My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 93

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  Chapter 93 Misty Forest, Meet Night Again

To the northeast of Sandstone City, thousands of kilometers away.

Lu Yuan turned into an afterimage, running in the desert.


Just as he was passing by a sand dune, the dune suddenly burst open.

A black tail several meters long stabbed towards Lu Yuan.

The tip of the tail is a sharp needle.

Lu Yuan's face remained unchanged, his right hand protruding out like lightning, grabbing the thick and long tail, and exerting a slight force.


The yellow sand churned, and a huge black scorpion was threw away by Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan grabbed its tail and slammed it hard on the sand dunes.

Touch! The    sand dune was smashed into a deep pit, and the huge scorpion, seven or eight meters long, struggled with eight feet and made a sharp neigh.

Lu Yuan's face remained unchanged, and he let go of the scorpion's tail, his body instantly disappeared in place and appeared on top of the black scorpion's head.

The beetle sharp claw heavy sword appeared in Lu Yuan's hand, and Lu Yuan inserted the heavy sword into the black scorpion's mind.

The black scorpion twitched, struggling to roll, Lu Yuan stepped on it, and the scorpion that had wanted to roll suddenly hit the sand dune again.

The carapace that was stepped on by Lu Yuan was completely sunken, and one after another crack appeared.

The black scorpion loses its life.

Lu Yuan just jumped off its body.

Looking at the huge scorpion almost as tall as others, Lu Yuan was satisfied with nodded.

"The black poisonous sand scorpion, didn't expect unexpectedly met the boss, luck is good."

It has been almost a week since Lu Yuan left Sandstone City, and he encountered it along the way. There are many ominous beasts.

Especially the farther you are from Deshayan City, the stronger the strength of the ominous beast.

The black venomous sand scorpion in front of me is already the leader of an ominous beast with a tempering degree of more than 90%.

Unfortunately, facing Lu Yuan, there is no resistance.

Two light balls fell from the sand scorpion, and there were a lot of original crystals.

Lu Yuan picked it up.

Two light groups, one green and one azure.

The green one is an elite gene.

battle skill: black scorpion poison.

And Azure's is a boss-level genetic weapon.

It is a long and slender sword that looks like a scorpion tail.

Boss Arms: Scorpion Tail Needle   Mainly strengthens agility and flexibility, secondly strengthens strength, and also has the effect of scorpion venom.

Lu Yuan chuckled, which is a pity.

"It would be fine if it is a heavy sword."

He is accustomed to using heavy sword. This slender and light long sword tends to be used for assassination of warriors.

Heavy sword is more biased towards the strong attack system, which uses force to overwhelm people, which is unreasonable.

The beetle sharp claw heavy sword in his hand has been used for a long time and has not been changed.

If there is a heavy sword at the boss level, it should be replaced.

Unfortunately not.

Lu Yuan put the things away and went to collect the materials again.

This is the third boss Lu Yuan encountered. The other two bosses, one is a wind sculpture with a tempering degree of 99%.

If it can fly, Lu Yuan can't catch up, so he can only watch it run away.

The other is a desert wolf with a tempering degree of over 90%.

It dropped a good boss-level Battle Armor.

Lu Yuan's current black background and yellow lines on his body is the Battle Armor.

After packing up, Lu Yuan moved on.

Not long after, Lu Yuan climbed over a tall sand dune. After seeing the scenery in front of him, he opened his eyes slightly.

In the front, the desert gradually disappeared and turned into dark brown mud, and in the distance is an endless forest.

It's like a green ocean.

Out of the desert.

Lu Yuan eyes flashed, squinting his eyes slightly.

He recalled the map he had seen before.

Out of the desert, it is a misty forest.

The scope of the misty forest is many times larger than the entire Sandstone City area.

The weakest ominous beast has the First Rank, because there will be heavy fog from time to time, so it is called the foggy forest.

"The lowest rank is First Rank, it is much more dangerous than the surroundings of Sandstone City."

Lu Yuan felt a lot more dignified, and he squeezed the heavy sword and moved on.

Soon, he walked through the desert area and stepped on the thick soil.

In front of him is the forest. The forest is densely covered with giant trees tens of meters or even several hundred meters high.

The cracks in the trees look dark and scary.

Lu Yuan took a deep breath and entered the forest.

The sun was blocked by the tree canopy, and only a few spots of light fell on the ground covered with dead branches and rotten leaves, and the environment was very dim.

But Lu Yuan is also a genetic warrior of First Rank at any rate. He has pretty good eyesight and no problem with night vision.

