My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 151

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"Really What is there?! As long as your stuff is good enough, Senior will definitely not lose you!"

When McGonagall heard that Lu Yuan actually had something he could use, His eyes lit up all of a sudden, and he moved closer to Lu Yuan.

Just when Lu Yuan was about to speak, a roar suddenly sounded.

"Fuck! Brother Yuan! Brother Yuan will always drop god!!"

Lu Yuan and McGonagall complexion changed, suddenly looked up towards the upper floor.

McGonagall’s face was a little weird, and his tone was a little uncertain. "Listen to this voice...Is that Yang Ping kid?! Why is he crazy?!"

So is Lu Yuan With a dumbfounded look: "I don't know either."

Why is he crazy?    Soon, Lu Yuan and McGonagall heard the sound of opening and closing the door, and then the footsteps of Dong Dong.

A silhouette rushed down quickly, it was Yang Ping.

Yang Ping turned his eyes in the hall and saw Lu Yuan in front of the dining table, with eyes shined. The whole person leaped towards Lu Yuan, and lay down on Lu Yuan’s footsteps, and hugged him. Lu Yuan's thighs.

"Brother Yuan!! My brother!! Take me to fly!! Please! Take your younger brother!"

Lu Yuan: "????? ??"

McGonagall: "?????"

The two looked at each other and both saw the question mark on each other's face.

McGonagall said in a daze:    "What did you do, Lu Yuan? Although Yang Ping was a bit stupid before, it is not so stupid, right?"

At this moment, an afterimage passed by and appeared in the restaurant.

It is Si Tingfeng.

Si Tingfeng was also stunned when he saw Yang Ping.

He looked at Lu Yuan and McGonagall, and said in confusion:    "What's the matter with Yang Ping? I can hear his wail like ghosts and howl like wolves in the room during the cultivation."

McGonagall shrugged, "I don't know, this I have to ask Ayuan, right?"

Lu Yuan saw Si Tingfeng and McGonagall looking at him, his face turned black.

He shook Yang Ping holding his leg, but who knew that Yang Ping hugged him tightly. The whole person flicked along with Lu Yuan’s leg, tightly holding Lu up and down. Yuan's legs.

Lu Yuan is stupid, his face is dark and said:

"Yang Ping! I will give you a chance to speak well, otherwise I will kill you!"

Yang Ping heard this and let go of Lu Yuan's thigh, but his face was still a little reluctant.

Looking at the face full of black lines, Lu Yuan almost kicked it over.

Yang Ping stood up and saw a few people wondering, opened the mouth and said:

"Don’t you know?! exploded because of Brother Yuan!"

"What? What happened?"

When they heard Yang Ping's words, both Si Tingfeng and McGonagall were taken aback. They looked at Lu Yuan with some curiosity and asked. .

And when Lu Yuan heard these words, he suddenly understood.

It should be about the relics of El's machinery.

Yang Ping went out of the phone, and drew out the light curtain:   "Watch it for yourself."

He clicked on, and one of them was marked with explosive fire. Post.

"Two human lords actually defeated the king-class Heaven's Chosen at the El Mechanical Ruins! "

"Today, I want to tell you a big news! During this period of time, the Al mechanical ruins are opened, which is something that almost all genetic warriors will care about. After all, most of the geniuses of all races in Baiyunzhou, New Generation, Everyone will enter the contest and obtain resources. At this time, there are three king-class Heaven's Chosen who have entered the El Mechanical Ruins! They are the cat people Heaven’s Chosen Princess Yeye, the hoarfrost man Frost Temple Holy Son Bailin, and the green Fiend savage Earth Palace Young Palace Lord Barton. As natural kings, how powerful the talents of the three people are, I don’t need to repeat them. However, according to the reliable information I have received, Bai Lin is among the three who entered the remains of Al’s machinery this time. Both of them and Barton were swept out of the central Floating Void City! You guessed it, the protagonists are the two human lords and Princess Yeye! This specific event..."

Lu Yuan quickly finished reading this post. I have to say that this post is also a personal talent, which makes Lu Yuan and Amy rare in the sky.

The one who rebels against the king as a lord will definitely become a Battle Emperor or even a Saint Level leader.

However, only Lu Yuan knew that they didn't make any moves, but they used a bunch of Second Rank Peak mechanical lords and bombs to push it.

Lu Yuan glanced at the post's name, Huo Tianhua.

He doesn't know him.

And in the end, the Huo Tianhua even released images of Lu Yuan and Amy.

This impression is recorded on the communication crystal.

I don't know which human genius who was in the mechanical ruins of El at that time received the news and saved it.

Although the above is not Lu Yuan's face-up photo, basically looking at the video, you can still see Lu Yuan's appearance.

