My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 149

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  Chapter 149 The Recognizing Master of Ayer Machinery Relics (see monthly ticket for subscription)    Floating Void City in the central In front of a two-kilometer-high building in Beijing, Huo Tianhua and several human chief-level geniuses looked at the news on the communication crystal at the moment, dumbfounded.

After being silent, a black hair teenager screamed in disbelief:

"My mother!! What kind of monsters are those two humans!? They actually killed the king? !"

Because the higher the genetic quality, the greater the improvement for oneself, the king-level genes can be much stronger than the lord-level genes.

The lord-level genius can actually kill the king-level genius, which looks like a fantasy story.

But the Night King and two lords of the same race did it.

"Although there is a night king, the opponent has two king-levels together. Either the battle strength of the two lords of the same race is terrifying, or they have obtained a very powerful treasure. No matter where it is One kind, now in this central Floating Void City, I am afraid that the group of them can already walk unhindered."

Huo Tianhua's eyes flickered, his eyes still carrying a look of shock.

"There is less than one day left. If we meet them, we will avoid them, lest they think about it when the time comes and clean us out."

Everyone else is nodded.


In the entire central Floating Void City, all geniuses gradually learned the news.

About Lu Yuan The trio cleaned Bai Lin, Patton, and a group of Lord-level geniuses out of the El mechanical ruins, shocking everyone.

For a while, no matter who it is, I thought that if I met Lu Yuan entire group, I would have a strategic withdrawal to avoid conflict when the time comes.

At this moment, the three of Lu Yuan are distributing the items dropped by Patton and Bailin, as well as a lot of lord-level and boss-level geniuses.

As king-level geniuses, Button and Bai Lin have gained the most.

Most of them are First Rank items, but in the core area, many Second Rank items are also harvested.

In all, each of them has a wealth of about one billion Second Rank Spirit Crystal.

Together, two people can barely compare with the wealth of a 10,000-meter-high building.

One can imagine why everyone wants to enter the central Floating Void City madly.

The resources here are the most abundant areas of the entire El Machinery Ruins.

Even if it is the two kings of Bailin and Barton, the gains in the steel city below are hard to compare with a 10,000-meter-high building, which is enough to show how rich the resources of the central Floating Void City are.

As for the others, all lords and chiefs combined are less rewarding than a king.

For the three of Lu Yuan who have now explored nearly ten thousand-meter-high buildings, it can only be said that it is barely good.

What makes Lu Yuan happy is that after everyone died, there were Al core fragments falling, and there were almost more than 300 pieces in total.

Even Lu Yuan has never obtained so many Al core fragments.

For Amy and Yeye, the El core fragment is useless, but for Lu Yuan, it is of great use.

All the core fragments of Aier were taken by Lu Yuan.

He absorbed all the core fragments of El one after another.

As the more Al core fragments were absorbed, Lu Yuan found that his relationship with Al mechanical ruins became closer.

After absorbing nearly a hundred El core fragments, the Evolution Cube in Lu Yuan's body suddenly shook.


The rumbling sound in Lu Yuan's brain sounded.

The invisible thread that dissipated before appeared again.

Unlike last time in a tall building, Lu Yuan is outside this time. He found that the direction corresponding to the invisible thread turned out to be the central mechanical throne, and he seemed to want to connect with the mechanical throne. .

Lu Yuan was a little surprised.

He was a little curious, what would happen if the invisible silk thread and the mechanical throne were connected together, and began to continue to absorb these El core fragments.

When Lu Yuan absorbed nearly 300 pieces of Al core fragments, the invisible silk thread was finally connected with the mechanical throne.

bang!! ! The   entire central Floating Void City shook slightly.

Everyone in Floating Void City was taken aback, their eyes widened, and their faces were horrified.


"What happened?? The central Floating Void City actually shakes?"

"An earthquake?!"



Amy and Ye Ye, who were collecting various spoils of war, both had a meal. They looked up in shock and looked around.

"What happened? Why does the central Floating Void City seem to shake?"