He can clearly see the surroundings, tall and sturdy tree trunks, shrubs growing everywhere, and many vines hanging down.

From time to time there are roars of ominous beasts in the distance.

Lu Yuan settled down and moved forward.

After not going far, Lu Yuan suddenly looked up and looked towards the top of the trees in front of him.

On a tree trunk not far away, a black leopard measuring four to five meters long was looking down at Lu Yuan, opening his mouth, and dripping down.

"roar! !"

The black leopard roared and turned into an afterimage, rushing towards Lu Yuan, extremely fast.

Lu Yuan's face remained unchanged, and he took a step at will, avoiding the black leopard's pounce, a black sword light streak across the black leopard's neck.

The blood spewed out, and the black leopard fell to the ground, losing its vitality.

Lu Yuan glanced at the corpse on the ground.

"First Rank ominous beast, misty cheetah... Look at this size, is it Ordinary Level? The tempering degree is not high."

Lu Yuan tidied the cheetah's skin and fangs Got up and moved on.

Along the way, I encountered a lot of ominous beast attacks, but in the fringe area of ​​the foggy forest, they are basically Ordinary Level First Rank ominous beasts.

First Rank ordinary ominous beast, even if the tempering degree reaches 100%, it is just a little troublesome for Lu Yuan.

even more how there is no ominous beast with such a high tempering degree.

Lu Yuan easily went for thirty or forty kilometers.

As Lu Yuan was walking, suddenly a huge roar sounded in the distance.


Lu Yuan's face changed slightly.

He felt an extremely powerful aura quickly approaching in the direction of Lu Yuan.

This powerful breath makes even him feel extremely dangerous.

There is such a strong ominous beast in the outskirts of the foggy forest? !   Lu Yuan jumped onto a big tree beside him and shrank in the canopy.

As soon as he jumped up, the ground shook. Then, he saw a giant ominous with a gray scale covering the whole body, which was more than three meters tall and covered with gray armor. beast.

The thick armour of this huge ominous beast is covered with scars, and it looks like it is being hunted down.

Lu Yuan eyes shrank.

The Misty Earth Dragon.

This kind of ominous beast is an extremely Peak race in the misty forest. The misty Earth Dragon is born as a boss. The powerful misty Earth Dragon can even reach the Second Rank or even higher.

This should be the misty Earth Dragon under the age of adulthood, right?   Only First Rank.

Lu Yuan's eyes flashed, a little moved.

The misty Earth Dragon has a misty orb in its body, which is very expensive.

If you can obtain the extraordinary genes of the Misty Earth Dragon, let alone, it must be very strong in the same level.

However, even this seriously injured misty Earth Dragon still has a very powerful aura.

Lu Yuan felt that he wanted to kill him, but it was also a bit difficult.

Moreover, he doesn't know who is chasing down this misty Earth Dragon.

To push the Mist Earth Dragon to this level, his strength is definitely better than him.

Lu Yuan thought for a while and planned to continue to see the situation.

At this moment, the black light flashed, and a cat man wearing black leather armor suddenly appeared on the body of the misty Earth Dragon.

Lacquered Black Sword light flashes continuously, covering the back of the misty Earth Dragon, engraving one after another hideous sword marks.

The misty Earth Dragon, which was already badly injured, fell heavily to the ground and let out a low wailing.

Lu Yuan eyes shrank, looking at the cat man standing on the back of the misty Earth Dragon, he was a little surprised.

Every night? !   Lu Yuan immediately recognized the dark ears and tail, long hair like a black waterfall, and that beautiful face.

It is the high-quality Little Rich Lady Ye Ye.

didn't expect, she also came to the foggy forest?   Moreover, is she so strong?

Lu Yuan's heart was shocked. When I saw Yeye last time, Lu Yuan felt invincible. Now he still couldn't expect it.

What level of genes does this cat man burn? !   Be aware that he now has two boss-level weapons. Although he is not fully tempering, he is not yet an opponent.

This is ridiculous.

How did she burn other genes at such a high level?   Lu Yuan is full of doubts.

When Lu Yuan was shocked, the night on Earth Dragon's back suddenly stopped and looked towards Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan was shocked and was discovered?

What a keen perception.

At the next moment, Lu Yuan saw Ye Ye disappear in place, the hair on his back exploded, and he felt a fatal threat.


He screamed quickly, running the red copper light with all his strength.

In front of him, Ye Ye's body appeared, and the black long sword with sharp sword light was less than a centimeter away from his neck and stopped there.

(End of this chapter)

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