My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 150

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2021-10-14   Chapter 150 Kai shock, Baiyun Zhou famous (cloud quiet Alliance Leader plus more)

real world, Red Maple Empire Genius Camp, dormitory building 112.

In Lu Yuan's room, white radiance flashed by, and Lu Yuan's body emerged.

As soon as Lu Yuan appeared, his eyes were in a daze, and then he looked around before confirming that he had returned to his dormitory.

Lu Yuan fell backwards, lying on the bed, exhaled, and his face was exhausted.

Although there are only twelve days in the Ayre Machinery Ruins, these twelve days are all fighting, and the spirit is tense, and there is no rest at all.

Even with Lu Yuan’s current spirit strength, I feel tired.

Now after I come back, my spirit relaxes, and I feel tired one after another.

Lu Yuan went to take a shower, then lay on the bed, closed his eyes and went to sleep.

When Lu Yuan woke up, it was already second day.

Having a good rest all night, Lu Yuan feels full of energy.

He took out the phone and found several missed calls.

There are Li Qinghe, Xue Wang, Wang Xiangxiang, Zhuo Ming, and even Lu Yuan didn’t expect Si Tingyu.

There are also many unread messages in Guangxin. The first is Li Qinghe.

"Fate younger brother, did you come out of the place of origin?"

"Fate younger brother, is it going well? How is the harvest?"

" Yuan younger brother?? I’ll be angry if I don’t reply to my sister?!"

"Lu Yuan!! I'm coming to Genius Camp to beat you up!"

"No Did you fall asleep?! Give your sister a message after you get up!"

Lu Yuan: "..."

Seeing a message, his face full of black lines, as if he could Seeing Li Qinghe's a little angry expression.

He called back quickly.

phone soon rang, Li Qinghe came across some lazy voice:   "! Hey"

Lu Yuan coughed, some regret: " Sister Qinghe, I slept yesterday. I haven't had a good rest for twelve days in the Ayre Machinery Ruins."

He is still a bit sorry in his heart. He was so tired last night that I didn't even think about it. Li Qinghe would worry about him and just fell asleep.

" ? margin younger brother"

Li Qinghe seemed to wake up a little, she snorted lightly:   "! sister know you're sleeping"

subsequently, Li Qinghe changed the subject:    "how kind in El mechanical relics go okay the ruins of resources in Baiyun Zhou is quite substantial, especially in the First Rank and Second Rank of the time, if the harvest?? If it’s good, you don’t have to worry about the early resources."

Lu Yuan laughed: "The harvest is really good."

Li Qinghe said with a smile: "Really good? Follow Sister talk about how much you have gained? With your strength, even if you can't go to the central Floating Void City, you should be able to hit a few hundred meters high building, right?"

Lu Yuan corner of mouth twitching: "Sister Qinghe, you too underestimated me, right? I went to the Central Floating Void City, and now the cultivation base is already Second Rank."

Li Qinghe was taken aback, and his voice was a little surprised:

"Already Second Rank? I remember that your cultivation base hasn't reached First Rank Perfection before, right?"

Lu Yuan laughed: "Get a lot of strong spirit transformation power gene liquid."

"en? You can even get strong spirit transformation force gene liquid? It seems that the harvest is really good."

Li Qinghe obviously also knows the role of strong spirit transformation force gene liquid , Can make people's cultivation progress much faster.

After all, the difficulty of absorption is too low.

Lu Yuan laughed: "As for the entire El Machinery Ruins, my harvest should be considered the most?"

Even if you don’t count the gains from entering El Machinery Ruins, Just this time, he has gained the most.

After all, Amy and Yeye have given him a lot of resources, and every time they can’t evenly distribute the resources, unless they have special needs, they also give Lu Yuan an extra.

Li Qinghe couldn't help but laugh when he heard this: "Huh? Yuan younger brother, after only a few days, you will make your sister happy with the joke? Are you in love with your sister? "

Li Qinghe didn't take Lu Yuan's words seriously.

Although she knows that Lu Yuan is quite strong, he is considered a genius in the Red Maple Empire, and it can only be considered good in the entire Daqixing.

And what is the relic of Ayer?   That is the whole Baiyun Zhou, in the real world, but clouds Star Domain dozens of ethnic talent Commander.

In Li Qinghe's view, Lu Yuan's innate talent should be considered upstream if the cultivation talent is counted, but it is definitely unrealistic to talk about Peak.

There are many genius monsters in Baiyun Star Domain, and there are all born kings.

The first harvest, which is obviously a joke.

See Li Qinghe do not believe, Lu Yuan rolled the eyes.

I just said that Sister Qinghe has gained the most. I don’t believe it anymore. If I say that the entire Aier machinery remains will be mine in the future, then Sister Qinghe is afraid that I am dreaming?   Sometimes telling the truth is not believed ah.