Amy was a little shocked.

Ye Ye's eyes were also shocked.

She has never heard of it, and the central Floating Void City will vibrate.

Lu Yuan was also shocked.

However, his shock is different from that of Amy and Ye Ye.

Lu Yuan found that he had a deeper connection with the mechanical ruins of Al, and even he seemed to be connected to the core of the mechanical ruins of Al.

This feeling is a bit similar to that of Lu Yuan before and the spiritual object recognizing Master.

This is what shocked Lu Yuan the most.

What are you kidding? !

Ayre’s mechanical ruins are the same as the spiritual object, can they recognize the Master? !   If recognizing the Master, is he the owner of El Mechanical Ruins?   Can you master the entire mechanical ruins? !   Although Lu Yuan doesn't know if he can completely grasp the entire ruins.

But now, Lu Yuan feels that even if he leaves the El Mechanical Ruins after the trial is over, he can come back here at any time by relying on his connection with the Iron Throne.

This alone shocked Lu Yuan.

You must know that the resources in the mechanical ruins of El are so rich, if he can return in the future, then the resources of the entire mechanical ruins are his alone!

Although the highest level of the El Mechanical Ruins is the third rank, which is the War General level.

But this is the entire El mechanical relic world!    Just a 10,000-meter-high building alone has a Second Rank Spirit Crystal of two and three billion. What about the high-rise buildings in the Central Region?

Where is the mechanical throne in the middle?

So many resources are enough to make Lu Yuan's wealth comparable to War King and even Battle Sovereign level.

The surprise was so big that Lu Yuan was a little confused.

So it turns out that the core fragment of Al is actually doing this? Absorb the core and master the entire mechanical remains.

If this is the case, it is all due to Lu Yuan's Evolution Cube that can absorb El core fragments.

Lu Yuan does not believe that none of so many people have studied the core fragment of Al before.

I'm afraid there are many people who study this thing, and as a result, no one can absorb multiple core fragments of Al.

But Lu Yuan can be absorbed by the Evolution Cube.

What the hell is this Evolution Cube? !   Lu Yuan took a deep breath, pressing the doubts in my heart, and calming down the excitement.

For the time being, this matter of oneself must not be spread out.

This wealth is too great. If you say that you can enter and exit the Ayre machinery ruins at will, I am afraid that when the time comes, even Battle Sovereign and even the Battle Emperor will look at him.

Lu Yuan no longer thinks too much, as nothing happened.

After the invisible thread was connected with the mechanical throne, the vibration of the central Floating Void City disappeared.

Amy and Ye Ye already looked around with suspicion in their eyes.

After confirming that the central Floating Void City is no longer vibrating, Amy asked with some confusion:   "What happened just now?"

Ye Ye shook the head .

Lu Yuan is also laughed: "Maybe there is some mutation, let's continue to explore other tall buildings."

Upon hearing Lu Yuan’s words, Amy and Yeye’s eyes flashed , Nodded.

In the last less than a day after that, the three of Lu Yuan rode the Black Bear One, exploring the entire periphery of the central Floating Void City.

Fly around the Floating Void City outer circle area, even if the Black Bear One speeds up, it will take several hours.

However, with their strength, the mechanical guard in front of the 10,000-meter high-rise building is not an opponent at all, and they quickly explored all the 10,000-meter high-rise buildings.

After exploring the 10,000-meter high-rise building, the three of Lu Yuan carefully explored a section of the road toward the Central Region.

It was found that even the patrolling mechanical guards are the third rank bosses.

It is troublesome just to patrol guards with their current strength, let alone guards in front of tall buildings.

In desperation, the three of them had no choice but to retreat, seeking the next best thing, and began to explore the surrounding 8,000-meter-high buildings, 5,000-meter-high buildings and 3,000-meter-high buildings.

What makes Lu Yuan a little puzzled is that it is true that they flew by on the Black Bear One, and everyone genetic warrior will immediately escape and dare not meet them.