At the bottom of the post, Lu Yuan took a look, and there were over 10 million replies.

Kind of sad joy: "Fuck! The three people in this video are all so good-looking! Isn't the young lord more handsome than the elves?! The young lord is also so cute, and looks like an angel. The same! How pure the eyes are! That Tianming Princess is also extremely beautiful. Does the appearance have a bonus to innate talent?!"

Wandering: "The first floor is connected to Tianluo City, Little Princess, Amy Al You don’t even know Gaby?! Are you still from Daqixing?"

It looks more abstract: "I still know Amy Princess, but who is that man?! Why have I never Have you seen it? Is it the hidden genius of which family?"

Leaning back to back: "Yeah, that man has never seen it before. But is our human lord Heaven's Chosen so strong? He and Tianming The Princess of the Empire teamed up? And also killed two king-level geniuses?! This is a rare event in the history of the opening of the El Mechanical Relics, right?"

Recollections are blank: "These two teenagers, Heaven's Chosen, both have the appearance of Battle Emperor, I said!"

Lightly sing: "If Daqi really has two more Battle Emperors, that would be great, at least The city is definitely more stable and will not be attacked by ominous beasts."


Lu Yuan was reading the replies with keen interest pleasure. Some people praised him as handsome, although This is true, but he is still very happy.

But someone actually said that he is a Battle Emperor?   This makes him unhappy.

How could he just be the Battle Emperor in the future?   Just kidding.

Lu Yuan feels underestimated.

Just when Lu Yuan was happily watching, he suddenly felt that the atmosphere in the restaurant was a bit weird, and three eyes were looking at him.

Lu Yuan was taken aback and came back to his senses.

He looked up and found that at this moment, whether it was McGonagall, Yang Ping, or even Si Tingfeng, their eyes widened, staring at him.

The atmosphere became very quiet for a while.

Lu Yuan looked dumbfounded:    "What's wrong?"

The three came back to his senses, McGonagall swallowed and pointed to the screen The video and the sound are a bit difficult:    "...Is this you?!"

Lu Yuan nodded with a smile: "It's me. Didn't I say that I had a good harvest this time?" "

The corners of McGonagall's mouth twitched, almost squirting out.

"You call this a good harvest!? How do I know that the good harvest you said was killing the king Heaven's Chosen?!"

Si Tingfeng's face Looking at Lu Yuan admiringly:

"A Yuan, Senior, I can only say admiration here. When I went to the Ayre Machinery Ruins, there was also the King Heaven's Chosen. At that time, I was also a Lord, but I can only hide away, didn't expect you to be able to kill two kings Heaven's Chosen. Senior, I'm not as good as you."

Seeing Si Tingfeng's admiration, Lu Yuan was rather sorry.

He smiled and opened the mouth and said: "That is to say, the luck is not good, the time and place are on our side."

To be honest, if there is no mechanical control, Without Black Bear One, without Evolution Cube, he would at best join forces with Amy and Ye Ye to harvest something in the central Floating Void City.

Even Yeye is stronger than them. If he hadn't entered the Central Floating Void City in advance, he would really have to allocate it. He and Amy would definitely gain much less.

It can only be said that luck is better.

When Si Tingfeng heard this, he shook the head earnestly:

"Whether it is luck or hard work, it is part of itself. Even more how, luck will only It is reserved for those who work hard to have innate talent. If you were not strong enough before, you would not be able to obtain the aircraft, let alone the treasure that controls the life of the machine."

Lu Yuan was stunned after listening to this. Then I felt that what Si Tingfeng said made sense.

He nodded with a smile: "Senior said that."

When the opportunity comes, if you don't have enough strength, you won't be able to seize it even if you have the opportunity.

And this strength is what you usually accumulate.

Lu Yuan always thinks that he is still working hard, this can be considered as a reward.

Cough, of course the biggest luck is the evolution cube he obtained from unfathomable mystery.

This thing is really outrageous.

At this moment, Yang Ping was lightly coughed and said with a serious face:

"Let’s not talk about luck. I want to ask Brother Yuan a question. "

Lu Yuan has some doubts: "What's the problem?"

"Can our gender stop being stuck too dead? I think I can too."

Seeing Yang Ping's shy expression, Lu Yuan's face suddenly darkened.

The corners of McGonagall's mouth twitched: "Wow, Xiaopingzi, you made me vomit! Please don't do this!!"

Even Si Tingfeng did. His cheeks twitched and his face was speechless.

Seeing the unkind eyes of the three of them, Yang Ping also found that he was a little bit awkward.

He suddenly became serious: "Just kidding! Really kidding!"