Lu Yuan helplessly opened the mouth and said:

"Sister Qinghe, I really gained the most this time."

"Cut~you I don’t know when I’m a sister? In Baiyunzhou, there are three natural kings who have entered the El Mechanical Ruins this time. Don’t tell me that even those three natural kings are not as good as you."

Li Qinghe's voice was smiling, obviously still not believing it.

Lu Yuan said solemnly: "Two of the kings were killed by me. They didn’t gain anything at all. One of them was an ally with me, but my ally gave me a lot of things, and she gained. Compared to me, it's still a bit worse."

As soon as Lu Yuan finished speaking, Li Qinghe on the opposite side was stunned.

Li Qinghe Lu Yuan hear some serious voice, she blinked, a little uncertain:    "margin younger brother ...... you say that again two king is born to kill you? Are you going crazy?!"

Lu Yuan sees Li Qinghe and still doesn’t believe it, some helplessly said:

"This time, it should be no small thing, There should be news, Sister Qinghe, if you don’t believe me, you can go to to check it later. When I come back this weekend, I can show you my harvest this time."

Li Qinghe: "???"

Seeing Lu Yuan say so seriously, Li Qinghe's eyes widened, a little confused.

Is this lovely fate younger brother telling the truth? !   will not it? ?    although for Lu Yuan Li Qinghe very good, feel good talent Lu Yuan, the future is even possible achievement Battle Emperor, but this requires Lu Yuan then continue to work hard.

In terms of starting point, Lu Yuan's starting point is very low, at least in the early stage, Lu Yuan should not be able to compete with those geniuses who have inherited their ancestors' genes.

As a result, Lu Yuan now tells her that he killed two kings at the El Mechanical Ruins! ?

This makes Li Qinghe feel like he is dreaming.

Li Qinghe fell silent, and his voice became serious:

"What you said is true?!"

Lu Yuan nodded: "Of course it is really "

Lu Yuan Li Qinghe's hear some shortness of breath up, and then she asked, curious opening:   "? how do you do "

Lu Yuan smiled and recounted what happened before.

Of course, Lu Yuan didn't say that he could evolve genes, and he also recognized the Ayre machinery ruins as the Master.

Both of these are related to the Evolution Cube, which is Lu Yuan's biggest secret.

Even if Lu Yuan knows that Li Qinghe treats him well and cares about him, he will not speak out.

Regarding the Evolution Cube, he intends to keep it in his heart for the rest of his life, unless he is completely invincible.

It doesn't matter then.

Li Qinghe listened to Lu Yuan's narration and couldn't help but froze.

When I heard that Amy and Yeye were his allies, Li Qinghe curled his mouth slightly:

"Yuan younger brother is amazing? Lian Tian Luo's Battle Emperor's The child and the Princess of the Heavenly Underworld Empire, the natural king, are allied with you, good enough?"

Lu Yuan was stunned after listening, he was a little puzzled: "Sister Qinghe, how do you feel that your tone is like It’s a little strange?"

Li Qinghe was taken aback, and then shook the head: "No, am I not normal? I just think my family’s younger brother is very good."

Lu Yuan listening does seem quite normal, his mouth raised a little proud:   "? that is, you do not see who I am"

Li Qinghe laughed: "If people know You would be surprised if you killed two king-level geniuses. I am afraid that the entire Daqi will be shaken, and even in Baiyunzhou, you can hear a little of your name."

Lu Yuan was taken aback. :   "? it Should not bE it such a fuss?"

Li Qinghe laughed: " you do not understand, the remains of Al mechanical genius has always been a New Generation clash site, although it can not count all the genius , But it’s a bit of real value. It’s amazing to be able to kill two Heaven's Chosen kings. Hehe~ As expected, my younger brother, my sister did not kill two Heaven's Chosen kings back then. ."

Li Qinghe's laughter carried a hint of pride.

Lu Yuan's mouth twitched.

Is he going to be famous?   Honestly, I feel like he known no good ah.

It can't bring him any resources, but it also makes him pay more attention.

Lu Yuan shook the head slightly, no longer thinking about it.

Li Qinghe smiled and opened the mouth and said:

"Since the younger brothers are so good, my sister has to work hard, too. I'm going to cultivated... By the way, You are famous, I’m afraid someone will ask you to join their family or consortium when the time comes. If you want to join, join your sister’s family. If you don’t want to join, don’t worry about it. Your sister will take care of it. Also, Your treasure, which controls mechanical life, is useless for powerhouse, but it is still attractive to those who are weak. Whether it is dealing with Machine Race or the place of origin, some mechanical life monsters have miraculous effects. I'm afraid when the time comes Someone will look at you. Sister, I will warn some of the powerhouses. As for the weak, you should be able to send it by yourself."

Lu Yuan hearing this, I was moved.