Then Lu Yuan thought for a while. It should have been the news that Bai Lin and Button had been killed before.

After all, they did not kill all the powerhouses of the two alliances of kings at the time, and some of the lords obviously did not come over.

I’m afraid they discovered that Button and Bai Lin have left the ruins, so they guessed it?

Lu Yuan is not surprised, but feels that this is cleaner.


At the same time, Hoarfrost Star is tens of thousands of light-years away from Daqi Star.

This is a white planet covered by frost in an overwhelming majority area. There is wind and snow roaring all year round on the planet, and the temperature is extremely low.

There is a great hall of ice crystals on an ice peak of thousands of meters on Hoarfrost Star.

In a room in the great hall, white light flashed, and Bai Lin's body emerged.

There is a trace of cold killing intent on his face, his face is extremely ugly.


The original cold Bai Lin roared, the power of hoarfrost surged all over, the furniture in the whole room was destroyed by the terrifying force, and the room was attached There are thick ice crystals.

Hearing the movement, the door of the room was opened, and two beautiful girls in snow-white dresses walked in.

After seeing Bai Lin, the two girls opened their eyes wide, and their eyes were full of look of shock.

"Young Master?"

The two looked at each other, a little confused.

Shouldn’t the Young Master be in the place of origin now?

It shouldn’t be the time to come out yet, right? The   two did not say it, but their eyes were full of consternation.

Bai Lin took a deep breath and calmed down the color of anger in his heart.

He turned his head and glanced at the two girls, faintly nodded: "I'm fine."

At this moment, an ice mist suddenly appeared in the room, and the white mist condensed. Turned into a very handsome white-haired man.

His gaze swept across the room full of broken furniture, his brows frowned slightly, and he looked towards Bai Lin:

"At this time, you should be at the El Mechanical Ruins."

He looked at Bai Lin, his brow furrowed deeper:    "Your cultivation base shouldn't be First Rank either."

Bai Lin complexion changed, biting slightly He gritted his teeth and squeezed out a few words with difficulty:

"...I was killed."

The handsome man was full of strong chills, and he was not far away. A white-haired girl shiver coldly, hurriedly crawled on the ground.

The handsome man looked at Bai Lin deeply:

"Who killed it?"

Bai Lin thought of the sky full of lightning, and the corners of his mouth twitched. .

His face is ugly: "Tian Ming Empire Princess... there are two humans."

"Ye Mu's daughter? I have heard of her, she inherited Ye Ming Sheng The shadow walker gene of the actor is rare in the Baiyun Star Domain. Heaven's Chosen, but..."

The handsome man looked at Bai Lin, slightly opened the mouth and said:

, You are also a natural king gene, you are not as good as a Heaven's Chosen of the same level, which disappoints me too much."

Bai Lin complexion stiffened, gritted his teeth sharply: "I didn’t lose to the Princess of Heaven! It’s just them. I was able to enter the central Floating Void City ahead of time. I was slow for a few hours!"

The handsome man had a meal and looked at Bai Lin with a trace of doubt in his eyes:    "Enter the central Floating Void City ahead of time? "

"Yes! Princess Tianming cooperated with the two human lords. Among them, the human lords have obtained special treasures that can control mechanical life, and they have also obtained flying vehicles! The two are related! Plus, they actually entered the central Floating Void City ahead of time! If it weren’t for them to slow down for a few hours, I wouldn’t lose!"

Listening to Bai Lin’s explanation, the handsome man narrowed his eyes. With a trace of bright light flashing in his eyes:    "The special treasure that controls mechanical life? What level of mechanical life can be controlled?"

Bai Lin thought for a while, opened the mouth and said:

"Should be able to control the mechanical lord of the Second Rank, even higher level will not work."

The handsome man shook the head slightly:

"It's a pity , If it is higher level, then it can do a lot in the face of Machine Race."

With his strength, Second Rank level creatures can destroy countless people with a single thought.

Even with this special treasure, it is of little use to him.