McGonagall gave Yang Ping a blank look, then opened the mouth and said:

"A Yuan, do you have anything I can use? Let me see. I saved some credits and should be able to afford it."

Knowing that Lu Yuan actually killed two kings After Heaven's Chosen, McGonagall looked forward to what Lu Yuan brought out even more.

Not only that, even Si Tingfeng has some interest.

Although Si Tingfeng is now the third rank War General Peak, it is ready to break through to the fourth rank Battle Venerable.

The Second Rank thing is a bit low for him.

But some things don’t really put a lot of emphasis on grade.

Lu Yuan smiled and opened the mouth and said: "Meg Senior, your cultivation base should be close to Perfection. Are you ready to break through to the third rank?"

Meg For a moment, nodded:

"Yes, what's the matter?"

"I wonder if your breakthrough source stone or Heaven and Earth Treasure are ready?"

Hearing this, McGonagall eyes shined:   "Do you have a treasure that can break the chain of genes?!" Lu Yuan smiled and took out a bottle of dim-blue medicine.

McGonagall took it, and then his breathing was stagnant, and his face was full of surprise: "This...good baby!"

Lu Yuan gave Mai The grid is Second Rank genetic evolution fluid.

Like First Rank Gene Evolution Fluid, it can also break the chains of Dao Foundation.

This is naturally obtained by Lu Yuan from a 10,000-meter high building.

After exploring all the 10,000-meter-high buildings, a total of 28 bottles of Second Rank genetic evolution fluid were harvested.

Among them, Lu Yuan divided ten bottles by himself, and Amy and Ye Ye each took nine bottles.

Lu Yuan intends to keep three bottles for himself, which is the amount that can break the chain of 30 Dao Foundation.

After all, his current gene chain is already three lord level, who knows how many gene chains there will be?

Be prepared a little more, and be prepared.

Anyway, when the time comes, if you don’t use it, you can sell it at any time.

This thing will definitely not depreciate when you let it go, after all, everyone has to break through gene lock.

Lu Yuan see McGonagall shortness of breath, his eyes full of desire, Slightly Laughed:    "? This could break the ten Dao Foundation for Gene evolution potion chains, Senior feel about"

McGonagall thought about it, nodded, opened the mouth and said:

"Very good, give me a price for my younger brother?"

Lu Yuan thought about it, said with Bitter Smile a:    "my brother learn the value of these credits are also not particularly understand, as Senior What price is reasonable, I think we sold?."

McGonagall some tangled, has been Watching Si Tingfeng smiled and opened the mouth and said:

"Why don't you do the math for Ayuan, one second Rank source stone is 4,000 credits, this bottle of genetic evolution potion" The equivalent to ten Second Rank source stones, which is 40,000 credits, but as you know, Ayuan, the credits sold outside the school platform must be cheaper than the equivalent item sold on the school platform, generally around 90% , So this is thirty-six credits. The price of A Yuan is considered to be the fairest price in the trading market."

When Lu Yuan heard this, his heartbeat couldn't help speeding up a bit.

Didn't expect a bottle of genetic evolution potion so expensive?   ten bottles of evolution potion in his hand, the respect of a full three hundred and sixty thousand.

And he has other treasures, some are more precious than evolution potion, some are not as good as evolution potion.

But if you add it up, you should be able to sell two million credits, so you can make up for the credits of shining extraordinary genes, right?   Lu Yuan eyes full of expectation.

Tracy Lu Yuan looked at some trance, and look forward Road:    "? Ah edge, do you think"

He would get a breakthrough, really need A bottle of genetic evolution potion.

Lu Yuan came back to his senses, looking at McGonagall who was a little expectant, smiled and opened the mouth and said:

"Since McGonagall Senior wants it, I count thirty thousand Five is good."

Hearing this, McGonagall eyes shined, and his eyes are full of surprises:

"A Yuan, are you serious?!"

even Si Tingfeng also looked at Lu Yuan, a little surprised:    "for newly enrolled students who, a thousand credits can be a lot, battle strength standings ranked 11-100 a month do you have 1000 credits. Are you sure?"

Lu Yuan looked at McGonagall, who was a little excited, nodded, said with a smile:

"Since McGonagall Senior wants it, he should."

McGonagall was hearing this, a touch of emotion flashed in his eyes: "A Yuan, Senior, I will accept your love."

He quickly took out his student card and gave him thirty-five thousand. Thousand credits were traded to Lu Yuan.

Yang Ping next to him stared blankly at the transaction process, a little confused.

Everyone came together, why is Lu Yuan so good?

"Brother Yuan!!! Please support!!!"

Yang Ping screamed and wanted to hold Lu Yuan's thigh, but Lu Yuan kicked it out with a black face.

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