or Bai Lin, they are all king-level Heaven's Chosen... How could they die here? Obviously they are already standing in pinnacle here."

At this moment, the electromagnetic shield in the distance suddenly dissipated, and Bimbi and the others were shocked and panicked.

After seeing no one at the end of the street, a cold sweat appeared on Binby’s forehead:    "Go! Get out of here! In less than a day, as long as we encounter the diamond-shaped aircraft, we Just run!"

The others are also crazy and nodded, one by one the Kaman burst out with all their strength and ran towards the distance, fast, and hate to have two legs.

In addition to the Binby team, the other six search teams led by lord-level geniuses failed to catch up with the three of Lu Yuan and fell behind.

Now they are also beginning to realize that they can no longer contact Patton and Bai Lin.

Everyone was panicked and terrified, and some couldn't believe the news that Bai Lin and Button had died.

But this is indeed the case. Everyone has discovered at this moment that it turns out that the Night King and the two human lords cannot provoke them at all.

They are all far away from this area, and the news that the three of Lu Yuan were ambushed by the two kings Bailin and Patton but killed them, gradually spread from them.

(End of this chapter)

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