Then he opened the mouth and said faintly:

"Fortune is also a part of strength. If you lose, you lose. If you don't dare to admit it, how can you win it back in the future? Failure is not terrifying , The terrifying thing is that you don’t even have the courage to admit defeat."

Bai Lin paused and bowed his head deeply:

"...I know, I will win it back." Yes."

The handsome man was faintly nodded: "en."

His body turned into a cloud of white mist, slowly dissipating.


In the other direction from Daqixing, there is a green magic star hundreds of thousands of light-years away.

There are weird green lakes in the Green Magic Star, with green weird gas floating in the sky.

The land was barren and cracked.

In a wildly styled Earth Palace, white light flashed, Patton's body emerged and appeared in a room full of various giant beast skulls.

His face is grim, and his eyes are full of tyrannical rays of light.

Next moment, there is a bloody flame burning on his body.

bang!! ! The   battle axe appeared in his hand, and he smashed a huge bull-shaped skull with one axe.

"Ahhhh!!! Damn human! Damn night king!! Labor and management will kill you sooner or later!!"

Patton roared furiously.

At this moment, his body seemed to be overwhelmed by the terrifying weight, and the whole person was lying on the ground. The ground sank several centimeters, forming a shallow pit.


The stone gate of the room turned into powder, and a green Fiend wearing a hideous Bone Armor walked in.

His blood-colored eyes glanced at Barton who was lying on the ground, his voice hoarse:    "Waste! He died from the land of origin, or died in the remains of El's machinery. "

The blood in his eyes was light flashed, and with a thud, Patton's body sank again.

Barton's face turned pale, his whole body sang ka ka, and his mouth spurt a mouthful of blood.

But his expression is still hideous, his eyes are fierce and tyrannical, and his teeth are clenched.

The bloody green Fiend looked at Button silently, and he was silent for a long time. He was coldly snorted:    "Trash! I will cultivation during this time, and come back next time!"

said He turned and left, leaving a golden ball of light on the spot.

There are strange lines circulating in the light group one after another.

The king-level transcendent gene.

After bloodfiend Green Fiend left, the pressure on Patton disappeared, he coughed up a mouthful of blood, silently crawled out of the pit, climbed to the golden light ball, and grasped the golden light Tuan, the blood-filled face is as hideous as a ghost.


At the same time, the last day in the Ayre Machinery Ruins has finally come to an end.

There is one after another white light flashing in the entire El mechanical ruins.

At this moment, everyone in the El Mechanical Ruins, no matter what the cultivation base, whether the original light gate has been completely restored, under the white light, all their light gates are completely repaired.

Next moment, a strong suction came, and they wanted to kick them out of the ruins and the place of origin.

The three of Lu Yuan who were coming out of an 8,000-meter-high building also felt this kind of suction.

The expressions of the three of them changed slightly, and Amy was still unfinished:    "Is the time for the ruins? So fast."

Ye Ye is also nodded: "en. "

Lu Yuan laughed: "It seems that all of us are going out."

Amy thought of something, looked towards Lu Yuan: "There are still some resources that have not been allocated, wait Next time we enter the Land of Origin and redistribute it."

Ye Ye faintly opened the mouth and said:

"Next time we enter the Land of Origin, we will go to Baiyun City to gather."

Lu Yuan nodded: "Also."

There are indeed some things that have not been allocated, and it is too late now.

Especially the most precious civilization inheritance crystal.

This can make Ye Ye and Amy fight.

They explored a total of 22 10,000-meter-high buildings and 15 8,000-meter-high buildings, and harvested a total of nine inheritance crystals.

This knowledge is an extremely precious treasure.

The three made an appointment. Next time, they will go to Baiyun City to gather, and then allocate precious items. Then the three will no longer resist the suction power brought by the light gate, and have left the Ayre machinery ruins one after another.

When he left, Lu Yuan glanced at the Mechanical Throne. In his eyes, there was an invisible light connecting him and the Mechanical Throne.

(End of this chapter)

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