Sister Qinghe is really very good to him, this thigh is really comfortable.

Lu Yuan's mind recalled Li Qinghe's straight long legs.

He gave a dry cough and pressed his thoughts to the bottom of his heart, nodded:

"I know, many thanks Sister Qinghe."

"Okay, sister, I Go to cultivation!"

Li Qinghe hung up the call, and a beep sound came.

Lu Yuan couldn't help but slightly laughed.

Next is the message from Si Tingyu. Unlike Li Qinghe, Li Qinghe is an information bombing. Si Tingyu only sent one sentence.

Posted last night.

"Is it going well in Aier Machinery Ruins?"

With a smile, Lu Yuan can also feel Si Tingyu's care. His mentor is a serious person, and he can say something Care is also good.

He laughed and retorted:    "Thank you, mentor concerned, this very well in El mechanical relics, harvest a lot of money."

Si Tingyu did not return messages, It should be busy.

Lu Yuan did not wait, and then looked at other people's news.

There is Wang Xiangxiang.

She asked Lu Yuan if he had gone to explore the mechanical ruins of El.

She said that after she went in, she spent twelve days with her teammates from the same school, and finally came out alive and obtained more than one hundred bottles of spiritual power gene fluid.

His tone was full of excitement.

Lu Yuan was a little surprised.

You know, Wang Xiangxiang’s cultivation base is not high, he just entered the First Rank, didn’t expect to be able to come out alive.

Her excitement, Lu Yuan can also understand, a bottle of spiritual power gene liquid can be equivalent to 100 First Rank Spirit Crystal.

This is also equivalent to more than 10,000 First Rank Spirit Crystal. Although it is nothing for Lu Yuan, it is a huge gain for Wang Xiangxiang.

No wonder she is so excited.

Lu Yuan replied to congratulate her.

As for Zhuo Ming and several people in the War God group, they also asked Lu Yuan and Wang Xiangxiang how they had gained.

Several other talents have just started school for a month, and have not broken through to the First Rank. Only Lu Yuan and Wang Xiangxiang can go to the Aier Machinery Relic.

It's a pity that Cao Yan almost broke through, but in the end he still didn't catch up, and was a little bit disappointed in the group. It was Zhuo Ming who consoled him.

Lu Yuan chatted for a while in the group and naturally talked about his own gains.

Of course, Lu Yuan only said that the harvest was not bad, but he did not say that he gained the most in the entire Ayre machinery ruins.

Otherwise, he guesses these guys will not believe it.

Even Sister Qinghe thought Lu Yuan was joking at first, even more how are they?   later and Xue Wang blew down Niubi.

Xue Wang recently joined the night watchman, and his life is still very moist, the benefits are quite good, and the resources are abundant.

This month, I completed an alienation processing task. Because I am a newcomer, the task is very simple and easy to complete.

Then he has been chatting with Lu Yuan.

Because they are all in Imperial Capital, I got together once last weekend.

Lu Yuan chatted for a while, and after returning several of his friends, he put away his mobile phone.

Lu Yuan went out after washing himself.

The door to Yang Ping's room opposite Yang Ping closed tightly, and Lu Yuan was also a little curious about how he gained this time.

Lu Yuan glanced at his room and went downstairs.

Downstairs, the smart butler Becky has already put breakfast on the table.

McGonagall is having breakfast, but Si Tingfeng is not there.

After McGonagall saw Lu Yuan, he eyes shined, stuffed buns in his mouth, and waved to Lu Yuan:

"A Yuan, so early? Just came from Aier Machinery It should be very tiring to come out of the ruins? You will not sleep more?"

Lu Yuan laughed: "I slept almost."

He walked over and sat down and picked up a meat bun. After taking a bite, the meat is fragrant and tastes good.

Tracy getting in the way, in the eyes with a trace of expectations:    ???. "Ah edge, how can you have harvested nothing for Senior I use credit to buy but I see For the sake of our relationship, you have to give me a cheaper price."

Lu Yuan was taken aback, and he had gained too much.

If you really use credits to buy, you don’t know how many credits you can sell?   under cultivation to ensure their resources are not few cases, might even sell percentage to 10 000 credits?    together later on we still can continue to go to El mechanical sites, and that this is the case, flashing battle skill credits should not be long before you can hand it?   Lu Yuan thought of this, rapid heart beat a little.

That is the extraordinary gene of the space system!

If he does burn, his strength will be greatly improved!

He looked somewhat expected McGonagall, of Said with A Slight Smile:    "a good harvest, I've really had a lot of things you can use the Senior."

McGonagall is now in the third academic year, and the cultivation base happens to be the Second Rank Battle Master Peak. It is estimated that it will not take long to reach the Perfection level and begin to hit the War General.

The precious treasure of Second Rank, Lu Yuan is not too much.

He seemed to see a lot of credits beckoning to him.

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